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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 18, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba Tse to show How Market works to Wita stack exch Figg will get up a Fleet m tote Winnipeg convention Centre duing the Riaff Lief of come Fefee business my scheduled of May y visitors will be Able to actually buy and sell but the real idea behind it is to take some of the mystery out of the Stock Exchange and to show How it Winnipeg chamber of Commerce program manager Curt Smith said in an Susan roof dilator of special projects for f said six to eight traders from Toronto would make the trades in shares of about 10 such As Bank of Nova Bell Canada Canadian Pacific Canadian dome Musky Nova and there will be a master of Cere monies to explain Exchange operations and How to buy and sell on the the half dozen or so traders wont give a True picture of action on the Toronto floor which has 400 to 450 so a giant video screen will feature footage of actual tse Complete with Hendrick the business show will also Fea Ture an electronic a Model of contemporary secretaries night to let them know its not just their Bosses who should be there and a Remote sensing display for forestry fisheries organizer Travis Grimes of marketing services travel group head the a Lance of Canadian travel associations has elected travel agent Sheryl Macdonald National Macdonald owns encore travel which recently added a downtown site to its Origi Nal outlet on Stra Brook the group has 37 directors from seven provincial organizations rep resenting car vacation wholesale and other travel related Best to work for there Are no plans for a followup Book on the 100 worst companies to work says one of the authors of the financial posts 100 Best companies to work for in Cana it would be All too easy to find the said Jim but we expect the 100 Best to be updated from time to time and to become a reference Book for com Merce management prospects and companies to compare with their own employee rela the released this year by Newline Collins was written by Lyon of the financial Post Couver Bureau and two Eastern Eva Innes and Robert the Only two Winnipeg firms studied made the list great West life Assurance who finished in the top and Cargill limited in the Middle of the great West was rated As having Good Job Satis faction and personal development and average while benefits were found to be excellent and Job Security very Cargill earned five Good and three average Lamb prices up Lamb prices in March at the to Ronto Public Bench Mark for Canadian averaged a hundredweight higher than last year at the same time and More than the previous new canola chief the newly elected chairman of the canola Council of Canada said projected major markets for Cana Dian canola products in United states was confirmed at the recent annual meeting held in san fran it Drew 45 american edible Oil Industry David president of can Bra foods called it a significant new Market for the 71 Orga companies and associations involved in growing handling and processing which make up the canola minority win fight Toronto minority share holders won a Battle this week when Crown bowed to their opposition and abandoned a plan that would have More than tripled the number of its nonvoting the proposal would have Given the controlling shareholders an even tighter grip on Crown and would have weakened the position of minority it is part of a trend of minority shareholders often pension funds rather than individual investors to demand that their voices be heard when corporate changes affecting their holdings Are pro we Are spending time doing things we never had to do said Duncan senior vice Convent Iofi Centre to House min trading president of investments at National Trust of in division sold Toronto Canadian National railways has sold in trucking and express operation that was losing about million a David fingold of Toronto con firmed that his family has bought All or part of the troubled in Minnesota calling the Minnesota office of tourism wound up a three Day information Blitz yesterday to make Winnipeg aware of the nearby states Conven Tion and tourist a Chance to explore Minnesota without leaving said David Bergo from the Minnesota office of tourism in who led representatives from 16 cities on the Mission the group set up an information Booth in Eaton place and held a reception and Trade fair at the Delta hotel to talk about doing business in its unique qualities and to put together an interesting travel package for Winnipeg Bergo farm Leader named Regina Ted Turner has been reelected president of the Saskatchewan wheat Pool for the 18th while Turner stays at the Helm of Saskatchewan largest the two Vic presidents Avery Sahl and Garf Stevenson exchanged Sahl now is first Vic president and Stevenson second Vic Epresi As Aubrey Wood of Ruthilda and Leroy Larsen of Canwood join sat and Stevenson on the poofs executive other delegates were elected to two year terms on the pools new directions the april 23 meeting of the Winnipeg society of financial analysts at the Sheraton hotel will explore the new directions of Industrial giant Canadian Pacific limited following the merger of Canadian Pacific enterprises and up the firms Stinson is guest Algoma to complain Sault Al Goma steel is planning to file an