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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 18, 2015, Winnipeg, Manitoba C M Y K PAGE A23 winnipegfreepress. com FEDERAL BUDGET WINNIPEG FREE PRESS, SATURDAY, APRIL 18, 2015 A 23 NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF EDITH SHUPER, late of the City of Winnipeg, in the Province of Manitoba, Deceased. TAKE NOTICE that all claims against the above Estate, duly verified by Statutory Declaration, must be filed with the undersigned at their offices at 1864 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3J 0H2, on or before the 18th day of May, 2015 after which date the Estate will be distributed having regard only to claims of which the Executor then has notice. DATED at Winnipeg, Manitoba, this 6th day of April, 2015. CHAPMAN, GODDARD, KAGAN Solicitors for the Executor REQUEST FOR MOSQUITO IDENTIFICATION SERVICES Request for Proposal ( RFP)#: MHHLS 2015001 Issued by: Manitoba Health, Healthy Living and Seniors ( MHHLS) Issue Date: April 18, 2015 Submission Deadline: April 29, 2015 at 12 noon CST Contract Period: April 1, 2015 to March 31, 2016 ( with optional two year extension) The purpose of this Request for Proposal ( RFP) is to solicit proposals from qualified proponents/ organizations with the required expertise and knowledge of mosquito sampling, identification and associated duties to operate a western- based mosquito identification facility in the Brandon area, as part of the Manitoba government’s West Nile virus surveillance program. The successful proponent/ organization must: • Receive West Nile virus mosquito surveillance trap samples, collected twice weekly between mid- May to mid- September ( approximately 18 weeks), from the western- based West Nile virus field team members. • Have an indoor drop off location for the surveillance traps must; 1) be easily accessible ( including weekends & evenings), 2) be located within a 10 minute driving distance of Brandon, 3) be secure from the general public, and 4) have a freezer with a minimum of 15 cubic feet of storage to receive mosquito samples on a weekly basis. • Set up, monitor, take down and collect mosquito samples using CDC mosquito traps within the City of Brandon ( Sunday & Monday evenings). This includes transport and replacement of CO2 tanks as required during the program period. • Sort, identify and ship to Cadham Provincial Laboratory ( CPL) Culex tarsalis and Culex restuans mosquitoes from the collections within 24 hours of receipt of the last weekly sample. • Input data, such as the numbers of Culex species per trap catch, within database, provided by MHHLS, and submit electronically in a timely manner to MHHLS once all weekly sorting is complete. Updates to the database must occur on a pre- determined schedule. • Ensure Culex specimens submitted to CPL for West Nile virus testing be shipped using an MHHLS approved provider ( ex: Greyhound) to ensure specimen integrity. Quick turn- around time from receipt through processing and shipping of samples is critical as mosquito data and testing results are used to assess whether an imminent public health threat posed by West Nile virus is present, and consequently whether a Health Order for adult mosquito control would minimize the risk of exposure to the virus. • Receive the shipment of coolers and containers back from CPL. Nets and containers must be washed and dried and available for the field team members for the next trapping cycle. The potential proponent/ organization must meet the following eligibility requirements in order to be considered for this opportunity: • Must have a university degree in the biological sciences, with an emphasis in entomology and a minimum of three years experience working in a vector surveillance program. • Must be readily available to MHHLS and CPL staff to answer questions about sorting and collections during the program period. Conditions of Contract: • A truck is required to transport CO2 tanks to the City of Brandon mosquito traps. • Must have appropriate laboratory equipment ( such as a dissecting microscope and illumination source, freezer ( minimum 15 cubic feet of storage), mosquito identification keys, probes, tweezers, etc.). • Be capable of working extended hours as required to process high numbers of samples during peak program periods. Please indicate: 1. Cost per round of identification ( one round includes receipt of mosquito samples from field team members on Sunday and Monday afternoons, setting and collecting specimens from Brandon, sorting & processing samples and shipping to CPL on Tuesday mornings, inputting data into the Manitoba database and reporting to MHHLS by early afternoon on Tuesdays, receipt of coolers back from CPL and preparation of equipment ( ex: washing nets & containers and charging of trap batteries) for subsequent surveillance week) 2. Any other expenses requiring reimbursement ( mileage, parking) would be per the Manitoba government General Manual of Administration. 