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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 6, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba It 1 Winnipeg free april Good times lure diners to Kelsey More than meals boundaries have be come but it want so Long ago that a restau rants name As they a Clear if it was French you could always count on Escar gots and onion soup if pasta if Borsch and Pero British names evoked More general scottish implied Fine Classy English names baronial dining less Classy ones and Irish names lets put it this Way have you Ever seen a restaurant guide that listed Irish food in sure Fine Irish cooking does but on this Side of the Atlantic Irish names have generally meant new York style those essentially Mas Culine Dens of Boozy celebrated by a certain Breed now of course of hard hard drinking their kitchens rarely aspired to anything More complicated than burgers or steaks at their Juicy Best an endangered Spe cies these and not to be sneered at wherever these Days at their Juicy Best is rarely in places with Irish As a have inherited from those old watering holes Only the and Kel Seys is nothing if not especially around the Central raised bar which at least at six on a Friday night does a roaring both figuratively and its no place for Sensi Tive or for discreet which can barely be heard across the a Googol Days ambience is achieved by a Brown pressed tin slatted Wood panelling and framed old the message is the High backed Booths invite lingering the Bench seats so awkwardly High the table hits at mid or Low belly level discourage fads Kelsey offers As Many cur rent fads As 10 menu pages can hold mexican the the Best Chance for an Ade quate meal Here is to stick to the and then to make Only certain choices among the watery Unshelle shrimp that Grace a bloody Caesar one night but not another convinces us not to order More of them As appetizer for and Baco wrapped scallops turn out to be flavor less the dry bread slices presumably Are meant to be dining out by Marlon Warhaft 580 Pembina Highway but we do reasonably Well with tacos and nine layer among the layers pallid re Fried sour Cream and Jala Peno peppers and Chicken wings Are moist and Good both spinach salad and garlic bread Are accept Kelsey of serve a but its juice less and tastes Only of charcoal with Frozen tasting but by the sirloin they Are chewy and flavor less with watery baked potato and Zucchini in a dreadful Tot a to Pastey fresh made the Best entree sampled was beef its not wonderful the beef is the tortillas cold and hard but is tasty and fresh made cajun shrimp Are described As sauteed but Are simply dumped with some kind of watery sauce on overcooked Linguine and sprinkled with pieces of presumably to justify the term shrimp and Clam Linguine is but in a flavor less thick White ordering More than one course can result in High especially if the other course is which is Steep to for sweets that Are essentially simple and mostly made elsewhere such As the Good but smallish portion of Carrot wherever the mud pie is made its with ingredients chocolate cookie Choco late ice chocolate sauce Are pretty much the unpalatable Sweet Apple pie should be avoided at any but especially at a preposterous Luck Kelsey makes a Point of Tell ing you the servers but Doest train them All that and satisfaction with service May depend on the Luck of the on one visit our waitress didst know How to open the wine knew nothing about the food when we complained about a cup of cold removed it and never to on another visit our although harried and was a Model of deftness and Intelli May his tray someday be loaded with better it Rev Cairns Winnipeg put si1 i Kelsey on Pembina appetizers May be Best from left Kline and Plowright Are hilarious in Kadans Black comedy i love you to comedy has hangup cast How do i love thee let me count the i love thee so much id hire a couple of Slimy killers to bump you off if i caught you cheat ing on so its not exactly Eliza Beth Barrett but then Browning didst have to live in the if she shed see that love was More like its portrayed in i love you to death opening tonight at Kildonan Polo Park and a very funny Black comedy from director Lawrence Kasdan the big the accidental tourist featuring a hangup cast headed by Kevin Kline and Tracey Kline shines As the womanizing pizza joint owner who boy does he Kline has As Many trysts in a Day As there Are Pep Peroni sausages on an extra Large with double cheese and hold the completely and blissfully ignorant of klines prodigious love life is his gentle nicely under played by while modern women grapple with 90s Ull Man happily supports the family values of the where wife dotes on she even helps him get ready when he goes out on the movies Paul Mckie town is almost every night As she stays Home and Wai lows in the world comes crashing Down on Ullman when she finally discovers klines philandering ways its a wonder took so Kline is hardly discreet of All the Public Ullman then