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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 19, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba Misc Iraneous article i miscellaneous Mic Ltd for Market Al Manlauf drive Riff gift the Bli of fit i Jubi in web Dulcy Cerf new leu Job bar pal Tofu Nick Knacks Witting he Otto far forint week at Fitwi Ltd Wurr to Loi or off Ftfe offs life 9t Walt is life class starts May 12 Lam m i Okanus to Sec want Fol 6 Fly Ponsi till of Lvi Mil getting out Fox 858 Sale Irv Seif we Obb e or Abbt Jav Westinghouse deluxe Jort Cycle poppy lev ism in Pluf off of win am Witti m any Tarn m Emty Strw Lim 4u any my m it Oil Pirn u no wily Ali brim m self xxv she Witt to Titi to Tiv 1 Stikna a atm Una m m Mim sum get 121 to mtg the Low i i fact walk quintet left oni Stop warehouse i3s Marion St Burl we Fol f it Tut Uve j fat attn jct inv Roll Nufo 50110 of incl custom Wade girl 39 m it fit Cion Fly it we of off Wash tubs a Mitch to Tali Waverly Yard Ortr Kcf to f 40 a la ill term Nettl Coffee Mirror 3t rift it 1 by sowl no Menf Fly 890 Ali Smith Coffou twi to rot Otiller opt tsp w5s95 Carutt Tutt kit Tittl it Kuttel Ilow ii luvs of Bli Inni Toto 1 1 Bob iut Chev Impala will Man who triad pm ref Wal half completed Trainer learn a profitable Hobby 4 few cry Fawn Rritt Fott of Ftp Catt it of skua att it War Dott door Yurt two garage Sale off Grant Nam fief left to in Bah Hufi i 6 Brief Fth ten pin to Btu if Santa w to Man it Stew 75 1 m Lime sell Elf full Spruce Mem Mitny off to fans to we Raoul to four Emu Back Sale sat 2 St tin Tonj fire of lilt it y pc stub Jug Kcf Titt n i 4 mtg irt1 hrs Salei 10 t it tit tt1 Ioka till cow in Fly Windsor it Sale to Balfan up we hot Stirlin 138 must sell uti it it Crystal 4 All Pflub i Lightf for immediate carpet fit com Iff my Iff it m Cream him the Etc Imi pickup 3 mini 2 4 Mesek i Ifni Roffi Troy twin bib or Fol Frisi Flor Van inh Tir Dodge 8 4 11371 Swip for Bolt 61 Vilmut 5854133 3biro Bath 51 6 old Almond or n of Jacuzzi pump it 1 Stotri Otto pm Btu Gold is not 4 i Imam lira firm sink Cabinet used Ceramic holds Sale 613 Furby fr1 1 10 to l6s of Wellington it Funky knitting flit Hefte it Rah Rafft ill 1 upright 5 Ltd Lith equalizer hitch for test vital Al Woodbury Sii 10 in set Inmei 7 program pin it 690 filter to Mil Eik Mux Kurty ill wlm it Tiff Many of of i like m it Kitchen rm400 value Swap of lev Monk of m educational government 19 1 it a Nike Tum my wit fun Tow i april t of to lob a Rabi ism 4 m14154 of cot in Wev goad Beauty products a services Charles 331 r3k it m of dims of 9m4 pc Fri k to Yusri Fatom Bowman it carry Only cottage it specials Lawn Tuff torn Avion rubber Vinyl from Nylon Lute Bick from Giffis of Roll ends up to wed ii till till ground swim Ralho Pool with filter it 24 10 1 Trail heavy fuel 3 my 10high Tappan if tit to Tuil Gigantic Flea 6w m Al raw let tuft Iii Otto pm like color for till f 4m want Tow Ahi imm am 2 match log chm6 offers 1 Tai clip it in fit into Synill it i earner s sets ewes it toys much Upton North garage april 19 Cash for working fir pick lip Dinette Avocado Butcher Drifting car Beckley m rim estate Vilmut Selling stove mint 2 toys 13 25 off april foundations tutoring it fees much 112 adults All Al feb of two wow 16 minor Huu clothing teacher t will Tutor in Figl of French leather 45 if is clothes 5 Xmas tree 2564538 8 it doer works deluxe be bargains All clothing in 3050 off till april salvation army Thrift store 72 Martha 9 i m a Himm 49s jobs 169 Park View it priced to sell it open to 250 Lenore april it wetting at 75 2 Stater sofa 45 supplies for firewood 25 deep Freezer 100 dryer 60 wishing machine it is give teak fable of Toloue Wood typist chair 80 Orange Vinyl chair sink it White 55 Box Spring it any offer will be 7745964 or carpet Tow bar