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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 7, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba J free april insect repellents banned As danger of attn us Canadian press of Fatwa about half of the insect repellents canadians use few banned yesterday by the Agri culture us repellents All use an Active ingredient known As Roll which has been shown in Laboratory tests to cause Adverse effects on re products Vity and Lon term health in Labora tory about 80 different products Are Consumers wishing More information can Telephone a Tollfree number 18002679675 daily Between 9 and 9 Canada the Hospital Board decided late last year to Stop therapeutic abortions at the but after a Public the Board decided on 4 to rescind the motion until further input from the Public was priest imprisoned child seats flawed Baker a roman Catholic priest has been sentenced to five years in prison on sexual assault father Eric pleaded guilty to nine charges of sexual assaulting the offences occurred Between 1983 and 1987 at Baker a Remote inuit Community 600 kilo metres Northeast of abortion vote set Nanaimo regional general Hospital plans to hold a referendum in november to measure Public opinion on Abor inquiry report delayed the Long awaited report on the aboriginal Justice inquiry wont be completed until the end of october at an inquiry spokesman said Tom inquiry executive said inquiry co commis sinners associate chief Justice at Hamilton of the court of Queens Bench and provincial court associate chief judge Murray Sinclair need More time to write the re theres so much material to go Mcmahon said of the 000 pages of inquiry Mcmahon said the first deadline of was missed because the hearings into How Manitoba judicial system treats natives had not been completed by the which began in Spring heard More than presen including 67 written by the time Public testimony concluded last Mcmahon said a second deadline of March 31 this year had to be extended by an order Council be cause the hearings went on longer than he said the report should be completed by the third deadline of 31 this unless a further order i Council is passed to extend he said it is up to the Cocom missioners when they will Complete the we dont know How much time it will he i guess when the commissioners feel they have a Good it will be so the inquiry has Cost about Mcmahon correction in our Parade of values flyer dated april 7th we Are unable to offer the Ultra slim fast bars due to a Supply we will offer the slim fast powder 400 g at As a Susti we apologize for any inconvenience this May have metro drugs correction re super stars april 7th the splash pants in girls sizes 714 will not be due to no rain checks will be we regret any inconvenience this May have caused our Patio furniture Kravco Pool Patio 550 Century route 90 North saturdays Toronto hundreds of Fisher Price child car seats Are defective and could break in a the company said the Metal Tongue which secures the shield to the seat May break in an Fishe Price will Send owners a free kit to repair the which it said was discovered during test Home buyers conned a Day after moving into their dream Home in the a family Learned they were victims of an elaborate Niagara regional police said the family found out the Man who sold them the House didst own the prop police name the but said they lost in the Deal to a Man who impersonated the builder of their Bouchard digs in Quebec the Federal government May launch its own Public hearings into the environmental Impact of a Hydro project planned for the James Bay Region because a Quebec proposal is Federal environment minister Lucien Bouchard said while still holding out Hope that a formula for joint Public hearings can be worked Bouchard made it Clear that Ottawa was not impressed by a threat this week by Quebec environment minister Pierre Para Paradis said the province is ready go it alone unless the Federal govern ment complies with his conditions for Granny gets Gate Halifax a White haired grandmother was thrown out of the Nova Scotia legislature yes correction re Canadian tire value guide 90 m sprays in radial should read White pin to in the the legend indicate Black As her Gas and Grey As heavy path u Mot Muster wiper numbers 1 to 5 indicated in the yellow circles on the illustration Are however the copy describing each number should read precision trimmed wiping Edge eliminates streaking and Multi Point suspension system maintains even pressure twin mounted spoilers for maximum Windshield precision fit adapters for easy stainless steel Frame or outstanding strength and Paft 71 directional style wheel covers hem 4 product 0418037x sporty White directional should read each hem 5 product 0418052x hot red directional should read each item 6 product Chrome plated directional should read each Pitt 110 product hem 2 9pack bins should read 4x7 us item 6 product 05b7837x Al purpose Vise copy has a re Cord this logo should be with item Quality 11lb 124 item shop vac copy reads product product prices should be pan 140 item 1 product 1495860x master Craft roller covers should read package of path 112 Shower curtains keys on the illustration for items 16 s 19 should be pm 201 item 2 product Black and Decker pacemaker 5 Speed mixer should read 75 path 221the keys on the illustrations 3 and 4 should be pm 280 hem 10 product 9 practice hardball should read rubber product aluminium softball bats should read items 1 to product wooden softball bats should read items 5 and pin Zio product 2 room privacy tent should