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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 14, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba Can Kkt Ann Winnipeg free press april pages 1322 life Moeum for children prepares to open its Tempo injury strikes How do you survive if you cant by Barbara Robson like most John Huta planned to work until he then a steel beam came Down on his head and everything changed for the Canada Post mail that was in 1959 when he was 34 years old and had a wife and two Young children to the ont Ejob injury affected his eyes says i worked for 10 years under severe pain and duress when i was at the Post he with workers compensation benefits coming he spends his Days driving his wife to work As executive director of the member Strong injured workers Alliance of speaking out for other workers who suffered accidents or work related his compensation is quite Ade quate he wont reveal the exact amount its not enough for the family to afford an extra such As a daily he partially protected a critic of workers compensation Board practices before a new Board was put in place in Huta now says we find the Board is quite sympathetic to the injured worker if theres medical but spokesmen in the insurance Industry say the limits on workers compensation and other government run mean wage earners Are Only partially protected when an injury or illness unless they have other in while most cautious canadians buy life insurance to protect their families from financial an estimated 40 to 45 per cent of them Arent covered under group or individual Lon term disability insurance but the average 32yearold is Al most seven times More Likely to be ill or injured for 90 Days or than to die in the following says the Canadian life and health insurance association lot of people think they carry a lot of disability says Gilles director of individual marketing for great West life Assurance maximum payouts part of the reason lies in the confusing array of government plans each with specific require ments and maximum some some that mesh with privately held another part lies in the natural human reluctance to think and plan the but each year thousands of Mani to bans lose time from work from ont Ejob accidents and statistics from the workers compensation Board for 1984 the last year publicly available show More than workers lost time through temporary More than 600 were permanently disabled and there were 27 Jobre lated add to those the number who tumbled from ladders at Home or developed severe chronic illnesses not covered by workers compensation and the real number greatly what can wage earners count on when Accident or illness keeps them off the Job d unemployment insurance Short term disability benefits kick in two weeks after youre disabled and continue for a maximum of 15 payments Are based on 60 per cent of weekly insurable earn Ings to a maximum of these benefits Are d Canada pension plan these Lon term benefits Are paid Only to those who Are totally and permanently if you can do part of your you dont the maximum payout is a month plus for each dependent benefits Are d workers compensation this no fault liability insurance for workers whose employers belong to the plan covers medical a big chunk of lost income and coun by claiming workers com employees give up their right to sue their employer or another on the ont Ejob most Manitoba employers about by Law pay into the plan or choose to but there Are one group that is not compulsory is says Wendy Board information Only ont Ejob accidents or Industrial such As 1 worked for 10 years under severe pain and duress when i was at the Post Are in most Acci dents travelling to or from work and wilful misconduct ignoring safety instructions or accidents resulting from horseplay will usually disqualify a benefits can Range from the Cost of prescription drugs to awards in the event of a fatality to says not taxable the maximum compensation for loss of earnings is set each year by the legislature and now stands at annually not i group insurance plans these Are taken out by Large More than of them in Manito to provide either Lon term or both types of help to workers disabled outside of work ing the benefits vary according to the they May be reduced by any other benefits they May cover 60 or 70 per cent of your Normal cd individual plans tailor made plans for the people not covered in group plans or those who want to boost their coverage Are the most the wage earner with a Mort Gage will need More coverage than one who owns his the Busi Nessman who can work from a wheelchair will need different coverage from the self employed car but the former might need to include the Cost of winding Down a business if Hes Long confined to a sick of you pay in premiums for what you get in the definition of disability is a very personal says mar the key to disability income is sitting Down and playing the what if employees build Strong ties Orlando Sentinel trying to land a Job is Akin to the Fine Art of and working for a company is a lot like being of the time for better or for deciding to leave the company can be As wrenching or As ing As a employees can become awfully cozy in their corporate even when they dont particularly like their there is Comfort in the daily the person at the next a trusted can be As close As a brother or banter by the photocopier takes the place of neighbourhood chitchat across the super Nice or Dole out the approval or reproach once expected from and after the a steady paycheck is the closest that Many people come to corporate team spirit on the company softball at the company picnic or in the boar Droom takes on the flavor of family its no Accident that Delta airlines inhouse slogan is family and its no Surprise that ism employees refer to Mother ism and Kodak employees speak of father some people be come so attached to the corporate family that they prefer it to their own powerfully seductive ties to the corporate family can make quit Ting a Job an agonizing expert even when its a Good Ca reer after 17 years with the Westinghouse electric Tom rinks didst see a Lon term future for himself with the company unless he was willing to move to he wanted to stay in the question of whether to leave his Job As a Dat processing consultant at age 45 was an extremely difficult he i had established myself and had a proven anytime you its like youre starting All Over its like a youve got to go out and prove yourself Tugo War waged for six months a Tugo War waged in rinks some weeks he was sure it was smart to break other weeks he had big How could he leave All his friends the financial Bene fits he had accrued the Job and office he knew so Well when he finally left Westinghouse last August to become a compute systems designer at Martin Marietta data systems in the same he was shocked by the reactions of some coworkers and they acted As if i had betrayed my company or my other employees have a More amicable making their