fits ill mrs it ton crib it set of Shower Christian seeks 9 class t of owner ability no work had wont or mum Folck it 19 repair All major must sell 2 Chester Fields t rocking 4 end i vacuum self cleaning Dowlas Lawrence Bay Offut Edmister it 19 it 20 something Lor everyone triple Dresser area love Sale 690 Centennial it 19 it 9 rummage it bake 226 t stove 11000 love setts dishwasher 30 stove 9x12 Shig coloured Ideal for 6 basins 15 Black Seal cocktail China Mink Mink phone after All gom it w to mov Frig Chi Fyrth of fluff 49 it catalytic 3000 20 Carton Gutter mount to 3 life is aquarium 10 Mitre 16 Chain 225x15 radial tires 2 single Pant 4x8 it mid aged sales it business seeks communicates very i466m03 or Box 3927 Selling it 1st Michel Flo form Selling also Many it Washer Good 175 put never 41tt pm 240 Amhurst carry Hoe inventory must be rubber jute Vinyl remnants to seeing is dont miss 884 main weekdays 9 open sunday 14 Fleat my Cotta is Etc 3 shades of x rust Brown Tweed 11 6 x red textured used Vij for Fence corrals u in 200 wedding party discount bridal gown shop formals it rentals 739 Sargent 7134079 bargain bin 104 Princess 9471495 for Good used furniture it As of May 1 we will be in our new location bargains Are our Sale Witti Youtt not f Kwh in wet s a boys Mem sorts in Rutland Handyman service paint general some 170 microwave 26 10 3 16 8197996 exercise Bike 70 wms it in Good Brown size Long lace 375 144 sets Bird hiking set of encyclopedia 9434576 Kitchen Jemoff 200 bed 60 bed is sofa Stu ill in Troto 1m female University will House or pet May it or Cindy at 6614944 will Sefl in estate Sale Washer it 5 like rubber backed Vinyl flooring from Lawn turf 100s of Roll ends at clearcut prices also paint it after carpet 50 Archibald los 250 amp welder wedding Headpiece it lots of Sale by Althusa club of sunday april 10 to 3 it fort Rouge Leisure 625 Osborne household articles it nostalgic lots of free 10 water Many More 143 metre like 295 be 1 6 stove 2 single Beds desk table twist dual Flavoured soft ice Cream 6500 Call locker for Day Call Unbe Wood 9m Taff cocktail dresses Pant slosh Mink stole 300 8884193 looking for shipping it rec Elving willing to do labor work or my other kind of Call Charles family garage variety of it 1 Agate mattresses it 2 Box Springs 15 boys 10 needs 25 Ping Pong Ages variety of pocket Westinghouse Washer it dryer stove Fop wok Queen size Matt it Box Spring must upright Gibson Freezer 125 sofa it love seat 325 40 triple Dresser it Box Spring it mattress Oak headboard easy chair floor lamp Udys suede it leather it 47579w toy excellent 691 Muriel april 19th it 11 to 4 500 single garage 4th class Power Engineer wants part time few hours Box free to 31 Weatherstone Block Yard Sale april Glass Cabinet spoon rack with solid Oak sell for Call Range Corning yellow it White Patio 4 swing 6687369 1 it 10 shutters 8 8 pair gown train and dress like new new sheepskin jacket 14 it Market arts it crafts every 10 ramada inn 1824 Pembina 2697700 table rentals 1 11612 marys Sale saturday april 401 Victor to 20 looking for service writer or could be part Queen Washer 400 30 Slider Good with screen dryer deep freeze 150 pm games it Multi fam Sale april 10 179 Barker used 6 Bedspread it grate it Lloyd 40 stereo system Sklar Chester bed it Metal office chair it 4 Man Charmelo Gas 2 225 it 2 10 6613064 to 363 Agnes steel Drums for burning or water 6331619 moving or hauling with it truck it also House or chests order now Tor 2697653 or bridesmaid 4 t 24 1 v con 250 work Handyman will do carpentry it liquidators Cash carry huge inventory must be rubber Lute Vinyl remnants to seeing is dont miss 814 main weekdays open sunday 162 Houde Lawn 231 20 can hard twist 13 x 20 Black leather Metal Wall phone 1374003 Kenmore Dehumel Dufler 17 contractors Sim each wedding dress