Winchester Star in Winchester, Virginia
3 Jun 2015

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Winchester Star in Winchester, Virginia
3 Jun 2015

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Winchester Star (Newspaper) - June 3, 2015, Winchester, Virginiaeditorials Adrian j. O Connor l Oconnor Winchester Star. Com our views and your views on today s issues our views wednesday june 3, 2015 the Winchester Star a4 today s quote whence is thy learning hath thy toil o or books consume d the Midnight Oil John Gay a belated paean to our area s Many graduates election deadlines As in every election season the Winchester Star s editorial Page welcomes letters about the various candidates from its readership. Letters and open forum columns about the 29th House District Republican primary will be accepted up until the end of business hours 5 p. Mon thursday june 4. This will allow the staff time to process these letters and columns and run them on the editorial Page in the Days leading up to primary Day june 9. The same guidelines apply As for other submissions to the editorial Page letters to the editor must be no More than 150 typed or legibly written words. Open forum writers should limit their submissions to 500 words. All submissions to the editorial Page must include the author s name signature address and Telephone number and Are subject to editing. Berg full time duty to a part time Job i be had the Opportunity to meet folks from All Over our area. People Tell me my husband Mark Berg is doing what he said he would and they appreciate his dedication and passion. Mark is not your typical politician but a citizen statesman who devotes full time to a part time Job. He has earned respect from fellow legislators who know he does not oppose Bills without Good reason. His unceasing efforts to do the right thing May be challenged by some but his honesty and integrity will not allow him to stay silent. That is Why i am proud to be his wife of 29 years. Mark s freshman legislative experience has not always been easy but Ronald Reagan once said the future does not belong to the fainthearted it belongs to the Brave. After carefully Reading Bills Mark opposed those that were unconstitutional and imposed burdensome regulations on businesses despite opposition from those who were unaware of the consequences. Because of his votes Mark has earned an a from the state chamber of Commerce a 100 percent from family foundation action and the same rating by the Virginia civil defense league. Join me in re electing Mark Berg for Delegate with a proven record deserving our support. Debbie Berg Frederick county your views Berg s stance on autism spun far out of proportion to truth Charolette a. Eriksson Sally Voth s recent article in the Star autism vote is very misleading. It belongs on the opinion Page not in the news Section. According to the article Chris Collins would have you believe that Del. Mark Berg is against children with autism. This of course is designed to build on a Collin s Campaign advertisement. In that and he goes so far As to say if Mark Berg would vote against funding for children then what other appalling things would he do not so fast or. Collins one thing that is appalling though is politicizing autism and misleading people for your own personal gain. Collins statement in this article that or. Berg believes b e t we e n Ages 2 and 6 is the Only time these services work is a blatant misrepresentation of the Delegate s position. It surprises me the reporter decided to include this misleading statement. She and i were at the same town Hall meeting where or. Berg explained in detail Why he did t support the Bill. He never said treatments Only work Between Ages 2 and 6. He did say this age group benefited the most based on studies he reviewed. Research revealed that the critical time of detection intervention and treatment is in the earlier age. The exclusion of coverage with groups of 50 100 insured could affect More children in that critical age group than the previous Law. In other words or. Berg s position is to make the coverage less limiting than the current Bill for an age group when detection and treatment is most critical. Does this sound like someone who s against children with autism Del. Berg is a real medical doctor and an excellent researcher. For Collins to mock someone s credentials to win elections is quite telling and very a statesmanlike. The truth is a person has to work hard to become a medical doctor but can easily earn the title spin doctor As Collins has done. Del. Berg has served us Well in his term As Delegate with the discipline of a Well accomplished medical doctor. He saved the taxpayers a lot of Money to Stop medicaid expansion in Virginia. He has been responsive and very accessible to the residents of the 29th District. Let s put an end to spin from his opponent vote with me for the reelection of Mark Berg on june 9. Charolette a Eriksson is a resident of Frederick county. Same Man two views Berg comes with his own Agenda mind boggling answers Pamela c. Mitchell i am writing first to thank Kimberli Grove Ball for her outstanding open forum of May 28, titled to vote or not to vote on june 9. Yes anyone and everyone can vote at this primary. It is a contest Between two Republican candidates. One does not have to declare a party affiliation to vote in this primary. The democrats do not have a primary for this House seat. The reason republicans Are having this election is because Chris Collins decided to once again step up to the plate of civic duty he heard calling. I am delighted he did. I m usually a Strong Democrat but in this Case it s so important to All in the 29th District to elect someone with a track record for civic duty Chris has this via his Board of supervisors service in Frederick county. Or. Berg spoke recently at an informal town Hall get