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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 12, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba Marvin Harris looks at the riddles of food and Stew pots of the world economic realities dictate what we taste by George Dewan new York when the world sits Down to there is usually meat on the table beef or some diners select dog or and a few even opt for cockroach or baked Welcome to a fascinating but controversial sampling of the Stew pots of the our guide is anthropologist mar Gin author of a new to eat riddles of food and Harris is neither food critic nor he is an academician As he takes us on a gastronomic tour of the is always asking a question Why Why do some cultures devour certain particularly and ban certain others the answer is not one that is to universally to what people eat or dont eat is not a matter of taste or even religious it is neither an arbitrary tradition nor an Acci Dent of various factors it is a practical matter of eco of the various material factors that affect human beings As they go about trying to Harris Calls himself a cultural one notes that Harris carries his argument to its logical that cannibalism went out of style not because someone decided that it was cannibalism declined As a Gener Al Harris because someone found out that prisoners of while could be of More use alive As for what cultural materialism Means in practical terms is for sex the reason that hindus in India abstain from the sacred cow is not because religion forbids in in lon past the priestly Brahman class slaughtered and ate Harris economic conditions in India dictated that Bee eating would be economically i from my cultural mate realist that in order to understand the prohibition on one cannot Appeal to Harris said in a recent hinduism incorporates a pattern of utilization of animal food which has been adopted in India because it is the most efficacious Way to make use of the resources which Are available in Given the Large it would be sheer Folly even to advocate the development of the beefs laugh Ter Industry in such which Are Are used for to provide milk for drinking and dung for a beef Slaughter either for Domestic or foreign consume would drive up the Cost of putting it out of the financial reach of the conditions dictate in other words to use the example of rather than beef Harris would argue that the jewish and moslem prohibitions on eating pork Stem from material conditions that made it medically unwise or agriculturally unsound to raise and eat food must nourish the collective stomach before it can feed the collective he preferred foods Good to eat Are foods that have a More favourable balance of practical benefits Over costs than foods that Are avoided bad to this is Harriss his Model for deciphering the mys teries of human a lot of his Peers disagree with its a paradigm that accepted by a minority of social he in other Many intellectuals feel that ideas generate material patterns of such As How what we what we wont for its the other Way f where does this All Lead it leads Harris to a discussion of the Culi nary pros and cons of a veritable Noah Ark of the worlds edible animal Here is a representative selection from his menu the eating of horse horses have never been bred for meat or milk for the North american mainly because Domestic animals with More efficient digestive systems such As the cow Are cheaper to raise for the cow or pig is not seen As a sort of pet or a Beautiful racing machine like the horse in Europe the consumption of horse flesh stood More or less unchallenged until about the time of the French it was Dur ing this period that the whole ideology of the horse As an animal that deserved special Protection be cause it was identified with Aristo cratic and military affairs was in the old testament Book of the lord forbids his people to eat pork As and in the Allah forbids the eating of blood and the flesh of Harris argues that these proscriptions were a natural outgrowth of material conditions in the Middle grazing ruminants such As sheep and goats were Well suited to the sunny grasslands of the Middle on the other cannot survive on grass and High cellulose Plant growth of material conditions in the Middle grazing Rumi Nants such As sheep and goats were Well suited to the sunny grasslands of the Middle on the other cannot survive on grass and High cellulose plants and thus would need supple ments of costly and they need Well watered living which would have to be provided this made the raising of pigs in the Middle East much costlier than raising sheep and cockroaches Are consumed in Southeast Asia and Harris cockroaches Are not really any if one were to be than a lot of people used to regard lob sters As and they eat you dont eat cockroaches by popping them into your you eat cockroaches by boiling them and picking out the flesh that around their leg one could very Well argue that it is More natural for humans to consume Given our Insectivore ancestry insects Are meat than it is to argue that we Are adapted to eating a lot of health food people feel that it is your eating but grains Are not consumed in significant amounts until the development of and at is years human Harris spends Only a moment on what he Calls emergency consumption of human such As among travel lers snowbound in Mountain ritualistic consumption of Cre mated remains does not much in Terest what he spends his time on is warfare the eating of human flesh As a result of Battlefield westerners find this to be an absolutely horrible going put and killing enemies and eating he but they dont find the idea of going out and kill ing per once youve killed to As an i dont find anything at All shocking in the idea that youd eat the person youve Harris said that the practice of warfare cannibalism declined after the Rise of the state As a form of political the taboo is imposed fundamentally to pre serve the lives of the Prisly the same reasons that the brahmans stopped eating beef and North americans wont eat dogs the