so 20 head Man would like Job As labourer in country or on Sale t 9 Chrome it much 72 Carmen household 502 Parr be Good phone 275 2 5 snapper 4 300 Gas Lawn rear Bagger 5 Freezer Barrow adult 3 3 As 5 chests of drawers Oil phone it almost Brand in used with All 5 new Kirby paid will for 2331544 Singer knitting Mach 6321162 girls clothing so 8 it moving or hauling with i Call must sell All household 119 Anthony 921 rain or everything must Viking older working Odd jobs 1 8952203 Sale 78 Volare air Vinyl it new Ping Pom bunk Side baby Many is held 10 it 1179 Alexandr yellow 764 main 12522715 double single bed sofa Call 11 4532657 c7c repair fur Emerald much saturday and 10 to 143 Hammond 104 if it dryer fridge not get the Best Price Tor your furniture effects without the hassle of strangers bothering it miscellaneous articles of imported designer furniture 1103 323 Wellington moving irom must sell All our it All in by famous makers like american of heritage it a Tew samples are9 Henredon 2conslsts of King size Island bed with 2 night twin canopy lights it huge Mirror current Cost sofa it Loveseat from studio collection of american of current 7 Thomasville Condo also used As game current and Many More 26 Ria Slygh desk with leather top it brass cocktail Oriental console by Frame Hall Mirror by Silver drawer Chest by unusual Oval Crystal 6x9 Oriental design Wool Rug 4 also Menton Bone China Golden symphony service for 12current Cost would be 5 genuine natural Oak Kitchen set current Cost can be seen from 12 noon to 4 april 19 4 april 20no children serious buyers Doorman will direct for sale400 Many like fast 234 new Sam at will clean Call big garage april 94 38 Daffodil Garden province huge final sale126 betes Chest like household furnishings for Cash or consignment Wachniak it sons Call today Call tonight 9425732 6334885 serving Manitoba since 1930 wed for cottage Gas Mower 60 10 caretaker available for Park 480 Kimberly used exhaust steel Loyc Ideal Lor Lawn fluorescent lights it much 1068 Boyo 812 dryers 69 it Queen like Brand still in the still under 7724997 or 117 matter Doe april turn right off Beds different styles it dining China it Library Oriental no reasonable offer will be Panama 333 William dryer it chair hardly 2 men 18 moving Van for fully garage sale91 Piney the Days cleaners most no gimmicks Manitoba vacuum 775 Corydon Over 50 ready Utility 20 color 2227757 electro Lux vacuum like i ton move fur Ihire it baby car 180 Ubaque cres 1 p m 4 p m 1264 10 am4 11 old Almond color Cash 500 jobs wanted 2 of Garven it 9 7 office Pool child it adult Camp clothes it Many other 71 sunny 3 family it appliances buying or Selling look no further dryers t Homewood furniture we buy used appliances for top prompt 831 main stackable Washer it Best All filter Brand new trend hoses it Power nozzles it All it 20 it 5 up to 50 the drapery 86 Somma Creepy Keruly Pool like 2553106 Pioneer pinball machine 3 soft Hydro pole septic Box Roa better than Ever cleaning service offers reliable housecleaning on a biweekly or monthly bonded it trained free Washer spin Hydraulic Salon chairs 2 Salon sinks it per 9424606 259 30 2 fridge t Good 00 toys toys sell your used toys for twice upon a time 1887 Portage 6854753 looks like All attachments Only 5 year Call Shower Best 4757066 Kingsman Wood stove comp Multi Art it april 19 it 10 to 6 504270 Roslyn 5 family sports 105 74 Lake Albron dry Washer Freezer 20 Sony deck dolby 150 Sony turntable new Cartridge 90 Hitachi 4head stereo Var 700 mans 10 new 95 Canon t70 4 Flash Childs car seat classic 1974 australian and Canadian nannies Washer it dryer 300 for pane aluminium Slider ready to Wood size 90x39 2333720 it new film Board wishes to Purchase please leave a message with name it at Yard it 1015 Selkirk 10 Childs playhouse it truck lowest prices in