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Winnipeg Free Press Newspaper Archives Apr 6 1990, Page 3

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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 6, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba Winnipeg free press april Page 3 Brian City editor men face new stolen goods Filmon to Rule on Derkach doctors strike looms As contract talks resume by Zena Olijnyk the provincial government and Manitoba doctors were to return to the bargaining table but the threat of a Manitoba medical association strike still looms Over the health minister Don Orchard told reporters yesterday talks with the Mma would resume this that came after the association announced it has a plan in place to withdraw All but essential medical services if the province does not remove a proposal to impose a two percent ceiling on doctors Bill speaking to reporters for the first time since his Eye was seriously injured while cutting Trees on his said he is pleased doctors Are returning to the bar gaining table after talks broke Down in were glad there Back at the table and willing to he Mma president Lloyd Bartlett said his association is prepared to use the governments last contract made in As a basis for that offer was withdrawn by finance minister Clayton manness last Bartlett said the Only exceptions Are that there must absolutely be no we Are willing to but we will not negotiate rationing of medical Bartlett he also said he is willing to put the Issue of binding arbitration aside for now if a contract can be successfully negotiated on the other we really dont expect to get binding arbitration from the Filmon he adding the Mma still believes arbitration is the ads have plan i place for withdrawal of services Best method for settling contracts Between doctors and the if the associations demands Arent Bartlett said the Mma has no Choice but to stage what he called a withdrawal of we totally abandon a but we would create a mighty big Public he told he added a strike the first by doctors since 1981 would be prov rather than a series of rotating and would last As Long As he said his group int concerned about Public opinion against noting polls done for the association show 80 per cent of Manitoban Are opposed to rationing of medical ser the latest dispute began last de when the province gave doctors what it called its final that offer would have Given Doc tors three percent increases in each of the next two years and 85 per cent of the Cost of living in the third but the increments would have been reduced if the annual increase in the number of Billings exceeded two per any Billings submitted Over that ceiling would be paid at half the Normal which Bartlett said would Force doctors to turn away they Are expecting us to increase our workloads for no additional he the offer also set aside an additional million to increase fees to who Are underpaid in relation to other Orchard refused to say whether the province will Back Down on its ceiling despite the fact that when the government withdrew its last manness said he wanted to wipe the slate clean in starting up negotiations with the which represents of the provinces we will not be negotiating in the offer was and were pleased to begin negotiations starting this he Liberal health critic Gulzar Cheema Kildonan said Hes pleased both sides Are getting Back but i think arbitration is the better Way to resolve such he a also said he will not be involved in any saying that As an elected representative his first duty is to the nip health critic Steve Ashton Thompson said the fact that it has taken so Long to get Back to the bargaining table is a reflection of the governments inept negotiating tac Treyve botched this one right from the Start when they antagonized ready to Fly Daria tit Renburger assembles a Kite called dragon flying kites from Vietnam and runs from april 12 to the sky in preparation for the museum of Man and to june title burgers task was hampered since the natures Kite the High flying featuring kites came without Assembly provinces paediatric mortality rate drops by Dan Lett the provinces paediatric mortality rate has decreased by 50 per but native babies continue to represent a much greater proportion of total a study by the College of physicians and surgeons of Mani Toba this latest which Analysed All paediatric deaths from 1976 to said advances in prenatal and neonatal care accounted for a sub Stantial drop in the total number of deaths in children aged one Day to 14 Robert Deputy registrar of the said the Overall decrease in paediatric deaths is extremely encouraging in a province where geography often makes the delivery of care quite improvements in the identification and care of High risk Neon Atal intensive care for premature and ailing and in medical transportation Are the fundamental factors in the mortality rate de the report it also concluded native children continue to be More than three and sometimes four times More Likely to die than nonnative a trend the report said does not seem to be showing any signs of Walker said this trend is consistent with earlier Many of the native child deaths occur in Remote communities where it is often difficult to provide care from the appropriate he they have always been a High risk Walker the major contributing Factor is the rela Tive if a native child be comes acutely it takes longer to get them somewhere where they can be Walker said other complications such As crowded or unsanitary living conditions also con tribute to child deaths in Remote Northern the report also noted Rural Chil Dren Are slightly More at risk than Urban the highest risk areas in the prov Ince occur above the 53rd a significant distance from Urban centres such As Winnipeg and bran Don where medical services Are con minority Aid sought in recruitment by Kevin Rollason Winnipeg police know they have few members of visible minorities in their but chief Herb Stephen said last night the Finger of blame cant be pointed entirely at his Stephen said its not for Lack of trying Over the last number of years that police have failed to recruit Large numbers of visible minorities and aboriginal we know were not doing a great Job because were not getting a lot of he said in an but you cant blame us for that the Community has to help Treyve got to come to us and weve got to come to weve got to have the Community leaders beat the Bush for his comments came during a break in the meeting of City councils and hoc committee on the Winnipeg police Stephen said that out of 16 Are from a visible minority while 13 Are he said this