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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 10, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba Winnipeg free tuesday april 20 sleeping disorders often experts say by Shawn Pogatchnik los Angeles times although More than half of americans Over age 65 suffer from sleeping they should not accept the problem As a Normal consequence of growing a panel of medical experts said the 14member convened by the National institutes of health in the said that Many of the elderly sleeping problems Are even though doctors often incorrectly write them off As senior on do sleep less soundly at night and tend to Rise earlier than younger people sometimes relying on afternoon Catnap to try to catch the panellists said the phenomenon often is due to irregular pos retirement depression following the death of a loved or other psychological pressures and in Many insomnia among senior citizens is also linked to a Constellation of medical such As congestive heart hyperthyroidism and pulmonary sleep Hygiene to help remedy the problem in some the panels report favors the promotion of sleep Hygiene following a regular eating a balanced and moderate losing cutting caffeine and sedatives and not sleeping on ones the panel also urged that More emphasis be placed on diagnosing the underlying reasons for sleeping so that treatments can be such the report would help reduce the personal and societal toll in health and unhappiness currently wrought by senior citizens poor sleep the report specifically warned older people against relying on overt counter sleep inducing drugs for Lon term although the panel said senior citizens May use a sleeping Pill for insomnia caused by a temporary the report said that not Only Are these drugs often ineffective but they can slow the heart rate dangerously and May even exacerbate the Cycle of nighttime restlessness and daytime hypnotic medications should not be the mainstay of treatment of Are overused and have addictive the panel in retirement and nursing where an estimated two thirds of residents suffer from sleeping Bright lighting provided during the Day would encourage regular sleeping the panel More than half of those Over 65 who live at Home suffer sleeping they include or difficulty in initiating or maintaining sleep or excessive sleepiness and or strange behaviour during one life threatening condition common among elderly people sleep Apnoea jars people awake up to several times per hour by causing them to Stop since Peoples awareness is Low during it is difficult to self diagnose sleep Apnoea and other such movement in which repeated involuntary muscle contractions keep waking up a the panel called for increased use of expensive techniques to Monitor and diagnose patients who May suffer from sleeping in severe the report endorsed the use of in which patients Are monitored overnight for signs of sleeping the Cost is usually to per on night insomnia like pain the sponsored in part by the National Institute on aging and the National Institute of mental cautions that few physicians now diagnose and treat the underlying reasons behind disturbed sleep because they do not understand the sleep problems be viewed As part of insomnia is like its a not a condition that you said Howard president of the american sleep disorders who testified before the panel during the past three Days of debate and growing older Call 9471276 project focuses on link Between head aging by Judy Creighton the Canadian press when there in their boxers Seldom consider whether the head injuries they suffer will affect them later in but some research indicates a possible link Between head injuries and a brain disease whose usual sufferers Are Over the age of Guy director of the psychology department at Toronto Baycrest geriatric says re search indicates about a Quarter of patients with alzheimer had suffered blows to the head earlier in their but he adds at the present this relationship is not Proulx and Donald director of research at Bay rests Rotman research have organized a symposium april 2627 to study the relationship Between head injuries and Proulx int aware of any Canad an studies investigating a possible bolstered but a 1989 study at the University of Washington in Seattle bolstered the belief that head injuries May be related to a degenerative disease characterized by declining the study compared the Headin jury history of 130 alzheimer patients with that of a group of people without the the researchers found Alz Heimers patients were 3y2 times More Likely to have suffered head researchers Are especially concerned about the cumulative effects of concussions on people As they Proulx said for have a much higher rate of dementia an inability to think rationally and other problems affecting intellectual research is throwing into ques Tion whether sporting activities such As boxing should even be Proulx former Boxer sugar Ray Robinson suffered from alzheimer until his death last april at age at Thomas Jefferson University in a study of eight former Amateur and professional boxers aged 65 to 89 showed All had symptoms usually associated with Alz three of the former boxers were found to have Parkin sons disease and an accumulation of fluid on the brain that results in an enlarged people with a brain disease characterized by mild trem also suffer personality changes and memory in some people suffer from Parkinson and alzheimer at the same Proulx said males Between 17 and 34 years of age Are most at risk of suffering head especially through car depression Stuss said even mild head injuries can Lead to impaired depression and for More information on the sym write the education depart ment at Baycrest geriatric 3560 Bathurst North m6a 2e1 group will hold dance saturday following is a list of opportunities and events of particular interest to retired compiled by age and for further information Call the come and join us seniors Wel come All seniors to a dance saturday from to at James civic 2055 Ness music by Bud vital senior 613 marys is offering Spring courses in Square Tai China paint and role models for older writ please Register in health minister Donald Orchard will speak at the annual meeting of age and april 20 at noon at the West end senior 644 Burnell tickets Are Avail Able at suite 323 Portage ave or any age and Opportunity senior if France is beckoning this slide presentation is for