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Winnipeg Free Press Newspaper Archives Apr 4 1990, Page 3

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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 4, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba If Winnipeg free press april 1990 Page 3 Brian City editor jetliner lands safely after engine shut full Day kindergarten rankles woman sues after elevator door grabs rises a Winnipeg woman who says she was left hanging after her coat got caught in an elevator door is suing the the manufacturer and the downtown building operating the in a statement of claim filed yesterday in court of Queens Cheryl Kasianchuk says she found herself in the predicament when an elevator door at the Triec building on main Street refused to release her coat after it became snagged on March the said doors did not reopen and As the said elevator proceeded to the plaintiff was pulled the statement of claim the plaintiff remained suspended in the air until fellow passengers stopped the elevator and lifted the plaintiff the document says that As a result of the incident Kasianchuk suffered Strain and de creased Range in her neck and chronic inflammation of the shoulder joint and in creased likelihood of the suit says Montgomery Kone elevators Triec equities and the City of Winnipeg All failed to properly care for and inspect the elevator to ensure it didst pose a danger to the the woman is asking the courts to award general and special damages to compensate for the a statement of defence has not been Gerry free press Rich outlive cites study shows substance abuse cited As Likely clues Economy Pawn shop owner Leon Dimerman is charged with agreeing to receive a criminal interest pawnbroker faces usury charge Hock shops cant survive on Bank owner says by Nick Martin Winnipeg police have accused a City pawnbroker of trying to collect an exorbitant interest rate than per this is the first time Ive seen this police spokesman Eric Turner said yesterday after Economy Pawn shop owner Leon Dimer Man was charged with agreeing to receive a criminal interest Turner noted the charge carries a penalty of up to five years in Dimerman said yesterday that pawnshops simply cannot afford to compete with the interest rates charged by Turner told reporters that a woman who pawned a car Telephone for in Dimerman shop was told in january it would Cost her to reclaim it on an actuary retained by police calculated the main Street shop was charging exceeding the 60 per cent the criminal code he Dimerman said in an interview that he didst handle the woman Case he said he would have let her have the phone Back in february for a charge along with the original Dimerman said most people who Pawn goods Only need a Little Money for a few charging the Banks interest rates on a loan for a couple of weeks even cover his paper he Economy Pawn shop charges for lending for a he for its for its there there they need a he most people need it two three Dimerman said his overhead is a he said he has to log and fill out a police report on every pawned including serial numbers that police Check against lists of stolen most of the shop is used to store hundreds of video cassette leather tools and other valuable items for which he has to take Dimerman Many of those items go he and Hes out of pocket if he cant sell the after one he has the right to confiscate the goods and sell them for whatever he can but he said he holds on to Many items in Case the owner eventually if they he charges what he thinks they can he Dimerman said he wont charge them the posted which could be higher by then than the original they come to get it 1 drop the opened his pawnshop four years ago next door to he furniture shop he had operated for 20 he checked what other pawnshops were charge then asked the cites licensing department what to i asked what is the interest rate they said it is a gentleman agreement Between you and the de Winnipeg chief licence in denied his office would have Given i Merman such the regulatory bylaw makes no reference to interest he wed stand mute in that Ron Dawson said police Only investigate pawnshop interest rates on a complaint and complaints Are the reason we dont hear about it is that the people involved Arent that up on the and there there and there not going to worry about it interest Dawson by George Nikides a Lack of services for pregnant mothers and alcohol and drug abuse Are some of the clues As to Why the poor in Winnipeg die younger than the representatives of City social agencies people living in poverty in Cana Das 25 largest cities die earlier than the a statistics Canada and department of health and Wel fare study released yesterday Indi the study showed the poor suffer More often from lung mental illness and metabolic the Survey of More than deaths also found the mortality rate for infants is higher among the in 11 out babies in poor families compared to six out of among the its not in any Way a said Renate executive director of the social planning Council