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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 19, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba Wife Peg free april faiths must talk together join in promoting of common idols Pope urges to my first Jeneye treat 1 made refer tree to the feet that the second Vatican councils declaration on non Christian religions or filled with deep esteem for the great ital indeed Tot the Primacy of the which7 in the life of Mankind finds expression in religion and then in with direct effects on the whole of culture re Deemer of the Church approach to other religions is one of genuine respect with them she seeks Mutual Collano this respect is twofold Spect for Man in his quest for an Swers to the deepest questions of his and respect for the action of the spirit in Man All both believers and must unite and collaborate in the task of bettering this world where All live deepens respect dialogue Between members of Dif religions increases and deep ens Mutual respect and paves the Way for relationships that Are Cru Cial in solving the problems of human dialogue that is respectful and open to the opinions others can promote Union and a commitment to this Noble the fruit of dialogue is Union be tween people and Union of people with who is the source and selected observations Pope i John Paul ii in this Pope John Paul 11 Speaks of the values of no Tchristian religions and the need for collaboration Between Christian and non Christian in building a better revealed of All truth and whose spirit guides men in Freedom Only when they meet one another in All honesty and love As followers of different Reli Gions we should join together in promoting and defending common ideals in the spheres of religious human Edu social welfare and civic dialogue and collaboration Are possible in All these great address to non Christian 1986 the Christian Faith meets in the world with various religions that take their inspiration from other teachers and traditions outside the Stream of they Are a fact we must take into teachers need Ratzinger declares Toronto up the roman Catholic Church must always take a stand against those who abuse their authority As teachers of Church Doc Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger told about people this considered the second most powerful figure in the is head of the Vatican powerful congregation for the doctrine of the the watchdog of doctrinal Ratzinger told the crowd at Var sity Arena that while there is a lot of talk about the abuse of Power within the Little is said about those who abuse their authority As teach this abuse is committed whenever a teacher exploits his students by using a which the Church has Given him in the first to encourage them his students to accept positions which Are opposed to the teachings of the he Ratzinger said Church authorities evangelical Magazine due out in january Edmonton up a Canadian Magazine which respects the spirit Ual traditions of evangelical churches is planned for next says the magazines future Harold a former editor of the mennonite Brethren is stumping Canada to raise support for Christian week a biweekly Magazine with a target starting Date of january Jantz said the Magazine would concentrate on the activities of Ca Nadian evangelical churches and of evangelicals within the mainline re would abuse their authority if they took no action and were to serenely allow this paradoxical situation to the care of the he must always be More important than the fear of some conflict with the and the care of the faithful the Church main Job should be a Rule of thumb for every he liberals angered Ratzinger angered the Church Liberal Wing by confronting dissenting theologians who have questioned some of the Church he is currently embroiled in a controversy with Charles cur a professor of moral theology at the Catholic University of America in Curran has been ordered to retract his dissenting views on birth control and other he has refused to do saying theolo Gians have the right to dissent from no infallible Church during a question and answer ses Sion following his Ratzinger was profoundly thanked by a woman for the action taken in the Curran Ratzinger said he did not Forsee a schism develop ing in the Church Over a Contro Versy that has split the Catholic academic asked by a Michaels College student if a person could be an authentic Catholic and still consider abortion justified in certain Ratzinger said to applause that life begins at Conception and Abor Tion is never the Cardinal was in Toronto to launch the annual Michaels col lege presidents lecture a Small group of men and women in favor of the ordination of women demonstrated outside the with this fact the second can Council declaration Nostra acetate begins to treat of the Church relations with Tian religions if to believe in a Christian Way Means to respond to gods revela Tion of contained fully in Jesus this Faith nevertheless does not especially in the Modem a knowing relationship with non Christian Reli in that each one of them expresses in some Way what human beings have in common and what promotes Fellowship among them Nostra aeta tet the Church does not avoid this but rather desires it and seeks it the Church exhorts christians that through dialogue and collaboration with the followers of other and in witness of Christian Faith and a knowl preserve and promote the spiritual and moral goods found among those As Well As the values in their society and culture Nostra 2 among the non Christian Reli the religion of the followers of Mohammedi deserves