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Winnipeg Free Press Newspaper Archives Apr 4 1981, Page 35

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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 4, 1981, Winnipeg, ManitobaWinnipeg free press saturday april 4, 1981 25 movie ends decade Long quest Boorman s Excalibur revives legend of King Arthur in film Gamble director John Boorman instructs actor Nigel Terry on the set. By Leonard Klady los Angeles is the viewing Public ready or a pagent on the exploits of the court of King Arthur John Boorman thinks so. The award winning director of deliverance Point Blank and Cardoz has spent the past decade pursuing his metaphoric quest for the holy grail. Next week hell find out whether the Effort was Worth the fight when his film Excalibur opens across North America. The 48-year-old englishman seriously began working on an arthurian film in 1970, and presented an outline to United artists. He says they weren t interested they wanted me to make a live action version of of the rings Boorman spent the next year scout ing locations in Ireland for the Tolkien adaptation which was shelved by the studio for budget reasons. I met Tolkien when i was preparing the film and he asked me if the film would be live action or animated he was relieved we weren t animating the film. Well we All know what subsequently happened with Ralph Bakshi s version of of the rings which was Boorman says working on the Tolkien project proved to be valuable experience for Excalibur shot in Ireland and in a Way Cardoz which was also fish Sale Albert Holm son Independent fishermen we thank you for your support. Because of demand fish Sale will continue As Long As stocks last. Fresh Frozen Pickerel fillets 1 in. Package per in. Free City Urban delivery 5 ibs. Over pm. 224-3375 Days evenings. 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Then came the critical and commercial debacles of Cardoz and exorcist ii the heretic. The combined experiences were shattering. 1 Felt As if i d lost touch with audiences which created a tremendous Lack of Confidence for i be never told anyone this before but i Only took the exorcist sequel because Warner Brothers promised me i could do Merlin Excalibur s previous title after 1 finished the heretic. They Ren egged and ironically have wound up with the film through Orion Excalibur s. Producer who release through Warner the essentials of Excalibur Are not unlike Star wars they both have the same iconography. I like to think United artists the first company i offered the project to kicked themselves when Star wars became a big Excalibur has been sneak previewed in new Haven and Atlanta. Before the screenings 1 kept on worrying that a Young audience would not connect with the material. It was very Gratifying watching the audiences respond to the Story which they obviously knew. There s a Basic similarity with Star wars. Both stories involve a quest by a Young Man who s seeking his father s identity and really discovers his own. The Basic myth of Arthur has been retained and adapted from generation to generation and still packs tremendous Boorman eschews any claims of creating intellectual experiences. I m too Busy working out the nuts and bolls of a movie to worry about freudian implications and whatnot. I did the film because i had a vision of the sword Excalibur rising out of the he grins for a moment and adds no course i did have to build a movie around that Leonard Laily in the r acc movie critic. Soap stars proud of their work attack prime time to shows the soap opera is Here to stay. That s the word from Patty Weaver Susan Seaforth and her husband Bill Hayes respectively Trish Banning and Julie and Doug Williams on the Abc soap Days of our lives. And it s not merely a question of survival. They believe that soaps like Days weekdays ., Cable 8 Are the Backbone of the . Net works. The soap is established and economical. It has earned a Loyal Fol lowing. It s going to get bigger. The three were in town recently for the first annual Cynd variety club telethon one of Many fund raisers they attend throughout the year. With show 13 years Seaforth opened up unleashing a series of observations As erudite As they were caustic. She joined Days in 1968. Weaver also made her own bitter attack on prime time to. The new Comer of the Trio she began on Days in 1974. Bill Hayes who joined the Crew in 1970, married Seaforth in real life in 1974, then pledged his troth in character in 1976. We began with the Issue of identity. Fans sometimes forget the difference Between player and Persona. Weaver agreed. She remembered what happened to Margaret Mason who played Linda Phillips. She was wonderfully bad. I think she had milk thrown on her in a since viewer emotions swing both ways fans Are also Quick to Reward favourites. When Trish was pregnant Weaver received enough baby clothes to Stock a store. Friends to viewers sometimes it does Weaver explained because these people know you they re involved in your problems. That s what a Friend becomes consistency is the sine qua non of the soap. Shows die actors leave head writers Are sacked but these Are rip ies compared to the tidal Waves which ick the prime time schedule. The ices soul soap artist is seen five Days a week 52 weeks a year. Fans depend on the soap and Don t take to the major shake up. Yet despite such loyalty the soap genre is a world unto itself Well loved but self contained. You won t read much about soap players outside of the chatty uncritical soap monthlies. It broadcasting Randal Millroy takes a break into prime time with its larger evening audience to become a name. Not surprisingly this gets Weaver s Goat. Nighttime people think they re the biggest stars in the world and they re she complained. Stuck up As it sounds i have More fans than any other nighttime Star and i be Only been on this show years. The reason for that is that in our Biz our Craft of soap opera we make people feel. We touch them. In our society people never get touched and they want to be touched they want to feel they want to cry. They want to care about something and we give them that. The greater irony according to sea Forth is that this ghetto Zed genre supports the unstable nighttime Indus try because it s cheap and durable yet it goes on without financial or critical Reward. Daytime Independent from night time pays the Bill for nighttime it truly does by being a More economical product. You build a set and you use it for maybe five six years. The set Cost you maybe since the operating costs Are Low and the advertising sup f Weaver upset by funding port is secure you figure like that you re in the chips right sea Forth said. In a bitter footnote she claimed soap actors Are equally economical. You buy an actor for nothing and you give him increments per year of i m not resentful of the megabucks that Are thrown away in nighttime she added. Perhaps someday Well have some megabucks thrown at Weaver resentful says Weaver i m resentful of tilt1 Quality of production that comes out for the megabucks that Are dumped Imo at least we can be proud of what we do each Seaforth said in reflection. And they Are proud make no mistake about that. There s the physical demand on the cast and Crew for a Start. A shooting Day starts at 6 a.m., and May last until evening. They do several Hundred hours of the show every year. Seaforth countered the Oft made charge that the soap opera is pure escapism. Daytime production involves reality much More than it does fantasy certainly much More than nighttime to does. Super cop us per lawyer super Bra these Are the ii roes of some issues taboo How much will the soap audience accept despite the consensus that today s soap watcher is an urbane Independent unit Hayes said the audience still draws the line on some issues. For example homosexuality is right out. They won t accept stories about homosexuals he said. We be intimated a Story a couple 01 times Sun they be said no a Story about an interracial Black and White Romance was accepted Al though Hayes said it polarized audience response. The same occurred with an abortion plot. However the fans have accepted stories dealing with child pornography incest and rape of rape according to Seaforth although the Smirk and tone suggested this was a and Hayes said it s Okay to do bed room scenes so Long As the couplers Are married. Otherwise the acid let ters Start pouring in. 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