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Winnipeg Free Press Newspaper Archives Apr 21 1990, Page 2

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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 21, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba U musical mayhem composer Diana Mclntosh Doest play according to the Book 727 falling Trees some people think is turning into Brazil of the North glitter fades color experts see Earth tones in our 747 Winnipeg free press t its time to play game 9 this week is Worth to the if the Winner is a seven Day subscriber weather sunny today 24 Clear tonight 6 Sun rises sets Moon rises sets 756 Index Ann 77 52 25 52 20 27 70 Jumble 57 Jumble 57 21 34 news and 28 78 65 3 your the provincial 4693663 skyrocketing crime rate angers to by Gerald flood Winnipeg free press Warsaw in a country where men kids women it should come As no Surprise that bands of muggers Are called excuse me they roam airports and train packs of nicely dressed Young men whose modes Operand is to bump and then grab Small suitcases or foreigners Are favored targets because they often carry More Money than poles can expect to earn in a year average monthly pay is less than despite their Nice the gangs can be two americans teaching at the University of Krakow and in Warsaw for a said they witnessed one incident in which a Well dressed mugger sprayed Mace into the face of a woman and her Fivey Earold police say Mace is used in four or five muggings a the american couple was luckier she had her purse slashed open by a razor wielding mugger while a second Man held her but the thief pulled out her cosmetic not her stay away from the main she its a romans it is an unhappy but the fact is there has been an explosion of crime in Warsaw since the collapse of the feared state police apparatus and the introduction of economic and political reforms last police say the two known excuse a gangs Are among the least of their they currently Are trying to Cope with increases of up to 300 per cent in see poor Page 5 free press weekly Home delivery in Winnipeg outside Winnipeg Home delivery 957o55o classified 956233o second Oass Reg Triton number 0286 april free press vol us no 140 Slater drug addict Lee killer Maharaj gun nut Wamboldt killer Myran rapist from the Law by Paul Wiecek convicted sex child abusers some of Manitoba most hard ened criminals Are cheating Justice and a parole system that critics say has become a bad at any Given Manitoba ramp say they Are chasing Between 75 and 80 parole convicted criminals who simply disappeared while on a Day temporary leave or any of a Host of other forms of a few Are found and some turn themselves in but most parole violators simply become Dusty files on a police officers desk until the Day they strike they just blend in with the if you dont catch them in the first you probably wont find them again until they commit another crime or of its funny in a but that the Way we close the files on a lot of ramp spokesman Wyman Sangster said in a recent cheating Justice part one death catches them before we although the province Doest have a mos wanted Manitoba ramp have identified the following five parole violators As among the most dangerous criminals currently sought by d Donald James was convicted of no capital murder in 1970 by a court in sentenced to Wamboldt served his time at Stony Mountain institution until the National parole Board released him on Day parole in May he failed to return to an Edmonton Street Halfway House one night four months later and a Canad wide warrant was issued for his a warning on his file is ominous Cau Tion violence and mental psychotic police believe he is somewhere in Winnipeg and is known to frequent the main Street despite an investigation by a special Threeman ramp no Trace of Wamboldt has turned up d Suk Woon was convicted of Sec on degree murder by a Calgary court in july sentenced to life in he served nine years until parole Board granted him Day parole in August he failed to return to a local Halfway House last March and ramp have been looking for him Ever hell be he looks like Hes a not a an officer pointing to the Well groomed Man in a picture attached to his a caution violence warning on his file suggests police know Lee has a wife in Winnipeg but she told investigators she Hast heard from police have few see psychotic Page 4 by John Douglas Winnipeg free press Ottawa american and israeli officials identified problems with their f18 fighter Pilot training methods about one year before Canada ordered a review of its own we identified a number of changes that were needed to adjust to computerized said John the assistant defence attache in Ottawa rethinks cf5 weve been in changes gradually for More than a studies by the israeli and american governments identified numerous deficiencies in existing training the reports found pilots were not getting enough time flying the sophisticated jets during they also found pilots needed special training to digest a barrage of information from the More than 25 inboard Hoffmaster said the Canadian and Ameri can training programs remain pretty much the same but suggested there might be see Page 4 Gerry free press soviets take Over printing divert supplies open for business Spring has sprung and this Man wasted no time in setting up shop for a Yard Sale on Balmoral Street everything seemed just warm a table full of the Only thing were bargain hungry up soviet troops stormed a printing Plant yesterday and food supplies destined for Lithuania were diverted As the Kremlin tightened Itu grip on the defiant Baltic we have received Telegram med documents that confirm that not Only Oil and Gas but also food products have been diverted from Litho Deputy Premier Romualdas Vozolas told a news no ways Oil Patch Vozolas said two ships from Cuba carrying raw sugar for Lithuania have been diverted from the Baltic republics port of he said supplies of fish from Des tined for have been sent somewhere we cannot speak about some Vozolas i am sure this is a part of a Complex of measures that can be called a Block i also fear that the Range of these measures can be lithuanian president vytautas Landsbergis said supplies of rubber Ball and other materials have also been plants in various industries will have to Stop working if we do not get the supplies through other Chan Landsbergis the soviet Union is trying to cause mass unemployment in Litho to Stop plants and to drive workers onto the and encourage social he but As lithuanians confront Energy shortages and the Prospect of electrical blackouts and mass Lay a Gallup poll suggested almost everyone in the Republic supports Well sacrifice said Vla Vlada a worker at the Audenas textile Mill on the out skirts of despite the latest measures or dered by soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev and the Kremlin Leader see Kremlin Page 4 businesses Brace for rough times by Dan Lett the latest boost in interest rates has been anything but helpful for an already sluggish Manitoba Economy that has left businesses with Little Choice but to Batten Down the hatches for rough times spokesmen for the automobile and housing industries always among the hardest hit sectors in a Down interest rates Are squeezing them Between lower sales and higher overhead the Bank of Canada announced this week it was increasing its key rate to an Lightyear High of per up from per the news contributed to the worst week of trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange since the october 1987 the Market closed yesterday with a 55point the exchanges composite Index of 300 stocks was Down 75 Points by mid afternoon when buyers began returning and helped the Market recover some of its earlier it was a fitting end to a Lousy said Fred head trader at the tse Index closed at for a net loss of 205 Points on the the worst weekly loss since the october 1987 three of Canadas major Banks announced they would increase their prime lending on the Royal to Ronto Dominion Bank and the Cana Dian Imperial Bank of Commerce will boost their prime rates to per cent from per Manitoba car dealers Are finding themselves caught Between lower consumer demand and increased overhead its getting More and More expensive to be in the automobile in said Mark regional sales manager for Chrysler Cana capital requirements Are really putting the squeeze on smaller he Manor said even though Consumers Are dealers must keep see double Page 4 bankruptcies blamed on interest by Ruth Teichroeb interest rates and a bullish Cana Dian Dollar Are the culprits for a 26percent jump in first Quarter personal bankruptcies in prompting comparisons to the last i could certainly say the level of insolvencies Are the highest since the recession of the Early Rick Vic president of the Winnipeg chartered accountancy firm of Price said both business and personal bankruptcies and insolvencies in including Are Defini Tely High interest rates Are chief among a number of influences that have contributed to the soaring level of Best certainly the High Intel rates Are the major he the High rates tend to Puih Wituk Busin esses or individuals Over about the Only business n fam for is the Strong Dollar hurts businesses which Export their he see interest Page 4

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