of a social policy and research weve known about it a Long time and its being proven Over and Over Patricia a senior advocate with the Manitoba Antipoverty said malnutrition is a key reason Winnipeg poor suffer health Manitoba has one of the highest child poverty rates in the she with children eating at food Banks in Winnipeg every Bublick said poor housing and working a Lack of pre Natal Long periods of unemployment and substance abuse Are other factors in the poor dying at a younger higher suicide rates teenage especially among is also higher among the she there Are social programs for people in but not All Are aimed at the right she the question is Are we doing enough for the big risk part of our population Bublick said a guaranteed mini mum annual income for All canadians would be a step toward solving the Morrison called for higher welfare an adult in Manitoba with three children gets a month in welfare plus for rent and multicultural Centre at Forks called impractical by Radha Krishnan Thampi a multicultural Centre at the Forks representing All ethnic groups is mayor Bill Norrie said i dont think you can blend 39 groups into he a multicultural Centre in my View is a very difficult thing to Norrie defending the Fork renewal decision to allow the German Canadian con Gress to build a Centre at the 23hectare he said its better to allow ethnic groups to retain their distinctive characteristics in separate As is the Case with the downtown chinese and ukrainian cultural rather than lumping them under one asked if he would support a Sepa rate cultural Centre at the Forks for each of the cites 70 or so ethnic Norrie said hell consider each proposal on its Well no one has come Forward so but i dont want to see the East Yards Forks totally built i want a goodly portion left with Green the just Back from a two week vacation in British Norries statement was immediately attacked by a local multicultural what mayor Norrie is saying is we cant find Unity in Wade president of the Manitoba chapter of the National Black coalition of Canada and the multicultural coordinator of the provincial Liberal said yes he said Norrie is being forced to defend the tory political patronage of Federal Energy minister Jake Epp and the provincial Norrie denied there was any Politi Cal favouritism in diverting originally earmarked for a Down town Park Acle under the Core area initiative to the proposed German Canadian Congress cultural Centre at i he the decision was made by a Core area initiative policy consisting of Epp and Mani Toba Urban affairs minister Gerry representing the three governments which fund the Trievel representatives of the Exchange District association had told civic planning and Community services committee monday that the Transfer of the to the German Centre was unfair and was part of a secret political its no different from past diversion of Norrie adding such transfers have happened during the 10year life of the million Core area Norrie said the Transfer wont affect the Exchange District redevelopment because theres still about million left of the million originally earmarked for the mayor said there was a fear some of that Money could go unused because the Core area initiatives term is to expire Early next despite higher death the poor have narrowed the life Tancy Gap Between themselves and the the study in 1971 the Rich were expected to live years longer than the by that Gap had dropped to we Are fairly certain that this is a reliable measure of the relation ship of income to health in said Russell a senior Anai Lyst at the Canadian Centre for health information in we dont have any reason to disbelieve Wilkins said the Federal govern ment conducted the study to under stand Why these trends occurred and what could be done about red Ink swamps agencies several Winnipeg social agencies face an Uncertain future because of a Lack of provincial and Federal a councillor said Many agencies Are in a very difficult Greg Selinger tache he said the agencies Are taking a beating As the Ottawa and the Trievel Core area initiative Are shirking their we the City Are trying to keep them Selinger adding he will ask mayor Bill Norrie to Contact the province on the he said the City and the province will have to come up with some permanent arrangements to ensure these agencies three local groups appeared be fore civic finance committee separately yesterday asking for Emer gency representatives of Pritchard place drop in Centre inner City voice a Community newspaper and the North main develop ment told councillors they need help because the Core area initiative has rejected their funding the Agency has withdrawn financial support to Many groups this the mandate of the Core area initiative is to expire next year while the Agency itself will continue for few More years to com plete its program Mark treasurer of Pritchard said his Agency provides children from four to 17 with recreational programs at a Cost of about a Berkowitz said the United Way and the Core area initiative refuse to help the