Cecile coordinator of a trip planned for this summer by age and oppor will be commenting on slides of various trips she has taken to on april 18 at 2 in the programming room of the by Alioth Eque de Coffee will be elderly Man in Elmwood would enjoy a weekly visitor who is also interested in All lady living in the Beaver Hill Bou Levard area would appreciate a visit and Chat with a lady who enjoys playing the conservatory of music and the arts is producing the beggars opera on april 23 and 24 at 8 at the West end cultural admission seniors and students retired violinist is looking for experienced piano accompanist to entertain a seniors Energy information ser vice is sponsored by age and an Energy advisor will perform an Energy assessment of your House and make recommend the Brooklands Pioneer seniors annual Tea will be held april from to at 1960 Wil Liam there will be White elephant Coupon room Sale offer Good excludes april must lie presented at Check not valid with other off Spery neg he of your May with double offer cuts two great locations in grand Forks Road Kingins interstate 129 Highway mall 32nd Avenue Tou free 8952050 Reserve Early the Wellesley the Wellesley is a unique residential Community Tor adults 55 and Over your monthly rental rate at the Wellesley includes gracious dining afternoon Tea weekly maid service transportation in our own minibus hour Security planned social it cultural activities fitness and wellness classes at the Wal Lesley thing you need is close hand including Salon and general More please plan to join us at our elegant held each sunday at either sky for adults 3033 Portage children Grant 8510788 Hie Wellesley at Assiniboine Forest leasing hours monday Friday 10 saturday sunday 11 3161 Grant designed for senior adult living close to room rooftop and Many More Appleton estates 1 33 1 35 Nia Kwa Road Beverly at 2574834 vital no pets please Oakland gardens 21 0 220 Oakland Avenue Bernie at 3342301 Kildonan no pets please Edison rental Agency 1110 Henderson exercise helps postpone aging studies show health ill j t in Unk 1 Kudo Tukhi Mythi 1 4528600 j 193 s 9425523 i opticians aban denture clinic 1 Lviv Nulud i in mini Lur Luigi urn open Selkirk Stevens Home health care division 8888756 1 ails to Independent foot 1 foot care by trained 1 in your Home for appointment v 2547527 sent the 1 i Iii Uinn i 2ii209l i Volm lists Are dental re f Kenmare healthcare associates 1 Home Are to advertise in this space j Call 9159331 395 j by Pat Croce Knight Ridder newspapers according to Bob you know youre getting old when the candles Cost More than the most people think they Are getting old when they Start having trouble rising from their easy chair or walk ing up they assume that As they stiff joints and weakness Are something just have to but studies show that age does not Wear you Down physically disease and disuse think of your body this Way rest it and you will rust this has been proven in the last several decades in medical study after medical clinical research shows that Al most 50 per cent of the bodily decline associated with aging is actually the result of disuse and can be reversed through tests show that half of americans older than 65 have cardiovascular but physically inactive people have to 2 times the risk of having a heart attack than Active and their chances of dying immediately after a heart attack Are three times As great As that of Active fur ther studies have proven that it is possible to delay the effects of aging by 10 to 15 years with regular exer gerontologists warn that after age people need exercise More than at any other time in their lives because of physiological for although our heart and lung capability decline an average of one per cent to two per cent a year As we regular exercise has been shown to slow the in a study at san Diego state a group of 15 men who exercised regularly and maintained their weight were observed Over a 20year Between the Ages of 45 and their oxygen intake declined 12 per cent rather than the 40 per cent to 50 per cent decline usually seen in men their the Bottom line is this its not that you cant exercise because youre old youre feeling old be cause you dont exercise program seeks workers for companionship unique to a one Stop one location service of Fenny options that fit All faiths Complete funeral arrangements traditional burial cremation interment in the cemetery of your Choice 24 service reception lounge Flower shop preened funeral counselling and arrangements ample free parking choose the company with the people who care choose the Chapel in the Park Call 8859715 4000 Manl Toba total funeral other memorial gardens locations to serve you Chapel Lawn cemetery 8899320 Glen Lawn cemetery 2574912 Glen Eden cemetery 3389321 following is a list of Volunteer opportunities in the Winnipeg if you Are interested in any of the following or Many others not listed Here please Call the Volunteer Centre for an a Community based housing pro Gram for the mentally ill is seeking volunteers to provide companionship and support to enable people to live Volunteer roles in clude working on a on Toone relationship or As a group Facilitator in House training a guitar instructor is needed one evening a week for one to two hours to teach a Small group of male youths Basic guitar skills in an unstructured a Volunteer is needed fridays to to be responsible for a chemotherapy reception duties include checking in patients and answering the Tele must be Able to handle tasks under gift shop Cashiers Are there Are three shifts monday to 10 to to or 5 to 8 two shifts saturday and to or 5 volunteers Call 4775180 to 8 Volunteer can select any shift per retail experience preferred but not should be like and be Able to handle a Cash Register after train an induction room Volunteer is required monday wednes Days to noon to sit with children and their parents in a wait ing area just prior to Volunteer would read to or do puzzles with the children and act As a Good listener to any parents wanting someone to talk paraprofessional councillors Are needed to be of service to youths in distress those concerned with this position carries a great Deal of responsibility As you answer the distress line in the privacy of your own a Telephone answering service puts Calls through directly to no previous experience necessary 12 hours of training Given in

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