costs and benefits by Daniel Kahn the shelves Iff the converted in Motay pm nary sit the products that dreams Fotre made Oft designer Yosuf placed baked eat Parsnip potatoes and thousands of ail carefully designed to capture the and Ait theres a Story behind each of said Robert reaching into the shelves and plucking out one and then Mcmathis International Market and museum Here displays More than items at a including failed ing Success stones and weird new products still struggling to make another items Are packed neatly in the museum grew out of Mcmathis marketing intelligence a company he formed in 1968 to keep clients current on All the new products pouring into the marketplace from package goods he now boasts 700 clients Here and new products with the help of almost 300 sales Mcmath and his staff of 23 see about 70 per cent of the several thousand new products introduced each Billy Beer puts a certain stamp on the Carter and in the shampoo we see the cycles in Eye blinking rapidity protein Rich fruit herbal Yogurt and the latest Only the strongest entries in those categories still Clairol touch of Yogurt Sham tested and abandoned in might have succeeded with a Dif Ferent name that didst conjure up a vision of rubbing thick White gook into ones Mcmath Gerber products thought it had a Winner in the Early 1970s with a line of dinners in jars meant for but the food was too closely associated with baby one of the More spectacular fail ures was nestles new a varied line of three dozen foods Low in sugar and but the name suggested Kitchen Mcmath and the packaging museum salutes marketing ideas whose time never came it f s Robert Mcgrath with some of the failed products in his supermarket didst stand and when nestles put the line into test the Competition Campbells and others responded by reducing their prices nestles finally called it quits after spending somewhere Between million and Mcmath sometimes you learn from fail he a nestles later came out with lean a highly successful line of Frozen the Roll of shame goes on and on male an arro Gant aftershave lotion Baker Toms baked cat food Captain cat cat litter Deo Dorant Gorilla a Vitamin enriched malt Candy Yogurt face and body powder Gimme Cucumber hair conditioner soaps for some products last Long enough for a Small manufacturer to make the Money and run off with a modest Mcmath million a month but As a Rule of an item that Doest produce sales of million a month just wont do for Procter Gamble and the other he Heinz for introduced a fruit in it was Selling at the equivalent of million a but Heinz folded it after nine Mcmath and the Kellogg want doing badly some years ago with Rise n Shine a breakfast drink with 10 per cent Orange juice but break tangs strangle hold on the Market and eventually Only two of every 10 new products Mcmath that More grist for his but at that rate of Mcmath ought to Start planning for additional museum Canadian rangers keep North free by Christopher Wren new York times Frobisher Northwest territories if an enemy Ever sweeps Down to invade North it will have to contend with the Nikki Dluzak Brothers and their Bol action Lola and Lacassie Nikki Dluzak live in Lake an inuit settlement on Baffin Island in the Canadian they Wear the red baseball Caps and armbands of the Canadian a Force of mostly indigenous reservists who have been is sued Lee Enfield rifles dating Back to the second world War and told to keep their eyes open for anything Canada maintains no combat forces in its vast though it has an electronic surveillance base on Ellesmere Island and a Northern military Headquarters at yellow the special service a Quick reaction army has the Mission of repelling a land inva Sion of but it is based Down in so the Job of patrolling the thinly populated Northern expanses and asserting Canadas sovereignty is left to the who occasionally report sighting things like unidentified submarines As they roam around by snowmobile or kind of reports it one such submarine sighting took place six months ago in the Hudson Strait off Kangis Sujuan in Northern most sometimes a surveil Lance aircraft is sent up to Check out the any Guy knows the area generally within 300 Miles of his commune said Bruce a Canadian paratrooper who works training local Ranger units across the if a Guys out fishing and he sees he kind of reports its not but there out patrolling All the the Canadian not to be confused with the United states army who Are Comman function More like United states National they can be called up in emergencies but otherwise train in their spare Canadian unlike their United states Are not obligated to show up for duty if they dont want but As Joann Pannee Kolola said in the local in its always fun going out with the especially going out on the altogether 640 rangers have been enlisted in 37 communities across Northern according to John a regular Soldier who commands the rangers from Yel another 600 or so rangers serve in Newfoundland and la the rangers in the North Are selected from among local Hunters and and All but Are inuit or a lot of people mock the fact that we Issue Lee Enfield to the rang Todd the fact is that its a far More suitable weapon for where they it works very Well in the North with a minimum of moving these who have hunted since need no training in they Are Given three Days of Basic training in their Home settlements followed by four Days out on the they Are taught to use a though they have Little need for their navigational ability is absolutely Martin Standar Issue they also Are taught to operate a radio and the in semiautomatic the rangers from Lake har Bour agreed that the Canadas Standar Issue infantry was faster and More accurate than their old but Lacassie in kid Luck complained that after target practice with the my Chin was swollen from Martin said it would be foolish for him to try to teach the rangers How to survive Lola and Lacassie Nikki Dluzak they find an Igloo and Caribou skins More comfortable than an army tent 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