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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 14, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba The end the jets have another Chance to get it Over in their tilt with the oilers tonight ill Appeal court rejects misconduct hearing by by Donald Campbell the Law society of Manitoba judicial committee cannot be forced to rehear complaints of misconduct against lawyer Robert the provinces top court has the Manitoba court of Appeal handed Down late decides the unusual Case involving the City lawyer and an internal spat Between two Law society discipline the society standards commit the body that investigates com plaints against had sought unprecedented permission from the courts to reappear before the so Cletys judicial the inde pendent body that hears after misconduct charges against Mcroberts were dropped in Deborah the Law so Cletys chief executive said the action was taken because the governing body Felt the judicial committee made a substantive error in judgment by dismissing the but the court rejected the Stan Dards committees request that it intervene in the dispute and order the hearings the court recommended the society governing body take action to Correct the the proceedings take on the character of a sibling Justice Philp wrote in the see of off be Page 4 ramp raid City lawyer Over Bills to soviets by Catherine Mitchell ramp raided the office and Home of a Winnipeg lawyer who is facing a charge of professional misconduct before the Manitoba Law society for allegedly overcharging soviet clients by the officers walked into Thomas Andrew bunns Law office with a search warrant tuesday while the lawyer was meeting with two soviet clients from the incur Collegia association of Bunn was hired by incur Collegia in 1981 to represent russian beneficiaries of Canadian see ramp Page 4 press weekly Home delivery in Winnipeg outside Winnipeg Home delivery 957o55o classified 9562930 second cuss registration number 0286 Winnipeg free press vol 118 no 133 fall from Grace to film details collapse of bakkers pal Empire Gorbachev vows sanctions against Lithuania by Elaine Carey Cox news service Moscow soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev yesterday told Lithuania it had two Days to rescind its ant constitutional actions or he will Cut off the flow of vital goods to the breakaway Baltic it was the harshest measure the Kremlin has threatened since the conflict began on March 11 when Lithuania parliament declared the Republic free of soviet in president Bush and British prime minister Margaret Thatcher urged Gorbachev to Call off the threatened now is no time for Bush said yesterday after he and Thatcher conferred for several it is time for talk Between Moscow and the Thatcher echoed adding the problem cannot be solved by Gorbachev ultimatum stopped Short of insisting the Independence declaration be taken Back in 48 it said simply that Lithuania parliament should restore the republics position to that of March the Day before Independence was Gorbachev did not specify what products would be but he said they were items the soviet Union could Export to other coun tries for much needed hard such As see soviet Page 4 a photo enticing Yards Well planned property Worth landscaper says crucifixion reenacted Mario Castro Centre and two unidentified men reenact the crucifixion of Christ yesterday As they hang nailed to crosses in the Philippines to observe Good Friday while men dressed As roman centurions stand at least 20 people were nailed to crosses to Mark the go for the go share in up to in seven Day subscribers double their winnings Misc to probe clinics Billing by Alexandra Paul and George Nikides Manitoba health services commission will look into a medical Laboratory former practice of Billing for services it could have obtained for free from a an Misc spokesman Well have to refer it to the depart ments Misc insurance Divi Sion director Robert Harvey said yester As late As May the Assiniboine medical Laboratory paid to have biopsies prepared by a technologist at the seven Oaks Hospital on a freelance the Laboratory paid for the work even though Misc funds seven Oaks to provide free service to Doug administrator of the Assiniboine confirmed that a technologist at seven Oaks was paid for each an Misc spokesman said the lab billed the commission Between and for the tests about 130 a month Over the Mckenzie said the practice ended in May about seven months after Mckenzie began working at the he said the Laboratory delivered specimens to the Home of the seven Oaks who then apparently brought them to the Hospital to see lab Page 4 language called key in posting English Only staffer grieves Hydro move by Patrick Mckinley one of the provinces largest unions is grieving a Manitoba Hydro decision to promote a bilingual employee Over a unilingual English Rick assistant business manager of the inter National brotherhood of electrical local said the unilingual English employee believes he was robbed of the promotion by Premier Gary Fil Mons program of extending French language the promotion being sought by the 16year Veteran of