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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 20, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba U to focus lonely Lithuania struggle for Independence finds few allies Tempo Comet in Moom Inland gentle kids tale avoids violence seen on television 35 real estate renters on Roll last years giveaways didst Benefit landlords 25 Winnipeg free press 62 Clear tonight 3 sunny tomorrow 18 second class Mai rb3istraton number 0286 free fridays april Sun rises sets Moon rises sets outside Winnipeg weekly Home delivery to Winnipeg outside Winnipeg main switchboard 9439331 Home delivery 957o550 classified 9562330 my strike looms As talks break off by Ruth Teichroeb doctors could strike at any time after breaking off contract negotiations with the Filmon government the president of the Manitoba medical association if confrontation is what he pre Dawn patrol flying the free press Dawn patrol is on the marketing staff the whole up team have mustered their talents for one Mission to get you the latest starting our award winning blend of Fea Tures and business coverage can be on your Doorstep by 7 or no More Bon chilling walks to the Box or store for our no More sacrificed afterschool fun for our car no More delays for our subscribers and and no More citrate ver Sions of free press news on radio and to before you get the real Story in if you want to know who doing what the City or around the world it in the if you want the Stock prices while the markets still get it in the if you want tips to the Best get it in the the biggest advantage is says circulation director Ron whether youre at Home during the Day or at the you can scan the paper and take it with you dont have to rely on overnight memory to discuss or act on something in for readers outside Winni the Impact will be just As in most centres across Manitoba and North Western be Able to breakfast with the free press As someday ser vice is guaranteed to for the morn ing move Means More bang for the Sale promotion there getting an extra Day for potential customers to react to their message the response will be says advertising director Brian weve been Able to hold on to most of our old deadlines for getting ads into the paper with More Home delivery sub the demographics of our readership so lets go Winnipeg get it get it in the Index Ann Bridge focus Jumble sports record to weekend 39 36 39 17 52 65 39 6 40 7 39 55 22 44 36 36 59 64 19 35 36 37 37 Bank rate increase raises Mier Gary Filmon then that what hell Lloyd spokesman for the member said last we have the mandate for a strike and detailed we could do it at any talks broke Down after the government refused the Mas request for he they absolutely refused to con Sider arbitration which we think is the Only peaceful and democratic Way to resolve Bartlett adding a recent opinion poll found 78 per cent of Manitoban favor using arbitration to Settle the doctors Dis they seem to prefer that disputes with doctors Are settled in the Politi Cal health minister Don Orchard said he does not understand Why the doctors turned Down the govern ments latest in Orchard told re porters the current offer had no capping ambulance flips five Jared in a car including a 13yearold Morden boy in were taken to Hospital yesterday after this ambulance collided with a car and flipped on its Side at Mcgillivray and Kenaston or rationing in it seems that with their billboard warfare and other Means Treyve they prefer confrontation to Neotia the government offered a one see ads Page 4 major race Law changes pledged Johannesburg a presi Dent de Klerk has pledged major changes in apartheid Laws As part of his plan for a new Constitution that would include Blacks for the first de Klerks speech in parliament in Cape town yesterday was seen As one of his strongest statements yet on dismantling the country policies of racial also police said offi cers using shotguns and rubber bul lets killed four youths and wounded one while dispersing Stone throwing demonstrators who marched in Ramm Lotsi township near the Cen trial City of the Independent 702 radio station said local residents put the number of injured at the residents said the which involved about 200 see shooting Page 4 computerized Hospital bed registry considered by Pauline Comeau an Ashern teenager who spent four Days in the health sciences Centre awaiting emergency surgery could have been treated immediately at another Winnipeg a provincial review of the Case has Tony president of Boniface general Hospital who led the said Bill Hladun was left waiting for emergency surgery on his leg in february be cause there is no coordination of such services Between the cites six As a he no one at Hsc knew that another which he would not had no emergencies that night and had the operating room and staff to do the health minister Don Orchard said yesterday the government is now considering a computerized Hospital bed registry to Cut Down on Emer gency waiting lists in Winnipeg Dur ing Busy the registry is one of four recommendations made by the health departments Quick response which investigated Hla dunes that is the kind of thing to to develop within our hospitals a sys tem of better Quaglia he acknowledged such coordination might appear logical to the but said it has not been done in the past for a variety of see Hospital Page 4 judge jails husband for breaking wife jaw twice in three months by Catherine Mitchell a Man who punched his common Law wife wired breaking it for a second time in three was sentenced to 14 months in jail i cant think of a much worse assault than what you committed that morning on your common Law Justice Theodore Glowacki told William who pleaded guilty to assault Caus ing bodily you knew she had a broken jaw wired and yet for absolutely no Rea son you assaulted her in a vicious the court of Queens Bench Justice Crown attorney Rick Saull asked for a stiff jail term for who he said received a lenient Fine after appearing on an assault charge last year the first at Archie was on bail for the first assault when in october 1988 he came Home in the Early hours to find the woman sleeping on the Saull the woman asked where he got the Hickey on his neck and the two began arguing about where each had spent the he after she went to he entered the bedroom and began slapping her which started her screaming in Saull he hit her hard in the face and then put his hand Over her Mouth and cutting off her at this Archie bit her on the Back and he after he threw her to the floor and shouted an she got up to at which Point he attacked her he the attack stopped when the woman three Young also in the landside Street called to their he following the the woman jaw was wired once the Crown attorney Dave free press Arsenal displayed Canada customs officers yesterday showed this collection of including automatic rifles and an antitank seized from an american gun dealer at the Emerson Border crossing noose tightens on Lithuania defiant Republic imposes rationing As Kremlin slashes Gas supplies from the news services Moscow the Kremlin sharply increased its economic sanctions against Lithuania slash ing supplies of natural Gas to the Republic Only hours after completely halting the flow of crude Oil while using pressure As a tactic to Force the defiant Republic into rescinding its strongest Independence president Mikhail Gorbachev tried to persuade Latvia and Lithuania Baltic to remain within the so Viet Union by offering latvians Spe Cial acting on its threat to halt crucial supplies to Moscow shut off three of the four natural Gas pipelines serving the officials of the lithuanian parliament this Cut by More than 80 per cent the republics daily Supply of natural which is used for Home heating and cooking and to generate electric Ity at a lithuanian Power a fourth pipeline was continuing to carry million cubic metres of Gas a Day to the which normally consumes 18 million a All deliveries of crude which is used to provide heat and Power for factories and i gasoline and other Petroleum were Cut off wednesday the lithuanian authorities immediately imposed a series of draconian Energy saving including the closing of several chemical plants that rely on natural Gas and the rationing of gasoline for motor Domestic heating systems have also been switched lithuanian officials estimated that the republics reserves would last about four they said they had ordered the cutoff of All fuel and Energy supplies to soviet military facilities in the Republic and had warned factories run by Moscow that they had no guarantee of future Energy Deli immediate rationing of gasoline for private cars was also with a limit of 30 litres per a spokesman for the soviet for eign Vadim said at a news conference in Moscow that further economic measures against the Republic could not be ruled Lithuania is almost entirely de pendent on the soviet Union for its a spokesman for the lithuanian government appealed to lithuanians to use fuel where we can give up the use of any heating or Light let us do the spokes Ceslovas said in a broadcast on the republics and then we will be Able to survive and maybe we will not be intimidated by these Sanc in a statement after the Oil embargo went into lithuanian see Moscow Page 4 Leningrad Baltic sea Ishiam Polotsky

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