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Winchester Gazette Newspaper Archives Sep 12 1812, Page 1

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Winchester Gazette (Newspaper) - September 12, 1812, Winchester, VirginiaIll chef the if and published by a John at till leaks Peji annul indispensable can i Lions. I. The w i Nehk Sukk Gazette it puh. Hiked Ever saturday evening at three Dol Lars per Dunum exclusive of postage. 1. To Popes Mil be discontinued before the expiration of the year and until arrearage Are Tatj. Iii. A Verti cements not exceeding a Square inf Carlei three times for one Dollar and Thoeny a Ive cents far every infection end when nit Peci Mically directed of the contrary will be Onserud until forbid and charged accordingly. In. Advertisements from a distance must be com Panid with the c a s it or be assumed by some Pond a person or the Fuji Majier most convenient the advertiser. P. Advertisements will n every in it arte e charged the person ordering them unless oat Niculai by Jii plated the contrary i. The p of age on All communications the editor my a be paid by the writer or they will not be attended . Virginia twit at rules i Olden in the clerks office of the Superior c out of chancery Tor the Winchester a Ihnut the j i Day of a gust i s 1 2 George . Norris pm pfc. Agai ult a Edilha i. Hall Presley Neville executors of Daniel Morgan Duc d and Janes Dunlop Dutts. R g � he defendants having entered their appearance and Given femur ii according the act of and the rules of this court and it appearing by lasts factory evidence that they arc not inhabitants of tins country it is ordered i hat inc Hud defendants do appear Here on the Tir Day of the next Ici in and answer he hut of the Plain if and that a Cony of this order be sort Timith inserted pollen Ai i in a indies Houie in the Laid town of winches Ter. Title Daniel Lee c. C. C. August 29. V1rg1nia, wit at Kulics Hoiden in the clerk s office of the bup enor court of chancery for the w me Hester i Luct the cd Day of Augull i til 2. Sitiani Vleit Al tit the executors of William Darke de ceased Jacob ii Alann Uig d Lury his Sarah Kui Hertford and win. Darke North Devisees of William Riec caled and John Cooke. Dei is he defendant John Cook not hav ing entered his appearance Anu Given Security Ai Coin g the act of at Lemby and the rules of Lii court and it appearing by Taisi Aliory evidence that he is not an a habitant of bit country it is ordered that the Faid Del meant do a Here in the full Day of next term and answer the Bill of the plaintiff and that a copy of this order be forthwith m Fei Ted in Tome published in Vinczeller Tor two Luct clively and potted at the Irons doer of tie court Houle in the town of Winc Hetler. Telle Daniel Lee c. C. C. Augir a a. Virginia wit at rules i Okin in the clerk s off be of c Superior court of chancery Foi he a Inch Slier a strict the 3d Day of August 1812. J in Hatton fill against maty worn lev widow of John worm Fey deceased John Cruger , Hugh Wallace Wormly and Mary worm icy. The Foj d John c. Hugh Wallace and l Al Mary bring children and . Preventatives of John Wormley Tecc a k Alfo i Nomas strode and Mary Wormley � Ife n Faid Hugh Wallace Wormley and George Ujj. Norris diets i \ Al. He d pendants Hugh Wallace Wormly and Miry his not having entered their appearance and Given seen Rity according the act of Alt ably and the rules of this court and it appearing by evidence it they Are not inhabitants of this country it is or dered hat the Faid defendants do a. Pear Here on the first Day of the next term and answer the Hill of the plaintiff and that a copy of this order he Forth with inferred in Fame newspaper in win. Chefter for two months fun Criffi Cly and ported at the front door of the court Ijo ofe in the Faid town of winches Ter. Tuft Daniel Ler c. C. C. Angut 39. To rent i for a term of years yearly 500 acres of Limestone land 300 acres of Faid land cleared 40 acres of j which