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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 16, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba Do Winnipeg free press april Page 7 by Fred Clever Ley we must greatly increase de Fence spending or reorganize our the decision was to Paul min ister of National one cannot escape the impression that Canadian forces May eventually be studied and reorganized to in natos Central Region a million contract has been awarded for a functional review of National defence head department of National defence news the scuttlebutt about the latest review of Canadas of which the above contract is Only a is that the Canadian army is about to be sharply reduced in some senior officers put it a bit More the they is about to be the air Force will escape serious because to put its Fleet of shiny new f18 fighters into Stor age would end the billion maintenance contract that is providing jobs to the employees of the Cana Dair Plant in the navys frigate program will not be Cut be cause of the effect of the cutbacks on employment in Quebec and in the the army is the More so because at a recent meet ing called by defence minister William Mcknight the army brass responded honestly to a ministerial directive to produce a plan to Cut expenditures to reflect the fact that peace is breaking out All that meeting saw both the air Force and the Navy table plans to maintain or increase Only the army came to the meeting prepared to Mcknight ordered All three ser vices to produce More the air Force and the Navy retreated to previously prepared positions which would keep their aircraft flying and their ships but the army was trapped into being forced to Cut beyond what had been determined As a minimum unlike the other the army had not put Forward unrealistic spending about the Only Hope for a turn around in the army according to several senior is to use a Washington Monu ment ploy and offer up some politically sensitive such As the Large army base at As candidates for the the last time the army did this was during one of Pierre Trudeau cutting pressure from the Quebec caucus changed the prime minis ters unacceptable this manoeuvre gets it name from the tendency of the Parks ordered to make to offer to close the Washington this has always been unacceptable to the the Canadian army Hope for survival hangs on whether Quebec politicians still consider bases like Val Cartier to be import even if this the army is still Likely to Bear the Brunt of any trial balloons Are being floated to see How the Public would react to bringing the troops Back from at stake is a bit More than billion a year in the defence what to do with the troops once they Are Home remains a one of the theories supported in Navy and air Force circles is that focus trashing the army there will be no More use for units using tanks or and the quickest solution would be to Dis band if this happens several including Manitoba Camp will be at a bigger question is what will happen to Canadas bloated de Fence which at last count was filled with Logis tics and support lieutenant colonel Douglas on the staff of the National defence traced the growth of this Headquarters in a Book published last the administration of defence policy in Cana since the unification of Canadian forces in the late Bland Long lines of command have been established from the smallest unit right up to where All decisions Are unification was supposed to save Money and before uni 200 separate committees were needed to operate Canadas armed after this number grew until today it takes 700 committees to do the same Canada has an obvious love of the formation of an other brigade group in Canada to give the Canadian army a division sized Force at least on paper was announced in the 1987 White paper on it was then effectively cancelled in the 1988 what has not been cancelled is the construction of a building at Kingston to accommodate the divisional spending More Canadian forces cannot even Cut Back without spending More the study of a reduction at the Ottawa Headquarters is a Case in the civilian firm of Ernst and management Consul will be paid million Over eight months to guide the Canadian forces toward a plan Toi reduce the size of its head Quad at last count there were 18 full colonels assigned to create this along with All their full colonels in the Canadian forces Are highly paid making Well in excess of a depending on their length of service and employing 18 of them on a reduction plan project for eight months rep resents million in tax there Are two obvious if 18 colonels can be spared from their Headquarters duties for eight what were they doing there in the first place if taxpayers Are paying million in salaries for a study of How to Cut Why should they have to pay another million for Consul Tants the fact that the government has escaped persistent questioning on the future of the armed forces proves Only in times of defence and the need to provide it is not a question that bothers the general the which produced a realistic defence plan in the 1987 White was permitted to gut this plan a year later with a minimum of political someone in parliament should ask the minister of National de Fence what is planned for the future of the Canadian and should not be satisfied with the traditional answer to the effect that the matter is under other depart ments Are circling the National defence budget like eager to identify and to spend any significant amount of Money that can be called a peace alternative fuels for cars pondered Washington to curb the notorious contribution of the automobile to the fouling of the air breathed in the Bush con Gress and lobbyists Are scrapping about whether to require Detroit to use alternative their eventual decision will be come part of the clean air Bill that will probably be signed into Law this what they do about automobile emissions will affect Canada in at least two if they Cut Down nitrogen oxide emissions from Auto that will reduce the chemicals in the atmosphere that cause acid 50 per cent of which Falls on if they plump for an alternative fuel that requires engineering that will add to the Cost of future new Canadian one of the alternative fuels in which president George Bush has expressed interest is also one of the items that has just been Given accelerated Tariff reduction status under the free Trade agreement Metha accorded duty free status As of april fools methanol produced in Canada now can be exported without should a change in policy Lead to a Boom in the change in status was negotiated by the two governments in consultation with Industry on both sides of the rather than follow the conservative pattern in the fat of taking up to ten years to eliminate tariffs on Many Trade Spee Dier reductions have been bar in methanol this could in crease Canadian Cross order earn Ings because Canadas potential production of the fuel far exceeds foreseeable Canadian methanol is an alcohol fuel that can be made from natural Wood or its attraction to Bush and to other proponents is its claimed ability to Cut tailpipe poll notably the hydrocarbons that contribute to forming the Ozone that is poisoning the air Over Many cities during the Oil Industry does not like in a series of advertise ments in the Wall Street Mobil campaigned hard against its raising several once called by former president Jimmy Carter possibly the most irresponsible company in was not universally regarded As a credible source of cause blindness in mobiles Campaign reflected an Industry wide not just its Charles president of the american Petroleum describing methanol in an interview As very said i doubt that there will be Large scale usage of methanol in the United he said that Small doses