unfair Trade complaint with the Canadian government against company chairman John Macnamara told shareholders Macnamara told Algoma an Nual meeting that since August imports of japanese oilfield piping into the Canadian Market have he said the steelmaker is also considering filing dumping com plaints against two european coun which were not Algoma blames cheap imports for reducing prices on Domestic prod tumbling world Oil excessive inventories of oilfield Pip ing and heavy Price discounting have forced Algoma to withdraw from the tubular Market be cause we were unable to sell Seal less casing at reduced prices and remain in compliance with fair Trade Macnamara fam Tvr Apffel ims it program promotes Plant smorgasbord attention general paving House builders and truckers special prices Concrete washout loaded on your truck for per cubic metre cubic Yard building products Concrete Supply 75 Cole Avenue phone 6695666 also of Fame uw1 v Smih Stone off 8uckwt Kli Mfd m mixer More winners than losers forecast in free Trade Toronto up there will be More winners than losers for Cana Dian Farmers if Freer Trade with the United states is an Agri cultural analyst told a meeting of the Eastern Canada farm writers As Bow 325e available at Marion motors 105 Pembina 4771866 Socia Tion John one of five speakers at the said the Only losers would be wheat and they will Only be Small acknowledging he was speaking from the perspective of the Ontario Grain and livestock including Dairy and he said Freer Trade will Benefit the winners would be producers of Barley and Corn while the Dairy Industry would end up in a he Groenewegen said the major Rea son Canada should pursue Freer Trade with the United states is to prevent the from building any More barriers to Call it damage control or whatever you he the painfully cold Point is that the has be come More the counter Voi afo think Spring Stock is in excellent tapes Welcome Vail actions on fish and lumber coupled with the often quoted Large number of protectionist Bills in Congress is sufficient Evi Dence to indicate that the is somewhat protective in Freer Trade will also give producers Access to the allowing them to realize economies of scale in production and Man fac he the Large Northeast Market from new York to Illinois is within a Days drive of he the future of Freer Trade has been thrown into ques Tion after a majority of members of the Senate finance committee announced earlier this week they would vote against the the which has been seen As one that might scuttle the was postponed yesterday until at least tuesday at the insistence of presi Dent Ronald by Wally Dennison Efrew Mitef rtt could develop into the Winnipeg business markets equivalent of the cites yearly ethnic says Jim chairman of the Winnipeg business development Wright made the remark Day As officials detailed plans for the May 73 event organized by the the cites marketing encounter 86 is a business opportunities program that will showcase 63 plants and factories around registrants Are guaranteed four different Tours of their Choice among the i to be taken to the 63 Host companies Over the two buses will leave each morning and afternoon from the Winnipeg convention with each of the two Tours taking in two to four the undertaking is the first of its kind in encounter 8ti chair Man Bruce Robinson told a news conference in mayor Bill Nomes he said about 100 company groups had already signed for the Tours and other events in the today we Are embarked on a very exciting mayor Norrie its a unique concept with a great Deal of potential something we have needed for a Long Norrie said it would give the cites business people a deep look into what goes on behind the Walls of the companies they drive by gather ideas from the firsthand knowledge of products and services gained through the the visitors could gather ideas leading to deals for their said de president of the Winnipeg chamber of there is a lot More business Opportunity in Winnipeg than Many people we have the most diverse secondary manufacturing base of any Canadian Martens said a Plant for could discover that his own local firm might be capable of manufacturing some part that the Host factory is importing from a Distant the Tours could produce Many potential Martens said the c of which funds the a Bdl with the fore sees two other benefits from encounter local businessmen who travel widely will be Able to give detailed rundown on whats Avail Able from various Winnipeg firms during their the event will be another Hook chamber Trade missions could use to attract foreign industrialists to the a Bdl general manager Ted George said the vision of Winnipeg elsewhere is too often that of an Economy tied solely to encounter 86 will do much to enlighten other areas of Canada about the diversity of the cites business he timing of encounter 86 is oppor Wright with recent economic forecasts of a glowing future for Royal Bank of Canada has predicted that Manitoba would Lead the nation in growth Over the next Robinson credited Wright with the idea for the interviewed Wright said it began percolating about three years ago while driving daily past Otto Bock industries of Canada in Murray Industrial the a German based manufacturer of artificial limbs and had been in the City for about a year at that when the plants Vic Epresi Dent and general rein hard