is Pirine River Bottom one Hun dred and Odd acres can be put in Corn next Spring pol Effion May be hid idol january 1813, if rented Bertore the fir l of october the renter will hive the privilege of seeding 6 or 70 acres of Corn land. None need apply but Good Farmers. The terms will be Graf Onahlee. Tohn Kerfoo Daniel Sowers. August tf76. Junor. An Struy. Pursuant a warrant us directed we have this Day View d an is tray Mare few Nus by lexan Ler i. Hue of this county and do find the Fame be a sorrel Mare about fourteen aed half hands High up posed be even or eight Vecais old a Blaze in her forehead no Brand App rail cd fifty dollars. Certified under our hands this the june 112. J. R. Gustine Fred c i k. Y a avg. Ephraim Fen on. The owner of he above Elf Rev de sired come Forward prove his pro. Perry pay charges and ule and take her a was. A Lex and Mahue. Angut 29. 76. To be sold 0 u it y virtue of a deed of Trust Ted he Omas , rho. Fun Scriber Fecura a debt due Daniel Abbot 1 will fell a tract of land. Containing 3 ores More or Lef and joining the land of Peter d.-hiven1\ ing in Frederick county about z Miles Horn nah Iovito at present occupied by Johns Day the 21 if sep Ember at Izu a title is the de expected that he is in company wih a Voun m m of the name of Georges of for Waggon maker Trade who left this on sunday morning. Pm v 4 John Hyser. Nepher Srou a aug. C6 h p. S. I for warn All pet fans from employing or harbouring Faid apprentice. A a a August 29. In of ice f hereby for Rev am All per forms from a Mir or trafficking with any of r.,y pcs without a written permission from me a j a determined Profe. Cute every offender with the utmost River of the Law. S i we. Stribing. Angul go. Ff6 is Fol a stun hotel. Beds . A a in 15 a Isif rented that in rare time commodious tavern standi Patrick. Street nearly opposite mrs. Kii Boll a Anil inning fitted it up for the Resep tinn of those who May Honor him with i in custom. Tenders ids services the Public. If has excellent stables i i his provided himself with in act c and Good Host a and k up con stantly 0n hand a ply of the Best no mrs. He trusts by a diligent Atten Tuuu those who my Call upon him Aurl by the he will he 11 Merit a. Portion of the patronage. Frederick town August i. Monthly Magazine. Subscribers i work arc i Martin Eli Mailin Levi main and Jhn Slocum and n me S against whom publication hath been made in the Mannex prescribed b la./, being now solemnly called and tailing Appeal and answer the Bill of the Laid complainant it is considered b. Cher c nut that the Laid Liili be taken Foi i As the Fil l d Tendi its and the Nuter thereof decreed according Unietis they do a i or Here Ai the nex Conn Auer they shall respectively have i been Miliru nihed Wii ii a Cope of tins decree or a publication thereat Tor the Tine limited 0/ Law hath been unde in loan newspaper or ated in Winchester and am we the a id Bill a copy it a. Woodrow c. H. C. July it 67. J my. La tile neuter the nth do of jut i g 1 Hlub Booth and Hannah his wih 1 tumult Jwj is iliac Gerrard James Tiutke and mar his Vav Ihian Gei Rard \ by be Rard John Gerrard Caleb Seamo. Gerrard Ada. Sci Tard b Zomon Oriord and Elizabeth Lis the is. Of Withiam Gerrard deed and James Etc Benion adm of Jona than Gerrard deed defendants. I tie Isaac Gerrard a i i used appear and give Security Accord i. A act o. Alien by arid i c Rah o. Tins court and it appearing Lotic l Lista lion of the court that tie in no an inhabitant 0/this country on on of the plaintiffs by their counsel it i. Ordered that the defendants do appear Here on the tint Day of the nex icon and Alwi the plaintiff s Bill an that a Opy of tins order before Timir inserted in Nawf paper pruned in win c tie it for two months fuck Iii vely a .0 coded at the Trout doot of the Cour. Houte in Winchelle. Telle Daniel Lee c. C. Ali Cuenca u v set. Anu aka court i8i trefly Neville exo of Daniel or having entered his appearance according tic act