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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 12, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba Winnipeg free press april paged Brian City editor City clerk awarded contract dream of United Canada Ken Fwee Fiess Cowa Bunga a forklift helps Start the Bat Mobile at the Conven Tion Centre yesterday in preparation for the 16th annual world of wheels show tomorrow to the teenage mutant ninja turtles will also be condom machines Divide Campus controversy forces Boniface student Council to face election by Zena Olijnyk a War of words has broken out at Boniface College Over the first casualties Are members of the col Leges student Council who wanted two condom machines installed in an anti condom faction at the College has forced new elections after objecting to How the Contro Versy has been the anti condom faction argues the College should not be promoting casual sex and birth control especially at an institution founded by the Jesuit order of Catholic priests by install ing the its a matter of reality in a Catholic and i think that As a we should not be advocating sexual activity in this student Raymond a Leader of the anti condom student Council and College administration members say the University must take a proactive stand against unwanted pregnancy and its not a matter of morality its a matter of Robert who has taken Over As acting Council president after the incumbent who spearheaded the Campaign resigned Over the even though the College administration has Given its approval to the students against the machines have managed to delay their instal lation at least until new elections Are held next thursday and students who disapprove of the machines were Able to overturn the results of last months elections by invoking a clause in the student Constitution calling for a general meeting of the student students at the meeting managed to declare the March election results As Well As a referendum held last month in which 75 per cent of those who voted said they were in favor of installing the so until a new Council is were putting off any decision to install the Loiselle adding the machines have already arrived and Are being kept in he said the Union wanted to install the machines As a precaution against aids and other sexually transmitted in a modern we Felt it didst make sense for people to Bury their Heads in the especially when were dealing with something As deadly As he said in an the Council put a Dow payment on the two which Cost but Hopes to recoup costs quickly through condom what is when you consider that you could be saving he Loiselle noted that of the 200 people who voted in the 150 favored installing the the total votes cast represents Only on Quarter of the students enrolled at the Normand College general Secre said the administrations executive commit tee approved the provided the machines were Only in the men and women washrooms nearest the gymnasiums where socials and other Public events Are archbishop objects we Are school but we also Are parents and we understand the concerns about he but Comeault said the College would been Cou raging sexual activity by installing the a rather than promoting while i understand we have to Deal with the reality of sexual in not prepared for the College to go in this he he said Many of the students feel the Catholic history of the College is Good reason not to go against the birth control teachings of the Catholic Dupasquier said two members of the Catholic Church sit on the College but there is no direct he said the archbishop for the area has written to the College objecting to the a wave free press Marc Bigouette with condom Comeault said the results of the referendum Are skewed by the Low turnout and the fact that the anti condom faction boycotted contending the student Council was taking too Active a role in the they we rent like they Are supposed to he bureaucrats Tol pm fire free of Council Frost accused of Empire building by Radha Krishnan Thampi civic executive policy committee yesterday approved a Board of com missioners request for new author Ity to make changes to the civic workforce without prior approval from the committee approved the proposal on condition the administration provide councillors with an annual report of All departmental it still Doest do any be cause Well know about the changes Only after the Al Golden who opposed the move at policy said yester the which now goes to Council for will give the Board the Power to delete and add positions to the permanent provided the Overall number of positions is not mayor Bill Norrie and chief com missioner Rick architect of the defended it saying it will improve efficiency and avoid unnecessary delays in making changes within the City Hall i think its needed As Long As Council retains the ultimate author Ity to change the Overall Norrie adding the move is intended to improve management Norrie and Frost rejected suggestions by Harry Lazarenko Mynarski and Don Mitchel son Henderson that civic bureaucrats already have too much Council should order a review of the administrations authority with a View to taking some of it Lazarenko and Mitchelson Frost also rejected Lazarenko charge that he is Empire build people suggesting i am Empire building Are worrying Frost there will be times when the Board