3. Proposal on how the described eligibility requirements will be met. Proposals should be submitted in a sealed envelope and delivered personally, or by mail or by courier to the address listed below. The envelope should be clearly marked with the RFP # , the submission deadline, and the bidders name and return address. West Nile Virus Surveillance Manitoba Health, Healthy Living and Seniors Communicable Disease Control, Public Health 4066 – 300 Carlton Street Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 3M9 Attention: Richard Baydack RFP: MHHLS 2015001 NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN THE MATTER of the Estate of MAXIUM NELSON BIRSTON, late of the City of Winnipeg, in the Province of Manitoba, Deceased. ALL CLAIMS against the above Estate duly verified by Statutory Declaration, must be filed with the undersigned, at 2200 - One Lombard Place, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3B 0X7, on or before the 29th day of May, 2015. DATED at the City of Winnipeg, in Manitoba, this 14th day of April, 2015. D’ARCY & DEACON LLP Attention: Walter Thiessen Solicitors for the Executors MOUNTAIN VIEW SCHOOL DIVISION INVITATION TO GENERAL CONTRACTORS AND MASONRY SUBCONTRACTORS TO PREQUALIFY FOR THE BUILDING UPGRADES AT GRANDVIEW SCHOOL The School Division is planning building renovations and upgrades on the school to remove and replace portions of the exterior wall envelope ( approximately 7,500 sq. ft.) and roofing assembly ( approximately 8,600 sq. ft.). The work on this school located in Grandview, MB is anticipated to be tendered in May 2015. It is the intent to prequalify a list of General Contractors and Masonry Subcontractors who will be invited to submit bids on this project. Prequalification information documents may be obtained from Stantec by contacting: Byron Cook, 204- 489- 5900. Also available on the MERX’s electronic tendering system: • http:// www. merx. com • phone: 1- 888- 235- 5800 • e- mail: merx@ merx. com Interested General Contractors and Masonry Subcontractors must submit a Letter of Interest, a completed CCDC 11 Contractor’s Qualification Statement, in addition to Appendix D, to Mountain View School Division attention Mr. David McInnes c/ o Stantec Architecture, 905 Waverley St. Winnipeg, MB R3T 5P4, on or before 2: 00 pm CST, Tuesday April 28, 2015. Incomplete submissions may be rejected without further consideration. Legals Tenders WASHINGTON — The Canadian government is working on a project it hopes will revolutionize international development the way matchmaking websites revolutionized dating. Instead of bringing together lovestarved singles, the project would introduce strangers with shared interest in development, including for- profit companies, non- profit organizations, governments and international agencies. The government promoted its plan during this week’s global financial meetings in Washington, where International Development Minister Christian Paradis touted it at meetings, a public forum and in an interview. The idea flows from the government’s desire to align development priorities more closely with private- sector projects — the idea being to increase the long- term economic benefits. In an interview, Paradis cited one possible example: A mining company opens a mine, governments contribute to nearby infrastructure such as roads and wells and NGOs work on farming projects that would allow the surrounding community to feed itself. The Canadian plan is to build a single online platform, so these different players can find each other. Hence the nicknames, “ development dating site” or “ development harmony” given to the project by some of the people working on it. “( It) would serve as an online marketplace, a knowledge- broker and accelerator of innovative finance models,” Paradis said Friday. “ It would help reduce the time required to structure investments and forge new partnerships.” He later explained the site wouldn’t set policy. All it would do is introduce parties, so they could then make decisions based on their own monitoring and assessments. The government hopes to have an early demonstration ready for an international aid summit this summer in Ethiopia, where countries will discuss new financing models for development as the UN moves beyond the Millennium Development Goals that expire this year. It plans to have a more complete version ready for showcasing next winter, at the Davos economic summit. The World Economic Forum is one of the partners on the project, as are the Dalberg development- consulting firm and the Global Development Incubator. People from Mastercard and the Gates Foundation have been participating, albeit more informally. The partners are creating a non- profit company that would sell memberships to the site — much like Canada’s MERX public- procurement website. They expect to have a contract with an IT company within a week or two and have already begun working with a branding agency on marketing plans. One person working on the project conceded Friday the project’s current official name, Global Finance Exchange, doesn’t inspire the imagination. Hence the branding agency. The official said one early use for the platform could be to match parties working on issues related to the Harper government’s signature aid priority, maternal and newborn health. Paradis said there’s lots of desire out there to get disparate actors talking to each other. But it keeps butting up against the reality these players operate in different silos. “ What does it take to have a more co- ordinated approach? That would be sharing information, and I think you need such a platform to do that. This is what we’re doing here.” At Friday’s World Bank event, the head of an equity fund applauded the trend toward involving private enterprise in international development planning. “ We will create more jobs than all of your aid budgets do,” Gerhard Pries, the Canadian chief executive at Sarona Asset Management Inc., told the gathering of international policy- makers. “ We will create good jobs.” — The Canadian Press Ottawa to play cupid with ‘ dating site’ Project’s goal to