can cause blindness and death in certain Sec tors of the depending on How a body processes the sub another problem is that it is colourless As it Burns so in you might not even realize that your vehicle was on be cause of its very High octane rating it is used by racing whose Drivers can sometimes be seen on television to be struggling to get out of what seems to be a Normal vehicle but which is invisibly on it can explode at ambient Tern David Macdonald Washington editor it produces a Large Quan Tity of the Carcinogen formal de Dibona said cars using methanol would need bigger Gas tanks because of its Low he also argued that it would increase Reliance on foreign his Point about formaldehyde did not include the fact that produces formaldehyde when like All Fossil Metha produces More from the another major already heavily used in is another alcohol it is derived from such fermented agricultural commodities As wheat and it already has part of the fuel Market in the form of a blend with gasoline sold As it also is said to reduce tailpipe emissions of natural Gas a third contender is compressed natural said to Cut hydrocarbon emissions and Carbon it is widely used in Italy and new used in a minor Way in Canada and the United a fourth is liquefied Petroleum Gas derived from processing natural Gas and refining crude Oil to make pro pane or its Selling Point is lower hydrocarbon pro pane is used today in Italy and the United the favorite of Many environmental groups is the electric draw backs include the current need for heavy batteries that provide limited travelling Range and need frequent Hydrogen is another proposed alternative it can be produced from natural Coal or its proponents say it emits few exhaust gases and almost no one current draw Back is the inability to compress it sufficiently to allow a reasonable amount to be transported in an Auto mobiles Supply the solution being pushed hard by Dibona and congressional sup porters of both the Oil and Automo bile industries is reformulated Gaso the plan is to Experiment with new ways of making gasoline and of burning it in the goal is to produce less less cancer causing benzene and less other noxious Early prototypes of such new Gas lines Are being sold in Detroit and California to test Public acceptability and environmental the Oil and Auto have combined to carry out a pro Gram of testing Many possible new in the nope of finding their own alternative to a govern men ordered Way of cutting Auto emission although Many engaged in the Capitol Hill bargaining about cleaner Auto emissions regard reformulated gasoline As the least clean alternative to current there is sympathy for the made by the Oil and Auto that it would be the easiest to Inte grate into existing automobile de sign and the existing retail fuel party Solidarity has stranglehold on democracy depending on How you look at David Kilgour and Alex Kindy Are either traitors Bent on destroying the Canadian parliamentary or Bent on bringing a greater measure of democracy to our partic ular form of Kilgour and Kindy were elected As progressive conservatives in last week they voted against the governments goods and services breaking with the tradition of party Solidarity which is a Cornerstone of Canadas Kilgour and Kindy risked far More by their vote than did the 112 liberals and new democrats who also voted against the legis members of opposition parties Are expected to vote against government Legisla government Back benches Are expected to vote for the whether or not they Are representing the wishes of the people who elected them to the usual punishment for not doing so is expulsion from the government canadians May be confused by the news they watch on their television in with great representatives who Are elected As democrats support legislation introduced by a Republican administration just As some Republican senators and congressmen oppose these representatives Are not kicked out of their parties because of what they Canada has a mechanism which allows members of parliament to vote their con rather than obey party it is called a free it is invoked at the whim of the government and Seldom invoked on a matter which is government As Long As the party whips Are Canad an members who vote the interests of their constituents rather than the interests of their Fred Cleverley party risk explosion from their the net result is that under the Canadian voters really enjoy one Day of democracy every four or five whenever an election is even that Day is not always what it is cracked up to liberals voted against the goods and services their votes were no indication that a Liberal government would repeal such a no responsible candidate for the Liberal Leader ship would make such a in would want the convenience of a get As much As the conservatives in government want whether the majority of canadians want it does not really matter under our the concern Over the or even the desirability of the get perhaps it is time to Amend the system slightly so that elected representatives can better reflect the wishes of their during his Brief period As the Leader of the Liberal party in Izzy Asper worked hard to bring about changes at the provincial level which would do just Asper never got much credit for being concerned with constitutional even though this concern was High on his list of what Asper sought was to retain the advantages of parliamentary practice in Canada at the same to gain some of the advantages of voter representation to be found in the he had a plan to make Canadian representatives More accountable to their voters while losing none of the flexibility of the Canadian under Aspers All votes on legislation would become free if a particular government program worked against the interests of a particular that legis Lator would be free to vote the interests of his rather than the interest of his government apart from those in where policy is would be allowed to oppose a particular piece of legislation without being kicked out of the government opposition members whose electors liked a particular piece of legislation could support it even if the opposition party officially opposed the most significant shortcoming of the voting procedure As practice in the was visible during the final Days of former presi Dent Richard the which was much More responsive to the wishes of the had no Quick and easy Means of getting rid of an administration that had become Aspers plan would have retained the ability of the Canadian system to change govern ments by retaining a Wanto Confidence procedure which would trigger an any government legislation which was Defeated would be followed by a Wanto Confidence government members who had opposed the particular piece of legislation could then vote to keep the government in of the plan seems to have a lot going for there is evidence of democracy at work South of the line when congressmen and senators fan out to their constituencies after the introduction of controversial returning to vote the Way their electors want them to the same feeling of democracy is lacking when two government who have taken the pulse of their find themselves punished for voting the Way their electors have told them to current practice in Canada allows no course other than to expel members who will not follow the party surely it is time for this practice to be David Kilgour and Alex Kindy Are Long time supporters of the conservative they also know that the people who elected them dont want the there should be some Way for elected members to reflect the interests of their voters while keeping alive their longtime political doonesbury by Garry Trudeau you i took offth5 Alexoff you pos Abitt what

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