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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 8, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba Nepal army tries to keep lid on revolt curfew puzzles citizens a photo Winnipeg free april by Mark Fineman los Angeles times Nepal the army took Complete control of this embattled capital and several major suburbs yesterday to enforce an unprecedented 24hour curfew and stall a popular uprising for democracy that increasingly is threatening asias oldest dozens of chinese made armoured personnel bristling with patrolled Katmandu deserted streets throughout the crack combat troops manned a Chin gun positions around King Birendra near the scene of fridays bloody Urban the worst in Katmandu modern his ring of steel troops manned blockaded most major intersections and guarded key government instal forming a ring of steel around the City 19 Kilometres in army helicopters flew sorties Over the nations main University where the Prode Moc racy movement began nearly eight weeks it was the capitals first curfew in at least three and most of Katmandu largely illiterate popu lation did not even understand despite hourly broadcasts on state run radio that anyone violating it would be shot on three curfew violators were shot dead by soldiers in the suburb of Patan several reliable sources said that one of the victims was an elderly woman who was going to a local Well for another was a woman shot on her Balcony after witnessing the first they elsewhere in the where the curfew was not in protest marches and demonstrations continued As did retaliatory fir ing by riot according to Diplo Mats and other no casualty figures were available from those in the the human toll was rising from fridays police assault on pro democracy Demon at sir nine of the scores of people reportedly killed by official gunfire had doctors were running Short of food for their among them 102 people seriously wounded in the car nage near the Kings doctors also complained that the army was keeping ambulances from entering and leaving the compound and barring Relief employees for the exhausted Hospital staff from reach ing Hospital support to Brace Paris route rep finance ministers of the United states and five other leading Industrial countries said yesterday the japanese yens recent decline was undesirable and suggested they might intervene on currency markets to support but after almost eight hours of the ministers appeared to Stop Short of putting together a major Rescue package for the japanese pledging Only to keep developments under re in a the group of seven countries Cana the United states and West Germany also played Down fears about inflation arising from the eco nomic integration of the two Ger Many and said it could help boost world the talks were dominated by the weakness of the which has been trading at a three year Low against the Dollar and has dragged Down Tokyo Stock and Bond there is no single g7 member who said the current level of the yen should be kept As it japanese finance minister Ryu Taro Hashimoto told ministers and their Central Bank governors would not explain what the statement How its language suggested the group of or would intervene on currency markets to push the yen the statement said the ministers and governors discussed developments in global financial especially the decline of the yen against other and its undesirable consequences for the global adjustment pro and agreed to keep these developments under they reaffirmed their commitment to economic policy co including co opera plotted yen lion in Exchange markets an apparent sign that Central Banks could be expected to Back the yen when markets reopen West German finance minister Theo Taigel indicated As saying people know what has happened in the i cannot say anything More than but the statement suggested japans partners were not ready to go any Treasury Secretary Nicho Las Brady appeared to reflect a relaxed attitude in Washington to the yens telling re porters the currency had been More stable than one would have the Canadian delegation expressed concerns about the de Cline of the we worry about imbalances in Trade Between Japan and the rest of the and in particular with the said David associate Deputy minister in the finance Dodge at tended the mooting with finance minister Michael Wilson and Hank of Canada governor John we would not like to see the situation re Emerto where Japan is running increasingly Large sur pluses with the rest of the Dodge a weak yen would make Japa Nese products less expensive helping Japan expand its Trade As for Dodge said we think the unification process will he goad for the German Economy Ami that the German Economy will manage it it will also be Gmal for Europe and the rest of the the process of unification and the investments in Eastern Europe will contribute to some de Cline in Germany Trade sur a one Lay for All nepalese youths yell we want democracy at demonstration in front of government building in Katmandu International Airport was effectively closed All and thousands of foreigners in this popu Lar tourist Mecca were stranded and confined to their the army refused to Issue curfew passes or let civilian vehicles move Between the City and no flights had landed or left the Himalayan kingdom for More than 36 hours As of 7 there were several attempts at direct negotiations Between Prode Moc racy leaders and three of the four Cabinet ministers whom the King has appointed to replace a Hartline government he dismissed Friday morning in an attempt to defuse the growing Birendra new prime Lokendra Bahadur met with Ganesh Man the ailing Leader of the banned nepali Congress in Singh Hospital room yes but Congress leaders said that Chand described it As a Cour Tesy adding that Singh repeated his determination to keep the protests the popular movement will continue with greater intensity and Singh vowed in a Public Congress party As Well As representatives of seven communist parties that Are helping to Lead the mass have insisted they will not even discuss ending the protests until the King publicly agrees to a multiparty system in Nepal Kings have ruled with virtually unchecked Power since Biren dras King used the army to stage a Palace coup in jailing All the elected officials and Cabinet residents of the Kat Mandu Valley were most Are so poor they can afford to shop Only a Day at a and with stores closed by