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Winnipeg Free Press Newspaper Archives Apr 4 1990, Page 4

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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 4, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba 4 Winnipeg free april Prairie Farmers in greatest need showing the colors a Pieart drum corps from Manitoba participates in and de Werenicz from Toronto were in top form ceremonies at the world Curling championships in moving to the top of their respective Divi Canadian champions Alison Goring Sions with double victories in round Robin wife both responsible continued from Page 1 who used her Post to spirit away the remained resolutely i have no the Well groomed woman having sat quietly through the Daylong hearing in the Stuffy the in the absence of a successfully painted the husband and wife As co conspirators who jointly crafted a it made John serving two years in jail after being convicted in october of possessing stolen property in connection to the equally liable for the restitution of All the Money and in As Scollin found Inger Hatch had stolen another some thing she has disputed since charges were Laid against the couple and their three companies in Larry the Royal Banks District manager of Branch opera said because of the work he and an internal auditor some was traced and outside of that held since late 1988 in a lawyers Trust the Bank can recover Only the Cou Ples Mercury Sable car and any equity in their Westwood at 319 country club Royal Bank lawyer Louise Lamb said the Bank is continuing to Trace the missing Inger Hatch pleaded guilty to fraud the same Day As her husband appeared in she is to be sentenced until last the couple denied in papers filed in connection with the civil suit that they took and used the they argued Inger Hatch sched ule could not have allowed her to steal the Money on the Days As John Hatch speculated that his wife had deposited into the Royal Money she had taken elsewhere and then made the withdrawals from the Scollin harshly chastised the Cou Ples silence and refusal to Cooper noting their lawyer challenged the Bank auditor on every fact contained in his while the people who knew sat Back and lawyer Remi representing John said the Man refused to file an affidavit defending himself against the conspiracy claim be cause anything he said could be used against his wife when she is being he noted that while his client might have known his wife was siphoning off Bank that Doest make him part of a conspiracy to steal the starting in Inger Hatch began altering Bank papers to lift at times huge sums from accounts and the crime was discovered in mid1988 by a coworker who noticed suspicious smudges on a loan document that eventually proved to be forged Lamb said documents have shown she used the Money to pay for every thing from her husbands dental Bills to taken out to bolster his flagging construction their companies Lemar hold Ings Delta West and 2303671 Manitoba were set up to launder the Lamb drawing Scollin through numerous examples in which the couple depo sited Money into one transferred it to a second and then withdrew the Money to Clear one of their ungainly gait trips smuggler with cocaine in thighs san puerto Rico a customs inspectors at san Juans International Airport arrested a Man from Colombia after finding almost half a kilogram of cocaine surgically implanted in his officials said in More than 20 years with the customs this is the most bizarre form of drug smug gling i have Ever encountered or heard said Mamie the Agency District Roberto Julian a colombian was arrested sat urday on drug smuggling charges after arriving at san Juans Luis Munoz Marin International Airport on a flight from the Cus Toms service in Miami said in a it said Oneil was waiting to Board a flight to Madrid when he attracted the attention of a Cus Toms inspector by the stiff legged Way he inspectors took Oneil to a Pri vate where during a Pat Down they discovered what at first they thought to be something taped to his the statement further examination disclosed badly infected incisions covered Only by strips of adhesive the customs service Oneil was taken to a where doctors removed his stitches and took 225 Grams of cocaine from each the statement continued from Page 1 farm Aid package announced Friday that could be Worth up to million for Manitoba Farmers and million for Saskatchewan farm that would raise Manitoba farm income above 1989 but would still leave Saskatchewan about million farm finance analysts said they left the Aid package out of revised projections because they do not know yet How much the provinces will the farm Aid pro Gram is contingent on the provinces Matching Ottawa million Dol Lar for the revised Federal out look and the billion farm Aid would make up much of the billion shortfall projected for Prairie versus the average of the previous five the Prairie provinces remain the trouble spot for the farm especially Large numbers of Farmers Are still seeking help from Federal farm debt review analysts of the Farmer application to the farm debt review boards since per cent have come from Saskatchewan and 10 per cent from both Manitoba and still too Little Federal farm finance experts said yesterday that net farm income in Canada wont keep Pace with american farm income even with a government injection of Canadian farm income will still drop nine per cent in 1990 versus a three per cent drop in the United states and then Only if the Prairie provinces agree to pay half the billion farm Aid without the Canadian farm income would drop 40 per weve never been protected to the same extent As american farm said Richard nation Al grains Bureau chief of Market the farm income drop in Canada is due to a drop in direct government while government payments have remained relatively he Downey said american Grain Farmers Are protected by their artificial target which Are currently about a Bushel for by the world wheat Price is he but the also depresses world markets with its discount dropping the world Price to under a the Price Canadian wheat must compete As the administration has asked Congress for another million to continue subsidizing Grain prices in american Farmers get paid a target Price and it is being main Downey pinprick assaults described As racial by Ronald Sullivan times news service new York seven Black girls have been convicted of jabbing scores of White women in what prosecutors described As a series of racially motivated pin attacks that frightened new York City residents last judge Leah Ruth Marks of family court in Manhattan handed Down the verdicts monday after a three week trial without a she denounced several