which has helped Cut crime he wanted the City to provide a special without he the Centre will close before the end of the the committee approved Alan editor of inner City asked for and received while the North main development group got yesterday to pay its aut Opac yanks Rug from under newcomers t her Alk about throwing out the Welcome mat to a new Manitoban and then pulling it out from under aut Opac beats All then surpasses that with another newcomer to the Krista a nurse at Boniface general moved Here from Regina last Tara an administration clerk with the air arrived a couple of yells within a or so of settling in the Volk obtained a Manitoba Drivers licence and was Given one Merit Point after signing a declaration she had a clean driving record for the previous two a month when her Saskatchewan government Auto insurance she obtained aut Opac coverage because of her Merit was Given a Premium in aut Opac confirmed this by mailing her the prorated one licence Merit Point is Given to All newcomers who sign the same an aut Opac Concession that didst come it followed a couple of my columns about newcomers with a Good driving history being treated differently than Manitoban with similar aut Opac agreed to one Point notwithstanding whether newcomers had two or 10 years of Good one Mike Ward that it a few weeks Volk received an aut Opac form letter signed by a a systems audit supervisor dont you love these titles saying her Welcome Merit insurance discount had been we Are unable to apply the Merit rate to your vehicle because we have not received a claims experience form showing that you were free of a fault claims in enclosed was a Bill for with a warning that if she didst pay by March watch her insurance and licence could be its actually worded to ensure continuance of your registration and insurance All this is for a portion of 1989s Volk received a reduction when she renewed her insurance this about and also saved on her Drivers licence based on that one Merit so she can expect More communications from the systems audit i Shes and who can blame Auto acs insistence to confirm her original declaration Means she would have to Fork out to the Saskatchewan government insurance for a copy of her driving Volk wrote Scott the name Given her by saying if you want to solicit ski for this please feel free to do am not going to spend to save she ended her letter i consider this matter so do Well see if aut Opac and while on the subject of putting things ill be More than interested to see How aut Opac resolves the bizarre runaround its giving Tara some stories Are Best told in diary Aveys is one of March 10 three tires on her 1988 grand prix Are slashed outside her James Home on Sturgeon Road and Saskatchewan March 12 having filed a vandalism report to police the previous a Avey Calls aut Opac and reports the incident to adjuster Darryl he tells her the car will be towed to Auto acs Plessis Road to Aristona compound so that a depreciation assessment can be made on her slashed he suggests she Call the Goodyear tire store on Portage Avenue near Sturgeon Road to say the company can expect the car in a Day or youre probably asking yourself Why the car be towed the two blocks to Goodyear come this is aut Opac were dealing March 12 and 13 Aveys car remains outside her March 14 it is towed to Plessis March 16 Goodyear Calls Avey to ask if the car is still Avey Calls Maeren who is away from his she leaves a message for him to he March 19 a Friend of Aveys Calls Plessis Road Yard to Check on the Hes told they were waiting for a flatbed truck to move it to March 20 Goodyear is still waiting for Avey Calls the compound and is told the car was delivered March Avey says it More checks Are made and Shes told attempts were made to move it before a compound worker figured it needed a that the car arrives at when the car arrived the Back tires had Halfa Inch of rubber worn my brakes had rusted so badly they were seized and parts of the Interior Frame work had been Bent from being improperly Avey March 21 she Calls Maeren at aut Opac and is told Hiway towing would be contacted to see what Avey asks for a rental car and is told that depends on whether the towing company will cover the at this Avey is trying to figure out Why Shes paying close to a year for All purpose March 23 Maeren tells Avey she will have to pay deductible for the damage caused during the towing a 25percent depreciation on her plus her deductible for the vandalized she Speaks to supervisor Tim Arnason who says aut Opac might waive the depreciation and she might get her deductible Back from the towing and Here aut Opac surpasses a Mobile adjuster is then sent to Goodyear to estimate the Why that have been done the first time who knows three weeks Avey is still without her a wrong part had been sent to if this int a Case where aut Opac should waive the vandalism at least in lieu of a rental 1 dont know what victim of an injustice that bureaucracy wont remedy write Mike hell look into

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