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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 8, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba 26 Winnipeg free april termite twins get under oilers skins by Tim Campbell the Bruise Brothers they Are Phil Sykes and Doug could very Well be the termite pests night and Treyve been virtually impossible to get rid of since the Winnipeg jets and Edmonton oilers began their nil smythe division where theres Woodwork As in Sticks they seem to be in the Middle of the two have been annoying several of the oilers top Mark Messier among the results have been some playoff intensity Handi hand with undisguised meanness on both whether tonight game 3 at the Arena is a continuation of that remains up in the according to i guess it depends on the Tempo of the said the wiry 185 Pound its kind of funny to see the Edmonton who used to be the explosive hockey playing that sort of a its almost like a says the Pes like Demea nor is Standard for Whitey Evans and that the Way weve played All our in you face hockey and nothings changed i dont think its any different than the regular they get tired of looking at us and in the playoffs when its a Little More important everything a Little More acce aggressive game at 5foot9 and crossed paths with Messier More than once on youve got to be involved in the game and i dont mind that part of it at Evans its More or less my an aggressive sort of i Hope offensive opportunities i can make the Best of both Mark Messier a pretty Good hockey i think both teams try to get the potent players on the other team off their if i or anybody else on our team can its going to be Good for regardless of who on Evans and Sykes know the Fine line Between agitation and the penalty we want to make sure we walk away from anything after the Sykes one of the facets of our game is to finish in definitely not saying dirty or series made for the hound by Tim Campbell temporarily at the spotlight on goal ending has switched to first one into the Corners can expected to be hounded and its what the Edmonton oilers set out to do in game 2 of the smythe division semifinal with the Winnipeg jets Friday in the oilers Forward pressure eventually created two third period goals that sent the game to and As the teams head for tonight game 3 at the the oilers Are still aiming for some Lon term gain by laying the body on at every Opportunity both offensive and its nothing new to playoff in its Likely what takes the emotion up a notch or they the jets Are coming Back and working hard but we want to continue to take the body and just try to Wear them said oilers Forward Joe whose line did the Messy Spade work on the game tying goal in fridays 32 oilers Victory in Over but its going to be hard to do that because there playing really our idea is to get it in and bang their Treyve got really Good puck handling defence men that can Back up on the were trying to go after them and hit them really Wear them Down the Murphy and Lin mate Kelly Buchberger were especially effective at initiating Contact making footsteps As the oilers tied the series at and the former Detroit red Wing and 1 Overall draft pick was making no apolo i think we just have to keep playing he there big and they be in the league if they increasing the jets dont need to look Over their shoulders to know those footsteps Are getting As i look at i dont think we had too much trouble with it to Tell you the said Winnipeg defence Man Fredrik Olausson i thought we played a really solid game Friday and maybe we a Little Luck we could have had that game wrapped Olausson among the More agile of the jets defence men and prime Edmonton target insisted that since his team won the opener last wednes Day he Hast seen anything he have said the style want going to create any big advantage one Way or the he was Only looking for the Little advantages that win playoff his Friday goal was a Good was also Quick to Point out that so far in the series the team that has trailed has been Able to get the trend goes Back to include the last five meetings Between the jets and in each one Side has led by at least two goals in the first half of the each the other team has come Back to that pretty who Evers been up usually Murphy it was a Battle again a exciting game and i think its going to continue that Way through out the we sat Back a the other night game 1 against we backed up and played you cant just Lay Back and that showed up photo theres no question that the oilers hold a massive Edge in postseason experience on More Youthful oilers hold Trump cards by Grant Mcginnis there called and one of the most important in playoff hockey is the Only real Way to measure it is games played in the National hockey league Post and in the smythe divison semifinal Between Winnipeg jets and Edmonton it is the oilers who hold All the right its the 20 players who dressed on behalf of the Winnipeg jets in fridays second game of the a 32 extra period win for Edmon have now played 428 nil playoff games Between the 20 players who dressed on behalf of the Edmonton oilers have now made play off add in the oilers four Stanley cups and there is Little doubt which team gets the but just How much of an Edge is it and will it be a key ingredient in game three tonight at the Winnipeg Arena 7 Csc television and in any remaining games in the Besto seven series its said jets coach Bob Mur if Dave Ellett would have scored that goal when he was in there All alone Friday and we were up you be asking me that you would be saying the Winnipeg jets Are playing great and they have a two game experience crucial True but As it they scored the Murdoch went experience is Friday it May have been the it Are never out of a playoff for the its All so when the oilers scored Early in the third period to close the Gap to a Winnipeg sat panic set of Murdoch the jets could easily have won the but the oilers still hold most of the the fact that Treyve won four Stanley cups in the past six years is of Benefit to Murdoch because Treyve been they know what it takes and Treyve been through our Guys Are still in that learning process but that Doest meant there not Capa ble of doing Friday the jets were flustered once Edmonton was on the instead of working the puck patiently out of their end and letting the flow game take