would want to make the proposal would give us a greater degree of but we will be Well advised to inform Council of any major Frost said the important thing to recognize is that there is the organizational Structure bylaw under the City of Winnipeg which is still the Law of the Frost said civic commissioners cant make dramatic changes in the City workforce without councils knowledge and the proposal is not something to inflate the staff or undertake some sinister its to improve the efficiency and take Quick decisions where its simply better management in these Days of Chang ing court cuts con mans sentence painted As an talented Man with a lot to offer a con artist who bilked the elderly in a Home renovations scam had his six year prison term halved Manitoba court of Appeal reduced Gary Wayne Chesters sentence to three saying the trial judge did not take into consideration the three months the Man spent in the Winnipeg remand Centre before he was convicted last Chester was convicted in Manitoba court of Queens Bench on 11 counts of fraud or attempted fraud and one charge of uttering threats for a scheme in which he and part Ner Eton Bowden persuaded elderly homeowners they needed roof re pairs due to water Chester was sentenced to four years concurrent on each of the Frau related charges and two to run for utter ing Bowden was sentenced to two years less a Day for his part in the in the Appeal court reduced the fraud convictions to eight from Justice Charles Huband said Chester should serve three years concurrent for the fraud and six also to run concur on the uttering threats saying the trial judge overreacted to the circumstances of that during Chesters court was told the Man threatened a provincial licensing warning him to stay away from his territory and leave his customers senior councillors endorse boosting Fine for late taxes City councils executive policy committee concurred yesterday with an administration plan to in crease the penalty for late payment of realty and business the which must still be approved by Calls for a penalty of the prime Bank rate plus four per with a prime the proposed penalty could be per effective july Ernie Gilroy Daniel Mclyn finance committee said the City should not use the higher penalty to raise civic finance commissioner Bill Carroll said the move is to improve cabbies set deadline for buyout of licences the collection of outstanding property and business currently Esti mated at Alan Golden Gle Lawn voted against the penalty saying in the Long run it will Hurt the City As Well As poorer the committee also rejected Gol Dens request the City provide a Relief mechanism to Low income families by having a two tiered system in place a lower penalty for Home owners and a stiffer penalty for City lawyer Frank Steele told the committee such a two tiered system could be deemed discriminatory by the Ken free press by Pauline Comeau Winnipeg cabbies say they have no Choice but to sell their licences after highways minister Albert Driedger yesterday rejected the bulk of their we Are not interested in a count uni City taxi general manager Bob Mcgregor said after cab owners had discussed the out come of a three hour meeting with they the government had an option a and an option and since they did not accept option a and Are not operating in Good then that automatically kicks in option option a was for the government to accept the Industry which included the removal of Manitoba taxicab Board chairman Don Norquay rejection of nor quays controversial which called for the addition of 100 cab licences in Winnipeg a new report with recommendations which take into account the Industry con Cerns and a Market study of on approval of new option b Calls on it to buy out All 400 cab licences in the City within 30 the Price tag to begin negotiations has been set at million by the the clock is Mcgregor said of the buyout he re fused to say what the Industry might do if the deadline passed with no offer from about 15 representatives from the cab Industry gave Driedger the two options As their response to nor quays which was released last they told Driedger that if any of the demands Are not the Indus try wants him to accept no quays final recommendation that the government consider buying All existing licences in order to make the changes it the minister reiterated that he would not remove but he said the chairman would make no Public statements on his report or any decisions on implementing its recommendations until at least april 26 when Driedger is expected to have an official response for the Mcgregor said Norquay must they just cant work with he said of cab i dont know Driedger refused to Rule out the buyout option but said he believes other solutions will be found to the current i have reservations about it at this he said of the buyout the buyout Deal suggests that the government take Over the Industry for at least three the Industry is also asking for Job Security for current employees in the event of a Sale and that the current licence owners would have first rights to buy Back the licences for not More than 15 per cent above the original Selling in the Drivers would guar Antee uninterrupted service and co operation with any changes or buy Back Duffy taxi manager Peter talks to reporters after meeting

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