special attention by reason of its monotheistic character and its link with the Faith of whom Paul described As the father of our Christian romans but there is More the followers of Mouhammed even Honor Jesus though they do not acknowledge Jesus As they Revere him As a they also Honor his Virgin Mother at times they Call on with in they await the Day of judgment when god will give each one his due after raising him they prize the moral life and give worship to god especially through alms giving and fasting Nostra a a special relationship with non Christian religions is the one the Church has with those who profess Faith in the old the heirs of the patriarchs and prophets of the Council in fact recalls the spiritual Bond linking the people of the new covenant with Abrahams Stock Nostra a Tat with guidance from the Vatican communications this column was edited from the writings of Pope John Paul ii by Joseph a priest of the archdiocese of Philadelphia and formerly assistant to the editor of the English language edition of loss Creatore copyright 1986 news America Syndicate octet to perform in City churches a student octet from Ontario Bible College and Ontario theological Semi nary in Toronto will be featured at the services in two Winnipeg churches next the octet will sing wednes Day at Bethesda Oxford Street and Grant and will sing thursday at Windsor Park Evangeli Cal free 920 Cottonwood William president of the College and will speak at both soul joins Battle against Pittsburgh corporate islam Points Way to peace and Unity by Ijaz Qamar special to the free press the world at present is divided into two antagonistic both armed with nuclear weapons that can destroy All apprehension of global conflict Between these Ameri can and soviet blocs looms Large and Many fear that world predominance at any Cost is the ruling passion on both there an live which should be considered in this International year of the Ideal of islam is establish ment of a world government which will remove the causes of each country would be free to pursue its National Aims and aspirations while having autonomy in local of would be a unit in a larger a study of the Koran reveals three or four categories of causes which could result in International Dis d a major cause is the covetous Ness with which the advantages enjoyed by one nation Are viewed by the Koran exhorts dont lift thy eyes covetous by to those material benefits which we have bestowed upon other nations in order to try them in their that which thy lord has bestowed on thee is Best for thee and most d a second cause of War is International dislikes and Nurs ing grudges and looking for opportunities to injure others is forbidden in the Koran says 0 believe act uprightly in All matters for the Sake of Nad Deal equitably with people let not hatred of a people incite you to do for that is in Accord with make god your he is Well aware of what you d another cause of International misunderstanding is the idea of National the Koran admonishes let not a people despise the latter May turn out to be better than the again it says we cause the period of adversity and Prosperity to revolve among different d there would be fewer wars if nations followed the islamic Princi ple that the Best help a Man can Render his brother is to prevent him from committing an act of oppress Ion or it is True patriotism to support ones government in unjustifiable aggression but rather to save it fron pursuing an unjust d but Many believe the Basic Cau see of War is Lack of morality and that there can be no peace As Long As the rules of morality can be ignored when National conduct is in ques National prejudice and immorality Are sure recipes for islam being a practical religion recognizes that these evils cannot be legislated against and therefore the rules islam lays Down rules for the settlement of disputes Between nations envisages a body such As the United the Koran says if two moslem nations fall make peace Between but if one of them still persists in attacking the then All must fight the former until it submits to the com Mand of god until it is willing to abide by an equitable and when it so make peace Between and act with Justice and for god loves the if a United nations could be established on these world peace could be War cannot be ended until it is realized that Man kind is one Qamar is president of the a Madinya Muslim actor enters fray by Bruce Buursma Chicago Tribune the actor David soul has been accorded broadly mixed reviews in both his professional performances and personal fiut today at the age of he is engaged in the most dramatic and dangerous project of his and the blon haired son of a swept up in a real life plot that almost certainly could not have been written by a Hollywood is paying the critics no he casting his lot with his younger Daniel and other activist Pitts Burgh area lutheran clergy in a controversial crusade to draw Atten Tion to plight of unemployed steelworkers in Western deep rifts the Long running guerrilla style preachers and Mili Tant Union leaders against Pitts Burghs corporate elite and Luther an denominational has resulted in deep rifts within several Church disciplinary measures taken against the dissident clergy and jail terms for a number of the soul himself was sentenced to two years probation and fined plus court costs on charges of disorderly conduct during one of the actions mounted by the denominational ministry the religious organization spearheading the drive to pressure Pittsburgh Banks and corporations to assist the areas unemployed throughout the Media at