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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 6, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba Thomas relived fears for harrowing role Marie Thomas talks with Joe Ray who eventually became her new York Marie Caf did and almost flowing with is about 180 degrees from the character she plays m nobody child 8 Cable Hie film is based on the True stay 6f Marie baiter who was Given up at birth by an alcoholic Mother and went into a series of Foster mentally she was a patient at Danvers state Hospital in Massachusetts for Many she is now an and Milf Istratov at Danvers and a respected author and lecturer on mental unbelievable no soap opera would have the nerve to present a fictional Story along these lines because viewers believe it the fact that it really happened makes it so much easier to says i find it a growth experience i hate that word to play something that once you know its the theres some thing very liberating about it be you a rift it Home with she it was a very lonely time for me at night because everybody else would go put and have pizza and Beer and i just always Felt kind of bad and wanted to go Home and my husband Phil Donahue name up to visit me for a week at thanksgiving time and i sleep and was having nightmares and carrying and Phil 1 cant wait until cause then you try to find out the truth of it for in the course of the seven weeks of film Fig in Vancouver late last directed by Lee went through what was probably her roughest assign in playing a woman whose demons Are sending her into a where she wants to run and break the actress and the sound in her ears blocks out All in playing this kind of you have to do what you never let yourself do look at what scares theres no Way to do this without facing the demons inside deck stacked against Marie baiter from birth the Washington Post Marie baiter began life in the Winter of born in to a penniless alcoholic who gave her up at of was Only the she lived in Foster Homes until she was adopted at 6 by an aging italia born couple who spoke no Stern and they disciplined Marie by Locking her in the cold cellar or tying her to a Post or to the no English speaking playmates were allowed in the if she want Home before the Street lights came they would lock her out All eventually she fled from seeking shelter at a during the next two baiter endured one tragedy after living an existence so fraught with psychological blows and so lacking in love that Mas gothic style Danvers state Hospital was the place she came to Call and for Good reason she descended into what doctors at one time diagnosed As Schizo Are neither walking nor besieged with the spectres of eerie wailing colors that produced funereal mirrors that reflected though doctors and nurses predicted she would never be Able to Lead a Normal baiter was to emerge from near catatonia in Danvers locked enrol in earn a masters de Gree from Harvard and return to the institution As a staff at she is a leading mental health administrator and is developing her own re search and training Centre near by that time it was the Only Home that i Marie waiters remarkable airing sunday on is called nobody child Cable 8 first encounter with a Massachusetts state mental health institution occurred not Long after baiter left the Convent to attend a strict parochial boarding alone and consumed with feelings 1 of she became depressed and was sent to Boston state Hospi Tal in where she was diagnosed As psycho neurotic and at 17 she was moved to where the most trouble some or disturbed patients were kept in locked rear Marie was sent i want sure at All Why i was there among but i Felt i must have done some thing she said although it was unusual at the baiter recalled that she was allowed to go Back and Forth to High school from the local Hospi i Only had one More and since i was the doctor who had my Case at that time agreed it was unusual at the the spirit that enabled baiter to fight for her education was to see her through a series of when Marie was her natural Mother located her and signed her out but life with her an alcoholic and drug and was so miserable that Marie voluntarily returned to a year the woman was badly burned in a House i packed a Little bag and into the wait ing room of Massachusetts general Hospital until my Mother about two weeks then i went Back to i had no place else to and by that time it was the Only Home that i disowned her adoptive angry be cause she had gone to her dying mothers disowned so she lived at when she was about she made a visit to her adoptive parents her whom she haunt seen for seven was due to return from a sailing he came took off his hat and i went up to kiss him hello he died in my arms he just dropped within the her adoptive Mother when she i fell apart i started vomit the Walls started to the floors started to they discovered that i had infectious hepatitis and As Well As my psychological so she returned to and when she no was left to sign her for was in and but1 of by then weighed Only 86 pounds and was nearly she had talked for 18 haunt walked for two heard imaginary voices wailing and saw demons in and a Little part of my mind look at the world youve found yourself i didst like that world and i wanted to get out i made a commitment to god that if i Ever got i would dedicate my life to mental baiter turned to prayer and began her own she shuffled cards to renew feel Ings in her then she took a few and scrubbed she told her doctor that i wanted to get better and that i