decision with less Trenida after a decade happily Selling insurance in Pete Hurt decided to follow his passion and become an at age 50 he made a drastic career switch and became a its been the most wonderful thing that Ever happened to he i Trade a minute of Ronald Worswick had built his own electronics company in Flor Ida and ran it successfully for 12 by then he had lost his he sold the company in 1978 and plunged into running his horse shortly after leaving the com Worswick suffered emotional withdrawal when a favorite horse from his farm won a the pains Digap soon after that he bought another certified which makes tie Down devices for the excitement is said and Imback in the Saddle lots of unhappy employees never get As far As leaving the psychological inertia keeps them from Reading want ads and updating their tender traps corporations Are full of tender traps and ties that and they make employees reluctant to break writes Jacqueline Hornor Plumez in her Book divorcing a corporation Villard when dissatisfied employees begin to they sometimes discover themselves in a situation similar to one that a personnel Agency owner de scribed to Plumez there comes a Point when your soul is owned by the you can no longer take the youre no longer free to financial Perks hand Plumez Calls them make employees hesitant to they Are downright Manipula writes a psychologist and career she divides Handcuffs into seven categories Quality of the Organiza work interpersonal relations and Job Handcuffs can lure us in and keep us either out of con tenement or fear of writes any of those psychological and financial benefits a com Pany can offer from prestige to tree from great location to Challenge might handcuff us to a employees need to decide whether they Are staying at a Job because they truly like it or be cause there afraid to it always takes nerve to go from the known to the and a lot of people Are afraid of said John president of the Central Florida office of Snelling an employment they talk big As if they want to make a but they Haven got the guts to do William Whites 1956 Best seller the organization Man exemplified an employees sometimes Alle Giance to a Strong anti corporate sentiment tempered that allegiance in later in the employees Are struggling with their corporate sometimes Debat ing the writes is learning How to be devoted and Loyal to your corporate Home without losing your Independence and loyalty to it is extremely important for your Success and for your mental health to really care about where you said Plumez in an but your first loyalty has to be to even the Best companies fire a company first loyalty is to it so your first loyalty has to be to Pavarotti pursues his hobbies with great passion Knight Ridder newspapers Philadelphia it of an important not to be approached without a certain amount of ceremonial already Margaret Anne general director of the opera company of had taken the podium to Wax rhapsodic about Luciano Pavarotti and announce to the Assem bled reporters that City Hall had proclaimed april Pavarotti in Phil Adelphia month want it wonderful Cardinal John Krol had stepped onto the Little Box to Praise the great Tenor and Point out that proceeds from his concert would Benefit roman Catholic Arch diocesan schools want it Hes Corning Down the sweeping staircase at the Academy of musics rehearsal Hall the pack regrouping in front of the elevator from which Pavarotti was to with video lights blazing and cameras trained on the they waited a Tad yes for the operatic olympian to swoop into their they and they waited some Pavarotti loves movies from the deserted land ing a perplexed voice rang out Halloo at the a bearded face As big and teaming As the Moon followed by a pair of tree trunk arms outstretched Over the crowd the King of the High is had overshot his so he who Pooh de Button though the sort of Entrance that would Send a director into it for connoisseurs of lifes Little utterly Pavarotti had blown in like a hot Mediterranean if slightly off and melted solemnity into smiles the most delighted of which was covers Throat later in his suite when the temperature verged on the uncomfortably Pavarotti spread a Scarf of silk and Cashmere Over his much As one might arrange a picnic and tucked it in at his giving it a tender be Neath it Lay the source of the Gold velvet voice that the most celebrated in All of that Pavarotti reveres As a gift from god and earlier in the had sounded like a choked i get up this open my Mouth and that is what come he when you know Why that is that you Are just very tired you Are not but you Are there Are two of you he surveyed Bis figure the weight of which he never divulges and cracked no the two Are me and the and i must do what it tonight and he will appear at the Academy of music As Riccardo in Verdis in Ballo in Mas april 21 and As the poet Rodolfo in Puccini la Boheme a in which he made his operatic debut 25 years ago this month at the Teatro min Cipale de Reggio Emilia in then he will Jet Back to Reggio Emilia for an anniversary performance with the Philadelphia com pants la Boheme then take the production to Genoa and his Home town of then head off to China and you get the an exciting no for Pavarotti in involved in music so and it could not be but for other in it would be very they do not imagine it that but it almost constantly i am either in the the record ing the the hotel or the taxi going to the after a i do not i have a Glass of maybe what is to celebrate after two or three there is Only another one Day is like the nothing in the he had cultivated some extravagantly intense hobbies he Calls in the late for he took up painting in a four month turned out 45 canvases nearly As Large As they Are in an exhibition in new he almost people take me i dont think they uves horses once an he went through a Tennis explosion two years a horseback Riding in still fanatic about but not so when left to his own he likes nothing More than to run up enormous Telephone Bills talking to his three 18 to Back in then to sit Down in front of the television and switch on a Cable i watch More movies now than when i was a i Tell you i am a fanatic of a Drinker of you see the postman ring twice that is really the most erotic movie they make love on the it is some thing to drive you nuts for a few months out of every working without he judges the opera company of Philadelphia Pavarotti voice Competition preliminaries stretching from Modena to culminating with the finals in last Pavarotti ruffled some critical feathers when he declared the entire crop of finalists 54 in All As the satisfaction of seeing kids go on is very great for he it is a question of Loving Young which i do very and thinking about but that want Pavarotti leaned Forward and to be perfect when i begin my professional no one of my whole colleagues would be Nice to i dont remember any of them being Nice to i never forget that Mori

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