Tention has been centred on the disruptive and distasteful tactics adopted by the organizations Strate who have placed dead fish in Mellon Bank Safe Deposit boxes released Skunk Oil in the toning system of a building in which a lutheran Synod was thorough airing but now the underlying issues of vexing economic upheaval and corporate responsibility Are receiving a More thorough in part cause of souls newly released Centary chronicling the Pittsburgh the fighting soul and his brother brought thei film to Chicago this screen ing it before largely enthusiastic delegates to the Congress on Urban soul narrates the 57mi Nute documentary and was responsible for bankrolling a Large part of its reported its a Story of human struggle and of soul its not meant As but rather whats really happening to us As As christians and As human soul has set aside for the moment a Lon planned film he intends to produce on the life of Dietrich Bon the German lutheran Theo Logian who died in a nazi concentration Camp in 1945 for his outspoken opposition to hitlers there Are Many things id rather be soul but he contended that the fighting Pittsburgh clergy represent to him a modern embodiment of Martin Luthers famed Battle cry touching off the 16th Cen Tury protestant reformation Here i stand i can do no All saints anglican Church Broadway and Oata Orne l holy Kucharik 11 Sung eucharist Nursery Church school 7 Zion apostolic 305 Machray Avenue pastor Lippmann sunday school 11 morning worship 6 evening service Davids to Church 2764 Ness Avenue 8376312 vision of heaven a Werni Welcome to All Bethesda Church 1350 Grant ave Al Oxford Howard interim pastor sunday school 11 Ted Baker Send International missionary in Alaska characteristics of a servant 7 Ted Sally Baker our work in Alaska the Church of Christ 217 Osborne South Bible school 10 worship 11 5 6 visitors 5wr9b for truth to 5 13w world on chem 1250 non denominational the Cathedral Church of John the Birthplace of the anglican Church in Western can ail 135 Anderson Nast of main holy eucharist Sung eucharist traditional roman Catholic latin mass sunday at 10 confessions preceding Pius x Chapel 5cm Giroux Sisi Borlace for information 2371739 Knox United Church Edmonton at Quappelle Donald Pratt Brian you 11 did or Audi Brian Bigelow Church school for All Ages Barry Anderson organist and choir master head sets available Lor the hearing impaired Mcdermot Baptist Church 621 Mcdermot Al Tecumseh minister Werner Dietrich 10 sunday school 11 Jake Schmidt pastor 9 service in German 7 evening service Ontario Bible Rouege rally alumni gathering Bill mc84e president speaker music by octet on april 23rd at at Bethesda Church Grant at Cambridge organist required for Immanuel lutheran Church 2528 King Edward Contact Paul Deblock at 6326911 or 694oo47 Church of the Way Corner of Lilac Scotland a Winnipeg Independent nondenominational evangelical Church pastor John Botkin family worship sunday school Clauet for All age Willie Kurtz International Christian communications 7 Short term missions Grant Morrison Union and Mark Larsen Sudan Interior Mission a cordial Welcome to All serving with vision since 894 Grant Richison senior speaker sinday school to is morning services m 4 in is give us this Mountain testimonies music ministry message by Richison Celebration service youth race is on message by Richison god a sign of maturity in 877 wakes Al Waverley pm 4775320 546 Portage 7867477 services at 11 it is More than a r7zy i John Chuck Nicols 7 Beevers baptism Campbell youth ministry urn Niford music ministry Christian missionary Alliance Indian Alliance Church 220 Andrews Street 5828919 japanese Alliance Church 549 Gertrude 2563207 first Alliance Church meeting in Spring Valley school 61 Quail Ridge pastor Roland Hoeppner sunday school morning worship worship Kiliona Park Alliance Church Corner of Milvor 4 Lagimodiere 2227384 am Christian education hour Lori Taylor missionary to India the Alliance missionary thrust pastor Ken Johnston pastor Mark Bebbington Transcona Alliance Church 751 Kildare 2220054 pastor Gordon Young 9 45 a m i 1 00 a m 6 30 p m sunday school morning worship evening worship the salvation army Winnipeg Citadel 400 Colony major g Simmonds 9 i m family Bible hour 11 00 a m morning worship service 6 30 p in Praise service try us out for Sale by tender is John s us fid Church Burli 250 Culli cml Avo Wypij seals Oman writ Tun in Al Iho Oliu c in 1111 1 Omli 01 any Lon Clur not to View Call a i fac 01 h1oohl Mission conference Portage Avenue mennonite Brethren Church 142o Portage 7744414 10 sunday school 11 message the message of gods servant pastor Abe Neufeld 6 topic Here am Send me male choir everyone Welcome pentecostal assemblies of Canada Assiniboine pentecostal 2621 Portage 9 45 a m n 7 pastor was Dynna 6851694 Charleswood gospel Temple plan ruler Hwy s of Roblin 10 a m 11 6pm Hev parts Christian life Assembly 30 Maberly Maples 10 a n Altai 6j2l86 fort Richmond Assembly j69i559 Sherwood Assembly of god 364 Talbot ave Rev r Dri incr 6676886 945am am pm Transcona pentecostal 133 Regent ave c 9 45 a m ii m p m h Johns Lone 669w Weston gospel Church 1535 Elgin 7720918 440 Margrave Street at notre Dame Winnipeg duplicate worship services and pastor Barber preaches in All the services of the pay inspiring congregational singing f with sacred music favourites come see new sunday school facilities Boom for the whole family 2 Faith to live by on sky to 7 Cutie 7 creat evangelistic rally a message of salvation special music almost Here you 1 i

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