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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 3, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba Winnipeg free april Winnipeg free press Freedom of Trade Liberty of religion Equality of civil rights published seven Days a week at 300 Carlton Winnipeg r3c 3c1 by newspapers division of Canadian newspapers company limited Telephone 9439331 a member of the Manitoba press Council Arthur Wood publisher John Dafoe editorial Page editor David Lee managing editor Winnipeg free press est 1872 Winnipeg Tribune est 1890 waffling to Power As he addressed the Liberal leadership forum on the Jean Chretien was already beginning to sound like a prime minister evasive and noncom Chretien caution is frustrating to his opponents in the Liberal leadership race but it is perfectly reasonable for someone in his with about half of the delegates to the june leadership convention already Chretien enjoys a Lead which seems it even appears possible that he May win the leadership in the first since Many of the delegates have been chosen As members of slates firmly committed to one or other of the they Are not Likely to be much influenced by what the candidates say at the Chretien concern is no longer to win converts within the Liberal party but to ensure himself a comfortable position on that two or three years when he wins his guaranteed election Victory and becomes prime minis a politician who is striving to become a party Leader in order to strive to become prime minister tends to make Strong promises to scrap the goods and services tax the Day after the election or to abrogate the free Trade agreement moments after the furniture has been moved into 24 Sussex the politician like assumes he will be prime is More he Hedges against the possibility by the time the next election Rolls people might have got used to the goods and services tax and Canadian industries might have successfully adapted to the free Trade the new prime minister might find the get a useful source of Revenue to pay for his election promises and the fat a valuable engine of economic no Point in saying things now that May come Back to haunt him the aim of Chretien of is to break through that Armor of vagueness and unveil his True Paul Martin and Sheila Copps tried to do that on they did not have much their most frustrating Effort was to pin him Down on the Meech Lake Accord of which along with Pierre once appeared to be a firm and unbending now he is congratulating new Brunswick Premier Frank Mckenna for his attempt to save it with a so called companion the efforts of Copps and Martin to pin Chretien Down to a yes or no answer on Mckennas proposals ran up against the fact that Mckenna is not looking for that sort of he has made his proposal deliberately inviting others to add to it subtract from the Beauty of Mckennas formula is that it can be embraced simultaneously by Copps and mar there May yet be a few roadblocks in the Way of Chretien smooth passage to the prime ministers for one canadians might think that a prime minister who is evasive on the major issues is a Little too much like the prime minister they already have but As seems the Only thought in the mind of most delegates to the leadership convention is the name of the Man they Are going to vote then Chretien is quite Correct to confuse them with not a or problem the Forks renewal corporation has hired a publicity which is what governments and Public agencies generally do when they have lost Community the corporations is not a publicity problem and a publicity consultant cannot repair the the corporations problem is that it acts without first securing Public consent to its it was set up that Way in the first at two arms lengths from the sponsoring which Are the governments of Canada and Manitoba and the Winnipeg City the corporation is formally an arms length subsidiary of the North Portage development which is itself at arms length from the being thus Cut off from the elected it feels authorized to act without awaiting their City councillors have no stake in the corporations projects and no reason to support the result is that when it runs into trouble the corporation is Short of political allies to speak up for the corporation won Council consent in to a first phase development plan which included a multicultural it called for proposals for such a on its own initiative and without seeking the councils it accepted instead a proposal for a German cultural which has become a focus of a blast of publicity orchestrated by Mckim advertising or any other Agency will not remove that Central difficulty that the Forks corporation obtained consent for one project and is attempting to carry out a different bad publicity is merely the the Root of the problem is the publicity of will not Tell the Forks Board and executives that the problem lies in their own policy and Mckim will Tell them that they lost Public support because they failed to use the publicity devices that Mckim can the Forks Board and executives will pay handsomely for this bad advice because it will be Welcome a consultant who told them the honest truth that they have lost Public support by doing unpopular things would not be invited a publicity firm will help isolate the Forks Board from the the Board members would do better to spread out across i by stating the corporations policy to a few reasonably Well informed Winni Eggers and then listen attentively to what the people that is what the Board is there How to control interest rates consumer affairs minister Pierre Blais is right to stay away from regulating interest on credit even if he May be mixed up about what and what does not constitute effective in rejecting an Al party committee recommendation that credit card interest be put his Confidence in Competition to keep the rules what is really keeping the rates in line is the threat that the government just might act if there was enough Public the committee had recommended that legislation be put in place which would prohibit credit card interest rates higher than Points More than the Bank of Canada Blais correctly observed