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Winnipeg Free Press Newspaper Archives Apr 6 1990, Page 4

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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 6, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba 4 Winnipeg free april Feltt pbe88 pact proponents bitter in defeat illustrates presentation with map and hears from native historian Gilbert German Centre to be forum told continued from Page 1 Board should have Given an equal Chance to All ethnic groups by announcing million in funding was it was not a level playing Diamant adding the Board should not Rush ahead with the Ger Man Centre or phase 2 development Bulman said the Forks Board didst know there was million in government Money available for the German Centre until it was announced by the Core area initiative and the province earlier this How we can resolve the cultural Centre Issue i dont Bulman but he promised to take Saless and a request to commit the German cultural Centre Issue to Public to the after the Al Golden Gle Lawn denounced the corporations approval of the German the boards decision to allow German canadians to build a cultural Centre at the Forks was the most divisive decision in Winnipeg re cent history audit must be rescind Golden told i and we Are looking at Bulman adding the matter came up during yesterdays Board he did not Golden and Gilbert a native Oral asked Bulman Why the Forks set up three years could not come up with a plan for a native one of our tribes Assini Boine butchered and chased away from the a former resident of the fort Alex Ander Indian when you the Forks Board fully accept Well sit with you and participate in the Forks develop who now lives in Golden noted the Board spent million for a skating Why not a single Dollar for the native which would have been a Public draw Golden Bulman said it was an unfair he said the Board was waiting for natives to come with ideas for their he also confirmed the Forks pub Lic Market will soon have a wine which he said was part of the Overall we Felt a wine store is but Glen Murray Lillian Thomas Elmwood and eve Lyne Reese Langevin wondered if a wine store was a local arts and crafts store owner said the Forks instead of giving preference to local is gouging them by imposing heavy rents that Are chasing them from the Forks Bulman promised to take All the concerns raised to the corporations of infamy for predicted he has the Legal but i dont think he has the moral to rescind the constitutional approval Given by another legislature is unheard it is the first time a provincial government has rescinded another governments constitutional resold the fight to do so was enshrined in the 1982 endorsed by All provinces except Meech Lake would make Quebec a willing partner in the in part by recognizing it As a distinct Wells remained unfazed by criticism yesterday that he is the author of the deals it would bother me greatly if it were but whatever Newfoundland it Meech is still not going to go asked if the Deal is Wells replied i have grave doubts that theres Likely anything to be reached before june but i dont look at that As the end of the constitutional while Wells admitted he was apprehensive about separatist tensions in he said he had to put the Good of Canada and Newfoundland new Brunswick and Manitoba have yet to sign the Accord but new Brunswick Premier Frank Mckenna is willing to endorse it if there is Broad support for his proposal to add sections later to protect linguistic minorities and Wells is worried that Meech will give Quebec leverage to gain Powers no other province he also fears that limits on Federal spending will keep Newfoundland poor and provincial veto rights will prevent future constitutional Wells has suggested changes to the Accord to Deal with those among but prime minister Mulroney and Quebec Premier Robert Bourassa have ruled out any changes before Meech is Wells Resolution states Newfoundland will not endorse the Accord unless the majority of voters in a provincial or National referendum approve he has said he will not Call a Newfoundland referendum unless both new Brunswick and Manitoba sign the Deal and he is the Lone among other the Accord recognizes Quebec As a distinct society and gives provinces More Powers in Senate and judicial a police plan to keep Eye on scalpers at Arena Man feels like bureaucratic victim continued from Page i Man questioning Why he must once again prove his innocence out Side court before being allowed to resume i feel like in a victim of Bureau the Man has no prior convictions under the criminal code or the Highway traffic lawyer who de fended the Man in said he was also surprised by the recent turn of adding there is no Sugges Tion in the mans past of any abuse of so Weinstin the Man has been forced to pay a fee for the initial review and another for the afm in addition to bus and cab fares and Legal i think its a Weinstein said of his clients he thought everything was Over and now Hes looking at another six or seven weeks Peoples rights Are really being it Doest matter what the court Dan assistant Deputy minister of the highways and transportation department and registrar of the motor vehicles said even though the legislation allows the alcohol assessment requirement to be his department has yet to make an exception to the since the touted As the Tough est in Canada for impaired was brought into place last no Coyle noted motorists have had their licences suspended for 90 of 19 people have appealed the but Only two have had the suspensions he said the remainder of those suspended were required to get clearance from the alcoholism foun Dation or a similar body before hav ing their licences the government has chosen a very Tough he Coyle said he could not comment on the circumstances surrounding the two cases in which licence sus pensions were lifted after the initial nor would he comment on the specific Case in heals said the outcome of any court Case involving drinking and driving has no effect on suspensions under the saying that area is an not driving in he is a privilege that is revoked in cases of impaired driving and must be earned part of he is the alcohol assessment Efalua Justice minister Jim responding to questions earlier this week about Why the assessment haunt been waived after the mans said the province is look ing into the we Are making he refusing to comment highways and transportation minister Albert Driedger could not be reached for opponents of the while maintaining they favor Tough action against drunk say the Case Points out the