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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 5, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba 46 Winnipeg free april Gorbachev dials threat to estonians m photo from the news services Moscow in an angry phone Call to the president of soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev has demanded that the Baltic republics parliament cancel its Declara Tion that Estonia is an occupied country and that the soviet Constitution and Laws Are void on its Terri if the estonian supreme soviet does not Back Gorbachev threatened to take the same actions now being taken against 8n apparent reference to the Dis Patch of troops to seize communist party and government according to estonian the Telephone Call tuesday with estonian president Arnold Ruutel showed that Estonia More cautious approach to Independence is Provok ing the same reaction from Moscow As Lithuania direct Endel chairman of the foreign affairs committee of the estonian supreme ruled out a reversal of the act passed which declares soviet Power illegal in Estonia from the time of its nobody will be Able to get two thirds of the deputies to change our As would be he said late last speaking by Telephone from the lithuanian parliament passed a Resolution yesterday saying Moscow is using the army to try to restore political structures that existed before its government came to Power after elections in there is therefore a threat to overthrow the legally elected authority and the which declared its Independence from Moscow last the Resolution pressure tactics since Lithuania declared its Independence from the soviet Moscow has used military and psychological pressure against the re with soldiers occupying Sev eral buildings in Vilnius and tanks occasionally rolling through the Moscow behaviour has kept lithuanians on fearing a full scale military while the Kremlin has refused to enter full scale negotiations with Vilnius on ind Epen in a lithuanian spokes Man told a news conference the rebel Republic will consider a temporary halt to moves to break from Moscow to Avert a major Algimantas Cekulis said Lithuania is prepared to accept economic Union with Moscow and possibly a soviet military most members of a lithuanian team seeking talks with Moscow returned to Vilnius yesterday after having just one with Gorbachev adviser Alexander Yakov defence minister Dmitri Yazoo refused to see and Interior minister Vadim Baratin cancelled an no negotiations a member of the pro Moscow communist party youth league in Lithuania who did see Gorbachev said the president told him there will be be no negotiations until the parliament withdraws its declaration of Valery Makeyeva presented Gorba Chev with a letter calling for him to implement direct presidential Rule a new Power he enjoys As presi Dent in the official soviet Tass news Agency reported that almost people took part in a pro Moscow rally in front of the lithuanian parliament building in soviet foreign minister Eduard Shevardnadze assured state Secretary James Baker a Wise and fair Resolution will Settle the lithuanian i have no doubt that we will be Able to find a solution to the Situa Tion a Wise and fair decision in the interests of the soviet Union and the lithuanian Shevardnadze said after a 3y2hour meeting with Baker at the state depart Baker said the two men also Dis cussed arms control at the Start of three Days of High level Gennady the soviet foreign ministry told Mutual Abc radio news yesterday that under no circuit aces will Force be used to keep Lithuania within the soviet Shevardnadze is expected to deliver a reply from Gorbachev to Mes sages from Bush urging a peaceful settlement in the con tents were not sent in Advance to the state a photo president Fidel Castro gestures during news Castro urges cubans to reject changes by Howard French times news service Havana thumbing his nose at a changing president Fidel Castro is embellishing one of his sturdiest the Resolute Defi Ance of tiny Cuba against its Gargan Tuan the United now All but alone in the Vanguard of Hartline communist Castro is asking his people to join him in resisting the political and economic change that has swept his closest allies even As he prepares to ask for greater calling Cuba the Symbol of Resis the Symbol of the defence of revolutionary Castro rejected any profound restructuring of cuban society at a news conference on the Road of conces Sions is the Road of he if cubans have to alone and to the death to preserve their revolt Castro insisted they would do so if you Are we going to adopt a capitalist we will say he of those who speculate on the demise of his gov he i am sure they Are but for All the cuban leaders Fervour about the correctness and durability of his revolutionary diplomats from both East and West in Havana say that to avoid economic catastrophe castros government must quickly see its 4 Way to the cubans Are trying their Best to get hard a soviet official this is their 1 i think the cubans in the future must develop deeper economic relations with the but the Only Way i see is by improving relations with the United asked whether the soviet with serious economic difficulties of its would maintain its huge Aid program to the soviet official i dont think it is possible for us to Cut off our Aid even though he said current Levels of soviet Aid would Likely last at least five More the official said the cuban government must take into consideration the Situa Tion and look for higher efficiency in our in when an interruption in soviet shipments to Cuba temporarily caused Short Ives of bread and other food speculation was Rife that president Mikhail Gorbachev of the soviet weary of cuban oratory interpreted As critical of his had decided to rein in Castro by reminding him of his economic dependency on to denying that there was any such the soviet official nonetheless expressed frustration with what he said was the cuban governments failure to use its resources properly and build stocks of critical Mazankowski praises Poland offers Canadas help lithuanians Cross out initials standing for soviet Warsaw up Deputy prime minister Don on a three Day visit to praised the governments economic reforms and said yesterday Canada wants to help Reform Poland centrally planned we Are aware of the tasks Poland is Mazankowski told report ers after a on hour meeting with prime minister Tadeusz a we have come to Poland to share our experiences with help the reconstruction of the Economy and to gear it for a Market oriented Mazowiecki Solidarity govern ment has embarked on the most Radical political and economic re forms in the East the economic which went into effect envisages privatization of the Price increases of food and durable goods by 140 per cent spread Over one and a freeze on the effects Are already being which for the first time Are making their own management de Are laying off workers to increase efficiency and already More than Are Mazankowski joked he almost brought the operation of the polish government to a halt because the ministers did nothing but talk to him and his we have had very productive meetings so he said after meeting agriculture minister cues Law Janicki and finance minister Leszek architect of the Radical stabilization who is also agriculture arrived in Warsaw tuesday evening with a group of 28 Janicki was full of Praise for Mazankowski for his ability to establish contacts with the he is of polish descent and understands our he before stepping into Mazowiecki office in the 19thcentury Council of ministers Mazankowski told Janicki Canada once experimented too much with its Economy and we Are still paying for we would like to have such debts As you Janicki referring to Poland Mammoth us debt to the Mazowiecki interrupted the Shook hands with and noted we have recently the polish Premier paid an eight hour official visit to Canada after a tour two weeks Mazankowski said problems of telecommunications and production of environmental installations were Poland is one of the most polluted 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