up to 1 free appliances 1034 main sales service natural Gas x Load Star clothes Best West it qualify items 814 also Walnut boys Bax House 1 Singer treadle sewing 100 it Pedestal Lett hand recurve Hunting Bow slide pre Lector screen All 6 8 yearbooks 4 2 dictionary 4535474 windows 2 Homes plus dollars paid for All furniture it appliances instant Cash pickup female University will babysit 34 Days a or May it or Cindy at 6614944 76 Allison housewares it Good Call 30 it chandelier it Tiffany 2 roman size Gold stove Cash and pickup for Grays Oxford United Oxford it april 13 Mother will babysit in own Home to toilet trained River Park vital looking for More than a Babysitter 1 offer a learning Rosemount neighbourhood april 30 ski table it Ladys items it Many More White 2 Nice it clean fridge Mcclary dryer Good selection to 7 Freezer stoves it fully 539 Sargent 9 to 6 15 like 350 chair Coffee end tables White stove lamps Bath Gold 4 mauve super single water bed dining room table 4 chairs dressers Large Mirror office desk 2 2 amp arc 4 he mini Lawnmower Bob 14862323 or with pay Cash for usable furniture 4 baby instant Cash for All it appliances 7724880 7832516 Centennial april coaster sporting 185 it Queen phone 2574411 portable asking 250 All Power looks like White vanity Marble 250 Oil tank 12 x 21 red shag ment in my Home for infants it toddlers in 4754475 it reliable cleaning lady will do House work in me Grant or Corydon 4 per saturday it april 19 it 10 am4 household China hideaway 5 Many More Misc continuous until 268 Mandeville porch handmade Flea fridge it 30 set 1 door White Mot fat like new 30 White stove Inglis Washer it dryer set Call anytime washers it dryers for Sale with 6694351 microwave full 200 or Best Frost free White bed it note Chest 4 54 antique Dresser 3 occasional deep freeze 23 Call 6615050 or Lawn boy Lawn in War t or sell Rattan sided Sota Oak Coffee table Oak 2tler Bookcase 5862476 electro Lux All Power top line under 6 Metal Carport 7 pay Cashi appliances or anything of pickup to solid Oak wardrobe special sized round dining 4 dressers Bevelled mirrors from Metal Tea 4 Small China 7 lamps jewellery 4 much More at 776b foot open Dally closed for Good for 2564885 working or lady with 4 would like to do housework in 2619903 own out Sale 1298 Alexander 10 april everything must 6 antique whiskey it much Champlain 250 Machray 10 appliances 1168 main Street 5897836 120 Day warranty 1 year warranty on 2335309 or Selling dryer it 400 m95727 5 Oriental 2 150 swedish design like Iso Yamaha 100 Technics 125 Yamaha 2611578 6 wrought Iron w railing Gate it hand Cash 3384095 electric of face Cash for All household 215 Canoe it aril 11 to 5 Chain link Fence it you remove for size Washer it dryer with stacking stand 525 hardly Book on How to dry equipment Homes cleaned on a regular or part time 6324306 Guilford Domestic Mcclary drapes phone family garage 5256 Evesham 9 to 1 old brass 10 stereo stained Glass to South off Grant to see clothes it household table it 6521 for working or we pick Rinconado collectors West Sibon has lust received a new shipment containing some discontinued it some not yet in the or visit West is metals 57 it Ken 4 bunk lots of clothes it recently licensed daycare has 1 opening for Ages 2 it timer ado son 2 tone plastic pay or furniture Sal Antiques it everything it wardrobe table it chairs love seat have a Good selection of late fully appliances with at 776b stove Floral it nearly Washer 4 spin Green Oriental Power shop vac 4 Chesterfield 4 color not 4179 Mother of 2will babysit any Teller Call Sale Chesterfield Washer toaster oven Hotplate Box of Linen Box of pots it pans 20 set of China Tor 726 it cubs Flea Market it bake Glen Lee 176 Wor Titington 11 to Petit Point it needlepoint Call 4 Box Spring Washer it dryer for legion Green 50th special