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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 8, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba Tuesday april for you people who can adjust traits better psychologists say Orlando Eminel and far ahead of the there was David then tame other performers who seemed to be playing with their sexuality Michael boy Grace Prince and Annie Lennox among would be sociologists started lumping them together and calling them gender its an obnoxious turn of a phrase that fortunately Hast caught on outside of women Wear daily and people theres no need for because we already have a respectable word that dates Back to ancient Greece modern usage in its most common modern androgyny refers to men Jones Tough movie role who exhibit feminine women who appear to mime such people seem to be poised on kind of sexual per haps they Are making a statement perhaps they Are just to the Case of a performing it All seems part of the a kind of onstage most people think of androgyny in this sense As being Little More than a along the order of wine coolers and specific meaning but androgyny has a specific meaning to psychologists a meaning that has nothing to do with show business or with Grace Jones Crew Cut or boy Georges in use the word to describe Ordinary peo ple people who Are not of sexually but extremely right among the emphasis on androgyny began in the when pioneering work in sex roles and their influence on personality was being done by san dra a researcher at Stan Ford Berns and the results of several Well documented studies since has indicated that peo ple who can draw both the male and the female aspects of their personalities tend to solve prob lems More get along bet Ter with other and have higher self images than people who stick to the role Model traits of their respective but psychologists say that get Ting that idea across to the general Public has been difficult particularly with rewarding the difference is that for a cultivating an androgynous personality can be immediately to Orlan psychologist Ann a woman who becomes More As for example taking on what is considered a masculine Quality might get a promotion out of Bowie is head of the pack of androgynous but a Man becomes More sensitive to others something that is considered a feminine trait be accused of be coming there is simply no instant payoff for men who try to acquire the psychological skills of the other but shifting toward qualities most often associated with women can be precisely what a Man needs to do to recover from a disastrous for he has to admit that it is he has to concede that he was partly to and he has to seek the help of other All three actions run against the Grain of traditional male values stub All three actions Are associated with Femi nine theres no doubt that cultivating stepping outside the boundaries of purely masculine is a worthwhile goal for a said psychologist Dan who is one of Diebels partners at the new South Bay Centre for the prob Lem with Macho is that its if your opponent Doest Back Down its a forbearance these Are All considered feminine its ludicrous when you Stop to think about but that the Way the chips fell when sex roles were handed husband urged to seek therapy for obsession deaf aim Landers three years ago i began to collect Hummel Fig the prices ranged from to t owned about each piece had sentimental sign Ivanee such As last year my became interested in my collection when he Learned that some of the figures had appreciated in value and several models were within the last few months he has brought Home about 80 of the larger figures and 50 smaller prank claimed he was trying to make me this is when the fighting he has become so obsessed with the potential value of these hum reels that it is 1 am embarrassed to invite guests to our Home because it looks like a gift not Only has my husband taken All the Joy out of my but Ive grown to hate every one of those he spends hours going Over noting the Cost of the purchases and their current i fear his goal is to buy every Hummel that was Ever am i being or is there some thing wrong with him inspired collector dear your husband has become obsessed with what used to be your obsessions Are a form of mental illness and difficult to Frank should be in encourage him to sell the figures on which be can make a the next letter should be of interest to dear Ann Landers six years ago my husband went nutty Over tropical he bought a 70litre tank and every spare minute watching the when they had babies he was in seventh his Hobby was a source of great pleasure and i liked the Only drawback was cleaning the but he always did it and it took less than an a year later he decided to get double tanks with connecting tubes so the fish could swim Back and everyone who came to the House said the sight of those fish swimming from one tank to the other was one of the most Beautiful sights they Ever the twin Are larger and take three hours to at least 20 pans of dishwater must be emptied and put Back whats they must be cleaned every three to four if we let it go longer the room smells like a last year my husband had sur the Job of feeding the removing the dead ones and clean ing the tanks fell to his interest in the fish diminished considerably Ann Landers after his but any mention of getting rid of the tanks results in a heated 1 dont want to be but it looks As if t am stuck with a lifetime Job that i t need some Good old Ann Landers Between a Rock and a hard plate find someone dear Rock find someone for reasonable will clean the tanks once a a High school student or a retired person might jump at the Opportunity to mane a few extra pass the word among your neighbors and and Good write to Ann Landers care of the Winnipeg free if you request a personal include a stamped self addressed news America Syndicate birthdays Sharon want to take this time to i just say Hows it going he on your 26th birthday Jim Andre Booboo Martens april 8 you get off easy this because in at a loss for Happy 31st Jim specs qua 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