that current rates on which Are around the 20 per cent Are considerably lower than what the proposed Cap would have he is also right to speculate that any legislated maximum rates would quickly become the minimum since they would carry a sort of stamp of government it must be remembered that the recommendation was made when the Central Bank rate was considerably lower than the present per the recommended spread was also much larger than one which would provide any real Protection to the most effective inhibition to abuse is the threat of not control Competition provides a but there Are so few organizations in the major credit card business that real Competition is All but As Long As the government leaves its options As Long As regulations can be imposed if Public protest pressures lending institutions will be Hesi Tant to trigger Public a tax Bill to help the wealthy by Leonard Shifrin special to the free press Ottawa the most effective commons committee is about to face its biggest parliamentary reforms were sup posed to give committees a real role in shaping but Only the finance under Maverick tory Don has had any tax changes its report on the income tax re form White paper led to a number of and its blueprint for a seven per cent instead of nine per cent goods and services tax helped push the government to scale Down its now the committee is about to launch a study of the Mulroney governments proposed changes in retirement savings plan Asp according to regulatory affairs minister John the government int expecting a rubber it wants the committee to examine its proposals in great de he told the so that we May assure ourselves that we have done the right the noncontroversial part of the tory legislation closes a number of loopholes in the present and has Al party the main thrust of the Bill increasing tax deductible Asp limits for High income earners to from the present has been denounced by both the liberals and the new Only people earning Over would Benefit from the higher Ceil and Only those earning More than would qualify for Maxi mum those earning less than including almost All female earners would actually have their Asp limits at a time when the government claims to be so strapped for Cash that it is cutting off Grants to women crisis centres in order to save less than the higher ceilings for top earners will Cost the Treasury let us have no illusion about what this Bill is it is a tax Bill to help the said Liberal Jim for four years persons earning the put aside the at a 10 per cent interest rate and did nothing More with that in 30 years they would have million to retire he told the maps scandalized opposition maps were scandalized not Only by the proposed changes in the but also by the continued use of tax deductions rather than credits for Asp How much a deduction is Worth depends on a persons tax a deduction saves for some one in the top bracket and for a two years at the time of his income tax finance minis Ter Michael Wilson declared that converting deductions to credits is a key element in achieving a fairer income tax he was Why he was converting personal exemptions and deductions for such things As Canada pension plan and i contrib tuition fees and charitable donations to credits that would pro vide the same level of tax saving to All tax pension Reform in the Al party task Force on pension Reform made the same proposal for Asp and private pension the it is counterproductive As Well As in the fact that the tax Benefit is Worth More to those with higher incomes Means that its effectiveness in encouraging people to save for retirement is strongest in the upper income groups and weaker in lower and Middle income we do not believe that govern ments need concern themselves with the adequacy of replacement in comes for those in upper income the maps unanimously de substituting a tax credit for the current tax deduction would serve to re target tax incentives to Ward those in the lower Middlin come it remains to be seen whether the tories on the finance committee today Are prepared to be As Forth right As those on the pension com Mittee were seven years taxi cleanup having had 14 years of direct experience in the taxicab Indus try in Winnipeg and 30 years in and having served on the Manitoba taxicab Board for three i would like to comment on the recent report of the taxicab during my term on the the same matters were being raised then 1977 to 1980 As they Are that being poor service at the Airport and dirty cabs and unkempt i raised these matters at the Board and succeeded in having the Drivers clean up their act and cars for a Short the inconsistency in the inspection department of the taxicab licensing office As Well As the shortage of taxicab Drivers allowed the deterioration to occur the majority of complaints arise from the Lack of cabs at the Winni Peg International 1 tried on several occasions to have this mat Ter rectified but the department of which controls the air port and Sells the rights to the taxi cab regulations r cab business on an exclusive was not interested in rectifying the several meetings with Airport officials were unsuccessful and is still not successful the problems have been identified for years but the will to take any action was really not the Airport taxicab Concession must be opened up to All City taxis through a joint agreement guaranteeing a Fleet of cars at the Airport in Peak Condi the Drivers Are regulated not to smoke in their cars with they Are regulated to be the cars Are regulated to be in clean and the regulations Sim ply Arent there is no need Tor any further studies or Consul Tants reports but there is need for stricter enforcement of the regulations through vehicle licence suspensions for the suggestion of increasing the number of taxicabs by 100 cars which would be an elite Fleet is ridiculous and is a suspected Power play by the Board while shirking its responsibility to enforce existing the waiting period for a taxicab in Winni Peg is very minimal other than for a few Days of abnormal additional cars Are licensed for several months during the Christmas season and have never made the owners of