Ste doors sealed windows 42 x 48 bed sewing machine Singer with stereo radio it tables 499 will provide Dally care in my Home it Christian qual new car stereos it feature for feature Best product Best Call while they Good House 2 Chest seen Only on from 1 5 175 my Philllps or 2569059 103 ask for Large dust Bernard anytime furniture 831 main Rel Babysitter in my 5 Days a Ages full basement 26 it 10 everything must make offers on All 102 Quincy 79 Marbury Maples Maples 74 Ashmore 9 am to 5 april 30 stove Mcclary Washer it dryer set Moo Btu air conditioner White Viking very Good Washer stove door 2335982 stained Glass 2 sectional Queen size bed Wood 4 night wooden dining table 4 White clothes tree 4 clothes wooden Call 8894537 old Viking 500 Wedgewood Good Call in Good will babysit your child sleep Over can be study dark Brown 2 Childs night table baby car seat red design rocks mans travel Iron something for lots of 116 19 it 26 95 seek seek self cleaning Harvest Small Utility trailer with 8 Inch miss this 999 Fleet 10 till brass bed sporting All Good Cash Matching Viking deluxe programmable Washer it lust like 650 it set of 2 everything new it slightly 60 yes Good cond will babysit in my Home part time or it Days it Sis fridge it stove Washer it dryer violin albums by Dick Box 1727 free crafted can be used As tufted Back velvet easy Spanish style thick Glass top table antique style Large fresh provincial clock teak night table with drawer is the place to 393 Scotia late continuous clean Baycrest 30 Matching 13 set 6 Viking Washer it dryer orly new 450 Forur sink cast Iron sink enamel Brand new in crate Sears retail at 150 also 2 used sinks 15 each spin Lawn 3ft phone child my Yard Sale 654 Mcmillan april 10 air table it be dryer needs much Elm Park april Brownie some toys it fridge for or Hole Box 4 As new to stand Fairfax wet 4 dry cleaner 39 1 double pane will my Meadows Jubilee 2 camping much apr 19 it 20 1 15 30 Harvest Gold 17 30 stove 675 Inglis Washer it dryer 500 9434467 19 til it old Kenmore stove it hotpoint but Good Glass Coffee it end sofa love twin Shower 2 counter 99 baby 3 3 now on Sale extra for Loose sectional open m 95 Pulak person willing to baby set in own Home Sale 177 Eugenie clearance of childrens Wear plus Auto hotpoint like 300 Rug Bays Best 3 Brown ask 3383081 aft table 65 Gendron Playpen 30 stroller car seat Sears bicycle seat potty plus families have joined in huge basement april 401 Melrose Deal see classification cameras 4524150 aft will clean houses once a Theresla Good 30 while Good Home elegant custom drapes it 2vi also Gold brocade fully 2 full 8375780 or single ornamental Iron front Stair shag Good for or rec Meed a Tel 100 bed Call shaped bunk Beds Maple drop Leaf table floor lamp 3 stained Glass panels Toshiba microwave Pentax sir camera it efficient cleaning 3 hrs 25 Phaff 9pm 146 Corbett 10 4 Pool Gendron Light car seat it House it baby it Kitchen adult 2067 sell Washer it daycare full time Maples automatic new new Inglis electric new 600 Fri Gidare deluxe electric Range 4610940 after Cott age owners 3fl Ranae to 909 Dugald High food Sale 7 it some Oak table it some contents of vacuum almost Brand new still in Box includes All still under with cond pm after 4 Ultra clean maid Crestwood window air Crystal glasses it lots of prayers for rent phone 2843227 196 9x12 rugs 75 a 24000 be air conditioners brocade Chesterfield pm 4753288 after 6 p in 1 Gendron baby Brand still in l shaped need Lazy boy it Footstool brass fireplace screen 3 bedroom Footstool floor lamp various plants 4 other 2617416 lady will do will babysit in my Odds it 9 to 350 1338 Leila program Kenmore Hoover Brand never been All still in the Box can be 50 Cay dark new 70 Best Btu air 4757759 crib with mattress Pereyro Carriage will babysit in my vital Home Varennes baby