defendants who she said had shown no remorse and who reacted with Joy to your victims descriptions of pain and fear As you stabbed with your Wear the who were found guilty of Range in age from 12 to they face maximum sentences of 18 months in a juvenile correction because of their their names were kept confidential by the Marks will decide each sentence separately Over the next two months after the defendants get psychological evaluations and probation invest when the girls were arrested on the police identified them As Black and said they had attacked mainly White or asian women on the upper West Side of the police said the victims had been singled out because they appeared and they had been at tacked just for the fun of prosecutors from the corporation counsels office described the at tacks As racially All 45 women were believed to have been and 23 Testi fied against the ramp cant put name to body continued from Page 1 the last time Manitoba ramp had such trouble identifying a body was almost two years when a Mush room picker came across a Skeleton in the Bush near the badly decomposed body turned out to is that of 17yearold Charlene Joy who was slain the night she was picked up on a Winnipeg prostitution strip in mid january even with the condition of the we were Able to identify her within a couple of but this latest Case has left us Sangster Noseworthy has inherited a three volume file on the Case after the officer previously assigned to the Case was now he faces the daunting task of trying to go Over the same clues that officers have pored Over before with Little Suc ramp have checked out More than 40 missing person try ing to see if they match with the a Media Campaign who is continued from Page 1 Reimer says he will take whatever punishment is dealt to that does nothing to ease the pain of those left on the Bestwick served time with Reimer in heading Ley jail just after he was taken into custody for the crime and says he saw the exposed Underbelly of Reimers for the eight months i was with every Day there was Bestwick his eyes aflame with every Day he prayed there could be a Way to make 1 slept two cells away from we talked about it if youve Ever seen Hes a big Hes powerful and yet he can sit in a jail cell with another Guy and while forgiveness May be too much to Bestwick under standing and compassion should he said that one simple fact was lost in the swirling details of forensic reports and police analyses at the trial that one Marvin was Reimers Best Don was Bitting on the curb after the Accident Aid watched Marvin fall sideways with blood pouring out of his ear and Bestwick this is your Best Friend and you know that it was your driving that did All people Are saying to him is Man thought to be about and internal ramp bulletins have also been All efforts have despite Calls from Seattle to Eastern Cana fingerprints have failed to turn up any an indication the Man had no criminal the body had a six centimetre scar below the right Howe that you who is going to come up to him and hug him and in sorry to hear that you lost your test who is there to say that to him Paterson followed a Man she haunt known that Long to Mani Toba As he was transferred from jail to and her Faith in Reimer has been Paterson met him in Vancou ver during a period in which he was avoiding trial for the criminal negligence charges in she said she found him to be a con trolled Man who worked hard and stayed at at first he never said she he kept to himself when i first met All he did was go and if he he would drink at during the relatively Brief time she lived with Paterson found him to be compassionate and he was easily embraced by her even after he admitted to his she he told my father Evelyth he told him and then my father for my hand in 1 talked to my mom and dad yester my mom was in voice is Sharp and focused on the other end of the cellular said he told Paterson and Berwick not to Contact the news Media to plead his perhaps the greatest he its not enough to try to match with medical the Man was wearing Black a Long sleeved striped Grey Anima Roon Brown leather a beige cloth windbreaker with a zip per and White he was also wearing an inexpensive sunnex Digi Tal watch and was Likely carrying a pair of red jogging this Type of clothing is so Gener it Doest really help at Sangster the Man described As being about five feet eight inches and 184 pounds with Brown Blue or Blu Egrey eyes had also had some dental work he wore an upper denture plate and most of the molars have been extracted from his Bottom Sangster said the Only clue this dental information gives is that he Likely had the work done in judging from the methods and the materials so the search has mainly been confined to although a few inquiries have been made in the United Ghim is that he cannot be left to suffer for his crimes in the he continue to see the vision painted by the Crown a Man with out in worried about what the Media will do with what they Reimer i cant keep fighting you just get tired of explaining things and i cant keep an Appeal was to be filed today on the but Reimer said he is More worried about the intangible punishments he has been the the humiliation and the inability to escape the the Only thing that mattered was i that i was behind the wheel and so now in going to pay the j he said in a steady during the Chase 1 was i j Felt As if i had nothing to Ive been painted As a re but in not like that at but i am going Down the he said his surviving the Accident in sentenced him to a much harsher penalty for the rest of bus but whatever the final verdict after his Reimer said he will live to the end of society i could be living in Al Salvador or it could be i wont feel sorry for i wont go oui and grab the nearest its one Day it a that All i ask for Winn free press Homes for Sale condominiums apartments town houses land develop mull Winnipeg Home buying and rental starting april estate becomes a new feature Section in each Friday edition of the Winnipeg free real estate will provide readers with weekly comprehensive editorial coverage of All sectors of the real estate Industry information on the pertinent facts you require when buying or new a new weekly column by Cheryl Arnold presenting a personal face to real estate real a total a comprehensive listing of All regular real estate classified listings and display advertising in one informative and convenient the Winnipeg free Friday real contains Over 1000 individual real estate opportunities in each weekly apartments condominiums cottages Homes for Sale land development townhouses convenient zone maps real dont to narc a decision without Winnipeg free press

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