needed her i needed for her to give me permission to do the things that i thought i needed to to leave the unit and go for a walk on the one after eight years in a closed she asked if she could be moved to an open when she went Back to the closed Ward 17 years she was an administrator of the today Marie baiter draws upon her vast both personal to help the people of Massachusetts Eastern Middle sex District and to run her newly founded baiter this is t was pretty Strung to glad he was Only there for one week out of the since Many of her scenes show her in a violent she had to take a lot of most of the time t wore a spine she and in some of the scenes 1 had Elbow and knee but the funny thing is that id have All these on and id Hurt my no matter what want that the thing that was f if i Wear any More ill weigh 800 1 also wore a lot of dark circles and lines on my face to make me look t think that How you look when youre on a lot of drugs youre mentally and emotionally the actress says that in preparing for the part she spoke to Doc tors who run depression read looked at tapes and visited hospitals in new bos ton and Vancouver to observe a i watched How they Deal with overdoses and i Learned How their hands and the fact that their hands cramp because of in i scotch taped my Middle three fingers together so 1 could see what it was like to pick things i did All the physical the sweating and the of the feet and All of the then i did the emotional some magi Cal thing and theres a still doubts Thomas adds though she has Faith in the creative she still had theres always the terror have i got it All do 1 have enough of it am i telling the truth will a person who has this disease recognize it will the Mother of a child with panic disorders that it1 probably the most important piece of research was spending time with the real Marie who loaned her prayers and family baiter came to Canada during the filming and occasionally went to the dailies rushes with Thomas and Lee i said to Marie from the i dont want to do anything in the movie that would Embarrass i feel that if youre going to Tell a True then you should Tell it truthfully emotionally and which when Marie saw the it set her she i Felt that it was but Shes free of her demons for anybody to be free is a cd Neelex Odeon theatre guide film information 043 Osi t pm c pm daily a sparkling Gem Thi movie of to Imp Noh Stak now showing at convention Centre Check theatre guide Tor a a facial Carrick North of 942 Jok just Between friends language the Money pit Sun mature sexual out of Africa the quiet Earth mature not suitable for children Grant Park 4114084 care bears ii general last Day Mickey Rourke plays a wealthy and compelling new York commodities broker 9v2 weeks barely beats soft porn nine and a half not Only refers to the number of weeks of Johns and Elizabeths but the number of locations where they make the variety of methods they use in their far exceeds nine and a for despite its pretensions to be an intimate study of a passionate love weeks is Little More than soft Ore which raises the question of Why anyone would wish to see this film at those desiring real action unferth sheets might do better at the local video the sex scenes while plentiful and even Are still too few for the porn for us everyday Guys at the weeks is an film whose Only Power lies in its intimate even the eroticism wears off with scant background director Adrian who previously did has constructed a film around the sexual relationship of two we know Little or nothing of their Back nothing about their Emo and absolutely nothing of the psychology which drives them through this passionate this int even a Nice film to look the colors Are washed out blues and with lots of Bac lighting and Smoky in a More electric movies Paul Mckie 9 1 weeks starring Mickey Rourke and Kim produced by Anthony Rulus Isaacs and Zalman written by Patricia Zalman and Sarah directed by Adrian classification Ros tricked tying movie this might have created moodiness a sultry in weeks it emphasizes How Dull this film really part of that is a Kim Basinger is definitely Nice to look if this film finds any audience at All it will be voyeuristic males lining up to see her considerable physical underage teens will be borrowing an older Brothers Drivers licence in order to circumvent the restricted adult rat Basinger plays a Young Divorcee who works for an Art Gal one Day she bumps into John Mickey Rourke and its lust at first this is a on sided love John controls Elizabeth she is a willing even when its necessary for her to give up All her Freedom to his John wants to dress her and undress feed comb her own her comple Only when Johns sexual experimentation gets a bit out of hand does she awaken from her beside looking sexy and the screenplay requires of ba7 Singer that she remove her clothing at least once in every several times Basinger looks effectively Dis but the film never lets us in on muddled Story Rourke is intentionally themes Tery neither Elizabeth nor the audience learns who he really Rourke Doest come across As just crazy and several times there Are glimpses of a better film this might have been an effective thriller with Elizabeth falling for a unknown yet weeks always returns to the couples obsessive sexual failing to reveal their True much of this is due to a muddled Story which throws in unrealized Lynes direction some times Cooks up some steamy love but theres still not enough Here to fulfil those people who go to the 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