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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 21, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba 6 Wilf Tieg free april Faith by Laurie Sarkadi eos Fronton journal Tommy answers the door using his stumpy a lifelong reminder of the frigid Arctic night he froze his hands and Kneecaps off crawling Home in a Drunken he Points a stub to the door Lead ing upstairs where Gordon Bailey and his wife Ruth sit in a sparkle lit room cluttered with Pho greeting cards and other sentimental reminders of the grate Ful people their lives have the upstairs is supposed to be their private but Drunken men and women often invade those rooms when the downstairs bunks fill sometimes swelling the ranks of Baileys sorry flock to More than 20 on this after 27 selfless years of lending their hearts and their Home to Downtrodden Yel the elderly couple will discover How much this Quirky Northern capital appreciates their devastated by a fire that gutted his nearby pentecostal the Silver haired minister shakes his head in disbelief at a local Busi Ness ans offer to build him a new do i was just about kicked off my an emotional the fire kind of hit us hard then theres a gentlemen Here this morning Hes a million Aire and he says Well build you another Richard owner of mikes moving and storage laughs at his new financial insisting Hes going to finance the new but is setting up a committee to oversee a giant Community Effort to rebuild the Baileys House of am not a i guess in Baileys terms any one who has a Dollar would be a millionaire since any Money he gets he gives to Whitford in a he i have nothing to do with the Pente costal but its just that Hes done so much that we in turn As a Community should give him some thing Back by giving him the thing he wants which is a House of architect Gino pin has offered to design something uni quely Northern for the revered Rev while other businessmen approached by Whitford Are offering services and obviously Well need about 000 for says its going to be not just a Square old building with a roof on but it has to be done so that the average Layperson can i dont know anything about Carpen but i want to Pound a Whitford visit have sur prised since the minister and his wife of nearly 49 years share a profound optimism that has carried Antoro the whose Church was razed by have found enormous Community support to rescuers get rescued Yellowknife responds with kindness to elderly couples selflessness him through two successful Battles against cancer and untold trials and tribulations with the As they affectionately Call their often unruly House this is the True form of a Faith a Faith Rescue says Laurie director of the Hay River pentecostal Mission who was in Yellowknife surveying the damage from the Itie Baileys believe the fire was lit by a former House guest who somehow crawled under the scaffolding then was trapped in the inferno because the doors were locked from the another Man from their Mission rescued the suspected who is recover ing from smoke inhalation in Hospi were going to go see him in a couple of As soon As dad feels up to says the Petite Bai you get almost exasperated Over some of these laments the you try to help but that booze wish i could Chase it out of the Baileys and the night Security guard the territorial social ser vices department provided for them a couple years Back keep a constant watch for weary wanderers who top ple dangerously in the Snow around their if you dont they be freezing All around the says Ruth Ray assistant adminis Trator of the Yellowknife salvation which has 10 Beds for the says he Doest know How the elderly pensioners the Baileys Are very Bigheart generous they should have retired years ago and i think to some extent there being taken advantage but of course there not says Treyve weathered the storm awfully but in just surprised they Haven been Hurt because there reaching the stage of being almost its just by the Grace of god and their Good hearts that they Haven been Moscow refuses to allow jews to visit Lithuania from the news services Toronto a group of Cana Dian jewish leaders will soon leave for the soviet but they wont be allowed to visit Lithia the Bani brith said in a news the group was told by soviet travel officials that no foreigners Are granted visas for although the group could try for visas once inside the soviet although we dont feel that were being singled out for we Are said Frank one of the participants and a Bani brith Cardinal praised Montreal As roman Catho Lic archbishop of Montreal for 22 Cardinal Paul Gregoire Over the cites Catholic Bureau Cracy to conform with a new vision Church briefs of the says his archbishop Jeanclaude who took Over the position in said the 78yearold Gregoire responded to the needs of the time and the legacy of Vatican Vatican ii was the 196265 meeting of the Council of Bishops from around the world that led to sweeping re forms in the Catholic group seeks changes Toronto Money now spent by the roman Catholic Church on new churches or renovations should be diverted to help victims of physical and sexual a Liberal Church group the coalition of concerned Cana Dian catholics also Calls for the ordination of optional Celi Bacy for the clergy and the election of who Are now appointed by the in a recent the group said it supports the integration of woman at All Church Canad an bilingualism and multiculturalism and joint programs with other Christian denominations to address global French welcomed Parry sound local United Church presbytery passed a Reso Lution recently declaring that French speaking residents Are Wel come at the denominations ser the Muskoka presbytery said in a press release the Resolution does not mean services will be held in but some ministers Are will ing to conduct comm weddings and other services in the United Church wants to be of service to and with the francophone the release equal time sought Toronto the Csc should