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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 13, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba Yah Dodge Morgan Waves in Delight As he sees humans for the first time in nearly half a year of sailing around lonely Sailor rejoins Mankind after 150 Days at ican Tell you How Beautiful you All Kok by Tony Chamberlain Boston Globe 1 Bermuda at it was just a Sliver of a tiny ice Chip against the azure Gulf Stream As it mounted Over the curve of the so mounted the and the question what will the Man be like one Hundred fifty Days at Kilometres without setting Eye on another the Only human Contact a crackling radio receiver from somewhere on the other end of at one Point in that slate Gray Nightmare called the South Ern Maine Sailor Dodge Morgan had i feel As if the whole every living has slipped through a chink in the universe and that was two months two More months of rolling of loneliness to arrive at this completing a world rec single handed circumnavigation of the and what would the Man be like boat like new and on noon she was american 18 metres White with Blue trim and a Bright red Bottom shining As she american Promise galloped along through the Bermuda no sign of All those she might have been a Brand new and the Man As his the Man ebullient is standing in the cockpit of prom ise dressed in red foul weather and a Blue Morgan raised his hands triumphantly and waved Back at the boats full of when he was close enough to one group of Well wishers at the rail of a 45metre Morgan you All look so i Haven seen people for so i cant Tell you How Beautiful you All with Morgan wiped his eyes and continued to wave at i Dividu family members and friends he spotted along the morgans immediate family 13yearold Hoyt and 9 year old Kimberly along with designer and builder Ted ing race around the Globe i realize the race i really want to be in is the human the hell with that stuff looking Back at the there Are three things you need out there a great an Iron will and lots of of his time around the great Cir in which he nearly halved the 292day Morgan paid trib Ute to the great boat built by hoods Little Harbor boatyard in and he i worked very hard and never stopped sailing the especially in Light for the record when prom ise crossed the imaginary line at Davids she had been out 150 one six minutes realize the race i really want to be in is the human race went close to Promise in a Small boat about eight Kilometres off David Light at the head of Georges then the procession moved in through the Channel lined with hundreds of including uni formed schoolchildren waving american flags to a formal ceremony at which Morgan repeated a theme he obviously has had time to think after stepping off Promise onto the Stone where hundreds of spectators wait he spoke of his record smash 142 Days faster than the time of englishman Chay whose nonstop record had stood since at the shaggy Barefoot and deeply jumped off Promise and accepted a ceremonial presenta Tion of his favorite meal a cheese Burger with a Vodka and tonic served in a Pewter Mug with the Crest of Che Beague Island Maine yacht but around the band cheers and heavy mor Gan did have a Chance to describe a few highlights of the Dur ing which he saw land Cape Horn just once in the entire five months d the most difficult time the first three it was hard to break it was very very but then i got used to the and it no longer got in my d fearing for his life that the worst thing that could happen to losing your but it was not an you already accept that before you do some thing like the most frightening moment when you take the second Olast bottle of Beer out of the the biggest seas in the Southern the seas get enor a Normal Calm sea runs 12 feet up to 15 or 18 then the big seas get up to 40 or 45 and they go by you at 30 the sky is always like slate the Southern Ocean is a Lousy Morgan the very worst time was the first aborted leg just off he ran into weather that seemed to be tearing the boat the autopilots hold and several pieces of gear were my spirits were very d the food All the i have fired the d and about the Best moments of the trip right the Sec on Best was going around the seeing it in Lovely weath tension reported on Rise in Haiti As country drifts without leadership by Marlise Simons new York times Haiti two months after the ouster of the Duva Lier Haiti is Drifting without direction or according to foreign experts and local business this government is just not gov a senior american Diplo mat told colleagues last ten Sions Are getting As High again As before Duvalier conversations with haitians and foreign diplomats give the Strong impression that the government barely they complain that ministers Are absent and that vital including those affecting the Are simply not the new Henry has been confined to suffering from almost every strikes have bogged Down one or another sector of government or and Street confrontations have resumed in several says he resigned the minister of finance has told friends he was physically harassed by his own striking employees and had although the ruling Council has so far refused to accept his the Central a haitian official is run practically by a local representative of the International monetary american diplomats say they worry that the government has lost the Confidence of the mass of people in this impoverished country and is under mounting attack from Busi Ness and political groups that enjoyed special benefits during the three decades that the Duvalier fam ily clearly there Are agitators at said a Well placed we believe it comes from the he said there was Strong evidence that business officials whose imports and production had been broken by the new government were paying impoverished people to cause he said members of the former regime were also Likely to feel threatened by a preliminary list of 12 former Security or govern ment officials who Are to be prosecuted on charges of theft or Homi political motivations or ideology