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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 12, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba S heroine of the resistance by Andrew Allentuck Helens Moskiewiez was old resident of Brussels when the secant a fld a jewess Able to speak fluent she had a nordic these were credentials enough for a Rafice Recruiter and British agent who called himself with they proved enough to get her a Job As a Zierk inside the Brussels Gestapo she worked there for two this Book reads like a John be Carre but it really is the a embellished account of a woman reflecting Upen her extraordinary coming of certainly she had Luck to escape but her courage is As was her ability to talk her Way out of situations in which she was caught re handed with restricted she persuaded others to cooperate with a pistol she kept in her in the first months of the occupy reports the germans were Well behaved and treated jews with Helenes own parents were reluctant to believe the stories of German atrocities toward it was their fatal error rejecting the idea of escape to Switzerland through Helenes they were eventually arrested and sent to a concentration though Helene was working in the Gestapo head quarters while they were imprisoned in the buildings she could do nothing to save nor her who had been sent to a concentration Camp disbelieving All the while that the nazis would have cause to hold toughening with the passage of Helene hid British airmen in her tiny liberated a truckload of prisoners and took them to the Swiss Border feigned a sprained ankle in a inside the Gestapo a jewish woman secret War by Helene 189 Forest to gain the Aid of a senior Gestapo officer under she stabbed to her paid her hardly anything throughout the War Helene lived in even though it had been British policy to pay agents a decent Sala after the during debrief she Learned that Franz had used her paid to her As a British agent and probably the pay of other agents As to build a real estate Empire in for and for betraying Allied soldiers to the the British hanged disillusioned and having met the Man who would become her second Helene declined an offer to continue As a senior British agent with a substantial apartment and chauffeured As signed to ferret out nazis in Ger now living in she has created a remarkable Mem falling Flat in Hollywood by Sheralyn Caldwell Rex Reed has turned an insiders knowledge of the Glitz and Glamor of Hollywood into his first his heroine is Gilda a 1940s movie Queen in the grand Gilda has Susan Hayward hair Tallulah ban Heads Marilyn Monroe sex Appeal and Bette All rolled into the Story opens in 1979 at Gildas she has been murdered possibly by one of her four who All made names for them selves in Hollywood through Gildas help and there is May Gildas fat who is the com Mon denominator of the she is a powerful Hollywood agent who has a voracious appetite for both Good food and Young Inez Hollister is a promising writer who has substituted a Coke spoon for her her Kingston god is a drifter turned trapped in marriage by Inez and consoling himself with an array of other there is Devon an actress with Jane Fonda like ambitions and for whom Kingston has unrequited we Are taken Back 20 years to sift through the Messy lives of these looking for clues to the Mur drugs and alcohol is the order of the Day As the Story we find All four suspects were at Gildas Home at various personal effects by Rex 444 Don Fitzhenry and times on the night of her we soon learn she did not die of a gunshot wound As first but of something much More the attempt at fails do not expect this Book to come to a crash ing there Are too Many leaks along the Reed Breaks no new ground with his the characters Are two dimensional and the dialogue is the plot thin and uneven and the mystery easily solved Long before the Book Jaqueline Susan or Judith Krantz could certainly teach Rex Reed a thing or stalking the president by Fred Cleverley the Appeal of Pursuit As a spy is exactly the same As the Appeal of the Day of the by Frederick just As Forsythe used the Public knowledge of the numerous attempts that had been made on the life of French president Charles de Thayer reaches a bit further Back in and taps perceptions of the dangers of Public life in this fictional account of an attempt on the life of wartime president Franklin in so Thayer has a More difficult Job than Forsythe Day of the jackal was set Well after the second world when assassinations or attempted assassinations of world leaders were More readily accepted than during the War there is Little that assassination has been used Many times to shape american the difference in Pursuit is that the Assassin is not the Lone american As were the assassins of presidents Lincoln and but a professional in the service of German Thayer has read Bis he puts in the mind of Adolph Hitler the taken from the biography of Frederick the that the death of one individual can some times change As the death of the russian Empress Elizabeth in 1761 resulted in the by her Nephew Czar Peter to withdraw the troops that had surrounded and were about to eliminate i Pursuit by James Stewart 404 Don in orders