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Winnipeg Free Press Newspaper Archives Apr 21 1990, Page 4

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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 21, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba Ii u Winnipeg april Page 3 a Fixari City editor free press joins recycling firearm collector leaves without Driver convicted in fatal pos concert crash by Terry Weber a Winnipeg Motorist was convicted yester Day of speeding into a crowd of pedestrians outside a Rock injuring two and killing a the cause of the fatal incident was the accused rate of provincial court judge Arnold Conner concluded before convicting 25yearold Donald Casey Legge on charges of criminal negligence causing in jury and court was told at length How Legge sped out of a parking lot near the Winnipeg Arena on after an Eric Clapton court was told legged vehicle roared up to a car that had just turned North off maroons Road on to Empress then legged car jumped a curb and slammed into a crowd of Anthony a 28yearold Thomp son died two Days later in his two Michel Lapierre of Thomp son and William Loftus of were treated and released from Hospital later that some of whom said they called out to Legge to slow Down just before the estimated he was driving at speeds As High As 7580 although Legge admitted drinking two Beers that Conner said yesterday there still want enough evidence to support charges of impaired but the judge noted legged alcohol con sumption before the Accident served As an aggravating Factor in relation to the criminal negligence during the Legge sat quietly in nodding in agreement when his lawyer Saul Simmonds said Only those who have been in similar situations can appreciate legged men abbeys who was six months pregnant with the couples second child when her husband was also remained in wiping tears from her eyes As details of the incident were Crown attorney Christina ask ing that Legge be sent to a Federal Penitentiary for his said the courts must continue to show the Public the consequences of careless we cannot undo the tragedy of the actions on but maybe another tragedy can be Kozynsky noting men abbeys pregnant wife was left in Shock by the news and eventually gave birth prematurely because of physical but while not minimizing the trauma suffered by the victims argued a Penitentiary term want necessarily adding that Legge Likely wont appear in court again on similar the lawyer said his client has suffered greatly for the and has twice had psychiatric counselling to Deal with his re Simmonds also said he went to great lengths earlier in the Case to determine if neurological problems Legge suffered previously May have resulted in a causing the in any Simmonds Legge didst go out intending to wreak havoc that this is not a Man who at the time was out looking for the lawyer quoting a pre sentence this was not a person who was Cavalier about his Conner is to sentence Legge on wednes Wayne free press City ponders dumping plans for pantages preserve and protect Matthew Dana Jeremy Reimer which has the largest school based recycling and Bobby Pincock from left give their environment program in the they will also give the presentation presentation to fellow students at Ryerson elementary tomorrow at an Assiniboia Downs Earth Day judge deplores Domestic violence Man gets jail for assault despite defence pleas for leniency by Catherine Mitchell a Winnipeg Man was sentenced to three months in jail yesterday for abusing his former Girlfriend after a judge reminded a sympathetic Crown attorney and a defence Law yer that Domestic violence can not be taken Justice Daniel Kennedy of court of Queens Bench made the comment after the Crown attorney prosecuting the Case joking at one Point that he should be speaking from the defence lawyers table described the defendant As a de hardworking violent incident what is being is the fact that we have Here an incident of violence towards one of a party in a Domestic Kennedy and i think that we have been downplaying and minimizing unnecessarily the significance of Domestic Kennedy made the comments in convicting Timothy Carl of assault causing bodily harm and uttering threats against Susan Mary the fact is that in one form or another there is too much of domes tic the judge told Crown attorney Jack Montgomery and defence lawyer Tim Valgard Valgardson said his client is not a violent Man Only someone caught up in a love hate relation ship and should be on or be allowed to serve his sentence on weekends so he could keep his custodial Job with Winnipeg school Montgomery said he regretted not being Able to ask for a suspended the assault was serious and could not be he but a jail term should not approach the Maxi mum 10 years for the its a tragedy that Hill got himself into the mess that he Montgomery adding that any one could understand although not excuse the he agreed Hill is not a violent noting Lysak was the Only person he has Ever so it would be wrong to say Timothy Hill is a Man of violence or a threat to the second assault he told the judge Hill was on probation at the time of the having been convicted the previous March of assaulting although Lysak and other wit Nesses said Hill threatened to kill her at her Home june the Man obviously did not mean the Crown attorney Montgomery said Lysak could not be considered credible in much of her testimony because of numer Ous inconsistencies and memory Lysak testified who had been pestering her to resume their rela went to her Home after they argued briefly in a Portage Avenue restaurant that Friday about 2 at the she said he forced his Way beat threatened to kill her and dragged her to his trying to Force her inside she said she fell to the ground and then saw the car coming toward hitting her leg and Pelvis she said she had extensive bruising and temporarily lost bladder con Hill testified yesterday that after Lysak embarrassed him at the res he went to her House to Tell her their relationship was but the fight began when she started beating by Janet Mcfarland the City May have to scrap plans for a 929squaremetre building next to the pantages playhouse theatre because tenders came in Over Bud mayor Bill Norrie if the theatre is the City would return to its smaller plan to upgrade and refurbish the existing theatre on Market Norrie told reporters it the theatre made Good but it Doest seem to make Good financial he said he and other City officials will meet Early this week with representatives of actors show a private theatre company that is helping the City pay for the theatre he said it is possible the company can contribute More toward cover ing the Cost overrun to allow the full expansion plan to go but Norrie said the Board of com missioners has studied the tenders and sees limited options refurbish Interior he said it is unlikely the City will accept the minimum Price estimated by seven contractors who bid on the the City had budgeted million for the leaving the lowest bid million Over but Norrie said it is feasible to rebuild the front and lobby of i he theatre and