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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 5, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba Ass Iii debating nuclear disarmament will humanity survive sports the boys of summer head out to the diamonds again sunday Billy grahams pilgrimage As a for god plunder unbridled avarice Marcos plunder of the philippine Economy is beyond calculation behind bars Singer David Crosby sits in jail fighting his Coke habit Odd lot Scot impossible properties Are a pleasure for Developer Angus Sutherland weather Cloudy today 1 0 Clearing tonight 0 sunny tomorrow 1 2 Sun rises sets Moon rises sets Ann Landers 31 answers 41 Bridge 33 business 34 careers 42 classified 61 comics 33 crossword 33 deaths 61 editorials 6 entertainment 21 Home finder 69 Horoscope 33 Jumble Puzzle 65 Jumble entry 67 legals 16 letters 7 movies 28 relax 41 Russell 7 saturday plus 49 Sinclair 41 sports 89 stocks 35 sky watch 39 travel 57 to listings 41 Warhaft 52 Werier 6 the provincial Wev rebellious garage doors mean Reagan s Sam Bernardino api water Veves we got Doffitt the Fatt that it match apr spokesman Cathy Robin said president Zwaan visits m cafe toll always a Kittens when the reside it is the has Mai satellite and other pm a president Reagan visits fits of gangs Tafet open ers and residents believe its an am Tom ease of electric Jam Ninga reagans a Nelfo Del Ogielo is about Hafl Kite metres of Northwest a Hefer emf Santa but when he is in hid Ai Frome command a modified Boeing 717 packed with electronic sits ready far hint i much air feet 18 Kilometres South of san it had us buffaloes for a Long Larry Murdock of Gertie garage Delfs Laid Yesier it didst seem to matter what we we got the fact that it always Taf Affif when the Jefe Side is Dotu misday the is deigned to be a tying Camf Nafle Centre Ift the event of Nti Teaf on the its merely a nuisance to film by were apparently being bombarded by a satellite sending scrambled said lie said he can fix the frequency on a garage Remote airs and its receiver for in his shop or for a service also advises complaining customers that they can simply wait out the presidents March apr spokesman Cathy Robin said the has special satellite and other Muni cations fhe plane is under the cow tool of the pentagons joint chiefs of staff and operated by the air Mordock said he has received thousands of Calls Over the and about m to 90s Calls in the past week after Reagan arrived for his latest stay at the be attributed the problem to electronic interference because direct controls for the garage doors continued to while the handheld Remote units these things just dont Stop working one Day and then Start working the said Veronica one of Murdoch if they need the f then so be its really just a Miner is a garage few opener is a luxury White House spokesman Peter russet dined comment on Murdoch we have not heard of the he we would be Happy to we Are Cone enned the president is in a Safe and secure and that plane is just secret service spokesman Bill Careen said from said Murdock now probably keep the satellite beaming after reagans just to make a fool of saturday free press april 1986 Winnipeg Eftee Fiess vol 114 no 124 Home 9576sso classified 9562330 second class Mai registration number 0286 Dave Fott a floss Chi wars end in settlement for million by David Roberts the Manitoba government has reached a settlement with a consulting ending the provinces longest and costliest Legal Battle the Churchill Forest Indus tries the through its Manitoba development filed a Law suit in 1973 against Arthur Little a Bosto based consulting the lawsuit claimed million in it claimed that in the 1960s Manitoba taxpayers were victims of a Mas Sive fraud by Chi and that agents for Arthur Little were negligent in their capacity As technical consultants for the Forest project at the although some Chi officers were convicted of fraud in 1983 and the firms including austrian Alexander paid million in the civil suit against the consulting firm has taken 13 years to in Manitoba complained in a revised 108page statement of that Arthur Little was partly responsible for a Cost overrun at the Chi operated today by the province As Manfor tracing the history of the Consul Tants involvement in Manitoba said Little agreed in 1967 to provide certification and feasibility studies and drawings for the the claim said it agreed to certify government loaned Money was spent that purchases of More than were tendered and specifications made available to at least three recognized and that invoice charges were this Manitoba lawyers and Arthur Little agreed the firm would pay Manitoba million Ca Nadian As a form of settlement in the attorney general Roland Penner said the settlement was approved by the provincial Cabinet and by the firms executive thurs Penner in All Legal claims against Arthur Little and Arthur Little of Canada will be Deputy attorney Gener Al Tanner Elton Penner and John chief executive officer for Arthur lit described the conclusion of the Legal Battle As see settlement Page 4 tories alleged trying to enrol civil servants collision course the is lord Selkirk looks to be on a collision course with a building along the Banks of the red River in the swollen red is Over its Banks North and East of the flooding the ships dry Dock the water had begun to recede last freight broke through switch dead Maris pedal commonly inquiry told Edmonton up the Canad an National railways freight involved in the 8 Hinton train crash blasted through a switch set for another the Foisy com Mission was told Twenty three people died and More than 60 were injured when a 114car car freight rumbled off the North leg of a Section of double track and onto a Section of single it travelled another 75 metres before smashing into a via rail passenger train coming the other John Mcbain of cars chief Engineer for the Mountain told the inquiry yesterday the freight blasted through a switch set to take the via rail train onto the South portion of the double other car experts had already told Justice