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Winnipeg Free Press Newspaper Archives Apr 21 1990, Page 5

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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 21, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba Latuf april 1990 a photo conditions for talks unmoved continued from Page 1 lithuanian leaders insisted yesterday they Are prepared to make concessions if Only Moscow will Gorbachev has refused to negotiate until Lithuania rescinds its Independence declaration of March he has specifically demanded Lithuania repeal Laws that halted conscription of lithuanians into the so Viet army allowed seizure of communist party property and introduced lithuanian identity Landsbergis told a news Confer ence that even the timetable for securing Independence May be be and Algirdas a Deputy Premier and head of the Independent communist told Parlia ment that Laws passed since the Republic declared its Independence should be we Are willing to make conces Landsbergis adding however that Moscow should not expect impossible a Clear reference to the principle of Independence at midday soviet sol some armed with automatic weapons and some wearing helmets with Leafy branches threaded through camouflage stormed a printing Plant owned by the communist most printing plants in the soviet Union Are so wielding Long Black the troops beat up about 30 said legislator Zigmas one of those he and members of an unarmed Volunteer guard deputized by the lithuanian government had gone to the Plant in mid morning after hear ing rumours that the Plant might be some workers barricaded them selves in the waving lithuanian flags from open and a crowd of about gathered out Side the padlocked Gates taunting the soldiers inside with cries of fascist and singing patriotic Early Moscow ordered an end to All Oil shipments to Lithuania and slashed natural Gas Deli gasoline rationing began yesterday and Home heating was turned the weather is warm and israeli flyers log More air time Volunteer lithuanian guard displays identifying armband As Hes pushed from Spring is Well advanced with Trees in full the electrical Supply has so far not been but Energy minis Ter Leonas a mantas said blackouts could begin in two weeks because generating plants All use crude Oil or Bunker sometimes enriched Wilh natural the Only nuclear Plant is Down for repairs although one reactor unit will come on line again the combination of electrical and fuel cuts holds the spectre of mass unemployment As factories Are forced to Jonas general director of the Audenas which employs about said a Power Cut would close his factory and every factory in the weve started feeling it and will feel it fully in some Days when reserves Are he the located six Kilometres from a rail can no longer obtain fuel for trucks used to take goods in and the Gallup poll released in Vilnius yesterday shows that 94 per cent of lithuanians support although 26 per cent of those in favor expressed some dissatisfaction with the Way the government is proceed continued from Page 1 some differences in the areas of both countries differentiate fighter pilots from those who Fly heavy bombers and transport planes after primary but american and israeli trainees spend More than twice As much time in the air during training As their Canadian Jan a spokesman for the Canadian forces training base at cold said Cana Dian pilots receive about 160 hours of flying time in cf5 trainers and cf18 fighters during the yearlong training an average of about three hours a review needed in the United Bob a spokesman at the Langley air Force training base in said pilots receive about 350 hours flying time in a an average of almost seven hours a in Pilot trainees Fly an average of almost 600 hours a or about 11 hours a Hoffmaster said Canadas recent spate of cf18 accidents seems to indicate a review similar to that of Israel and the is if you look at the whole Canadian f18 there does seem to be a problem he since 11 of Canadas cf18s have been destroyed in 12 killing seven though authorities insist the main cause of the accidents was Pilot a major review of training procedures had not been ordered until this Fred the air forces top ordered the widest possible including the aircraft electronics system to whether pilots Are performing dangerous manoeuvres the jets cant Hoffmaster said he is not alarmed by the fact the majority of the accidents have been attributed to human human he account for about 80 per cent of military air Between and last the navys and Marine corps fleets of f18s suffered crashes for every hours on the other had a mishap rate of per flying hours Between 1984 and after tuesdays crash of two jets Over West the rate stands at for every hours of flight the rate military planners envisioned six years which flies 75 has recorded one Accident in five while Spain has never had a crash with its two squadrons of Martinsen said there have been minor adjustments in flight school procedures Over the but added no major review has weve modified the program As weve improved upon it through the but As far As major modifications we Haven had she the United states flies three supersonic jets f16 and All Are equipped with a mum of 25 inboard a state theart display panel that projects readings on the cockpit and several weapons sys in the last the has instituted changes that recognize technology in the newest jets May have outstripped pilots weve had concerns about what information is How and if it is always Hoffmaster the information flow from those computers can overwhelm a no matter How much train ing Hes Hoffmaster said the govern along with Large aircraft sys tems manufacturers such As Mcdonnell Hughes air Litton systems and have been working on programs to streamline and Priorie the information pilots part of the whole process is learning to decipher the inform he there Are so Many pieces of information going to a Pilot at regu Lar intervals its a question of Pilot machine Hoffmaster said the general Pilot training course has been Stream lined to reflect More specially work and fighter pilots will get More primary training on a t37 before advancing to a specially fitted t38 equivalent to Canadas cf5 training where Canada decided two years ago to cancel an avionics upgrade