those cars Over and above the 400 taxicab licences in there Are Sev eral limousine licences As Well As probably another 100 vehicles used in conveying passengers that Arent licensed by the taxicab threatening to add cars at this Lime is tampering with the Market place and tampering with the investments made by the current there has been no identified need to increase the amount of there has been an identified need to clean up the clean up the cars and enforce the if the taxicab Board is not willing to carry out its there is Only one honorable thing to George Provost Winnipeg the Winnipeg free press welcomes letters from writers must give their name and names will be used and letters Are subject to deplorable i am writing to express my astonishment at the Lack of coverage at the provincial aaa High school basketball there was absolutely nothing in your sports pages covering the boys or girls semifinals and a very Small article and picture covering the championship High school basketball is an important event and the provincials a major Amateur sport event and the Lack of coverage by the free press is on that same Satur the free press gave a lot of space to play Downs As Well As the but Noth ing supporting our local please get your act together and Start covering our local Wendy Warren Winnipeg arts bashing this seems to be the year for bashing the Manitoba arts the trend began Well before the establishment of a provincial arts policy review committee and perhaps perpetuated by the but the arts Council has a solid reputation for dealing with its constituents fairly and per haps in return some fairness to wards the Council is As Yude Henteleff Points out arts Council free March the decision to hire an arts Council staff member to assist in preparing the final report of the arts policy review committee was completely this May cast doubt on the several parties in including the arts but it does not constitute Confirma Tion of the deep concerns about its general As Henteleff As he and others Sug we have every right to expect both a Quick reversal of this Deci and a Clear initiative on the part of defers arts review committee to ensure the credibility of the final on the other the Campaign of the gang of four against the Manitoba arts Council artists re Volt against free March 9 is neither convincing nor the Lam Standard to which Are ironically shoddy from a visual Point of Tell us nothing characterizing the Council As shameful is simply a accept Richard Burleson Michael Matthews Winnipeg astonishing while the Manitoba arts Council is a body in precious need of Public it is nevertheless astonishing to read the name of Chris artistic director of the Manitoba puppet As one of the so called gang of four pro testing against macs allegedly High expenditure in anyone with the slightest familiar Ity with the Winnipeg arts scene knows that the Manitoba puppet theatre has scheduled no regular season of performances for virtually the past nor within the same time Frame has it presented for Public examination any new artistic with the exception of infrequent forays into the school the Manitoba puppet the atre has remained for some time practically invisible to the local if the met has not been spending the Grants it receives from Mac regularly presenting puppet theatre in Manitoba then one imagines it must have been spending most of the Money on what else adminis the analogy might be appropriate Michael Lewis Winnipeg language Issue How much longer Are we going to delude ourselves into believing we Are or Ever will be a bilingual what have our bilingual efforts produced so far d englisis politicians in Ottawa Mur Dering the French language and French politicians equally pathetic in their use of the English Lan d time and Money wasted on trans lations that have Only been produced to fulfil the letter of the not to meet any specific d it has helped to produce the Meech Lake farce and it is a smokescreen for Quebec real objective sovereignty Why not be honest and recognize and respect the desire of French Quebec to speak and the rest of Canada to speak English essential services can easily be provided within each for the minorities English or any other ethnic once we have seriously and Hon Estly faced the language Issue we can then honestly face the aspirations of it May be that we could come to a sensible and kindly association with an autonomous Quebec in which the constantly reoccurring rancor of the past could be if our politicians could forget seeking a place in history for themselves and instead seek a society within this portion of the american continent where every person can feel Safe and at we would soon make Progress and offer a worthy Blue print of a stable and caring society to other nations of the world Strug gling with similar Geoffrey Joycey Winnipeg City spending i am writing to express my con Cern about the spending of the City and the extent of borrowing monies that is going the City should have to put a curb on unnecessary spending and borrowing and try to bring the taxes Down instead of raising them so there Are Many cuts that the City could take and one of them is the delay or deletion of the proposed Charleswood especially when they do not have the Money for it and would have to borrow since becoming part owner of place As Well As Al ready being a shareholder in por Tage i find that my take Home pay is almost nonexistent and even the Moths at the Bottom of my purse have flown off to better at the rate of spending and Bor rowing that the City is doing my will be paying for the interest on that Bor rowed and is All the proposed building at the Forks really necessary they Are running out of funds and Are probably looking to the City or prov Ince to bail them out of any bailouts Are paid for by us the taxpayers As it is time to put a Stop to All this excessive spending and borrowing that it going Ottawa passed the Buck to the provinces in their last who is the City of Winnipeg going to pass the Buck to Harvey Winnipeg once there was a divorced Mummy Bear and a daddy Bear who had visiting and a baby

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