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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 17, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba K6ox Winnipeg free press april 1990 Page 30 Chuck features editor miss Norway top Beauty miss Norway won the miss universe Crown sunday to Flat affectionately nicknamed the Beauty Queen from hell for the Hattte of her norwegian took the top spot Over 70 other contestants in the 1990 pageant in los judges chose Carole a 20yearold student from Detroit rep resenting the United As first runner up and Liseth Mahecha of Colombia second the wearing traditional garb of their opened the pageant by parading in front of a replica of the Hollywood sign in a production number done to the strains of dancing in the the global Glamor Parade featured an entry from the soviet Union for the first time and prize package to the Winner Worth announcer Dick Clark and entertain ment tonight correspondent Leeza Gibbons were Odd Ive got five and As soon As i can get another in going talking about her not the number of boyfriends Shes got on the Odd the male Lover of the late Rock Hudson has filed a libel suit against authors Tom Clark and Dick Kleiner for their Rock Friend of Marc Christian says the Book referred to him As a a an unclean a a an a for a a a an arsonist and Odd i dont want to take anything away from my but when is this going to end for me in a i dont have a Lidback Little Frank sometime sometime actor and brother of you know who complaining about being Beauty judges have decreed Mona Grudt miss manchurian candidate than for the Nasty things the film said about you there Are still people in Hollywood who make that decision and cast a says i go to a and in sitting and then i say to there Are no Black people in this not people known Only As Slys add Hollywood director John Franken Heimer says Back in 62 he got More heat for casting a Black actor As a doctor in his political thriller the even in a secondary if aliens landed Here and just looked at Holly Wood they probably think that Blacks were Odd latest Bat Rumor Michael Fox will play Robin in the Batman sequel with Danny Delto As the this is Only a so contain your Odd talk about owning a piece of the former american president Ronald Reagan is about to get a piece of the Berlin the chunk of bricks will be come a permanent part of the Rea Gan presidential Odd grammy Winner Michael Bolton says he Learned about music from his older Brothers rhythm and blues i grew up singing along with Smokey Marvin Ray Otis Redding and Stevie the Raspy voiced Singer says in Maga i had hair Down to my Waist and i sounded like a 50yearold Black who had a successful career As a songwriter for stars like barbra Streisand and said his own singing career took off when he returned to his rhythm and blues his album soul provider has gone Platinum and he won a grammy in february for his How am i supposed to live without what in doing is keeping the songs i used to give he Odd actor Chuck Norris piloted a 15 metre speedboat to Victory in an offshore Powerboat while a second actor Laden boat came in the martial arts film averaged 130 Kwh saturday in the super boat class of the 1990 offshore Powerboat fellow Tough Guy actors Don Johnson and Kurt Russell were aboard the fourth place team compiled from the news services the far Side by Gary Larson what can you Tell me about Hall carols inviting us Over for and in sure its just loaded with Palm by Gail Sigurdson what can you Tell me about Arsenio Hall the popular to talk show Host was born the son of a Baptist Hall is an Only he was raised by his Mother grandmother and godmother in a Cleveland Ghet following his parents marital split and he graduated from Kent state Hall first appeared on television As cohost of the comedy hour in the summer of he was also on Alan thicker Thicke of the night motown revue and on solid Gold with Marilyn Mccoo before eventually launching his own lat night talk show in Hes been seen on the big screen in films such As Amazon women on the Moon coming to America 1988 and Harlem nights though linked to Many glamorous Hall is single and lives in Van what is the bestselling paperback Ever writ ten according to the publishers the All bestselling paperback is Filby and child answers care by Benjamin to copies have been what is the population of Toronto according to the 1986 census of the population of metro Toronto the City proper and its surrounding suburbs is further to studying gaelic dialects those interested in mastering any of the celtic languages May want to Contact the Irish information and research a nonprofit organization that promotes the heritage and languages of the Centre has offered study programs for the Irish gaelic language since Winnipeg school of celtic studies also offers an annual on week workshop on the University of Manitoba if you want answers Call 9422047 forever Young scuttlebutt Nell Young was in London performing at the tribute to Nelson Mandella but one of his old chums from Winnipeg Days was in the office