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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 12, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba The Oil Sheef what does the drastic drop in Price signify Tift Gold pops up in the most exclusive perfume sunday Asbestos in water houses Woodstock Way of life Punk legacy although Punk is the movement put guts Back in Rock 729 worlds apart ghettos and Glamor exist Side beside in Palm Florida at the Core downtown living is becoming the Vogue in Winnipeg weather Cloudy today 3 Clearing tonight 7 sunny tomorrow 5 Sun rises sets Moon rises sets wife Fate Between me and acquitted Man says in Jim of Firat Day in Montario arts who Veys relationship with Petu grow Tad coded from Lake world intermediate to by of tip flirty sats Eltiy the and feed will even know what happened to his wife Tsevis the Day she fell off the be Upkes motor teat drowned in the Lake of the hat efs body want despite an intensive two Keith self he of the police initially said her death was an accidental fifteen months Ontario provincial police charged the meters shoot principal and businessman with the firsts Gree murder of his the Mother of their two on fun Ruday in an Ontario dial wan it Edge dismissed the charge after Floneta Lilg there was no evidence to show Harvey murdered his Harvey refuses to discuss the last hours of his wife life he said its impossible for him to recount those events without breaking its time to put it All behind he said during an interview yesterday at the Home of his longtime Winnipeg Friend Andrea it was alleged during the hearing that Harvey was having an affair with the judge noted there was evidence Veys relationship with Pettigrew had cooled several months before Harvey and that he and his wife had his lawyer Greg Brodsky said its been a 19fflonth the school principal said Harvey said he Doest feel the need to Tell the Public his version of his wife death in order to Clear his the people who count to my family and my have always believed in my there the Only ones who matter As far Asim it Doest matter to me what the rest of the world Harvey was on a leave of absence from Lakewood intermediate where he had been principal for seven at the time of his arrest last reclaimed his wife fell off the boat and me told police he Dove into the water after but he find the Burly Ketora native chose his words carefully when asked what he thought motivated police to bring charges against pausing in Between Points in giving an exp la i have a but in certainly not going to make it 1 dont think the whole police Force was against in one of my Best see woman Page 4 saturday free press Akorli 1 by Winnipeg free press vol 114 no 131 final Home delivery 9570550 classified 9562330 second class mail registration number 0286 avoid Mulroney tells canadians shootout in Miami the body of a suspected armoured car robber sprawls on a Miami Street at the end of a wild mid morning gun Battle that killed two Fri agents and two robbery five More Fri agents were three of them Many motorists driving through the usually peaceful neighbourhood thought they were seeing an episode of tvs Miami vice being witnesses estimated the Exchange of gunfire went on for 10 million spells farm Relief government payment to be announced monday by Brian Cole Winnipeg free press Ottawa financially strapped Prairie Grain Farmers will get a break monday an estimated million payout from the Western Grain stabilization prime minister Brian Mulroney said yesterday the interim pay largest Ever be announced in Winnipeg by wheat Board minister Charlie but the prime minister also made it quite Clear there was no Money in the Federal Treasury to provide immediate help for Farmers who Are expected to lose billion in the coming crop year because of Tum bling Mayer announced earlier this week the initial Price for to Quality wheat will be a or a Down about 19 per cent from last although official figures have not been is estimated the stabilization which is de signed to compensate Farmers for Low incomes in will be approximately the on third funded by Farmers and two thirds by has a balance of about million and can run a last year the fund paid out about million to an estimated Prairie Mulroney acknowledged it be enough to help Farmers out of their current but said there were no plans to provide direct Relief to counter the drop in Export Grain there is More that we have to do for Western agriculture and were going to try and do it within the constraints imposed on us by this economic he but he emphasized the need to keep within the framework of the you can be is going to see Grain Page 4 Potash chief sounds like thug to Parasiuk Ann Landers 41 answers 21 Bridge 15 business 16 careers 22 classified 42 comics 15 crossword 15 deaths 42 editorials 6 entertainment 29 Home finder 77 Horoscope 15 Jumble Puzzle 46 Jumble entry 48 legals 14 letters 7 movies 37 relax 21 Russell 7 saturday plus 49 Sinclair 21 sports 69 stocks 17 sky watch 88 travel 55 to listings 21 Werier 6 the Saskatchewan and Manitoba War of words Over Potash increased yesterday with two Cabinet ministers taking verbal jabs at each in mines minister Wil son Parasiuk accused a senior Saskatchewan official of acting like a Parasiuk said comments by Eric president of Canp Tex in make him sound More like a Small time Hood than a Canadian As a Canadian and a in outraged at his Parasiuk said the officials position is crazy and Ekedahl said thursday that Saskatchewan would undercut any at tempt by Manitoba to get into the Potash the head of the Market