of afle moly and tic mles of this court and it appearing the Latis faction of the court Chai he is not an a. I habitant of this Commonwealth. On the i motion of the plaintiff by ins counsel it is ordered that the Faid defendant do appear Etc on the monday before the fire tuesday in september next and the Hilt of the plaintiff and that a copy of tins order be forthwith Iufer Ted in f0, c newspaper primed in in. Heller toil Vivo suite Lively that another copy be per or Wood on the Middletown belonging the Devisees of doctor Peter so Feney Decd. More than Ordinary pains w ill Fie taken detect such ret Parlers and the Law will mod allure div be put n orce inflict a just on she offenders by 1 he Execl ions. Winches tar sept. 77 i i authorized of it a trat Alfred Powell eff. Is a candidate for the senatorial Dill it com cd of the counties ? Frederick. Berk Ley j Ferfon Hampshire and Hardy that office having become vacant by the acceptance Oile is Wolt eff. Of an of Jee in flip Farmers Bank of Virginia. Aug tit 2. X for rent the House 1.0 of lately occupied by William a. Of Collins adjoining the run. The publicity and Well known character of this hand renders it give a minute description of it. Also you Bear that known hand for a store Long occupied by or. James Little. The decided superiority of this hand for the Back country by Iines is of generally admitted As fun precede the Necci fity of further comment. Poll lion of the first mentioned pro erty can be Given immediately and of the latter the ill sept apply Mary Haas. Ally aft 22. 7" 1? spec l fu1.lv acquaint � a e la. Ujj %. Dies and gentlemen of this place if die int Lance of fever d a colons Olio have been express their Fuis aet Icin at his Mode of opera ring on Teeth he will attend in whichever during the week of the court a ten and May be teen at or. M Goire s . Al or if More agreeable lie will attend the commands of 1. S and gentlemen at their ref Eytive houses. He extra Fly and cleans Teeth in the mod Peri Vanlier Tveith outliving much pain or incurring the lighted injury the enamel he moves and prevents the scurvy and Alfo Teeth Iron one a toll Fet of front . A gift 22. Vifa ii uncut july Kent $ Silky knit 1 ule notice hat on the thirteenth Day of onto Bei next Between tie hours of ten w in Forenoon Anu live in the at Vioti myi the Toilie of Romert \ big Mio pc the depositions ice tat periods Winch Depol Mons w til in Cut Cru As evidence in my at the Laloi a suit now de Nusug in lie a Hun very Duma coun hem i Mcneiley in Inch Tun 1 win plaintiff Ami j of ate Cie i i lulls. Joseph Neville. Sept 5-_ 77 Irti Crick county set. Be i tem i Eji court is 12. V Ard a Jib uti Anu Janici in Magrudor nun the Vanl am eyed of Jward 1 Albott be cd. Wilham a Bott ii Amel Nichols Samuel Nichols Liliah Thois Benjamin Nichols Evvard in chois Nathan Llardi and Rebecca his Vic late Rebecca Nichols Perry j and Eliz Rocth his , late Elizabeth Nichols Ami Nichols said Daniel Samuel Ila ii , Edvard Rebecca eur Belli Anu Oemig the children of Alianara Nichols dec u Laic x Allain i Aii iou Anu Eze. Kiah Ivi Gruder and his a vote Laie us Taunah i til Bott Legal Rcpt Efethia lives of Laid Edward 1 , dec d. And is Iii Dan Lipf come mid Nancy ins William Vii by and or Ilonia his w Lii Iain Bundie and Margaret his Elijah Ander Ionatius Licano ins and Bewis Smoot and belly his with which lain Nancy or Ilchik Viar Garet Iranor and by Toj together with ebb Beth of rid h lands Are the daughters of John Marouis dec a. To i Sinh. Jan . The defendants William bundle and Margaret his not having entered Iligir appearance agreeable the act of and the rules of this court and it appearing the Farisi Cimon of the Couit that they arc not inhabitants of this Commonwealth upon the motion of the plaintiff by his attorney it up ordered that Ibe Faid defendants m Illiam b in j die and Margaret his do appear Here on the monday before the ii ref i m f. Day in november next and Atif wer the Bill of the plaintiff and that a copy of this order be forthwith in farted in fee new paper printed in Winchester and another ropy ported at the front door of the court Houfe of the Faid county. A copy Telle j a Keith c. F. C. Sept. 3. 