does what All self re spec Ting women do when faced with a similar situation she plots to kill her thus begins a Black look at love and marriage that amazingly maybe not that amazingly considering the times is based on an actual As brutal As the Story this is a funny Ullman desperately wants to kill off but she Doest want it to be painful for him because she still Kline is a but Hes a wonderfully charming when Hes picking up women his ridiculously obvious lines Are marinated in so much smooth Sauci Ness his Success rate keeps Zipper manufacturers delirious with Kline plays this downtown Casan ova role to the Hilt with a singsong italian accent and a Gleeful glint in his when he i am a i am full of you cant help but love the which is exactly pullmans her desire to rub out the cheating Swine is countered by her affection for her husband and father of her two scene stealer to urge Ullman is the comedy Joan this Veteran British actress and the last wife of the late Laurence Olivier plays pullmans yugoslavian Mother and she is a constantly clipping items from supermarket Plowright insists that her daughter Knock off Plowright attitude toward men is fixed Early on when Shes reminiscing with Ullman about her late husband i think of him every Day Ive almost forgotten Why i hated along with River who plays an employee of klines who is in love with Plowright aides Ullman in her but when cowardice raises its the Trio turn to a pair of drug addicts for murderous this is when Kasdan trots out an unrecognizable William Hurt this is his fourth film for the director As a Long hair who is willing to do the dastardly deed for his partner in crime is Keanu Reeves of Bill and teds excellent adventure the two dont have a brain cell Between them to rub which makes for some bizarre Hitman the confusion and Lack of exper Tise Means Kline is oblivious to the murderous intent of his Moth Erin Law and pizza which Means its All the in a sick kind of for theres nothing confused about Kadans Light touch with this Deli Cate comic he rarely Steps out of Only occasionally lapsing into Broad especially with Hurt and i love you to death is a unique comedy that seduces the audience into laughter As readily As Kline romances the engbrecht leads last Phil concert m cuu in Cru Linini Iiron Glenn free press this sunday at 8 in pantages playhouse the Henry engbrecht con ducts the Winnipeg philharmonic choir for the last after 15 years As their this 50yearold University of Manitoba professor is leaving the As might be he feels a certain but he says it is a Good time for him to its really a matter of he the philharmonic is growing so rapidly in the number of engagements it gives and in the variety of activities its involved in that i find i just dont have the time in addition to his u of m engbrecht also conducts the University singers and the University women he is also much in demand As a guest conductor and As a clinician at countless work shops during the other things everyone thinks the philharmonic is Only involved in its own but we do so Many other we travelled to expo in Van we Sang in Toronto last we give concerts around the and then there is our involvement with other it is this involvement that eng Brecht thinks is one of the major accomplishments of the choir Dur ing his weve found that we can sing with other As we did with Britten War and still maintain or own the performance of the War requiem this past season is High on engbrecht list of highlights with the but then he quickly re members other bachs b minor Haydn Andrew Lloyd webbers Verdis classic circuit Neil Harris there have been so Many wonderful i could just about list them he when asked if there have been any major he quickly then turns the question into Praise for the membership of the i often have wished there was More time for but Ive always tried to remember that our one rehearsal a week comes at the end of a Long Day for the Volun Teer members of our i just cant say enough Good about the choir members and the Board they just do an end less amount of with a Stag Gering attention to All the details involved in something like next season the philharmonic will be conducted by Gary looking Forward i must engbrecht in right along with All the Mem Bers in looking Forward to the next the philharmonic is singing Mozart mass in c minor and bachs magnificat on special guest soloists Are Soprano Heidi Mezz Soprano Sandra Alto Lois Tenor Lary Benson and Bass Victor eng who is carrying on in his fathers did Henry engbrecht purposely select Mozart and Bach for his final concert with the Phil when we planned the con Cert i haunt considered and then he but now that engbrecht finds this is Good time to leave i am its worked out just about Odd Aurora Musicale completes its musical season with a Salute to the winds of Spring monday in the West end cultural Centre at 8 in this Case the winds Are Wood winds As they Beetho Ven and a new composition by Winnipeg composer David

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