read Nylon path 212 Backpacker tents should read item 4 product 6 should read 2 persons item 5 product should read 3 person pin 211 hem 11 product should read litre plat 213 item 11 product heavy duty hand truck illustration is not exactly As path 211 hem 1 product gras Catcher grass Catcher should refer to item product Pitt 2m hem 3 product compressed air sprayer should read translucent polyethylene item 6 product Chaplin Metal compressed air sprayers this item does not Fea Ture a padded shoulder we apologia Tor any inconvenience caused to our notice of Road restrictions bulletin n respecting the operation of vehicles on highways in the province of Manitoba the owners and operators of vehicles will please take note that pursuant to subsection 1 of Section 86 of the Highway traffic act being chapter h60 of the continuing consolidation of the statutes of Manitoba that on and after prevailing april 1990 and continuing until further notice restrictions will be imposed As follows 60 Al Torami Pat 10 360 per Inch Width of Tara Waught pm Ala a Tambly on All Asphalt treated and paved provincial trunk highways and provincial roads in Manitoba a capt As noted Thow Nomel loading 10 kilogram i pm mall Matra 560 Par Inch Width of Ira lira per Section 6b Ontario to Slafca Chawan through la pral la through Brandon Junction to Saaka Chawan fort to what Junction Dalo Alna to Saika Chawan m1 to to Grunthal to Junction to r9 path path path 4 path t89 to path t9 path path i to Saaka Chawan path Isa through Dauphin pth6 path to Thompson path torts path it to Hecla Park data path 9a to pm South o path to Riding Mountain part Boundary Riding Mountain Park to Junction p5 Junction to flan flon path Iilona through Dauphin through Ethalbert through Swan through flan flon pthd11 path to me to Brand Baach to Carman path 76 to path us to bronc Ahaad Olvar path f 16 to Saaka Chawan path to 2 path Dauphin Beach to path through Dauphin path to d path 23 to Lton Accad path 24 to path f25 wha Atlanda path 27 to path to r75 path to path to f 14 path path to so Laura path to Burtla to path it to Junction path to Sandy 118 to path to Saaka Chawan path 16 to 15 pm North of 261 path 69 to path fs9 male to f 100 fid to Victoria Baach path 6 to path Stonewall to it path 75 to Winnipeg path 83 to to path Moo path to 59 to 1e or 200 or or or prkz10 or Moo to Adolpha to Salk it to 2 pm of Road Mil m5lo Meto Louatta to m 5 to Wood Redga to landmark m1 top Nawa or 213 or c214 or or or or or or prk241 or or or or c280 or or d287 or 290 or f291 or or 304 or pr310 or 1 or 3 or 31 5 or i320 or or 1330 or or 340 or 366 or or or 1396 or or or or or 502 or or or or c516 Prissio to Manor 46 Al Torami per 10 mall Leatrea 260 per Inch Width of tire Groat weight per on Ine following provincial trunk highways and provincial roads path North Junction to South Junction path i5 Louth 8 0229 10 a Lull path 10 l3 f 1 to tth31 to hip to a Nauru or 242 to la re Lafe to 3 pm South of Zailn Bolna or Roa Alala to 244 or 250 2 to or 251 21 to or 256 10 1345 or 257 256 to Saskatchewan or 345 to Llalon or f 3 to or 0430 m to Ambrolas or Morden to 8 pm South or or to pro Kaliloa to dlr Rel India trial part to Sta Evock to Portage la pral la Motolo pm til of 3 to Carman to Roa Alala Alvari to m6 ill Lam to Long Spruce to Saskatchewan to Ralla Laland Molo the Airport Long Spruce to Limestone flan flon to Channing to pm a ouch to pm Watt Lolo no Venrilla m 1 to pol la do Bola 3 to Bird River iof602 Fla to 8 a ouch of Natley Creek 7 Moo to la Salle r1 to to Stockton m to Salto 6 to pm North Thompson to Lynn Lake to Snow Lake Lynn Lake to Fox Lake 23 to Leon f3 to Waskada Brandon to to Laurier my to Victoria Beach 169 to it to general in addition it should be noted that during Trie period of restrictions overload permits will not generally be issued on those highways that Are not affected by these restrictions april 1990 by order Albert Driedger minister Manitoba highways and transportation Ter Day for conducting a protest vote against the proposed goods and ser vices speaker Art Donahoe ordered the woman and another member of the pro Canada network out of the stately red chamber after Premier John Buchanan complained that they were violating a tradition bar ring special interest groups from using the Mildred said she believe the tory govern ment accused her of trespassing when the room usually used for committee meetings and formal occasions had been booked on her behalf by nip Leader Alexa Joe Howe would turn in his said had roses sift Kwh int Academy florists 1 1 locations direct from Italy for less cos mans 9421177 200 Princess mpg s other leather address correction we regret that due to limited the following items May not be available at All store locations during the Welcome Spring Sale description 171 405 sport watch 824078 Stork Craft crib 648535 super Mario Cartridge Consumers distributing saturday and sunday april 7 and 8 your rent is based on your this could mean rents As Low As per month attractive Bachelor suites ready for viewing program features 24 hour medical Alert some buildings with recreation and social programs apartments available in Central James and Charleswood for Imp Nedinne occupancy if by simply visiting you could win a new Colour As a new resident you will receive a gift certificate from Sofe Woy Winnipeg regional housing authority each limit one per customer Safeway we Brig till together Inion Selkirk sir guv hmm Ajril 1wwo until club i Sii Iii a Iii Mil at All ii ill to retail All tin inn Kjad

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