problems that can arise under the All we Are saying is we would like to see it done in the right Errol president of the Mani Toba association for rights and i everything we feel could go wrong under the legislation has gone wrong Lewis said complaints about the legislation to his organization have been mainly because peo ple feel there is Little they can do to oppose people believe no matter what they the Law is going to go he continued from Page 1 under the cites amusement tax it is illegal to barter or Exchange for anything any ticket of admission to a place of amusement for a Price or consideration greater than that paid or Given therefore to the owner of the place of amusement to which it is an Johns said the which carries a maximum is Seldom in part because the jets have not been a hot ticket until they Haven even been Able to fill the building until so Scalp ing Hast been a Johns it Hast been a problem for at least one who Esti mated hell make easily a grand scalping tickets at jets games this the Calgary los Angeles Kings and the Montreal canadians Are scalpers he but nothing compares with playoff even though they always bomb its still the Best time of year for he adding Hes scalped tickets outside hockey and football games As Well As Rock concerts off and on for the past five he said he Seldom even sees the attractions people seem so willing to Shell out big Money if i get stuck with a ill but id rather have the he adding he Hopes he can sell his tickets on sunday quickly so he can get Home in time to watch the game on its better that Way the Beers he Diane jets ticket manag said the team does everything it can to discourage the sundays game is sold out and standing room tickets go on Sale late there were Only tickets left for tuesdays tests give false sense of Security continued from Page 1 wide margin of error and Are Only used As a screening device before a breathalyser is he Toews said while the Sel adminis tired breath tests May not be defeating the purpose behind the pro Vinces get Tough policy with drunk motorists should exercise More caution than simply relying on a machine As a test of it might Send out the wrong Mes Sage and Lull them into a false sense of he i would Hope people would be More cautious than Winnipeg police traffic Dennis Davill said his departments experience with such devices is they tend to understate the level of in Archie coordinator of the ramps forensic which instructs police on the use of Breatha said while new devices on the Market May be More the Only devices deemed to be fully accurate Are those approved by the alcohol test a subcommittee of the Federal solicitor generals for use by Law enforcement in the much simpler de vices Haven been reliable he As he devices marketed As a guide to indicate impairment Levels will Only work if the user follows the instructions when youre dealing with an impaired will they remember to follow the instructions properly he Kraut said such devices also re quire periodic calibration checks to ensure which would be impossible for Home use my concern is if youre on the borderline of impairment and you believe you can be but some local firms marketing the devices stand behind them As a device aimed at reducing drunk Curtis co owner of Ace Early warning said his company known As the electronic breath is not intended As a substitute for a nothing is 100percent its for people who have had three or four Beers who dont know where they he the available in six local gives a digital readout of the blood alcohol level when a Dollar Coin is inserted into the machine and the Patron blows into it for five he Jeff president of Multi Media that markets the drive guard handheld alcohol level said his product through television and direct mail campaigns is also intended strictly As a guide to the level of not an actual Ive gone to great lengths to show its not to escape the Law or admissible in he Stern said while he is not suggest ing people should disregard drinking and driving the reality is some people will continue to drink and drive he said the test will at least make them think twice about it and Hope fully make a responsible pril parents fight to ban Book continued from Page 1 thank them gentle sinners is the Story of a 17yearold who runs away from his fundamentalist parents to live with an it contains occasional pro references to god and sexual Valgardson said the Uncle is representative of a Man who lives by Christian principles without practising the rites of a Mackenzie read the Book after learning from other parents at fort Richmond collegiate that it was being taught in Grade his son is in Grade 10 and didst study the Book this a consulting said the novels message is that teenagers should rebel and run away from their he also said the Book condones suicide and treats the elderly with disregard and women As sex of six other families have joined Mackenzie in seeking a he believes his group is representative of Many More the group first requested a ban in but a committee of parents and teachers that was appointed to review the 10yearold novel agreed unanimously to retain provided other books were available for parents or students who objected to the the parents launched an Appeal of the committees next week the Board will review that Appeal and can overrule the committees Ray chairman of the comment on How he will vote next i have philosophical differences with the Banning of books in Gener he but that Doest mean there wont be specific cases where it could be the fort Garry school division has an official form by which parents can request that books be Wyant said this is the first request he has seen in his 3 years on the Mackenzie said he talks to his children constantly about the Mes sages they receive through Televik movies and were trying to create in them a sense of whats whats prop right or in not on a big in doing what i can where i can to affect some 1988 4 1988 Ciera 4 1988 fully equipped with luxury Low like Sale Price 4 bucket Centre Sale Price v6 factory air cruise loaded with 8995 immediate delivery 1oo financing available 1988 Mustang 2 door la Hatchback tilt cruise Power Ems a Superb sports Sale Price 1988 Delta 88 4 split Many More Sale Price 1987 6000 4 Sedan 4 one showroom Condi Sale Price 1987 Chevetta 3 Hatchback Sale Price 1981 Camaro 2 door is Low Low Sale Price s8995 1984 6000 4 v6 air cruise wire wheel Sale Price 1985 Lynx 4 2 tone Sale Price 1985 celebrity Wagon s4595 s3780 v6 air cruise tilt afm roof rack Sale Price 1982 tc3 2 door 4 Interior Sale Price 1981 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