Are often hard to discern in this where angry groups can gather within minutes on a crowded roadblocks in the country which were set up earlier this year to protest against the Duvalier reappeared last the youths at them ask for Money for one or another or simply say they want to show they Are against the soldiers restless for the first discontent also appears evident among military who have circulated handbills complaining of poor work ing conditions and Low on Victor to runner up read pm and weep a the out come of Angel fires election was in the when Alan Sebesta and Chris Tine Herlihy tied tuesday with 31 votes apiece for a Council seat in the northeastern new Mexico Vil they voted on a Winner Takeall game of five card stud poker to resolve so they hunkered Down Friday in the Colfax county courtroom at Ranton with cards dealt by Jim mayor of the 175resident it took until the last card for Sebesta to capture the seat with a Kin High anything goes the Law provides for tied races to be decided by any agreed upon lottery of equal Sebesta we both decided we didst want to have a toss of a he and just flipping a Coin would have been too taking away the Sebesta he also thought poker would be suit Able because of the history of the Angel fire especially the this is the farthest Point from the county he apparently this was where Gam bling went on in the county be cause the county marshal didst make it Over Here very Herlihy said she went for the card game because she Doest have Luck in Coin i Al ways Call it she i have a Friend who offered to give me a two headed Coin but i said i would have to have instructions on the right words to i assumed i would need at least a probably a High said director of property management for Angel fire but neither candidate managed even a in five card each player is dealt one Hole card then four cards face Sebesta Drew a nine and seven before being dealt the King of had a possible straight going with a eight showing and a seven As her Hole but her final card was a Sebesta said it was More exciting watching the cards dealt than it had been waiting for election officials to count the 62 wednesday in the town of Mira two soldiers opened fire on the military Barracks and then fled into the Home of a Parish demanding political from the priests Home they shouted that their salaries of a month were some commentators say protests Are coming from All parts of the political but they argue that the left is now less motivated to create in their a period of Calm and Freedom would permit the leftist groups to 53 years has not attended to business in the National Palace for the last six he is said to have been ordered by his physician to take a Complete Williams also a Mem ber of the Threeman ruling has ostensibly taken the presidents but he failed to attend several key meetings last including some with foreign to discuss new Loans and projects with International plans postponed a haitian official said envoys who were Here to sign a million Road building project to be financed by the world Bank and the International development Bank had to leave and postpone their plans be cause they had found no one to approve them part of the confusion within the insiders appears to Stem from differences among the ministers Over exactly what the role of Haiti interim government ought to several ministers reportedly be Lieve that the governments sole function is to expedite a new constr prepare the country for elections and hand Over in this those in Power now should not commit their successors to Long term but others argue that this at this time of High expectations and political can make far reaching Irit does in this the Momen tum for change will israeli coalition seeks Compromise to Avert collapse til Aviv renter israeli ministers seeking id Esa a we Klong coalition crisis Are considering Promise proposals to prevent the v government Fem prime minister Shimon Peres threatened to dismiss finance min ister Yitzhak Modai at a Cabinet meeting today unless Modai leaves his Post under a Compromise reshuffle of the ministers in the liked to which Modai say they will resign and bring Down the 19month old government if Peres fires Modai for calling him a flighty prime minister who does not understand discuss Compromise liked and Peress labor party were to hold separate meetings today to discuss Compromise be fore the Cabinet liked housing minister David reflecting opposition in his party to the said on state radio yesterday it was undignified for liked to agree to a Cabinet the major hitch in reaching an agreement appeared to be differences Over who will hold the finance ministry Post after october when Shamir and Peres Are due to switch worried for months that their party will hold no important economic Post after the wants Peres to take Over the finance ministry in liked wants the Post to revert Back to i dont think that he Modai can come Back As finance minister after the labor Energy minis Ter Moshe Shahal said in a radio interview mss he liked minister without said it would be wrong for modal not to be Able to get his Job liked and longtime bitter formed an uneasy coalition after inconclusive elections in july the main motive for seeking a Compromise is that there is Little evidence either could win decisively in new Clark wants palestinian Tel Aviv a affairs minister Joe Clark called yesterday for a palestinian Homeland to be created on the Israel occupied West Bank of the Jordan River and Gaza speaking at a dinner with israeli foreign minister Yitzhak stressed Canadas support for Israel and for secure and re cognized Borders for the jewish but he also said Canada supports a Homeland for the palestinians in clearly defined Borders in the West Bank and he did not define what political status this Homeland should but he welcomed a statement by israeli prime minister Shimon Peres on tuesday recognizing the palestinians As a Peres also said he favors establishment of local self Rule for the territories is 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