Hydro was Given to a bilingual employee who has been with the Crown Utility for six Ehlers Union officials say some civil servants Are afraid they will be shunted aside by a government plan to fill More than 200 jobs with bilingual Filmon announced in november the government plans to step up services offered in Ken Hildahl of the Manitoba government employees association said he would not be surprised if it becomes an Issue in contract negotiations this we have taken a fairly consistent position in the past that government employees should be Given the Opportunity to train in a second language if that becomes a Job he Roger Hilmons senior adviser on French said to ease employee the gov see Union Page 4 medicare billed by numbers system halted when clinic billed for dead patient weather Cloud today 5 Cloudy tonight 3 Cloud tomorrow 6 Sun rises sets Moon i sets Index Ann 12 45 23 45 18 25 62 Jumble 50 Jumble 50 19 news and 26 19 13 57 3 your the provincial 4447o24 by Alexandra Paul Assiniboine clinic Laboratory billed medicare for patients it was not certain were seen by its former administrator John Allan confirmed Allan said the involving residents at City nursing began with the introduction of medi care in he confirmed the province put a halt to it about five years the Billings were for office which average about Allan said clinic doctors who cared for nursing Home residents were not always sure of their patients but the doctors were sure of their patient Allan As a medicare claims were done by with clinic accounting clerks Matching the num Bers against an alphabetic roster kept for each it was done for administrative Allan said in an inter View from his retirement Home in British he said Many of the residents did not speak English and the Doc tors did not always list the names of the people they so the doctors billed medicare by Allan it was a question of whether the doctor wrote Down every name or whether it was just As easy to Ive seen 20 patients because 20 patients were who ran the clinic for 30 years until his retirement in a Manitoba health services com Mission spokesman confirmed the practice was discovered when a claim was sent in for a resident who had that triggered it the com Puter would not let that claim go insurance division director Robert Harvey we told them to Stop it and to Bill us for the actual patients and not just the he Harvey said he recalls that the clinics Billing system involved Resi dents from four despite the Bill numbers Harvey said Misc believes that All the residents were Given proper medical it was just that the care was not necessarily on the precise dates indicated by the Harvey confiscated hashish with an estimated Street value of is displayed on the jeep in which police say it was the vehicle was stopped near Falcon Lake thursday and a Montreal Man was King Coal killing his polish servants by Gerald flood Winnipeg free press Poland a Grey Haze hangs Over the sometimes it is like a morning sometimes it thickens into a fog that obscures buildings and veils the and sometimes its like a Blanket so heavy you taste it and so dense it blots the poisoned by the air is always filled with for this is one of the most heavily polluted cities on a Coa fired Industrial Centre where one million people live in the shadows of giant which Are As common in the downtown As dead the which belches from steel Power chemical works and tens of thousands of residential Coal rising the curtain is heavy with soot and dust a recent study by the Katowice Institute of ecology found that on tonnes of dust settles each year on every Square Kilometre of land in the More than four times the Normal it Coats turning buildings Grey in a few Black after a couple of tree trunks seem covered in new leaves already Are coated with a Greasy Black fastidious housewives dust twice a Wash windows once a the faces of children invariably Are smudged with Coal adults tend to have bad complexions and open facial sores Are people avoid Lightc lored especially and therefore blend into the Grey cityscape and contribute to its overwhelming but these Are the aesthetics of the obvious signs that something has gone very wrong Here in upper the Industrial heartland of where four million people 11 per cent of the population generate 22 per cent of the nations wealth but at an appalling Cost to the environment and their own Coal is the Root of All Good and evil it forms the Bedrock of Katowice province and has been the source of its wealth and the fuel of its industries for More than 250 workers Are drawn to the Region to dig Coal in the where they Are guaranteed pay equal to 2 times the National which is zlotys can a the Downside is that they die in accidents or from lung and liver diseases 10 years earlier than people in less industrialized and unpolluted regions of on 200 million tonnes of Coal Are removed from the ground each and 80 per cent of it is burned in where smokestack scrubbers Are a for every two tonnes of Coal one tonne of waste Rock is so that today an estimated six billion tonnes of Rock is heaped in piles that cover Square see deadly Page 5

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