ing agent for All Saskatchewan Public and private Potash said Manitoba make any Money on the that an astonishing position for canadians to Parasiuk we Arent we wont be cowed by these people one Little but Ekedahl View was echoed yesterday by the minister responsible for the Potash of who said this province should proceed very carefully on As Paul schoehals said Man see were Page 4 from the news services prime minister Brian Mulroney yesterday warned canadians not to travel to Libya and said the working in the North african country should reassess the question of whether they Are in Dan Ger As tensions mount in the medi but Mulroney insisted there is no immediate reason for undue con Cern about the safety of the Canad spotlight on a spokesman for the Arab league telephoned the Cana Dian press with a statement condemning Washington escalated course of danger against the Arab organization is stand ing by Libya and labelled Asun founded allegations of libyan involvement in terrorist spokesman Nassif Hitti Reading from a prepared state Hitti said amidst the Gravity of the where vital inter ests of the world Community could be we believe peace Loving countries of the world should Call on the United states to refrain from its gunboat diplomacy and observe the norms of conduct among Independent states and the Princi Ples of International Law in address ing any differences that it has with As for the canadians inside Hitti said i dont think there Are any dangers from libyans against the danger could be just from being in that part of the world when tension is when bomb ing could occur at any time this is the Only source of danger that i can see As far As other foreign nationals Are concerned in that part of the Mulroney told reporters at a news conference in Ottawa that with the Rise in tension in recent Days we would recommend that those canadians in Libya might want to reassess their position very carefully and determine whether they have grounds for additional anxiety about their i would suggest that canadians refrain from travelling to Libya in the present asked if officials have Given Ottawa assurances that any military strike against Libya would avoid Mulroney said the american administration is fully seized of our yesterday in Jerusalem external affairs minister Joe Clark also expressed concern for the safety of canadians in decision on Libya expected los Angeles times Washington naval forces moved toward positions with in striking Range of Libya yesterday As White House chief of staff Donald Regan said there appears be incontrovertible evidence linking Libya to last saturdays terrorist bombing in West Regan made his comments to re porters at the White House As two aircraft Carrier led naval Battle groups were at sea in the Meriter a Day or two away from the libyan the remarks Cut through the administrations diplomatic ambiguity to fix the blame on Libya Moa mar khad Afy for the terrorist attack in which killed an of duty Soldier and a turkish but a Well placed administration official said that no military action was expected until next week if attack on Freer Trade leaves Ottawa stunned Parasiuk outraged Ottawa up Canadian politicians were stunned yesterday to learn that american senators May scuttle Freer Trade talks and they were scrambling to determine what went opposition maps say it looks like a deliberate strategy to get Canada to Cave in on current Trade but the government is suggesting some senators particularly those from lumber producing states hard hit by Canadian imports Are just trying to score political Points in their own prime minister Brian Mulroney tried to play Down the possibility that the main Plank in his govern ments economic strategy could be pulled out from under him As Early As next he implied that Canada should consider the views of the administration As a not just those of individual but International Trade minister James Kelleher released a state ment saying the government is surprised and concerned about yesterdays developments at the Senate finance several members of the commit tee one of two congressional bodies that can reject Trade proposals spoke out against a wide Range of Canadian and Ameri see attack Page 4 terrorism casts a longer Shadow the third world War has the terrorist Carlos boasted a decade it has Only gotten bloodier this is the first of series of articles on International the series continues in the saturday plus Section 91 by Charles Hanley the associated press London a Wanton War with no rules and Little pity is turning the bit by into a free fire International terrorism is striking in numbing in it left at least 9215 people dead hundreds More than in any year since the state department began compiling the statistics in so far this year at least 41 More have but terrorism has left another casualty the system of global shaken by terrorist assaults that exposed weak spots in International Law and the Western led the United states into military and made vigilantes out of govern a recent series of interviews in the United Europe and the mid dle East Security officials and scholars and Politi alleged terrorists and their defenders found disagreement Over How to combat terrorism and even How to define but almost All agreed that such freeform Politi Cal violence will spread in the years to in Scotland Yards anti terrorist George Churchillo said terrorism is with us whether you like it or youve got to adjust your Way of life to see terrorism Page 4 terrorist menaces Pilot of hijacked jetliner in

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