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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 5, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba 42 Winnipeg free april death sentence haunts Wiggins c7c7 theres no foreseeable end to says by Josh Getlin los Angeles times new York on the morning her husband was condemned to Marianne Wiggins woke up with a terrible the night she had been at a London party celebrating the publication of her latest and the Champagne had been As she returned Home at 1 with her writer Salman their talk turned to the future and an upcoming joint Book tour of the United both looked Forward to leaving behind a world of trouble in in recent Rushdie the satanic had triggered International protests by moslem who said it blasphemed the islamic the mood was turning ugly in where moslem were demonstrating against the but As the couple fell asleep neither had any idea it would be their last night together in the modest North London condemned it was Valentines Day you never really expect anything to happen the Way it Wiggins looking but heres How it at in the your husband comes running Down the stairs because Hes just been called by the and he tells you that Hes been condemned to death by youre standing downstairs in your dressing and suddenly this unbelievable thing has taken she laughing and the More you think about you realize that your life will never be the so of course you run and do something absurd you Rush to shut All the 14 months Wiggins is curled up on a sofa in a fashionable new York finally beginning the promotional tour for her John that was cancelled when the storm broke Over her husbands when the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini offered a million Reward for Rushdie Wiggins and the India born author went into hiding under the Protection of the British but after five months of the couple decided it was futile for her to remain underground survives they have although their marriage for the last seven Wiggins has been living under an assumed name in venturing out Only on March the Day her plane landed Here in new she began reemerging As a Public person on her own yet very much it is a heartbreaking loss for Wiggins staring out the the danger to him has not lessened after All this there Are still people who want to kill and it was simply going to go on and there was no foreseeable end to an High Strung woman of brushes a hand across her Cheek and then momentarily clenches it into a Tough Road we decided that we have to live separate lives for As Long As it goes i must pursue my own voice and my own and that something he wanted me to but its going to be difficult this is a very Tough it May have been a mistake to she her voice in two it May prove to be beyond who knows Rushdie remains in when the couple announced their decision last the initial speculation was that the marriage had Wiggins it has with obvious although she writes Rushdie nearly every it takes weeks before the letters reach because of Security while it is technically possible for the author to make phone Calls from his hiding it is risky for British agents to arrange hookups with when they do she it is an upsetting those Calls Are More painful than because what happens is we would finally get through and then there would be silence half an hour while we listened to each other because we miss each other so the worst thing is that Wiggins has no precise idea where her husband apart from the fact that he is in the two separated weeks before the news was so Security agents could move Rushdie several great concern they wanted the Trail to go so i really know where he she adding that agents expressed great concern for her own by keeping her in the Wiggins it diminished the chances that terrorists might Kidnap or torture her for during their time in Wiggins and Rushdie were guarded constantly by men with and had Little time to do anything but write and watch there was no Chance to do conventional such As going to a if one even thought of going to a Deli on you wondered if you should pack a it would not have been glorious or heroic for my husband to have walked into a the death sentence though literary figures around the world angrily protested Iran actions last the Issue has begun to fade from the rollicking satire with puppets multiple Success by Randal Millroy Success comes in multiples in the punch and so does entertain conceptually writ of voices Ronnie Burkett is All Over the place in the punch take it on one level and its a satirical but informed trib Ute to the head bashing tradition of the punch and Judy look up Way up and its a rueful where the manipulated puppet is the bullied on a this is a saw toothed Lam Poon of those who would Bevel the edges of an historical Art form to make it fit the contours of modern political Burkett first Victory is that he takes care of these and much in a Mere 60 without breathlessness or Short the second is that these though never obstruct the Pun riddled humor and surprisingly effective a review the punch Ronnie Burkett theatre of Mac warehouse april this is definitely a puppet and most definitely a puppet play for but the emotions Are full the audacious whirlwind who blew away audiences in the 1988 fringe festival with his Commedia Dellarte fools has softened his approach and made it but the wit is still theres less of Bur Kett himself this save for a few snide comments from the cast about the Man holding the he trusts his charges to hold the Atten which turns out to be a smart the show begins with a few minutes of the real thing with punch swinging his Truncheon the titular instrument of Power with Gay the stage opens literally and figuratively to show the backstage punch is Neville a brutal example of the old school British Judy is his Dotty Long suffering on stage and theres also a sexually avaricious Mona Handy an armed and angry Bettina and the modern liberated Young in her efforts to cleanse the punch and Judy show of its bet Tina proves violent although the irony tends to fall As heavily As punch it underlines the dilemma of retaining an Art tradition with the bad parts and the attendant peril of disembowel Ling tradition to satisfy modern top prize International film France the of cd Tilc family Varlet a inspiring solid and fun Efful Turtle and Hollywood reporter the lost Gordon hotels entertains you Winter spend easter sunday with us hoi Low Mug now playing from Disney fantasy Jerris girls theatre restaurant room opens show no cover charge weekly show times to no cover 1 show Only regular menu and table of plenty Buffet for reservations Call 7864801 specials something special every Day note 330 Kennedy events hotline 9435581 months pub club no cover charge super super super specials 2280 Pembina events hotline 3385888 it would be Tho last Winter of childhood now playing f Abigial guidance All attend Towne Iniel in hot can sri Diml 4vo he Iii h 2141 24 hour information 9436512 an Mca company International inn starts tomorrow a John Waters Johnny Depp he s a to s a he s a ii in amyl Ocam Susan 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