the assassination of president Roosevelt in the Hope that the will pull out of the Thayer is almost the equal of Forsythe in the planning he puts into the assassination he chooses As his Assassin an agent already in a prisoners War and his Story of this mans escape and his travels across America to reach his target is a All such novels suffer from minor lapses of and from opportunistic it is to thayers credit that his most interesting account has few of Canadas Bard of base Ball by David Williamson in 1882 f Canadian Short Story or published his first a fanciful baseball yarn called us warmhearted characters had great and Kinsella demonstrated a Knack for making you believe in magic the main premise of the novel was that if you believe in your dream strongly it will come to while continuing to publish Kinsella has been work ing away at his second and it has now arrived in the stores to coincide with the Start of the new baseball in the Iowa baseball conf Der Matthew Clarke believes Between the years 1902 and there was a six team minor league in Matthew spends most of his life seeking to prove the Fede racy try As he he cannot find reference to the league anywhere old newspapers or books and even the men who supposedly founded it deny when Matthew Dies from being appropriately hit in the head by a line drive at a baseball his instantly inherits his obsess the Iowa baseball confederacy does get off to a slow most of the first half of the novel weaves the Clarkes obsession loosely through an uneven pattern of Domestic details Matthews leaves him and marries a Rich chicagoan and eventually makes Gideon wealthy Gideons comes and goes on a whim Gideons Enola becomes an Urban guerrilla Gideon loves to visit with the elderly Baron and her retarded Daugh most of these events the Tiwi if than confederacy by 319 Don seem too cutely contrived Gideon once had a cat called shoeless Joe and i found myself becoming impatient for the big game that game Back in 1908 that apparently pitted the mighty Chicago cubs against an Iowa confederacy Allstar Gideon and his baseball playing find a Way to slip Back in time to july the site of the game is big a town close to Towa the cubs Are one of the great teams of All it is in his relating of the Story of the game and the mysterious events surrounding it the Odd move ments of a statue called the Black the strange control of things by a huge Indian named Drifting the relentless rain that Kinsella shows his exceptional storytelling the game is tied after nine but the two teams elect to keep As they Rech the 650th inning on Day eleven with no end in the Waters Start reaching flood the authors conjuring tricks become More and More and events become More and More there Are too few baseball metaphors like this one she has so far fouled off All the curves life has thrown at there Are some wonderfully funny to not the least of which is a Cameo appearance made by Leon Ardo a who drops out of the sky in a right onto the playing enhancing the magi Cal Quality of the Book Are such Lovely and Loving observations on the game of baseball As this one the Field runs to Infin Ity theres no limit to How far Kinsella baseball and a Man might hit a and theres no limit to How far a Fleet outfielder might run to retrieve the foul lines run on forever i theres no place in Ameri Ca that not part of a major league Wallfield the meanest the highest Point of the great the Colorado theres no place in the world that not part of a baseball the Iowa baseball confederacy should confirm Kinsellars place in american baseball Litera at this he May even be the leading writer of american baseball not bad for a Ca Waldheim memory fails him by Arnold Ages in the course of writing this says former Secretary Gen eral of the United nations Kurt i have come to appreciate the frailty of memo with the help of All those named and Many others in i Trust that i have been Able to recall the most important things that did not quite when he made that statement and chose the title of his Kurt Waldheim did not re Alize How prophetic the name of his Book would become As he now tries to ride out the Eye of a different kind of it is one precipitated by an unmistakable Gap in the Early Auto biographical Section of his new literary there he Speaks about his service on the russian front in being and his subsequent convalescence and return to Law he received his lawyers diploma in with regard to his service As an interpreter or de pending on the version with the German army in Greece and Yugo Slavia or his position on the staff of an officer later executed for War crimes there is nary a Waldheim also neglects to mention the fact that his signature appears on documents describing roundups of he is similarly silent on reports of a Decora Tion he received for valor in fight ing those same partisans in one wonders whether these lacunae Stem from the authors frailty of memory or whether he simply deemed the incidents unworthy of reporting them would not dovetail with the initial part of his in which he waxes rhapsodic about the Strong Antinazi elements in his family personal Kurt Waldheim memory lapses Are unfortunate because they stain in the Eye of the storm by