looking for some Young is doing a couple of videos and a boxed cd collection of Early and he wants to include a couple of songs he did locally during the 60s when he was with the Youngs chum came to the newsroom looking for any tapes or other Memorabilia from the Squires Community club appearances Between 1963 and if you can Call 9434658 and ask for anything offered will be returned and pro Perly credited if Odd did you know that the jets new uniforms Are to be unveiled at a press conference in june Are they the same colors a jets spokesman that com supplies in gives the jets eight sets of Home and away sweaters each year that free press political columnist Francis Russell has been nominated As my wac woman of the year in the communications category that Csc regional director Marv perhoch is in Grenada this week helping the country radio station put the pieces Back to Gether years after the Ameri can invasion d n n paperback writer James Burke has a new thriller on the fatal published by concerns a talk show Host and the murder of a Street who used to be a reporter for had another Book published in it was if it we rent for sex id have to get a Odd the big time if you thought Pollock pollocks re cent appearance in Mac leans Gordon Sinclair was hitting the big wait til you Check out the weekly world news at your nearest shopping in the same Issue As your nose reveals your risk of cancer and Trump mistress Maria Maples is really Marilyn Monroe youll find a Story about nifty Natalie and romping Ron of you might have to Hunt for it a the Story is on pages 18 and d n n update the woman who crashed the last Call at Winni pegs last male Only Beer parlor is the ctr National reporter based in she called last week to identify herself and say that she want about to be shut out of a Story because Shes a so Odd the last laugh a co workers 18yearold daughter was staying at the Westin with a group of friends a couple of saturdays it was More like the wee hours of sunday morning when she and her friends arrived Back on their floor from a night of they might have been a Little because All of a sudden this old Guy was standing in the Hall screaming at them to let him get some she didst recognize the Guy until later that it was sunday night when she saw him he was on standing behind the Edmonton oilers my colleagues daughter wants the world to know something about the Edmonton head John Muckler wears baggy underwear to photos Russell nominated Muckler upset pm wheel of Fortune g o2ifamily feud generation Enqu Manitoba review b112e0 Cynd first news snight court orc news show expos edition bib Money lne business report a sinew wilderness pm music Row video bad Sfax sum Nouvelle Europa Ennes Eda doctor who be Chi mind Over matter eds this country hd21chopsuey news old jeopardy g o5s current affair silent network ment tonight out q3j2h jars club a sweeter c33s Stanley cup play offs Hartford at Boston lakes out doors q39 world of survival abcs Nouvelle canal Ennes Edoff teenage mutant ninja turtles g sol Christian lifestyle world internal tonal report pock 9 part 1 of 2 r 9 qc8 Rescue 911 9 in Howton d33m Rescue 811 off Caribbean echoes Boss Imi Huntar q 23 biography Chanel Chanel a profile of fashion Liberator Coco Jim Church Street Sta Tion and heroes be Bidu Cote a Chez Fred Edoff count Duck la is cutting Edge Esse capital report g Bdil sous Lesline Dufaucon 730qmanitoba Federal lib eral caucus gom Pupp reports Panorama Gamu with children pc wonder years Quinlon stage and Bull win we Elia business world 9 state ments r 750ee Job question period pc in the heat of the night two feuding Sisters discover that their father died from not heart r g poke Roseanne g what friends Are for of Smetz movie inc Waif in the heat of the night firstborn 1 20 Fecjo Roseanne King live by Jig movie Day Lor night 150 03 Dinah comes Home again de like mikes excellent x Canada adventures Ebu Schamps Elysee bd3s1ytv rocks Esse Juhls country b33lle match de la vie a Manitoba educational television pcs Johnny Appleseed dk1vj Erica Ehm Seq starts and entertain ment report sq5 government orders r earths Sake the life and of David Brower pgdo3is Midnight caller of health and wellness to highlights a scid be Tele Roumal g Mott rapport ave Duhamel news Urban Edu cation part 3 of 4 age Blua spotlight Spe dal featured def Oswalds pick 8 what friends Are for Michael whoops Gold Berg and Melanie Griffith Host this musical Celebration of Arista records 15th taped last month in new cwt Abc pm div Abc Osif sky ctr q Asp wast of Rud o13m Chi Man Row cd wet French go vow West of red 11 Gyc East of red ism Cynd bid Kerr Oil Daz Abc did first sports Dlinn news pcs Detroit Nashville or item music be French children eq2 vision Faith new world news 0328 Ctm Tva French Coj Cox Csc Brandon see saturdays tvs Cene for detailed listings airwaves country go 24 and lib g Point announced cd Lildon Cherry Grapevine Urban Edu cation part 4 of 4 Crook and Chase j Erica Ehm Mon Mardyll cant do that 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