Winnipeg was throwing the puck sense Lessly into the Slot and was acting Long before i think it has a bit to do with said Centre Dave who has Only five nil playoff games on his you have to be mentally smart in different Guys that have played in not just in the nil but in minor leagues and College or it helps but to have that nil experience Well you really need from we have to take away their Speed by getting closing off the Middle and pinching their Guys off along the there going to come out and try to be aggressive Evans the crowds going to be All riled up and behind us so we just have to stay Calm and hopefully stick to our let them take the stupid penalties and hopefully i think each game is like a boxing Sykes the rest of the fight is determined by How the first round you feel each other out and if it gets youve got to match your Muckler turns on hate face continued from Page 25 by Murdoch said hed Sim ply forgotten the oilers coach first but obviously Muckler thinks there is More to that was one of Many reasons Why Muckler was so Happy on Friday that was a pretty Nasty he smiling there were a lot of Good body there was a lot of infighting with Guys trying to gain Back the ground that want there that what playoffs Are All Muckler made it quite Clear that the oilers will be aggressive for the remainder of the he also suggested that any inclination the jets Are a team nobody could hate is far from the yes for the first time since the series began one of the head coaches has a hate and Muckler appears to be very comfortable wearing his game being aggressive is How the oilers have to play to there is Only one Way to play this Muckler smiling one of those lip Curling you have to hate the person youre playing the oilers still May not respect the it is that they hate and that should make the rest of this series a lot More show Murdoch says Bob Murdoch wondered aloud yesterday where the consistency of the men in stripes has in the Winnipeg jets coach is not sure Why its been open season on his goalies in the smythe division semifinal with the Edmon ton weve heard All year How they have been enforcing those Murdoch there have been meetings about that through the whole in question were incidents from each of the first two games of the series at North lands late in game oilers Mark Messier came barrelling into Bob Essensa crease after taking a shot on Messier came in elbows raised and flattened Essen in game oilers Craig Simpson jammed his stick into Stephane Beau regards Groin after the goalie had covered a Loose puck during the second Beauregard said that he also has a stick Mark in the Back of his right leg Courtesy of fanning the player adrenalin by Grant Mcginnis straggling through the Airport at 3 most of the Winnipeg jets barely had their eyes but it was difficult to miss a dozen or so hardcore supporters of the National hockey league club who had forgone their regular sleep patterns in favor of a Little Pat on the the fresh off a 32 overtime loss to the Edmonton were 7 Oclock at the foldout Winnipeg the support will be far less and that How the jets would like that just typical of Winnipeg Booster club left Winger Doug Smail said of the greeting the jets received when their pos game charter touched Down in Winnipeg yesterday those Guys have been unbelievable every year that Ive been i cant say it surprised me but its Nice to see no matter what Nice Pat on its a Nice Pat on the tonight a repeat of the overwhelming sea of White of three years ago is expected at the fans will be Given White pompoms to add to the in tuesdays fourth game noise makers will be the and if the volume is anywhere near where it was in 1987 when the jets knocked Calgary out of the smythe division race in the opening it will be a definite its always Nice to have the said jets coach Bob you saw what happened in the third period in when Edmonton got that first the crowd got suddenly the emotion started to the adrenalin started to flow for the it definitely helped the first two games of this series have certainly shown that the jets can compete with the a sellout tonight seems to confirm that a repeat of 87 is and As a the players Are looking Forward to a different the Carni Val like setting that greeted the jets new years eve when Winnipeg beat Edmonton is it a Factor said there Are times during a hockey game when things go really Flat and the crowd can be there to pick it when you play at you expect the Type of response that we got three years ago in that wed like to think weve Given the fans something to cheer about and something to Hope a Lynnik gets it in Mantha gets a break Winnipeg free press by Scott Taylor Bob Murdoch tried to be Patty he fell on his glut us said the coach of the Winnipeg jets he fell on his buttocks and its but it the injury not the glut us Maximus int life we thought it would be better if he took some treatments today instead of a was the jets Sec on leading scorer this season with 32 goals and 42 his scoring touch was sorely missed in the second and third periods on Friday it was originally announced that he had suffered a Back injury during the first period of Friday nights 32 overtime then it was suggested hed actually suffered an ankle assured that neither was the his Ankles and shoulders Are Murdoch were calling the injury Hes pretty banged were not 100 per cent sure hell be Back but were a Lynnik want the Only Jet absent from yesterday afternoons defence Man Moe Mantha also missed the that caused some consternation within the local press corps but Murdoch quelled the Moe got two Points in the first game and two Points in the second we have rewarded him with a Day Murdoch said before the series started he had a bit of a Groin we thought it would be Best if he took a Day As you saw at it was More of a recovery Day than a Day for teaching or we just wanted to make sure Moe got some we Are 100 per cent certain hell play the jets Arent expected to make any lineup changes unless a Lynnik cant answer the its Likely Gord who has played Well in his first two playoff games As a jets will Start again Shawn Cronin and Laurie Boschman will continue to sit and its Bob Essensa turn to play were pleased with the Way we played in Murdoch i cant see us making any changes at this Pat a Lynnik is still feeling

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