Rene Foisy inquiry into the crash that the freight should have been facing a Stop signal As it approached the Mcbain said damage to the switch gave him conclusive evidence the switch was set for the South railway Union lawyers did not Chal Lenge his statement in Crosse Ami the commission also heard yesterday the dead mans pedal ism is often taken out of service on the pedal is located on the floor by the engineers seat and must be pressed Down if it is let the mechanism automatically applies the train the commission heard yesterday the pedal is regarded As an inconvenience and engineers often take it out of Ronald cars general superintendent of equipment at de said he does not know Why car has not seeded up a program to replace the headman s pedal with a new electronic safety feature which cannot be circumvented the reset safety the dead mans pedal can be kept Down simply by putting something like a Lunchbox on commission counsel Rod Mclennan it can also be circumvented by closing a valve connected to each trains air aluminium seals which indicate whether the valves have been tampered with Are regularly Cut see in Page 4 Ottawa progressive conservatives have solicited Federal Public servants at urging them to join the party and contribute or says the Public service Alliance of several Public servants in Ottawa have received fundraising letters from the pc Canada fund despite the fact the government restricts its employees from taking part in most political Alliance presi Dent Daryl bean said the Alliance represents Federal government two thirds of whom work outside the National capital i was bean said in an its one thing to get a letter of this sort at its another to have them mailed to the even if it was that no sex they should be better organized than bean declined to speculate How Many Public servants May have received the which included party membership but he said enough complaints have been received to indicate the number is probably David chairman of the pc Canada the Money raising Arm of the National tory was absent on holidays from his Montre Al Nick executive director of the said in Ottawa the Appeal letters were not aimed specifically at Public servants or mailed intentionally to the work addresses of any who May have received my guess is that very few received if they did it would have been on a random Locke our mailing lists Are based on names we get from Magazine subscription someone could have gotten it at work if they subscribed to a Magazine at the Locke said the party mails to letters annually appealing see tories Page 4 missing gun then no by Shane Minkin a senior police official yesterday confirmed a service revolver went missing during a recent main Street Brawl in which four of duty officers were acting crime George Pike denied a citywide police crackdown on hotels Day night had anything to do with the Brawl or the missing Pike later recanted his earlier statement that the gun went missing during the Brawl after checking with the departments internal investigation he said police raided nine hotels throughout the City thursday night looking for see gun Page 4 dismissed employees have their Day in court by Catherine Mitchell a shop Foreman had one word for the unceremonious dismissal he was Given after 38 years of loyalty to a Winnipeg car so the sued and made history when the judge said his employer owed him two years no Tice Manitoba highest court award for wrongful parking his car in a forbidden work area was not just cause for firing the the judge but he also said the quiet Spilken Man should have looked a Little harder for another Job and ordered he be compensated for Sala i by and benefits lost during Only seven of the 24 the Foreman is among hundreds of bitter workers who have hauled their former employers into court that lawyers say has grow steadily in recent and As the car Dealership its getting harder to prove just the lawyers ten years ago id be surprised if there was More than two or three filed in our lawyer John Scurfield he hundreds of suits Are filed yearly and what gets to court is Only the tip of the the increase was triggered by frequent Lay offs especially at the executive level during the recess Ion of the lawyers after a couple of suits made the More people began challenging firings in the courts and workers generally have become More conscious of their right to sue for Lack of proper Scurfield Winnipeg lawyer Blair Graham said fired employees looking for compensation now make up about 20 per cent of his compared to two per cent five years Graham said As More cases Are what is just cause for Dis Missal is becoming More workers have profited from the i Missal suits successes and employ ers Are having a tougher time justifying their he proper notice int necessarily a pay As is set out in the employment standards its now Well established that that just a minimum period and notice far beyond that is lawyer Grant Mitchell Graham said court awards Are also higher now than five years but have levelled off in the last couple of and while most employees win their few Are satisfied with the monetary compensation they end up he the former car Dealership fore Man said while the judge Felt he could have found a no one even answered the applications he he said after Legal his award amounted to Only about he who would hire a Man two years from in bitter about that for i dont think its right at and As far As the settlement its i should have got More than Graham the courts decide reasonable no Tice by the length of Scurfield said someone who has been with an employer for a year Likely would be entitled to two to three months notice and an employee of 20 years could be entitled to one year to 18months the highest awards in Canada Are coming out of British Columbia and Ontario Manitoba awards sit in the while those in the maritime Are generally the Graham most dismissal suits Are settled out of the lawyers Mitchell said often employers opt to Settle rather than risk the publicity of an open court see grounds Page 4

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