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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 1, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba Free press april 1990 youre you dont have to die to have a funeral held in your Honor i was a Little taken Aback to read about the plans that have been Laid for the upcoming funeral of Polly be tron of Polly will be sitting in a Pew near the front so she can get a Good View of the proceed and two Days Shell be celebrating her 76th As you will already have surmised Polly is taking quite a novel approach to her she int plan Ning to die you will shows an interesting per although a conservative might object that it also shows a certain disdain for but it seems funeral traditions Are beginning to dont worry ill avoid the temptation to observe that tradition is a thing of the it was just a year or so for that some Coffina Nufa Turer Down in the states unveiled a new product Ai med at the Yuppie Market designer personally i find this sex who Are we to object if a Yuppie decides he be caught dead in a Plain Pine Box As such in just waiting for the announcement that this manufacturer has taken his idea to the logical extreme and has designed a coffin with a imagine the marketing possibilities a Tomb with a but i we were discussing Polly Polly decided to Host her own Fune ral in order to spare her friends and relatives the bother of handling the arrangements after shed this was certainly but its also in after funerals have always operated on one Basic premise this being that the guest of Honor Hast Laid any particular plans for the the role of the dearly de parted at a funeral has Al ways been a pretty passive it might be unnerving to have him hop up at the conclusion of the service to exclaim right now who going to buy me a drink weve simply grown accustomed to the fact that nothing rises again after being officially dead and buried apart from Vam and the careers of disgraced Cabinet min twos it a Lould Aiu Burnt Mother says she Doest think there is a seeing its an artificial still when you Stop to think about it you begin to see certain advantages to holding your funeral while youre still alive and for starters it would give you a Chance to Monitor the responses of your loved it was English essayist Charles Lamb who once i have been to a funeral i cant describe to you the howl which the widow set up at proper As attending your own funeral might be an Ideal Way to ensure that your will is drawn up so Nephew Bertram spent the service flirting with the did he Well Bertram inherits my Barry Manilow albums and an old stack of National besides it does seem unfair that you should have to be dead at your after All youre alive and fully even painfully conscious at All the other truly major events in your life like birth weddings and Root canal in its unfair As its your for petes after All those years its finally your Chance to be the Centre of undivided at its the one Occa Sion on which everyone is morally obligated to say utterly glowing things about under the circumstances it might even be a great Opportunity for you to meet and you have to be dead it Doest Bear thin King Polly Ketron is onto something and to top it All just consider the magnitude of the event other Peoples funerals Are solemn and but your own funeral it goes without saying Mark a loss so massive and tragic that its inconceivable the world could who want to miss something like that Thomson news service Teddy award winners named an outstanding researcher into childrens growth and development and a group of volunteers who Are the Cornerstone of the childrens Hospital research foundation Are the recipients of the foundations 1990 Teddy the awards Are presented annually by the foundation to recognize those who have contributed significantly to the improvement of childrens health in Manitoba either As a paediatric medical researcher or As a builder of the this years recipients Are Jeremy Winter As researcher and the five women guilds and two alumnae associations of the childrens Hospital As Winter is an endocrinologist who is internationally known for his research into hormones critical to childrens growth and since he has created an excellent consultation and teaching pro Gram in this area at childrens the guilds and alumnae associations of the childrens Hospital provide financial support for the creation of the foundation and continue to have an Active program of fundraisers on behalf of sick the dedicated members of the Annie Mckinnon and Chown the nurses alumnae and the Melville Wood alumnae also provide vital support for a wide Range of foundation the awards will be presented at the Teddy awards Brunch at on Sun april at the Holiday inn tickets Are available at the foundation of fice cancer society volunteers canvassing for funds during april Canadian cancer society pcs volunteers Are canvassing in thou Sands of local communities to raise million for cancer control in Money raised in and through year round special allows the society to meet its ongoing commitments to the control and prevention of cancer through re patient services and in Over local volunteers will work toward ensuring the Manitoba reaches its Campaign goal of the divisions Overall objective for the year is last year was contributed by the society to cancer research across the with Manitoba researchers receiving As the Manitoba division committed an additional million Over three years to the research portion of the Manitoba cancer treatment and research foundations building the remainder of funds Are used to Edu Cate people about cancer Prima Rily through lifestyle and Early detection and for emotional and financial support programs to cancer patients and their along with the Volunteer daffodils will be visible throughout the province in the Sale of these colourful Spring Flowers support the society programs and Are symbolic of the Hope these programs provide to Manitoban with the Canadian cancer society is a a Community based organization of whose Mission is the eradication of cancer and the 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