red b4 tin stove 4 Mower Sale All 422 Anthony window 49 7162234 we exhaust fan 7724805 or need tires selection of Snow regular very Low 909 Dugald boys Raleigh 10 Kitchen tent 5 Trane air water 2374594 seat 3inl change table stroller Sale less than 1 old Dresser 2 night tables it he seabed All in 6331437 or 6329379 ask Tor it House items Fob 1737 Arlington it paid for All major working or Call anytime coloured reliable housecleaning lady 24 old hot water 30 it a Acuzzo pressure pump 4 4771007 or air used 2 new bumper pads High Etc will babysit in my Homes some it it 19 it 10 to 639 Young 10 it 19 a rashly baby needs 4 up to 5 1 Joo Tor i9h169 8 portable 2 Wall unit like a China Washtub it direct 39 it 54 4 foam it restore 15 Macdonald 93 crushed velvet drapes it Queen size 2 swivel single laundry 90 Green Plush Tyndall babysit my Home Diana it 4 Matching set moving All it 110 630 Guelph off All kinds it Kitchen Marlton 94 air table moving outselling self 30 stove very Good must Beau Mark appliances is built we China 3 Medicine cablnets2 Oakl Oak sink it Block for Sale will babysit full or part 275 4 Type 2554543 7 wooden st08m Condea obo 8959465 aft size 0 to phone special new mismatch Beds 39 Box it mattress Only 216 Sherbrook attic furniture lady will do lots of baby supplies it lots of other 19 Whicker off River 10 till 903 april 19 it 95 4 april self clean Range it All Call 10 Speed Queen soil for anything that real super 3 White Gold Woven cupboa8ps to be 12 will babysit in my 187 midwinter at Disraeli Bridge 9 moving 30 Stovey removable Teflon panels in easy to washers windows 4 casement 25 1 Slider j Complete with screens dual sealed asking 125 new baby Carriage carted solid Pecan Wood 1 Thomasville lamp 3 sectional 8 will babysit in my have family garage Sale in rubber ions 865 63 Wood Grain 20 Mirror it counter top 45 sofa it chair 75 old House radio 65 twin baby sit my River May Indian King Day 4w notre dome ask for Queen Washer spin like j7s style denial Ideal for rec Bench press 4 100 Lawn seats it Call priced to girls canopy make up table 300 swivel Wood 2 end Ping Pong bookshelf 8887912 will babysit my Home cleaning lady other personal it Park 55 Silver 30 Avocado Good working Chrome 2 4 swivel reel Type Mower Briggs 4 Stratton must sell Beautiful antique sewing of Selling Oak it leather Anglo Chr English 6895985 Jenny Lynn 555 garage sales Cash it carry sorrel lame off Ugi Mollere it Pritchard farm it baby 43 turns i april to new Beau Mark Goa custom 68 could Inglis 1195 of Low Cost claims in vacuum cute inst Tai Josw Ranf such insist that they jell Yew try exact product the Price 11 they will calf your my May to the victim of Ball it Swilch Call Ems Mariae 7437115 for Smott doors in Gold 1 panel mirrored 3 shag carpets Royal tvs with fluorescent llghts2 4 baseboard All like it storage shed 1x8 darn style 150 Good Green Kitchen upper 4 lower cab Nels with Llo form Gold lounge Orange lounge Hill cottage it specials Lawn tort Tram by lip rubber Back Vinyl from Nylon Lute Back from is of Roll ends up to m saving paint 4 a Days till 8 till Archibald of Nairn carpet barn garage to Westdale Jungr High school w Southwood 1h phone 2333217 6 velvet firm twin Bookcase 2 sets of sheets lorm table 4 i 3 mens 2 bed with steel Canoe Sheip full old Mola typewriter top of the line 130 Lindsay 26 size 900d Hawwah Metal Hal Luj lamp kit with 4 3 in one Carriage like contemporary sofa bit 5 Dinette antique China Wood Octagon cocktail table 2561886 for rollaway cot table 4 6 Good for Highcliffe h surplus 2 15 it Deal saturday it table it 4 phonograph Davenport 30 stove tires Blue lined Ash april u items dryer 75 Admiral 175 Gold to Law press want ads bring Best read Ford or 45 52 Pontiac Lor Sklar Peppler Pecan 3346672 or

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