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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 3, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba 8 Winnipeg free april Mckee wants deterrent transport Hub report says by Allison Bray another jobs in Manitoba transportation sector must be created by the year 2000 to offset railway Job losses and maintain the pro Vinces status As a transportation a research study we have been gently Drifting downwards in our share of Canadas transport service John director of the University of Manitoba transport told a news conference yesterday after releasing results of the who conducted the study for the Federal provincial transportation Industry develop ment advisory warned Manitoba transportation Indus employing about workers facing a slide unless initiatives Are taken to reverse the according to the entitled Manitoba transportation action plan to the year a vacuum will be created in transport sector jobs because of the decline of the railway last Manitoba workers were employed at in up rail and via rail Canada comprising per cent of the total National railway but due to cutbacks at via rail As Well As a combination of technological and economic rail Way employment will decline to by the end of the the report As deregulation of the truck ing coupled with the Cana free Trade agreement could have a serious Impact on Manitoba trucking which relies More on inter provincial freight oily past president of the Manitoba trucking Heads added if the provincial and Federal governments were to adopt a strict Lavisse Zaire approach to the Manitoba is in danger of losing about transportation sector jobs by the year the report recommends d lobbying air Canada and Canad an airlines International to establish overhaul and administrative facilities in d ensuring the continued expansion of the inter provincial trucking Indus try in d lobbying up rail to consolidate its car maintenance facilities in Winnipeg while lobbying in rail against moving administrative jobs to d ensuring the continued growth of the bus and Mobile Home industries in d attracting motor vehicle compan ies to establish production plants in three sought in rash of fires Winnipeg police Are looking for three separate arson suspects in a fire plagued Boniface neighbor department spokesman Eric Turner said we believe the school and the Church Are separate Turner said referring to a fire in administrative offices Between holy Cross school and Boniface diocesan High school in november and a fire at holy Cross Church two weeks a series of garage fires has been set in the nearby Coronation Park area during the last several Turner said police believe one per son has torched the but remained tight lipped about the ongo ing he said most of the garages were unlocked and the arsonist appears to have used materials within the garages to set the were not talking about a Guy walking around with a five gallon Gas stolen cd recovered City police have recovered part of a stolen collection of compact discs after a pawnshop owner tipped them spokesman Eric Turner said the 240 cd were among Worth of goods stolen in a Purcell Avenue burglary March a Man pawned 46 discs last tuesday and 10 More police have recovered 69 cd As a result of the Turner councillors target illegal Rooming houses by Aldo Santin landlords who illegally convert houses and apartments into Rooming houses should be Winnipeg City councillors said the All members of civic planning and Community ser vices said stiff fines should be just one of the landlords who have made a Cash killing on illegally converted Rooming houses should be ordered to restore the building to its original Glen Murray Riveros borne Christine Mckee River Heights said existing fines Are too Low to Force unscrupulous land lords to obey the the province sets the Fine said planning committee and City Council is urging the province to Amend civic and provincial officials admitted this week that it is almost impossible to prevent the illegal conversion of houses and apart ments into Rooming or to detect such a conversion unless there is a the which turn a three bedroom suite into six or More separate dwelling can double and triple rental Donovan Timmers West Minster said the existing bylaw court is a lengthy process and the resulting fines Are not enough to deter some slum licence negligent landlords get a slap on the wrist at bylaw said who is not a member of the planning the fines amount to a licensing fee for running a slum the Filmon government withdrew Bill legislation designed to toughen the landlord and tenants this promising to return it for consideration in the the pending legislation promised increased creation of a hous ing court and mandatory inspection of suites to ensure they Are habitable before the province and City make living allowance Gloria Mendelson Kildonan Park said there is a legitimate need for Rooming but added they should be restricted to Only those areas zoned for their there should be very stiff penalties for landlords who break the Mendelson Mckee said 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