package to modernize the cockpit of the cf5s with computers and a head sup display the americans have completed the work on the newly named at38 fight in Martinsen said pilots go from training in a systems Trainer and a High tech simulator to the cockpit of the psychotic running Loose murderer known to frequent main Street strip continued from Page 1 other but they Hope the Public Ity might shake something d Rudolph was convicted of rape in 1981 and sentenced to five years in Saskatchewan released to a Brandon Halfway House in april 1985 on mandatory he was charged two months later in Portage la Prairie with impaired driving and Lus parole was three Days after the Myran was on the Loose again after Hospital officials forgot to Tell ramp they were releasing police have been looking for him Ever this is one of the dus tier an officer said of the it be Nice to wrap this one a Shandrina has a string of weapons and explosives convictions against convicted by a Manitoba court in july Maharaj served on third of a 16 month sentence at heading Ley correctional institution before he was released on Day he disappeared from an Edmonton Street Halfway House last july and a Cana Dwaide warrant was issued for his armed and reads a note at the top of his police Arent Overly because an update on his file notes that officials now believe he was arrested in for an unrelated that Hast been and Maharaja file remains looks like a gun an officer d Stewart Alexander Dis appeared earlier this just two weeks after he was granted Day he was last convicted in 1988 on several property related offences but he has so Many other convictions that ramp cannot Tell from his file just How much time Hes served or still has to his file cautions police that Hes potentially violent and an escape a reference to a 1981 conviction in Brandon for assisting the escape of another he also reportedly has a history of drug and alcohol ramp Are still optimistic he might be lie cause the file is tomorrow compromised system double whammy hits car dealers continued from Page 1 their lots stocked with new most dealers have to manage a floating line of credit to Purchase the cars from As interest rates so does the Cost of maintaining he its a double whammy for most Ron regional spokes Man for Ford of said his company dealerships have seen Only modest decreases in sales vol but dramatic increases in overhead in Saskatchewan and Northwestern total sales were Down Only per cent in the first two months of As com pared with one year led Brook truck sales were Down per especially in smaller Rural interest costs for new car inventories were up More than 16 per he exacerbating the effect of the modest sales in the housing real estate agents and builders seem to be wag ing a losing Battle to lure Consumers into people in the marketplace Are definitely backing off from making a said Brian presi Dent of the Manitoba real estate the Public is now concerned that All this is somehow being done on fewer agents Are working in Manitoba now compared with a year Collie enrolment in the associations real estate courses is Down More than 100 people from last he in the Industry is rationalizing As smaller brokers merge with larger cutting Back on the number of players in the Market he the housing construction Industry is still hoping for a Strong finish to 1990 As people try to beat the introduction of the goods and services but Collie said skyrocketing interest rates Are beginning to take their toll on Collie said the decision of flair Homes one of Winnipeg Lar Gest to scale Back its volume of new Home starts sent Shivers through the there a major company and when they Cut it affects every Mickey president of the Manitoba Home builders Assoc a said the new Home Industry is currently surviving on the benefits of Block mortgage rates offered by local financial institutions that give Consumers the benefits of cent mortgage rates until the end of the Industry could be in for some tight times after la brie the next four to six weeks is critical for our interest rates spell expert says continued from Page 1 with no Relief for interest rates in Best said the country could be on the Edge of another statistics from the Federal con Sumer and corporate affairs department show that in the first Quarter of this year there were 407 personal bankruptcies compared with 323 in the same period last there have been 96 business bankruptcies in the first Quarter com pared with 92 in the first Quarter of this trend is of particular concern because it comes on the heels of last years 35percentincrease in both personal and business Guy the regional Federal bankruptcy the year int starting off very Carriere we could still have extreme in creases in bankruptcies again this the number of bankruptcies in Canada was up almost 30 per cent during the first two months of this year compared with the same period last statistics the increase in insolvencies has been especially acute in Ontario this a trend that loosely fits into a longstanding regional the Prairies and Quebec Are usually hit first by a periodic wave of followed by and Alberta and vim Call for abortion Law makes women and doctors into criminals we believe that maps will vote on Bill the Mulroney abortion in the next two if this Bill becomes Law it will set women rights Back 20 join with the majority of canadians and help defeat this Bill Call your my today and say i am i do not believe abortion belongs in the criminal i support a woman right to if you want my vote next election vote against Bill Lloyd Axworthy Winnipeg South Centre 9833292 David Bjornson Selkirk 9830956 Bui Batik in 6693840 Lee Clark Brando Souris 7275416 Dorothy hobble 9836798 Ron Dii Hamel Boniface 9833183 Jake Epp Provencher 3263920 John Harvard James 9834501 Felix Holtman 4672816 Charles Mayer Lisgar Marquette 4763434 Rod Murphy Churchill 6774588 key Pagtakhan Winnipeg North 9834729 David Walker Winnipeg North Centre 9830985 Brian White dauphins an River 6389633 May 12 has been designated a National Day of action on Call the coalition for reproductive Choice for information on the Parade for Choice in winnipeg4537774 donations to help pay for this and will be cry Luik i Sena 10 coalition or repro univ e Box 5 is non my r3h oz4 i

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