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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 16, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba 10 Winnie april Walden it passed Over Walding ponders former speaker Jim Watt ing says he is reconsidering his political including v the option of leaving the nip i i am reassessing my Walding said adding he didst want to com Menton what he was asked whether he would consider leaving the nip cause Premier Howard Paw Ley haunt promoted him to Walding replied i suppose its one of the but there Are an awful lot Walding has wanted a Cabi net Post Ever since the nip was elected in november he has made it Clear he regarded the speakers Posi Tion As a second while elected in was passed Over Pawley promoted three Rookie Las to Cabinet positions when he unveiled his new executive Council of by overlooking Pawley raised the spectre of losing one of his eight Back benches and creating a one seat nip majority once a speaker was injured workers Rake Board the inhumane attitude of work ers compensation Board officers is the greatest Barrier injured workers face in getting a Winnipeg couple said Monty told a committee reviewing the workers c0fnpensa Tion act that counsellors can Termi Nate your benefits without they just hit the computer and that it youre Cut he Crowe said he and other injured workers should be involved in such but officials dont care about to contributes to a lot of he said in an it upsets people right off the they Are defensive right Crowe said he received his first Ort Ejob injury at age so his involvement with workers Salon spans 21 he said he suffered subsequent in and Hast held a steady Job since Crowe said the Board paid for a Job training course beginning in but this was terminated in the fall of he said he has appealed and is awaiting a decision after a hearing last Crowe said he and his wife Marie must get by on his savings and her disability Marie Crowe said she has never recovered from a 1981 incident in which Holdup Man stuck a gun in a for face when she worked at a Winnipeg she said she received compensation for a year and during an up grading but claimed the the web Cut off benefits after her doctor bid her Early in 1983 she continue the they just drop you and youre without an Crowe said of Board i begged them i asked Why Are you deserting me when i need you so much she said Board officials do a Good Job for their but not for they do their jobs right to the Bottom they have no it is As if they have a budget and once it is youre Cut lobby groups seek Challenge to Telephone company charges lobby groups for Low income earners and seniors Are going to court Over a Public utilities Board decision that leaves Telephone credit deposits and installation charges in in a notice filed the Manitoba Antipoverty organization and the Manitoba society of seniors asked for permission to Challenge the decision in Manitoba court of earlier this the two groups asked the pub to drop its credit Deposit for new customers and make installation charges payable Over two years for Low income the at an estimated Cost of a would apply to about Manitoba households receiving social income supplements or shelter allowances under any of eight government pro but the Board left the charges in place last and instead asked Manitoba Telephone system to re View the two items and report Back by in their court the two con Sumer groups say the Board erred in not finding the two its measures discriminate against Low income customers under the charter of rights and the court application is to be heard next ceiling fan distributors Spring Stock clearance 4r Hugger fan i fori Milmot Mozumi within e of Good ton cite incl 3 n f fond i inti fan Only Light my in clix while they last full is few it 4 Rem pol wet tout East to install 52 prestige fan fan ony easy to install yourself in existing ceiling outlet fans can save you up to 30 on your heating i air conditioning costs a fan have Loal 3 year replace mint qua Rantej ceiling fan distributors 58 Sta Acona at the Corner of Talbot just Over Louise Bridge 6696353 Cash or Cheque Canadian and Cantfil it it notice on 11 october 1985 in Public notice crts the commission announce that an amendment Toth broadcasting licence fee regulations was passed and registered on 28 August 1985 published in the Canada part ii on 18 september and came into effect on 1 september subsection of the proposed which were appended to Public notice crts raised the Issue of whether Cable television licensees of discretionary service network licensees or discretionary service network licensees Are the appropriate payees of broadcasting licence fees owing on revenues generate by discretionary service network in Public notice crts 1985161 the commission with reference to this Issue that it did not propose any changes to the current regulations and that future consideration of these matters would be through a further Public pro based on comments received from interested parties in response to Public notice crts 1985117 and and the fact that existing affiliation agreements Between Cable licensees and the discretionary service network operators have various expiry the commission based on the total Revenue they receive from subscribers including those revenues which they remit in another pursuant to subparagraph Kab Vii and Viii 9 the broadcasting the commission now proposed for Public further amendments to the broadcasting licence fee regulations As set out in the appendix to this under these amendments paragraph Kwof the regulations would also apply to discretionary services minor modifications would be made to subsections and for conformity Between the English and French versions and a licence fee return form would be prescribed for discretionary services comments on these amendments should be received by the commission on or before 26 May 1986 addressed in writing to the Secretary k1a conditioning Dandruff my Lampoon b 350 my 98 no name lotion Vitamin Cocoa name in Cream 500 my v no name Blades twin or Pivot 5s 38 Nail polish 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