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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 17, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba 1 it Winnipeg free april april columnists waste no time in urging leftovers should be picked up Canadas breakup Media predicts by John Valori the Canadian press Washington to heat Softie newspapers Tell Canadas eventual breakup Over the Meech Lake constitutional Accord appears to the last editorials and columns in prominent dailies have calmly accepted the Prospect Canada will split up Over the latest constitutional crisis Between Quebec and the rest of the an editorial last week in the Washington Post said while such a breakup would be it would finally end decades of Corro Sive sparring Between English and French speaking a Good Friday column in the Wall Street the Bible of corporate asked what would happen if Quebec were to secede from and Laid out some of the technical problems Quebec would face if it chose to leave con in yesterdays editions of the Washington righting columnist Pat Buchanan mused if que Bec the Western prov inces and the maritime would be Welcome to join the United such newspaper commentaries dont represent the thinking of the administration president Bush said in Toronto last week a Strong Canada is a great partner always has been and Al ways will continue to resigned to breakup but they suggest some Opin Ion makers Are resigned to Canadas eventual breakup if the Meech Lake Accord in some Wall Street brokers have advised their clients an Independent Quebec would still do Well economically and would still be a Good place to invest their the Meech Lake constitutional which among other things recognizes Quebec As a distinct must be ratified by All the provinces by june 23 of it Manitoba and new Brunswick Haven approved the and Newfoundland has moved to withdraw its the Post editorial said Canada teeters perennially on the Brink of a bitter and mused canadians might be better off living in a smaller the newspaper also suggested Canada might look to prosperous scandinavian countries like Sweden and Norway As a Model for its in the Watt Street journal columnist sol Sanders noted an in creasing number of Quebec businessmen support and he Laid out some of the economic technicalities the province would face if it decided to split from Cana these include dividing up que becs share of Federal government assets like the Post office and liabilities such As Canadas National debt As Well As resolving a Border dispute with Newfoundland and redrafting the free Trade agreement the province strongly headaches for whatever form Quebec Independence it conjures up enor Mously Complex at least a minimum period of instability and new headaches for policymakers and perhaps american wrote Buchanan wrote the breakup of Canada May Only be a matter of and mused by the Western Meech options expected in another week by Pauline Comeau a review of options on the Meech Lake Accord being prepared for the four Western premiers wont be ready for at least another James Manitoba Secretary to the Cabinet on intergovernmental said yesterday the eight officials assigned to the task Are still working on their presentations and Hope to have everything completed by the the alleged document does not Eldridge said of reports the premiers were to have studied a report during the easter were not finished the work at the staffing some people were on the phone Eldridge and Manitoba constitutional advisor Greg Yost were part of a Western team of bureaucrats assigned last month to study various proposals aimed at solving the Meech Lake impasse to determine if a United Western front was Eldridge refused to divulge any details of what the Western conclusions might be or if any consensus was reached that could be passed on to the a decision on whether the premiers will meet in the coming weeks will be made once they have reviewed the final presen last the free press reported that guaranteeing provincial Equality in a reformed Senate was a Central goal of a document being prepared by the under Meech any changes to the Senate must be agreed to by All provinces and the Federal such changes require the approval of seven provinces that represent 50 per cent of the some strategists involved in the Meech Lake process have said finding a solution to Manitoba argument that Senate Reform will be impossible if the Accord passes May be the key to breaking the logjam before the june 23 Eldridge yesterday described Senate Reform As one key and noted Premier Gary Filmon said last week that this alone would not get Manito Bas signature on the Filmon said even if Western premiers agree on some form of guarantee for Senate other issues will also have to be they have to do with Protection of charter the expansion of clause 2 distinct society and of course the concerns Over the Amend ing Filmon All of these still have to be dealt with in my he turn of the the United states could also include Canadas Western and maritime provinces As Well As the Yukon and Northwest a hard look at a map of Canada As Large As the United with but a tenth of our population suggests should the country come America could pick up the said a for Mer White House aide to former president Ronald Jonathan a Washington based observer of rela dismissed the recent newspaper saying there based on ignorance of Canadian Canadas constitutional debate is probably the mos interesting new Issue in North America right so its attracting some attention in the United said with the National planning but theres also an enormous amount of ignorance associated with this subject Down Here and this absence of knowledge allows these columnists to make All kinds of Unwar ranted not Many people Down Here read this he the attention Span in the Media about this Issue is very limited and move on to the next Nicaragua or the next South Africa Story very experience an unforgettable fulfilled Holiday with escape to Gull Harbour resort on the shores of Lake Winnipeg for 4 Days and nights for Only night it past 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