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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 10, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba To gift weather blamed for test delay antinuclear protesters continue pressure at Nevada desert site Las a an Fifo fid test pest profiet Jbf a Day Day because of Wifod Hans at the Nevada test Sowers the test was iter to ftps said the the Peke on Sohd Itidal of weather problems delayed the originally scheduled of throughout the Day More than 2m left turned aut far a second Day at the Gates of the sprawling test site in the desert about 105 Kilometres Northwest of Las vegas to urge the United states join the soviet Union in a test half the demonstrators were from the great peace whose Heimbers crossed into Nevada on would tuesday after being stalled in the California desert for nearly a month in their eastward trek across the United two were arrested at the site bringing to 96 the4 number arrested Sines pretests began in the some antinuclear groups said they had members an the to secret site a planned to place members on the site in an Effort to halt the Energy department officials in Las vegas said the protesters could net reach sensitive areas on the test one highly placed source in Washington the asked far anonymity said winds at the desert site were to blame for the not political Melear tests Are Nat to fidgeted theft winds Are Slewing toward plated primarily Las vegas and Las although ail tests take place there have been a few instances where Tive gases escaped into the the soviet Union has carried but a unilateral test moratorium since 6 and there has been pressure in Congress for the United states to join in a test the Reagan administration says the soviets posed the moratorium because they had completed their Saviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev has said the soviets would resume testing if the United states continues its test the Energy department has fused to confirm that the test was Congress moves to Block saudi arms Sale Knight Ridder newspapers Washington Senate and House members leading the opposition to president Feagans proposed arms Sale to saudi Ara Bia said yesterday they Are nearing the vet proof Mark Ori the Resolution of disapproval that must be passed by May 8 to Block the the lawmakers said they need Only a Hal dozen More signers to have two thirds of the Senate As cosponsors of the they added that congressional opposition to the Sale is mounting be cause of concerns Over the saudis continued hostility towards Israel reporting practices criticized news stories called threat to Security the Washington Post Washington publication of classified information by the Media in recent years has destroyed or seriously damaged intelligence sources of the highest Cen trial intelligence Agency director William Casey said As a whose Agency often refuses to comment on reports about its said he has offered to consult news organizations on Short notice before they publish such speaking at the american society of newspaper editors meeting Casey said reports in print and on television have enabled those hos tile to us to avoid huge investments and to deprive us of the ability to protect our citizens from terrorist Casey also told the 900 newspaper executives in his five years As Cia he has also witnessed admirable restraint by editors asked to withhold or limit information deemed by the government to imperil National Security if made he said that the most effective Way of protecting information was to increase discipline within the suggesting that the administration is studying whether new Laws Are needed to protect the government against employees leaking classified discussing cooperation Between the Media and the intelligence Agen cies in the interest of the Security of our Casey said Ive been gratified by the Readi Ness of Many of you to carefully consider sometimes withholding publication of information which could jeopardize the Public interest More treating a Story in a manner which meets the Public need yet minimizes damage to National intelligence the trick Here is to realize the potential for damage and consult on How it might be he we Are always ready and available on Short notice to help on during the same former Washington pout managing editor Howard now curator of the Neiman foundation program for talked about Washington As a secrecy marinated City where journalists cannot do their jobs effectively without knowing and publishing some information that the government deems citing one estimate that the government has classified As Many As 20 million documents Simons said Many of the classified papers May not be to protect a True secret but to cover up a True Embarrass he added that if actions by the Cia and the defence department cannot stand congressional scrutiny and Public this nation ought not be undertaking Casey said he did not think the Cia could halt operation of new civilian communications such As one France plans to lease for use by news and other anybody can go out and get any information they i expect that Large news organizations will have one of those Large satellites themselves one of these they do have Long Range Cam and we dont try to Stop he and the possibility that some of the weapons could fall into the hands of Arab this Sale is a Sale of the Wrang weapons the the wrong country for the Wrang reasons at the wrong declared Howard Metzenbaum the administration wants to Send saudi Arabia 800 shoulder launched stinger missiles and 200 nearly sidewinder missiles and 100 Harpoon anti ship missiles to bolster Security there in the face of an escalating Ira Iraq but critics of the Sale said there Are stronger arguments against giving More arms to the Tom Lattos said he has received a classified general accounting office study showing that very Likely that groups in Friendly to the United states would get some of the saudi weapons is and that saudi Arabia is incapable of defending without Mas Sive american involvement if it is attacked by rescheduled fat yesterday at that it originally had teen set far the same Day president Reagan met departing soviet ambassador Toly the dates of All tests Are classified except major tests that cause cant ground the Saviet Media Der a need the nuclear testing pro Gram yesterday ene tar calling it a policy of nuclear madness and another accusing the White House of trying to scuttle arms Central in a new Deje Gaitens Vered pretest letters to the Bassy in though the United states postponed the nuclear test in Nevada problem of Banning nuclear testing remains High on the Agen wrote Alexander a commentator for the no Vosti press it is highly significant that the United states prepared a new nuclear blast at a time when soviet and american negotiators were discus sing ways of further broadening political dialogue Between the two he Malyshkin said that by continuing with the the United states is undermining agreements reached after last years Geneva the official news Agency Tass and the National television news gave prominent coverage to the arrests tuesday of antinuclear protesters near the Nevada test Zleit of wafted office renovations f of def Oft Witsic of the a address so us f own of Siow Swami will be Fec Werf at town 6f Sto Newfli bos Manitoba on of before 198b of fun ovations the includes if mechanical and instal lation of Wall coverings and mall work and painting and Wall specifications and Lender forms May be obtained at the town of Stonewall 337 main during regular office hours upon Deposit of Twenty dollars Cash of Cheque for each this amount wll be returned to the fender of upon Fruim of the plans and specifications in Good condition within seven t Days after the tender closing lowest of any tender not necessarily a the town of Stonewall ten dts f film Deal of track May tettau it Wmma mild sealed tenders addressed to regional purchases and Ca Nadian National Box Sfax Slation wimp will be received up to non Bay Liam saving i May of Indef Doeur nems related to this project May be obtained from regional chief Engineer room 460 1 23 main my b3c 2p8 f rack and Roadway Engineer in towers 201 1st Avenue South sask 1j6 of further Contact Robinson 204 Miles regional Chloel Engineer my City of Brandon purchasing department quotation the City o Brandon is interested in receiving quotations on the following equipment item item description Quantity number opening Date turbidity meter 1 Only l3 april 1986 Microscope t Only l38 april 1986 quotation instructions to and specifications May to obtained irom the purchasing City Only City of Brandon quotation forms shall be total Cost to the City of Brandon to include both Federal and provincial with All items being the purchasing cily of it shall to Iho bidders responsibility to determine whether or not taxes Are the City of Brandon reserves the right to accept the quotation that meets its the lowest or any quotation not necessarily quotations Are to be placed in sealed envelopes marked confidential item description and item number and delivered to the 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