together at Lake Frederick. It was Well publicized in our Hoa newsletter. Or. Berg began his oration explaining How the House worked but he clearly stated he did not like the Way things Are done in Richmond. He explained Bills Are presented to a committee and if the committee does not approve the Bill goes no further. The problem or. Berg has is he presented no Bill for the Benefit of the people. He attempted to Tell our local Law enforcement authorities to change the Way they do things by presenting a Bill that went no place. He spoke to no one in Law enforcement and no one knew anything about this until it was in the Star. How could anyone possibly know what is better for our Public servants than the highly experienced people we have doing the Job had or. Berg sought the expertise of any of these groups and asked what he could do to help them that might make sense. The utter arrogance to present a Bill to change things that he knew very Little about and not seek input is mind boggling. A resident of our Community introduced himself As a retired professor with More than 20 years College teaching and asked or. Berg what is happening in Richmond with regard to no child left behind. The response was amazing. Or. Berg began with a speech about common Core and with arms stretched to the sky explained How huge this is repeated huge several times and then explained Virginia had not taken part in common Core that it was mostly a Northern states thing and now most of the states say it was a big mistake and they Are trying to get out of it. It was pretty obvious he knew nothing about no child left behind and if he did he certainly did not share his knowledge with the group. Obviously he never answered this gentleman s question. Another resident asked what is being done for this area regarding transportation. Or. Berg s response was that another Delegate was More educated on transportation than he was and to ask that Delegate. You get the picture. The following week Chris Collins was invited to speak at Lake Frederick and unfortunately did not get the same publicity of the event As or. Berg but those who attended were enthralled. He was asked about education and spoke intelligently with proper names of programs i. E., common Core and explained what it did and what no child left behind was. Without poli t in i n a he explained what he thought needed to be done in Richmond to Benefit our area namely expanding Job programs Community College expansion to train More people for jobs Here in this area expanding our agricultural resources. Then we would not be As concerned about More people moving Here and commuting out of the area. These Are Only a few things he spoke at length about to Benefit the 29th District. He is running because of or. Berg s Only no vote on a positive for education that everyone else voted yes on. Or. Collins had give and take conversations with people who had been teachers and listened to them and agreed with Many ideas of what was needed. Clearly or. Berg has his own Agenda. His continued bragging that he read Obama care All 2,700 pages two times certainly has not helped any of his constituents. He should have tried to get More insurance companies Back to Virginia to form a competitive Market to lower insurance costs. We n eed Chris Collins to be elected and get or. Berg out of Richmond. He had his Chance and did nothing for the state or the 29th District. Please if you Are a Republican Democrat libertarian socialist or any other political entity vote for Chris on june 9. He will represent us and accomplish much in Richmond. Not voting could cause or. Berg to be re elected and accomplish More nothing. We need representation and will get it with Chris Collins. Pamela c. Mitchell is a resident of Lake Frederick. Commentary 29th District race beast without pity global climate change brings with it oceans full of woes Charles Hagan our oceans like the rest of our planet Are feeling the slow Subtle yet very significant effects of climate change. Since the Middle of the 19th Century thermometers have allowed accurate temperature recordings and Over the past 50 years or so numerous investigators have reported the surface Waters of our oceans have Overall increased on average by about three quarters of a degree celsius. D of s n t seem like much but How much Energy does that represent Well there Are about 510 million Square Kilometres of Ocean surface water and if we go Down just 20 meters that s 2 percent. So there Are 10 million cubic Kilometres of surface water a billion cubic meters per cubic Kilometre each weighing 1,000 kilograms and a kilo of water warmed .75 degrees has about 3,000 Joules. So the answer in Joules is about 300 with 20 zeros. Big number do we have a Large unit of Energy for comparison indeed we do the Hiroshima bomb detonated Over Japan was about 62 ter Joules that s 13 zeros. So the amount of Energy the Ocean s surface Waters have absorbed due to climate change in modern times can be estimated using High school math to be the equivalent of about 480 million Hiroshima bombs. And not without consequence. If you enter the phrase Puffin snuff into your search engine it will quickly take you to a Mother Jones article about an unfortunate Puffin Colony in Maine. When the Waters of the Gulf of Maine suffered unprecedented War Ming the Teardrop shaped herring puffins feed their Chicks were replaced by disc shaped Hake minnows which the Chicks could t Swallow. The result was the collapse of the Colony and death for most of the Puffin Chicks. The increased concentration of Carbon dioxide in our atmosphere also contributes to climate change s evil twin Ocean acidification. Carbon dioxide dissolves readily in sea water and associates with h2o to form carbonic acid. The resultant drop in Ocean pm since the pre Industrial Era suggests an approximate 28 percent increase in the Hydrogen Ion