compares to a total of 33 visible minority and aboriginal police offi cers in 32 in 10 in and 12 in but Wade spokesman for the National Black coalition of said the ethnic communities have to do the police departments its their the police depart ment must reach out to Williams the chief would be surprised at the cooperation he will get if he comes to Williams said he Doest believe police Are doing enough to encourage minority recruits by advertising in ethnic new spa its not True that there using extensive publicity in ethnic one advertisement is not but Williams said he does commend Stephen for the strides he has made in attempting to recruit More i just dont think the chiefs moving fast enough or effectively Williams also chided Stephen for not appearing before last nights meeting of the and hoc committee of civic Parks and culture committee with a visible minor Ity it have been useful for the chief to have a visible minority officer with him tonight Stephen told members of the committee that the police department is taking several facts to encourage More minorities to join the he said the department has recently begun going to reserves and schools in an attempt to encourage youth to think about a career in Law As Stephen said he looks Forward to hiring recruits from a Core area initiative Justice training currently 16 people from a visible minority and six natives Are enrolled in the designed to increase the num Ber in the Law enforcement theres a very Good Chance be hired because they were screened ahead of Stephen two Way approach time before they were allowed into the Stephen last nights meeting was the fourth of five Public hearings looking at police policy on various the final meeting is planned for april province Agency funding social services face budget crunch by Patrick Mckinley health and social service agencies face a temporary freeze in provincial funding because of the pro Vinces budget finance minister Clayton Man Ness said manness warning that the government itself faces a financial crunch that until further notice most outside agencies that depend on provincial support will have to get by with the same level of funding they received last i read too much into he adding it should not be interpreted As an indication that agencies will get no increase but opposition critics charged the directive will impose added hardships on agencies that Are already struggling to make ends they Are going to have to Start looking at cutting said Liberal family services critic Avis Gray she said Utility costs and salaries Are All going even without any additional new programs they Are still behind the eight she conflicting messages nip family services critic Judy Wasyly Ciales Johns said the government is sending out conflict ing on the one they Are telling them not to Cut and on the other they Are not getting an in crease to reflect the she Tim executive director of Northwest child and family said he Hopes the government still plans to Honor its commitment to notify the agencies of funding increases Early in the current fiscal which began on april we dont need a continuation of an already inadequate funding he manness announced the temporary freeze yesterday As he revealed that Cabinet has approved billion in spending to get the government through the first three months of the fiscal facing lower revenues by Cabinet will have to authorize More Money to allow the government to keep paying its there May be at that time some decisions made on funding for outside he in hoping that there manness announcement was couched in a warning that the province itself faces lower revenues than it had initially he said the province is being squeezed by Federal budget cuts and a downturn in the National econ but he added certainly health and services to less fortunate Manitoban Are at the top of the we will make every Effort to maintain services but we cannot do the he manness would not say when he expects to unveil a budget or finalize the governments spending dentists Eye open hearings by Nick Martin Manitoba lawyers and dentists will study holding their disciplinary hearings in Public now that doctors have decided to open their closed the College of physicians and surgeons of Manitoba has approved a bylaw to open ils although it is still drafting rules governing Advance attendance possible prohibitions on and an ill camera close door tradition Law society of Manitoba executive director Deborah Mccawley said the society will soon solicit written submissions from lawyers and the general Public on open disciplinary hear it will also consider hearing verbal submissions at an undetermined she Mccawley said no final decision is Likely before the Manitoba dental association registrar Michael Lasko said the mad does not prohibit Public but has traditionally gone be Hind closed his Board will Likely strike a committee to study the Issue at its next meeting in late Lasko i think its great that College of physicians and surgeons hearings will be said lawyer Gordon a patient rights spokesman for the Manitoba association for rights and Well wait to see what the regulations say before giving a full the Public should be allowed to judge if the College handles complaints Jenny Hil president of the Manitoba Branch of the Consumers association of Hillard favors restrictions that Weed out frivolous or unfounded you can do a lot of damage to we dont want to see doctors getting slammed in Public for Saskatchewan officials wonder what All the fuss is about Over open medical disciplinary hearings in Manitoba because no one shows up to watch in weve had them open but no one shows Garnet executive administrator of the College of physicians and surgeons of said yesterday Mcginley said Saskatchewan provides 20 Spectator and 10 Media seats for which Are held about four times a but there rarely interested persons have to phone for the next scheduled he we dont Saskatchewan Only goes behind closed doors for exceptional such As a re cent complaint alleging a doctor sexually assaulted a juvenile whose identity could not be Mcginley Seldom used seats Ontario doctors have Learned to live with open hearings since the Ontario College introduced them last Ontario medical association spokesman Paul Rhodes said from Toi on it has been accepted in the medical prac Tice that this is part of the process that has to go Forward the discipline committee meets publicly unless the hearing involves a pending court Case or one of the parties asks that intimate personal details not be discussed Rhodes said Hillard Weed out frivolous beefs i

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