pro vide equal broadcast time to Chris Tian religious groups who disagree with the views presented in the net work special talking about a group of conservative christians in a letter to Csc president Patrick the group says the 30minute As Well As a Fol lowing 90minute documentary about a ugandan Man with presented Only secular talking about aids was aimed at Young people and focused on the facts and myths of the disease and How to avoid it through abstinence from sex and use of it also pointed out the dangers of drug users sharing but Ken spokes Man for choose life said the program May have left Young people with the Assumption that sex outside marriage is acceptable be Church studies move Toronto the United Church of Canada is reviewing an internal report which recommends that the denomination consider moving its National Headquarters from Toronto to the Ontario communities of kit Chener or Howie the Church general said in a recent news release a final decision will not be made until a general Council meeting in in about 300 people work in the Church head but Toronto High Cost of living has meant the Church has had difficulty attracting and keeping new koreans Praise memory of nurse by Gladys Terichow Somerset countless Kore an people Are alive today be cause a Manitoba nurse was willing to leave the comforts of Home to work As a missionary nurse in a War torn we Call her a Blu eyed University of Manitoba sociology professor Seung Gyu said at a recent memorial service Here for Beulah a 1929 graduate of the Winnipeg general hospitals nursing spent 42 years in Korea before retiring Here in she spent 30 years training nurses and helped develop a fou year degree program at the Monsei members of Manitoba korean Community kept a 24houraday Vigil at Bourns Hospital bedside in Morden for two weeks prior to her she died March on her 84th we Felt that was the least we could do for her it was very Little compared to what she did for a former student Chung i a United Church Mission made world headlines during the second world War when she and three other canadians were repatriated to Canada in Exchange for japanese prisoners of Bourns was a pow for seven she returned to Korea in 1948 and was the Only Western woman and the Only Canadian women not to leave the devastated City of Seoul Between communist she helped organize the evacuations of hundreds of orphans and waifs and other Moon to feed these babies and others who could not afford to buy she established a milk which is now integrated with Well baby Clin recognized Moon said her contributions were belatedly recognized in 1962 by pres ident Boh Sun Yoon when Bourns was awarded a presidential medal for distinctive Public Moon listed other formal recognition Given to Bourns for her work with Public health clinics and healthcare he said she had lived in Korea during an Era when Korea desperately needed her professional expertise and spiritual a Chapel in the Monsei University Severance Hospital has been named in her these formal recognitions Are of course a very honorable but she was a much larger person than these Moon in a land filled with sorrows and she showed the korean through deeds and How to forgive our she also showed us How to serve and love our How to Comfort those who Are in despair and sorrow and How to share Joy with she was indeed a True disciple of our living Jesus Bourns ashes were buried in the Yang Hajim inter nation cemetery in in sure miss Bourns will rest not because Korea in 1990 is now the 10th largest exporting nation in the having already eradicated the dire poverty and ignorance she had seen for so Long but because so Many including hundreds of her students and thou Sands of who had been helped by miss Are now following her teachings by trying to become True Moon Tim Chapel Bitt j in h writ lit 546 Portage 7867477 Michael pas4or Winnifred music ministry duplicate worship services and the sources of our self esteem psalm 8 4 a Spring musical Al Shaddai Caronport High school choir Jesus cares for Friendship Baptist Church invites you to come and be a part of a Church that cares for you and your family at Roblin and perimeter Westminster concert Organ series Westminster and Maryland presents Clay Christiansen organist of the mormon Tabernacle Salt Lake City april at 3 8 tickets at the door Advance tickets t t first Alliance Church Portage West at perimeter 8881887 Palof Roland Hoeppner family Bible hour pastor Hoeppner potluck supper Farewell for pastor Hoeppner the Cathedral Church of John of anglican Church in wit Starn Canada 135 Anderson ave East of main april easter 1 Litany holy eucharist Flower festival of easter Sung eucharist and procession Nursery 6 Church school College of organists recital by Richard Greg Westminster United Church Westminster at Maryland Robert minister Jean associate minister Don organist Glen choir director april 22 Celebration worship traditional worship and sunday school with guest speaker Karen Ridd 400 Margrave at Cumberland duplicate worship services and love that Calls us sons Sermon series in first John 4 Faith to live by on sky to Cable 5 who didst care radio an old Ashlond gospel course you Are Welcome t Matthews anglican Church 641 Matthews at Maryland holy eucharist Sung eucharist lessons music at easter with choir brass quartet All saints anglican Church Brood Way Osborne 9 holy eucharist ii Sung Matins Church school 7 choral Evensong first presbyterian Church Corner of Picardy Cunora 2 blocks East of Arlington guest minister Gordon Harland worship Christian education for All Ages care Lor babies in lands the Duval foundation of Knox United Church announces its third annual distinguished preacher series with the reverend Gordon Macdermid president Atlantic school of theology Nova Scotia behind locked doors april 1990 at Knox United Church Edmonton Street at Quappelle Avenue organist a choir director minister Barry Anderson i Donald Wilson

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