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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 4, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba Winnipeg free press wednesday april 1990 pages 3750 new Homes pullout gives the goods on news up photo limit paddle beside Cree in ceremonial Canoe heading to new York City to protest Hydro Quebec Power project Cree protesters use canoes rouses Reuter four Cana Dian indians and four inuit determined to reach new York City by Earth Day to protest the planned destruction of their Homeland by a Power Utility crossed into the United states by ceremonial Canoe also Quebec Cree filed for a per manent injunction to Stop construction of a new series of huge hydroelectric dams in the James Bay the Cree and inuit men and with an entourage of dozens had travelled by dogsled and flatbed truck from their great Northern country Homeland on the great whale River near James Bay in they paddled across the Quebec Border on Lake near the new York state Vermont aboard their Cano kayak dubbed Deyak which combines the Cree and inuit words for those braving of Fandon rain and dropping tempera they called on vermonters to reject their Power company plan to buy 450 megawatts of Power from each time you turn on your Light switch you Are contributing to the killing of our people and the destruction of our inuit mayor Seppa Fleming told a Small it is you Are killing Busload of supporters beginning from their Home on great whale known in Cree As the paddlers pulled their Deyak Canoe by dogsled several Hundred Kilometres to fort and then trucked it to Ottawa where they pleaded their Case to Canadian the paddlers were supported by Vermont environmentalists and a Busload of Cree and inuit elders and Many making their first trip to the United their journey will end about 240 Kilometres Down the Hudson River in new York City on Earth april where the Cree and inuit will continue their attempt to draw International attention to their Vermont 24 utilities have contracted with Hydro Quebec for the largest Power Deal in the states to provide the Hydro Quebec plans to continue its massive develop ment of the James and Hudson Bay Region by diverting Rivers and building dozens of the Legal filed in Quebec Superior court in named the govern ments of Quebec and Canada As Well As the provincial As it Calls on the court to prohibit any including the construction of Access routes and surveying on the great whale after Many Hydro Quebec Hopes to begin preliminary work on the project in the the network of dikes and diversions would flood an area of Square Kilometres the size of Prince Edward the injunction request comes at a time when the governments of Quebec and Canada Are at Odds on holding Public hearings on the environmental Impact of the officials of both governments said they we rent surprised at the Cree move since the Cree have frequently said they will take whatever Steps necessary to Stop the majority favor Fortier says by Bob Cox the Canadian press Ottawa Canada int suffer ing bilingual burnout though the climate for language duality is growing gloomier due to a Lack of political says the com missioner of official in his annual tabled yester Day in the Diberville Fortier said polls show canadians still support bilingualism and minor Ity even during this very difficult the vast majority of canadians stand for the values of linguistic Fortier regrettable developments in 1989 such As Quebec French Only commercial sign Law and decisions in Saskatchewan and Alberta to re peal historical francophone rights spurred Strong protests Only because of advances in bilingualism Over the last 20 he he said people should not pay too much attention to anti bilingual such As the Alliance for the preservation of English in which he described As a into outdated organization circulating half truths and ideas from a Century its High time things were put in the professorial look ing commissioner said As he wagged an Index Finger during a news con we must not let a few prejudices that seemed half dead come to life again and overshadow some of the great achievements of Canadian so among positive developments out lined in forties report were efforts by several provinces to improve services in but he criticized Federal politicians for not promoting bilingualism and the conservative government for dragging its feet on implement ing the official languages act of if you listen to a symphony and you find that it is not being played you can say that the or Chestra leaders must be somehow involved in Fortier we feel there is a need for some courage and one must not allow oneself to be intimidated by relatively Small Fortier used most of his report to examine the slower than slow implementation of the official languages originally passed in it was revised in 1988 to extend bilingualism in the Federal Public it says Federal offices should offer bilingual services to the Public where there is significant demand and it allows Public servants to work in their language of Choice in designated Well kept secret 20 months after the act was it is of the conservative governments est kept and least effective said he said necessary regulations and directives Haven been issued and Only meagre information has been circulated about the new there has been no significant improvement in Federal official Lan Guage services As most departments still follow a confused mixture of old some of which Contra Vene the new the report the act has had Little Impact in at least 80 per cent of Federal ins Titu Fortier things have moved at a tortoises there is a crying need for Clear necessary regu lations have yet to be this is simply not Good Manitoban think that medical necessity should be the deciding Factor in providing health Manitoban think based on a Public opinion Survey conducted by Prairie research associates on behalf of the my of those respondents expressing an opinion 80 said medical necessity should be the deciding Factor in providing health

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