foster global development By Alexander Panetta ‘( It) would serve as an online marketplace, a knowledgebroker and accelerator of innovative finance models’ — International Development Minister Christian Paradis, on the government’s proposed incubator for international aid O TTAWA — The Conservative government plans to use the coming federal budget to underscore its pre- election messaging on the importance of national security. The budget due Tuesday is expected to earmark resources to help security agencies carry out enhanced responsibilities under new anti- terrorism legislation, sources told The Canadian Press. Those familiar with the plan to make national security one of the budget’s themes spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss it publicly. Any new spending could help the government deflect criticism it’s asking agencies to do more to counter terrorism at the expense of existing law enforcement duties. The anti- terrorism bill currently before the Senate would give the Canadian Security Intelligence Service more power to thwart a suspect’s travel plans, disrupt bank transactions and covertly interfere with radical websites. The legislation would also make it easier for the RCMP to obtain a peace bond to restrict the movements of suspects and extend the amount of time they can be kept in preventive detention. In addition, it would shift responsibility for screening international airline manifests to the federal government under an expanded no- fly- list regime. The Conservatives introduced the bill after two soldiers were killed by jihadi- inspired “ lone- wolf” attackers just days apart last October. Concerns about the threat of homegrown extremism have prompted the RCMP to shift more than 600 officers to the terrorism file from organized crime and other areas. “ We have enough people who are working these cases, but they’re not doing what they’re supposed to be doing,” RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson told a House of Commons committee last month. That has prompted vocal criticism from opposition public- safety critics who say the Mounties are being stretched too thin. At the same time, the federal government continues to roll out new aspects of its highly touted perimeter security arrangement with the United States — elements of which require investments in information technology and modern facilities. The Canada Border Services Agency already plans to invest $ 99 million over five years to improve buildings, as well as upgrade technology to help officers record more traveller information. However, several facets of the deal are still in the works, including: . An ambitious plan to track people as they leave Canada, touted as a means of stopping would- be extremists from joining foreign conflicts. . A “ next generation” policing program that would see Canadian and U. S. officials create integrated teams in areas such as intelligence and criminal investigations. . Cargo- security initiatives intended to increase co- operation on the screening of marine shipments. — The Canadian Press National security to be top of mind in budget NATHAN DENETTE / THE CANADIAN PRESS FILES Finance Minister Joe Oliver will bring down the federal budget on Tuesday. Resources earmarked for agencies: sources By Jim Bronskill ‘ We have enough people who are working these cases, but they’re not doing what they’re supposed to be doing’ — RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson OTTAWA — Canadian aid agencies are fearful that after five years of cuts and freezes, Tuesday’s federal budget will fail to reverse the country’s continuing decline in foreign- aid spending. Their fingers may be crossed, but any hope they might have is being trumped by politics and math. They realize an increase in aid spending is unlikely, because foreign aid isn’t known as a vote- getter in an election year. A five- year freeze on development spending is supposed to end in 2015, which has aid groups anticipating the budget. The government also cut another $ 378 million in foreign aid in 2012. An Oxfam Canada official said the government has enough money to restart aid spending, but she’s not holding her breath. “ We are confident there is money for this,” said Caroline Marrs, Oxfam Canada’s gender programs director. “ But we are not confident the government will choose to invest the money that is available in aid spending, based on seeing cuts to aid every year for the past four years.” Another Canadian aid agency official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they did not want to be seen to be criticizing the government, said the expected October federal election makes it unlikely the government will boost foreign- aid spending. “ All politics are local, and they’ve got very little money to play with,” said the official, citing the recent slump in oil prices and the government’s recent commitments to maternal, newborn and child- health initiatives. Prime Minister Stephen Harper has committed $ 3.5 billion toward the cause, his signature aid initiative. Last year’s five- year commitment to 2020, aimed at reducing the number of deaths of newborns and their mothers in the developing world, has earned him widespread praise. A spokesman for International Development Minister Christian Paradis said Friday he didn’t know whether Tuesday’s budget would contain an aid spending increase. — The Canadian Press Aid groups not holding their breath for more cash A_ 23_ Apr- 18- 15_ FP_ 01. indd A23 4/ 17/ 15 8: 07: 40 PM

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