the Security families already were running out of most had no idea there is no word in the nepali language for and few Here have Ever heard the English jury finds Poindexter guilty former Reagan official faces 25 years in prison wet Karo Washington a former National Security adviser John poin Dexter was convicted yesterday of obstruction and lying to Congress in the Ira Contra scandal that marred the last two years of Ronald reagans a Federal court jury found poin Dexter guilty on All five felony charges against he could face up to 25 years in prison and million us in fines when he is sentenced june Poindexter Law yers said they would in reaching the jurors rejected reagans claim in video taped testimony that no crimes were committed in his administrations secret arms sales to Iran and diver Sion of profits to help the Nicara Guan Contra president Reagan was said prosecutor Dan noting the earlier conviction of poin Dexter former aide Oliver Long silence had appeared confident As he walked into the court room shortly after noon on the sixth Day of jury he stood facing the jurors As the 25yearold Wayne Rose to his feet to read the Mitchell said As the clerk read each of the five criminal charges there was silence in the court room As the first verdict was re turned and then a murmur As Mit Chell continued to read guilty verdicts on each of the five Webb said the prosecution team will meet to make a sentencing recommendation to District court judge Harold Poindexter conviction Marks the end of a very difficult and very important trial in american his he High men in government office who have the responsibility for the Security of this nation ought not to be allowed to commit crimes to pursue their own Webb Poindexter is the third Reagan administration figure convicted in the neither North nor former National Security adviser Robert served time in Poindexter was convicted of conspiring with businessman Richard Secord and others to conceal the truth about Ira Contra from he was accused of cover up norths secret Contra resupply network and the role in a Cia assisted shipment of Hawk mis Siles to Iran in november norths Contra military assistance operation took place during a con Gressional Aid ban that required the Cia to withdraw military support for the rebel the Hawks shipment was ratified by a politically embarrassing presidential document that depicted the missile delivery As a Swap of arms for Poindexter Tore up the document hours after telling Congress that Reagan haunt approved the on Reagan had said in a televised address that we did not Trade weapons for Poindexter said nothing As he left the a reporter asked whether he had any second thoughts about not taking the wit Ness stand in his own no second responded Poindexter were naturally disappointed with the verdict in this but were going to Appeal it and were going to keep fighting it As hard As we defence lawyer Richard Beckler during the five week poin Dexter lawyers suggested that his actions were aimed at protecting the even being charitable to Admi ral he did it because he wanted to protect the political viability of Ronald and i consider that to be Webb people do not commit crimes to protect the Public Webb said a decision on whether prosecutors will recommend that Poindexter get a prison term will be made in consultation with Independent counsel Lawrence whose office has been investigating the scandal since december Poindexter with his on Way to courtroom key players in affair 1990 Cavalier i Vici 5 old till Bucko custom am pm As Low As Kentucky Frie Chicken of sign Fitch 1990 Lumina sports Coupe 3 1 i bad Cociu ill raise am pm bold Bunch Ommund hours 4 364 Regent driving with you into Iii Tum driving with Tou inic ii Juliu Washington a Here is the Legal status of key figures in the Ira Contra affair John former National Security found guilty at a jury trial yesterday of conspire two counts of obstructing con Gress and two counts of making false statements in connection with Rea Gan administration assistance to the nicaraguan Contra rebels and a no vember 1985 shipment of Hawk mis Siles to sentencing set for june Oliver former National Security Council found guilty at a jury trial May 4 of three felonies aiding and abetting the obstruction of destroying official documents and accepting an illegal gratuity and sentenced to two years fined us and ordered to perform hours of Community he is Appeal ing the the Fine and pro Bation while serving the Community service in an Antidrug Robert former National Security pleaded guilty to four misdemeanours of with holding information from Congress by denying that the Csc staff was soliciting support for the contras military activities and helping move supplies to the rebels and denying that he knew anything about third country financing of the Richard a retired air Force major pleaded guilty 8 to lying to congressional investigators when he said he want aware of any Money that went to the Benefit of North from the Maze of companies known As the enter which Secord had used in the Ira Contra Carl Spitz pleaded guilty to using his nonprofit nation Al endowment for the preservation of Liberty to raise More than million to buy weapons for the nicaraguan sentenced to two years probation for conspiring to defraud the Treasury of taxes due on the Money raised with norths Assis Richard head of a Washington Public relations pleaded guilty to conspiring to de fraud the internal Revenue service of taxes on contributions used to Supply military Aid to the sentenced to two years Albert iranian born Busi Nessman who with Secord ran the pleaded guilty to a mis Demeanour of aiding and abetting in supplementing norths income by paying for a Security Fence at norths Hakim was fined and sentenced to two years probation he agreed to fore go his claims on More than million in profits from the Reagan administrations Iran arms a company he set Lake pleaded guilty to theft of govern ment property in connection with Iran arms Sale Money diverted from the the judge or dered that company be Joseph former Cia station chief in Costa charged with obstruction and making false statements in connection with his assistance to norths Contra resupply the judge in the Case said the charges must be dismissed due to the attorney generals ban on the use of classified material Fernandez needs for his Iran Contra Are appealing

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