21077 my incl subscriber los i flip mercantile business Rennes All those Tho Are indebted 1 Bun Loae their accounts by either Dis h.,n$ j int them or passing the notes for the lame. George k. Sept. 3. Of i Nursery of fruit Trees. R7 Hose who May want Choice graft x de Apple 7 fees of a super i Quail any i have seen in Thi count in a be up plied this fall or Spring at Tea form bit rates by the Quantity. It is my Wilh that gentlemen would i Call an i fee rhe Beautiful apples of a in Fer fruit on those Young tiers in m or ten before they Are All pulled Oft that Foley m be supplied with the greater Quantity of Thole they like 7 Hete likewise Many other kinds of Choice Tut bolide Apple Trees with which they Hay like s i a be supplied. I James Holliday. September 3. 77 or. Jacob Fino be. Messes. David s k i. Jyh Rahmani Slu Okey and mrs. Magdalene Stookey take notice rwha7 on the twelfth Day a Norem. Or. Ber next Between the Hout sol ten Oclock in the Forenoon and live in the it Ter noon at the tavern of John b. Bentley in the town of , Hardy county in this Commonwealth Virginia i shall take e de petitions of perms which depositions will he Cut red As Evi Deuce in my behalf at the trial of a fue of depending in the diff it court of chancery held at a in Chefter in we Luif i am Plain Titland Vou Are defendant. Jacob h or. Sept. 3. 77 j William Heming Saddle Cap Ami ii armess j maker respectfully informs his Cut Jav and the Public in general he has removed his shop the Home formerly occupied As a Waie Houfe by or. Joseph Humble adjoining the Indian Queen tavern where he continues on the above but messes in ail chair various brat incs. He is at and times Lur nihed Wuh the following Arr is Viz l i Dias a me Al is Jazm 8 a Doles plated � com mom bridles a l i Ces a cd tads Saddle bags plated Carriage and gig ii ill yess brass pm Ted do. Doll a in. Matra uses sack Imp Bottoms $ cords j #3 orders promptly attended . I sept .177 William hf.x1vg eave inform the. Public that be has formed a connexion with or. George Barnhart of Philadelphia under the firm of bating a 23arn Arr j and intend carrying on the by fiefs of i coach Maki Jug m nil its various branches in the rear of the Houfe occupied by w. H. As a sad. Zip. Brom the experience of one o t.,e firm 10 the first hops in Philadel. Philoc a flatter bpm elves that their work shall Bear a comparison with that of any of the Northern towns and on As terms As can be . Deny will Alfo repair old Carriage and jugs at a Thorr notice and Trust thar the Tiv in. Vork and their attention Bufi fiefs will secure them a Hare of the Public patronage. N Otice. 4 petition will in presented a s. Tile general Alt moly of Virginia at their i ext i Effion praying for the Paf of an att allow the Tow n of Vvan. Shelter a in the leg Harare. B s _ _ 77 notice. Al vie freeholders of Frederick Coon Jaty Are hereby informed that an election of Elech is choose a president and vice president of the United states will be held in Winch Fler at the Mirt Hoofe of the county on the fir it monday of november next. J a m is s Ingleton 1 John d or l 5 we. Castleman j 3 scr s 77 notice. The overseers of the poor of Tede. Rick county and corporation of w in. Chettri Are req elfed Greet a the foor House in Winch Fler on monday the 5th Day of of Lobar next agreeably the adjourning order of the Laft fitting of the Board in order appoint their of Kurt for the ending year and fettle with rec collectors. The Felting Sheri of of the county and the sergeant of the corporation Are Bertred attend with their accounts for fear ferment. Members Are Quested attend pc Cicely at 10 o clock. Try order of tue Hoard. Lemuel Bent Cik. Winches tar sept. U. 77
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