concentration of sea water globally which could double in the next Century. And like our atmosphere the Carbon dioxide will remain in Ocean Waters for Many generations. This is bad news especially for the myriad Ocean species of shellfish and molluscs with Calcium Carbonate Anatomy. The natural biological form of Calcium in these creatures is Calcium Aragonite. As the oceans grow More acidic the amount of Calcium Aragonite available to these organisms declines As a Basic function of their biochemistry. This May affect numerous species of ubiquitous shellfish and foraminifers that Are the building blocks for our Ocean s food Chain. Thus physiologists and Marine biologists believe the decrease in Carbonate ions might be catastrophic for organisms which play an important role in the food Chain and Are essential for the maintenance of biodiversity. The sea is an important Niche of human activity from seafood gourmets Coral lovers scuba divers and whale watchers to Marine biologists and people the world Over who live on or near the oceans. Red algae and jellyfish Are not a substitute for the diversity of our oceans. The climate change beast is out there. It can t be reasoned with or bargained with. It has no emotions it does t feel pain pity or remorse and it simply will not Stop Ever until we As a species find the collective will to act against it. Charles Hagan resides in Winchester. Commentary climate change debate Ferguson effect 20 year decline in crime now in reverse i n Baltimore wrote the Manhattan Institute s Heather Mac Donald in last weekend s edition of the Wall Street journal the most pressing question every morning is How Many people were shot the previous night. As we be noted recently on More than a few occasions is. Mac Donald hardly overstates her Case. May was the deadliest month in the last 15 years in Charm City which exploded in violence in the Wake of Freddie Gray s death while in police custody. But Here s the thing Baltimore is no outlier in this regard a steady decline in crime witnessed Over a 20 year period has suddenly been reversed. And no City it seems is immune. Consider l in m i l a u k be homicides jumped 180 percent by mid May Over the same period in 2014. L through the first four months of 2015, St. Louis witnessed these hikes in violent crime shootings up 39 percent robberies up 43 percent homicides up 25 percent. L murders in Atlanta i increased 32 percent from a year ago by mid May. L in c i c a where 44 shootings were reported this memorial Day weekend murders have jumped 17 percent. L violent felonies in l of Angeles Are up 25 percent. L and finally in new York Cit which once was the Model for broken windows l a enforcement homicides have increased nearly 13 percent and gun violence has jumped 7 percent. In one East Harlem police precinct shootings have skyrocketed 500 percent from a year ago. May we consider this the legacy of uber Liberal mayor Bill de Blasio or is it something More widespread even National in nature that prompted St. Louis Alderman Joe Vacarro to lament last month that crime is the worst i be Ever seen it ? yes and one need not venture far from or. Vacarro s Bailiwick to see where this something originated. Call it the Ferguson effect. Ever since riotous behaviour in this St. Louis suburb flirted with anarchy last summer after officer Darren Wilson killed unarmed Black teenager Michael Brown during a scuffle the mood of the country has changed ominously As professional agitators race charlatans and Damnable fools have raced in to suggest that As is. Mac Donald says police Are the biggest threat facing Young Black males today. Numbers such As those cited above Tell Only part of the Story. It is instructive to note that before the unfortunate incident in Ferguson the 20 year trend still prevailed. For example violent crime in the first half of 2014 had fallen 4.6 percent nationally from the previous year and property crime had decreased by 7.5 percent. We la not know until this time next year what the actual figures for the first half of 2015 will be but one can rest assured they will not be Good. To make matters worse the Ferguson effect has in Many instances demoralized Law enforcement not Only among individual officers but on the precinct and departmental Levels As Well. Stated simply such is the orchestrated animus against police that officers Are now reluctant to engage in a proactive Way to quell crime. And when they do they often encounter angry mobs. The result says St. Louis police chief Sam Dotson who coined the term Ferguson effect the criminal element is feeling empowered. Regrettably dare we say unconscionably the political elites seem to be siding with those criminal elements or at least those who agitate on their behalf. New York is a prime example. Under or. De Blasio proactive Stop question and frisk practices have been abandoned. But apparently even that s not enough. As is. Mac Donald noted state attorney general Eric Schneiderman is eager to establish a special state prosecutor whose Job it would be to prosecute police officers who employ deadly Force. The pretext for such a Star chamber whenever a grand jury fails to indict an officer for homicide and there Are doubts about the fairness of the proceeding. Also under fire and not just in new York City but across the nation is the broken windows method of policing that seeks to tamp Down the air of lawlessness in rough neighbourhoods by targeting Low level offences. The rub Here is that the very people who Benefit most from this approach Law abiding residents of these areas Are the ones who desire these policies and appreciate them the most. But suddenly it seems no one Speaks for them. What a travesty and perhaps our cities ultimate undoing. Who would want to live in such an air of lawlessness slouching toward anarchy

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