subsequently came onto the a dec the curious Wright was invited to tour the he came away impressed and won dered Why not a smorgasbord of business Opportunity tractors equipment Ford tractor and new two of the most respected names in agricultural and Industrial Are looking for qualified dealer for the Winnipeg Well help you turn your hard work into sales and profits with comprehensive service and management and at the Core of your Dealership Quality Ford agricultural Anco Industrial loaders and and new the worlds leading line of agricultural equip the key requirements of the successful candid Date Are ability and if you possess those qualities but Lack we have programs available to offer financial our Western sales Don will be in Winnipeg april 22 and please Call me toll to arrange your Peter Market representation manager Ford tractor and equipment operations the Canadian Ontario 5e4 Extension 1519 86 Cherokee 2 we investors group plus options features litre fuel 1 p Qudha link troll Halogen head 5 floor shifter cigarette lighter plus much More pan am motors 786 3891 business Opportunity Call for proposals Thimi Park and tourist attraction the communities of Keewatin and Jaffray Melick in Northwestern Ontario have 80 acres of land available for the development of a major tourist attraction and related the property fronts the trans Canada Highway and provides Lime tech Access to Uke of the an economic feasibility study and prospectus has been completed by Woods Gordon which identifies the maket demand and interested parties Are invited to by May proposals for the successful proponent will be granted an option on the property for a negotiated term and subject to the work commitment outlined in the for further Contact the Tri municipal economic development Box p9n phone 807 Ron regional vice president midwestern Canada for investors is pleased to announce that Marya Zajac has received her chartered financial planner designation from the Canadian Institute of financial she has achieved a High level of specialized knowl Edge in insurance and taxation matters which will enable her to provide the Best possible service to her Many investors lives offer a wide Range of Han Cial products and services to individuals and corporations across Martens benefits Tours to plants me had no trouble Selling the a Bdl Board on the registration fee for the a two and the closing is a opening Day Tours will follow a Kickoff breakfast featuring Joe a rag Storich is author of How Osell Hes listed in the guinness Book of world records As the worlds Grea test the concluding Din Ner will be addressed by David founder and president of an economic re search and consulting firm at Cam he will cover the changing nature of the Economy and its Impact on individuals and births firm is used by major political parties and government planners in the United and glum faced open starting from scratch Geneva a open Oil min unable to agree on How to end the Oil Price broke off a third Day of talks but they were also unwilling to give up and have asked their technical advisers to come up with i Lanu Nigeria Oil said the advisers were asked to Start from scratch with proposals to break the open dead they have a free hand to make whatever recommendations they Lukman the advisers met yesterday eve Ning and were to report Back to the full ministerial conference in a replay of the cartels talks last the ministers were stuck on the Tricky question of whether to reimpose controls on their Oil prod according to officials from several there is also uncertainty Over How such controls would be put in the cartels unrestrained Oil out put has contributed to a world in has led to the recent collapse of other factors in clude reduced world consumption through conservation and fuel switching and the development of new major such As and the North ministers from the 13 members of the organization of Petroleum exporting countries were so sharply divided that they could not even agree on the Outlook for Oil demand this sources the ministers had Little to say to reporters As they mostly out of the Geneva hotel where they began their talks tues the atmosphere in Many of the delegations was decidedly Down they dont even have an age i said one Arab speak ing on condition he not be holding pattern the Oil Market seemed to be in a holding As specs which it had widely on the new York mercantile May contracts for the main crude were up 40 cents a to near the end of Trad the Price had fallen a barrel on Joseph who follows open and Oil markets for the con suiting firm of Cambridge Energy research said yesterday that he saw Little Chance of Ope agreeing this week on a comprehensive strategy for combating the Oil Price he said it was possible the minis ters would set a tentative production limit of about 17 million barrels a Day for the half of this year and try to decide at their regular summer meeting How they would divvy it up among the 13 in that he the Price of Oil probably would a remain near current Levels of Between Fly and a barrel at least until at their current Oil prices Are barely on half the level of last the Price collapse began in january after open Wott Temy abandoned its Long flouted Ion the Cartel said it was ready to push Down prices m order to win a bigger share of the world Oil

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