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COM THURSDAY, APRIL 16, 2015 B 1 THE kids may not necessarily be all that awake in their classrooms Friday morning — until it’s time to bellow out “ True North!” during the anthem. Adults may be in even worse shape, if they had more than milk during the game. There will be a lot of sleep- deprived people Friday morning, even more so if the Jets and Anaheim Ducks go into overtime. Don’t jump on people and demand they show up on time with a full night’s sleep; build a team by treating them to coffee and caffeine- heavy treats, human resources expert Barbara Bowes advised bosses Wednesday. But, warned the CAA, you could be really drowsy behind the wheel, and if you’ve — like this has never happened — had more than a beer or two while watching, you could still be impaired in the morning. It’s even technically possible they could still be playing when it’s time to go to school or work. “ We aren’t making any special plans, although I suspect ‘ True North’ will be shouted out during O Canada ,” Seven Oaks School Division superintendent Brian O’Leary said Wednesday. “ When faced with tired kids, experienced teachers know how to adjust. The day after Halloween is probably worse than after a late hockey game,” said O’Leary. Bowes, president of the Bowes Legacy Group, said she’d be pretty unhappy with any worker who tried calling in sick after watching hockey all night. That’s probably the type of employee who calls in sick frequently, she said. “ As an employee, you have a continuous obligation to show up in decent shape — there’s no two ways about it,” Bowes declared. But, she said, the game is no different than other events that keep people up after midnight, such as working at Folklorama — though that doesn’t tend to go into overtime. “ You’ll have greater teamwork in the long run if you take advantage of it. Do something special” such as high- quality coffee and treats to start the day, Bowes said. “ You’ll lose a little work time, but you make it up in employee engagement.” Consider having some extra caffeine at home before setting out for work, said CAA Manitoba’s Liz Peters. “ It really does impact you,” said Peters. CAA sees a drop in alertness when the clocks change, she said, and a playoff game could cost more than one hour’s sleep. “ The fact they’re likely consuming alcohol increases drowsiness. The combination is troublesome,” she said. If the game goes long enough and you’ve had a lot to drink, you may still be impaired when it’s time to go to work, she cautioned. nick. martin@ freepress. mb. ca M ANY Winnipeg Jets fans have had their heads in the clouds since their team clinched a playoff berth last Thursday, but Paul Turner has taken things to even greater heights. The electrical engineer launched a weather balloon bearing a Jets logo into the air on the weekend, a few hours before the team’s regular- season finale against the Calgary Flames. Other fans have expressed their devotion in a variety of exotic ways — naming an infant son in honour of the team or emblazoning their heads with a “ hair tattoo” of the Jets’ logo. Or going whole hog and getting a real tattoo courtesy of a number of Winnipeg parlours. Anyway, what’s a weather balloon? It’s a twometre- long balloon full of helium with an aluminum frame to carry the payload. It is designed to get precariously close to space, expanding as it rises, before bursting, free- falling until a parachute is deployed and then floating back to Earth. Turner attached a trio of cameras to take video and still pictures during the journey, which he edited into a video posted on YouTube. “ I had this planned for about six months. I put a Jets logo on the side to celebrate their success. It was a great project to do with my kids,” he said, noting son, Nicholas, 5, and daughter, Gaia, 2, were active participants. Launched from their home in Stonewall, the balloon was supposed to rise to about 30,000 metres and land near Teulon. Turner estimated it maxed out at 21,000 metres, however, and then the winds took it clear across Lake Winnipeg near Pine Falls. Luckily, he could track it using GPS, but he had to traipse 3.5 kilometres through dense bush to find it. “ I thought I had lost my GoPro forever. I had to cut down a tree to get it. It was a pretty ugly walk,” he said. A Whiteout veteran from the original Jets, Turner still has his ticket stub from the team’s last home game against the Detroit Red Wings. “ I thought about sticking that on the side of the balloon and sending that up into space, too, but I didn’t want to risk it,” he said. Jeremy Welwood has found the air a little thinner lately, too, though he hasn’t been above ice level. He and his wife welcomed their first child into the world this week. A huge hockey fan, he’ll never have to apologize for naming his son Jett. “ I think it was a suggestion from my wife, Justine,” he said. “ She was definitely the one talking about names for the baby and she brought me into the conversation, which was great. She threw out a whole bunch of names and Jett was my favourite. It was a great quirk, I love the Jets and I play hockey, so we decided to go with it,” he said. Growing up in Oakbank, Welwood was a big fan of the original Jets and remembers it being a treat to come into the big city for a few games every year with his dad. His favourite players from back then were Teemu Selanne, Bob Essensa, Rick Tabaracci, Tie Domi and Kris King, but in the end that honour goes to Justine’s father, Robert. If you’re not old enough to start a playoff beard — or your spouse has banned the practice — you might prefer shaving your fandom into your head. Dunny Valencia, a barber at Hair F/ X in River Heights, has been cutting new and old Jets logos into the heads of fans of all ages since the NHL returned to Winnipeg in 2011. It costs $ 34 for a haircut and for an extra $ 10, he’ll shave in either Jets logo. First- time clients get a $ 20 discount. “ I’m an artist. I ended up cutting hair one day just for fun and I really liked it and decided to make it my career. I started doing freestyle hair tattoos, starting with logos for teams and numbers. I’ve done a lot of portraits, as well,” he said. “ There’s no stencil. I get a picture of the logo and it takes 20 minutes. For the most part, it’s just shaving.” Those willing to adorn their body with a more lasting memento of their team placed themselves in the hands of tattoo artists, such as Karen Melia at South of Heaven Studio. It only took a few square centimetres, but the logo now graces Lawrence Lavallee’s right arm — alongside figures running up to his elbow. geoff. kirbyson@ freepress. mb. ca Dead fan walking the day after? By Nick Martin Jets fever in overdrive Fans go out- of- this- world crazy as playoffs arrive By Geoff Kirbyson MORE JETS COVERAGE / D1,3,4, B2 SUBMITTED PHOTO Hair F/ X barber Dunny Valencia will cut a Jets logo — old or new — into your hair for $ 44. MELISSA TAIT / WINNIPEG FREE PRESS Justine and Jeremy Welwood didn’t name their two- day- old boy Jett entirely because of the Jets, but they both like the association anyway. See video at winnipegfreepress. com ¥ SUBMITTED PHOTO To celebrate the Winnipeg Jets making the playoffs, Paul Turner sent the Jets logo to the edge of space. B_ 01_ Apr- 16- 15_ FP_ 01. indd B1 4/ 15/ 15 10: 17: 52 PM

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