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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 6, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba Music videos go for sounds of 60s by Man Dally Del Banco Stpee in pools arid ten Lave beads and Hendrix and Joplin and the such images it the age of aquarius a Strong my m Adays attitudes and resurrected and the styles Are evident in the latest music the its sound is a Reat and it makes since music always seems to go Back 20 years for toe past always plays into the said Leslie who produced the ban Gles mania written by Prince in addition to the revivalist Gogo Dangle jewelry and John Lennon Granny manic monday written by Chris Prince has that bubblegum Rock sound of 60s girl and there is Prince with psyche Delic overtones in his around the world in a groups such As the Pine Young the Jesus and Mary Suzanne Vega and dream Academy also have a inspired songs and videos that Are pretty Rock videos fir his newest in the John Cougar Camp pays homage to to Delft Rbt he grew up including Martha the Stang i Las and James t love the music from the Meri encamp explains in the which includes Blacka Edwhite footage of people with Beehive and Crew Cut Dos dancing the the Jackson who also came of age in the has a certain disillusioned patriotism in his song and for the a prayer and a love song includes a montage of famous images of the 60s John Martin Luther King peace Flower Kent state Rand the the lyrics i have prayed for t was made for her shining dream plays in my Are juxtaposed with admonitions about a generations Blank the statue of Liberty is a symbolic image both in the video and on the cover of his the manic monday has bubblegum Rock lives in the some writes he implies throughout the Jimmy Guterman in rolling Stone album like the were All weather beaten and in need of out of who used to be called Flower of the a musical world t ast with a nostalgia you need five right to pass eight right rates an what Early Rock Singer had tears on his Pillow and pain in his heart for nearly a had a Surprise guest of Honor on his weekly to shows a Surprise not Only to the audience but to the guests As Well who used to be called the Flower of the musical on the Jimmy Durante Jimmy was a Talent agent in Hollywood ran a night spot called club trivia quiz by Dan Carlinsky Durant owned apartment houses for the elderly was a veterinary plastic surgeon remember the weaklings Charles Atlas promised he could turn into a so they never have Sand kicked in their faces again How much did those poor Guys weigh which movie came seven angry men or twelve angry men Hugo Winterhalter and his orches tra made one of 1956s biggest rec an instrumental about a cer Tain act of nature in a certain North american name that for two years during the run of person to Edward Mur Row also ran a discussion show with major figures from around the can you name it Michael Rennie starred in the 1960 remake of a silent movie about a scientific expedition to Island inhabited by name the what upbeat preacher hosted a weekly to series called whats your trouble Accad Jua outa be upon 01 Piton Tsoi am e phom g Jasunis but Petreo i Blu of xju9h 8uujbjs b to a Jami ss6i Tassew Puou Ivey 3uu a djs usos 9 i6 v jobs b Obj g f Japsay Bijj Sakaio c is Sim to spa mpg Djey 7 Awn i sh3msnv in Marx Vul guess who going to be the life of the party april fool Day the comedy without a Cut above the a Paramount picture a Paramount picture Jim mature classic Chare it with someone you love Kite Midler Richard dreyfi65 run for cover one of the years in to to to bit we Hurt a m in hit ii in tril Lucas at the top of its class Morley winnipeg1 Sun win win the hearts of All Calgary breath of fresh Hob to Wito Star Lucas Reagan interview just too intimate Washington that the my awards bombed in the ratings this year is not a big americans passion for the movies has earled at least far these More than 17 years what was More surprising was the Soso rating Tai lied by the Barbara Walters View special that preceded or fou depending on time zones the Oscar Walters had certainly bagged a big Ane Ronald Reagan and wife interviewed in various rooms of the White talking about personal reminiscing about Walters got As close to the president in this interview As anyone Why was it not More of a Success she got too Reagan is a president of absolutely overwhelming popularity so youd think hed have been a top draw for the Walters but it could very Well be that people know As much As they want to know about Ronald they dont want to risk knowing much More because that could tarnish the nearly mythic image that president Reagan subordinate to wife people want Reagan to be Reagan but they also want Reagan to be they like him in that they Are not interested in his other roles husband and As a on this Barbara Walters he appeared subordinate to his almost meekly As rumours have Long had this is not an encouraging whether he is a great president or that compulsive de will but it can be decided right now that Ronald Rea Gan gives a great performance As its the part he was born to he has made the presidency a tour de the audience likes him As much in this part As it likes sylves Ter Stallone As rambo and Clint Eastwood As dirty it likes him As much As it liked James Cagney As Yankee Doodle Dandy and Sean Connery As James Walters got a fairly remarkable interview but it was too intimate for a it told americans things they dont or to when asked if he would write a Book after he leaves the White Reagan looked sheepish and reluctant Nancy looked sternly de Hes going to write a she does he want to write a Book i guess i Rea Gan this was painful to americans do not like to see their president Impact of Dracula it began to play like an episode of who the Boss talking about old Reagan recalled an unlikely one that made a big impression on i remember the Impact of he he also remembered the Mon Ster movie about the one that built by the fran then Reagan revealed shed once had a huge crush on Bing but when Walters asked her husband about his old Nancy looked Reagan ended up dodging the question with an anecdote about he called leading Reagan wife dominated when they started talking about today the reagans sounded like somebody crabby grandpa i get embarrassed about sexuality on the Rea Gan and the president objected to vulgar words that Are Good these same complaints have been made practically since movies were in though today movies Are terribly there not particularly they seem to have pulled Back on that by going into this Ronald Reagan began to look strangely most of the time when americans see him on they dont think of him As they think of him As and but Young at forget other roles these things Are part of the cheer ing Reagan its an image i that has worn americans dont want it messed they dont even really want to be reminded that Reagan has played other showing clips from his old movies and talking about them is a it makes people too mindful of the e fact that he is an people dont want to be told Gan is an actor they just want to see him and As Burton had his Hamlet and Lee Cobb his Willy Ronald Reagan has his president he communicates in his televised addresses and press conferences on a Guy nextdoor level but Hes still in control of the he sets the Hes with he appeared too Vul and it made americans though it was a remarkable hour of television and Walters waltzed through it As no other to interviewer the reagans never should have sat still for they should not have agreed to do Nancy gave the Gipper bad advice on this Washington Post we pay the sales tax sunday noon4pm 108 Osborne Village 4527848 Indian Metis sunday night Bingo 465 Alexander Early Bird 7 24 regular games Fuji 1000 set 500 must go j empty House m 40 must go Novelty stereo system bi6 Sale sunday from 12 noon to april 6 t at Chrysler we just want to in tin big discounts up to today Onuf at 730 Portage dial 7744581

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