refurbish the inside without building the second 350seat theatre next the second the atre was to have housed actors showcase that a very real nor Rie but before we make a recommendation from the Board of we want to meet with the actors showcase he said the original proposal was expanded at the request of actors which provided toward the capital construction of the second Bill president of the Board of actors said in an interview yesterday he has heard nothing about a proposal to scrap the extra he said he wants to talk to the City about redesigning the project to be less rather than cancelling that part of our dream and part of the whole Crook weve also raised substantial funds to meet our terms and conditions in the whole in addition to the contribution to actors showcase raised for technical sound and seating in the new Crook said it would be unlikely his company could cover the As a company with a annual has already been a big Challenge in itself to Crook Norrie said administrators realized after the project was designed that the capital contribution from actors showcase would not cover the additional but decided to Call for tenders the construction Market at that time was pretty so they thought maybe we would take a Chance and see what the tenders come in Norrie he said the two groups Hope to meet Early next week and make a decision within a week or City left to foot Legal Bill the City has received a Flat thumbs Down from the province for funding to help cover some of the Legal costs incurred by the police department during the aboriginal Justice Justice minister Jim Mccrae told the City the expenditure is part of the Cost of policing in the aboriginal Justice inquiry was an extraordinary procedure and did incur costs to participants and the Mccrae wrote in a letter to mayor Bill but in my this Type of expenditure has to be absorbed As part of the costs of policing the City of he also turned Down financial assistance for the 1988 inquest into the death of native Leader saying the province is not in the practice of reimbursing individuals for costs related to Norrie said yesterday he is Digap the City paid in lawyers costs for the aboriginal jus Tice and the police depart ment has warned More Money will be needed when the rest of the Bills Are the cites finance committee paid the but recommended the City seek some of the other participants had their costs paid by the govern ment and the whole inquiry is being funded by the Norrie retired couple taken for ride Over camper i the use car Salesman said to me the other ill be made to look like the bad Ishwar Bhawani certainly got that in fact and to his he agrees Hes darned Lucky not to have something far worse on his conscience the injury or death of an elderly again to his agrees that Selling a Small motor Home without having it safety checked by a licensed Mechanic was a dumb thing to he Doest believe he should be charged under the Highway traffic act for issuing a Safe motor vehicle dealers certificate on the 1973 Volkswagen camper he sold to 71yearold Mike Scibak last nor does he believe the province should consider revoking his Dealership licence under the same Bhawani says Hes spent to make the vehicle Safe and considers that sufficient maybe but get this Barry director of licensing at the motor vehicle and one of his senior Brian agree with what happened Here want indicative of this Guys history As a Hewitt maybe i dont think this is necessarily representative of that Mike Ward Rapinchuk people do make maybe but what has this got to do with Hewitt and Rapinchuk since when do bureaucrats have the right to play judge and jury when the Laws been broken their role is to prosecute and let the courts decide the to make my this is what Bhawani signed and attested to when he sold the camper this is to certify that at the time of delivery the motor vehicle described above is in Safe condition to be operated on the Highway and it and its equipment is in compliance with the Highway traffic act and the regulations made it far from among other the steering was shot and so was the defroster and emergency Hewitt told but theres More to this Story than Bhawani breaking the Law and Hewitt and Rapinchuk dispensing Justice behind closed its the unbelievable runaround Scibak has had since first going to the Consumers Bureau and then the motor vehicle Branch after buying the camper from Auto list of Canada a business Bhawani runs out of an office on Ness my wife and i Are both in our 70s and Are Scibak wrote for 37 years 1 worked for car As a we always had a dream that one Day we would Purchase a Small camper and spend much of our free time enjoying life travelling across Canada and the United the senior called Auto after seeing this Small advertisement in the free press 73 vow rebuilt new excellent must when 1 the Van looked it seemed to be exactly what we we agreed to the Price plus provincial sales who Sells vehicles on later delivered the camper to Scibak Poison Avenue he told me that prior to this he had called his insurance agent Mike and Titus Auto where the camper had been repaired in the to verify it was couture later told me that the last time hed had the camper checked by Titus Auto service was prior to a six week tour of Canada and the United states California and me Titus said the campers exhaust needed repair and he didst recall talking to when i asked Bhawani Why he didst get a licensed Mechanic to Check out the vehicle a practice he assured Rne Hes done and continues to do with other vehicles he said it was because he want making much Money on the couture told me he received after registering the vehicle i took it for a ride on the Scibak this is when our dream would become a the steering was so bad i almost ended up in a the vehicle was emitting Gas fumes and smoke filled the Why didst Scibak take the camper for a test ride before buying the vehicle when he gives me a safety certificate i figure everything would be if i was to buy it off like i would take it to a Scibak said after Bhawani broke a Promise to repair the he went to the Consumers Bureau and Spuke with Gil i told him my he was very sympathetic and said he would look into things for after waiting six Fraser informed me he could do nothing because the car dealer refused to Scibak was referred to who suggested he have the camper checked by motor vehicle Branch the camper tailed its safety test and contacted by agreed to have it put right by that Date went by without Scibak getting his camper and so did these other deadlines Rapinchuk gave Bhawani 10 forcing the couple to cancel their planned March March March 21 another cancelled trip and finally March in Scibak found out the camper was ready March but the shop fixing the vehicle release it until Bhawani paid for the 1 forgot one of the the motor vehicle under registrar Dan Coyles wrote Scibak saying that if he didst comply with the vehicle inspection report and have the repairs carried out by his registration would be victim of an injustice that bureaucracy wont remedy Mike hell look into i

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