Kurt 278 new Adler a Book which in other ways is an exemplary Model of political Phi historical analysis and con temporary his Book ranks among the Best of that mod Ern genre which takes the whole world As its Waldheim certainly has the background to do just he began his position As Secretary general of the in in 1971 after a Long career in the austrian diplomatic his association with the in began As far Back As 1955 when he led the austrian delegation to the world by the time he assumed the Mantle of Secretary general 16 years later he was Well versed in the intricacies of International rela throughout his Waldheim gives evidence of having enjoyed the Power and influence he wielded from the United his conversations with in representatives during tense moments in International affairs show that his Job required exquisite timing and the Job did not come without moments of personal on at least two once in Tehran and once in Wald Heim came close to becoming a victim of mob at the last moment he was shaken but during the period he was in of the in was convulsed by the iranian clashes Between India and famine in Afri Ca and the Middle East the latter Arena tended then As it does now to dominate the uns it is therefore understand Able to find in the Waldheim Memoir significant commentary on this incendiary Waldheim reports that he Waldheim commission Mars a Good tried to persuade the Arab comm Nis third world bloc not to Intro Duce its Resolution in it he bring the in into his intervention went also unheeded was Waldheim warning to the israelis in 1973 that War was he came to this conclusion on the basis of his Reading of egyptian intentions and the warnings Given to him by the in commander in the Gener Al in order to Stop the escalation Waldheim went to Golda Meir and reported to her everything he had heard about the tensions which were building according to Meir rejected his warn Ings As Well intentioned Waldheim indicates that when he communicated his apprehensions to Henry Kissinger he received the same response leading the former in head to conclude that the Intelli gence services of both the United states and Israel were terribly delinquent on this in an epilogue Waldheim uses Thomas Jeffersons phrase splendid misery to describe the position Asun it is an Apt filth Mark Regency by Norman Sigurdson the Regency the years Between 1811 and 1820 when the Prince of Wales acted As Regent for his the elderly and deluded King George is a time which conjures up contradictory on the one hand it was the Era of Jane Austen and lord Byron and of the Prince regents lavish court and is a setting much favored by writers of historical to but it was also the time when Britain began to move into the modern Industrial the years of cruel child the Corn the Peter Loo massacre and the luddites vandalizing textile Mills on their Midnight in our tempestuous Day historian Carollyn Erickson presents a Pic Ture of Regency England that tries to reconcile these two not it is the Gri Mier View which is Given promo the View of Regency life our tempest Pys pay by a rally 302 extolled in romantic fiction was enjoyed by comparatively and in Erickson description is not quite As glamorous As plumb has written that from 18121837 the Royal family was held in almost Universal contempt and it is no Small with a mad a weak and self indulgent his Gross and debauched one Royal Prince who was involved in a corruption another who was probably a Possi Bly a murderer floating All above the hint of As the poet Shelley England was saddled with an despised and dying the Dregs of their Dull race mud from a Muddy the Prince a corpulent effeminate Man in his mid if delighted in throwing extravagant his parties were known for their brilliance and but not All of the elaborate effects always came off As Erickson describes one dinner party which featured an artificial Stream run Ning Down the length of the table Complete with real miniature Bridges and color Ful All went Well until the fish began to no doubt of oxygen and took away every body More often than not it was the guests themselves who spoiled the men Sodden with wine swayed stupidly on the brocaded were sick on the costly picked fights with one another like crash ing into furniture and breaking vases and Many an elegant evening ended in ugly or in embarrassed silence As servants carried the unconscious Host or guests upstairs to great though the temptation must have Erickson does not dwell exclusively on the hapless Prince Regent and his Slatterly Caroline of an obscene she also de scribes the Regency world As it was seen by the common a time of in parallel exploitation and Erickson includes intriguing chapters that set the lives of Ordi nary englishmen alongside those of the More prominent Regency Dan the picture of Regency England which emerges from Erickson fascinating Book is one of a world where old social systems were symbolized by the mad King obsessed with the idea that England was sinking into the and the horrible new order of stinking slums which held Little Hope for the and oblivious to it All the Prince Regent and his Crew dissipating themselves with hedonistic

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