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Wilson Daily Times Newspaper Archives Nov 24 1950, Page 4

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Wilson Daily Times (Newspaper) - November 24, 1950, Wilson, North Carolina Fat a it King. November 24. 195� tits wet son times. Wet son. N. C four the Wilson daily times published every afternoon except sunday All departments dial i John d Gold. Editor Herbert d. Brauff a publisher mrs e. G. Swindell business mgr member of the associated press subscription rate effective february 2, 1948 Carrier delivery in Wilson 25c per week. No monthly or other rate is made subscribers making payment for More than five weeks in Advance Are asked to do so in the office. Motor route 25c per Calendar week subscription by mail in North Carolina i month 1.00 6 months ____5.00 out of state $13.00 a year by r. M. Laurinson civic menace is tar Ai Gierent ii a permanent pol it foal Federal postwar differences Ami members of the anti Axis Allis prove that. So does the record the instrument which was s posed to inspire and Impie any european Union a the i it nations. Of Marc slowly loaded his pipe tamping each Flake of tobacco into position with his forefinger. Touching a match to the bowl he exhaled a Cloud of smoke and wandering to the end of the car and Back took up a stand at the Forward end of the car. He surveyed the Battery of eyes turned toward him. A first let us review the events of tuesday last three evenings ago a he said. A let me say at the Start that this is a fact finding gathering. If any of you disagree with anything i say or have facts to add please feel free to interrupt at any he paused a moment sucking on his pipe and then continued. A a let a consider the surface Ripples the things we All know about or will admit. Or. Richards planned to go to Chicago to attend a meeting of Railroad officials. Miss Arthur As usual went along and you. Or. Johnson and or. Linden were accompanying him to the meeting. Or. Arnold was going to Chicago on business for his company and mrs. Arnold went along for the trip. A previously All of you with the exception of Linden who was in St. Paul were vacationing at Duck Lake. Linden took the regular train and joined the party when the private car was picked up at the Duck Lake siding about seven thirty. The rest of you drove to the car in or. Richards station Wagon. A soon after leaving Duck Lake Cliff. Or. Richards Porter served dinner which i Trust was enjoyed by most of those present. After dinner the men decided on a game of Bridge to while away the time. Everyone moved around quite a lot wandering about on various errands. Cliff served drinks miss Arthur sat miss Joan read the paper her Little dog Cleopatra scampered about the car. All in All a picture of wealthy people travelling in luxury. A by the Way miss Joan did you Enow that the Section men found Cleopatra shed been aha run to be continued chapter 30 an air of tension filled the luxurious lounge. The principals in the Richards Case awaited the curtain Call in various stages of annoyance and apprehension. Arthur Johnson sprawled in a big chair against the Forward partition where he had sat Reading on the fatal night. With great concentration he spun a Charm about on his watch Chain and completely ignored his wife Dorene seated beside him. Dorene pert hat perched jauntily Over one Eye. Puffed on a cigarette. Her crossed legs displayed a generous expanse of silk. A red spot danced in each Cheek and a High heeled pump beat a silent Tattoo on the thick carpet. George Miller sat across from her his Pudgy hands thrust into his pockets and stared morosely at nothing. Erie Linden squirmed beside him crossing and unc Rossing his Knees and wringing his hands As though washing Ort a stain. His Pale eyes darted around the car from face to face. David Arnold smoked quietly in the Corner of the Davenport and occasionally patted the clasped hands of Joan who composed and Pale sat beside him. Miss Arthur huddled almost crouched on a chair in one Corner and dabbed a handkerchief to her lips. Inspector Anderson stood spread dle legged and belligerent against the rear door puffing furiously at a Long Cigar. A shining expanse of forehead showed below a hat pushed Back on his head and Short arms gripped behind his Back pulled the buttons on his Vest taut. He glared around the car and impatiently consulted his watch. Marc appeared at the aisle door and surveyed the assemblage a suggestion of a smile twitching the Corners of his Mouth. A where the Heck you been a demanded Anderson. A you said nine of clock and Here it is Twenty Marc grinned at him. A a in a Sor piv1dep russians Basic reactor refusing to enter into the mar i shall plan arrangements new though she would have been a beneficiary was to keep fur weak vulnerable and divided Moscow did not want the Contin ent to grow Strong and uniter knowing that its interests would generally be associated with our a in any future conflict. Stalin a secondary aim. Of course is to isolate the United states by breaking the old Wor into bits and pieces that he could pick up at the proper moment. Like All ambitious conquerors he prefers to Deal with Many Small nations and frightened diplomats. As Hitler did in pre War Days than with a solid front. Then he will be ready to Challenge us it is the same policy which Britain pursued in the years of her world supremacy from 181 it to 1915. London a deliberate a Tawas to keep any single nation on the continent from becoming to powerful playing France against Germany and vice versa. This Short sighted diplomacy enabled Hitler to arise to pow a. Indeed it is no exaggeration to say that it helped to produce the two world wars of this Century. Entered at the poet office at Wilton. North Carolina second last mail matter. If i am faithful to the duties of the present god will provide for the . Foe this glorious Promise we thank thee o god believing thou has work for us to do in this world of endless opportunities where our talents May he used to thy glory. Send us out in thy name we backward a a by Hugh Johnston a by Lawrence Gould consulting psychologist Mirror of your mind would not make much difference but admitted it would make some on the effectuation of his program. In a characteristically cryptic observation he said a the was antagonistic before and it did t make much a reporter asked if he would furrier identify that a the Quot and the governor said he did no to think so. All the newsmen of course knew the reference was to Taylor who wag chairman of the appropriations committee last session and after the legislature was signalled out by governor Scott for personal castigation because of failure of the appropriations committee to go along All the Way with the Scott a go Forward program. There is no doubt the governor would rather have Royster As speaker. Footwork the governor did some fast footwork in dodging what was obviously intended to be an embarrassing question. A reporter asked if there Wasny to some Chance that insistence upon completing Fairgrounds improvements might not jeopardize the mental Hospital program. The governor said he saw no Cockle. A does that mean that you think there is sufficient Money for both a insisted the questioner. A no a said the governor a it Means there int enough Money for from frustration or More probably she will find that the supposed difference was imaginary and Transfer her sex hostility to a partner whose Only real fault is maleness Shell interpret his efforts to share Normal satisfactions with her As proof of the desire to exploit her for his pleasure which she was taught to look for. Does Quot forgetting faces Quot moan Yow Ore self entered answer r Means first of All of few i that you done to really look at peo t pie. For what you see clearly you Jjck cannot help but remember. You May be afraid to look for various / a Fri unconscious reasons like a child in ish feeling that if you do other a people will a see through but you Are most Likely not to look at someone you meet because you Are to much wrapped up in your own desires and problems that no one else greatly interests you. People resent being forgotten because they sense that it Means you did not bother noticing them. Of Eif Ohof cwt Good for mooted patients answer yes writes Mary Hun Toon in the bulletin of the men Ninger clinic reporting on the experience of More than 1000 patients at the Winter y. A. Hospital who were sent to the Art shop by their physicians. The most Benefit was Felt by those whose doctors visited the studio and helped them a a integrated their efforts. In creative Art the patients see their repressed wishes come True gain a sense of competence that makes reality seem easier to face release inner tensions and learn to see their problems objectively. At Large the opportune Claude Pepper has engaged in rations that Are designed to turn this former crony of a. Wallace to Capitol Hill treated in last Springs Florida s ate primary by conservative i resent Tive George w. Smath the noisy oratorical Pepper o ates on the theory that a g Man should not he kept Down. Should a girl who Hatos Mon marry answer As a Rule no even though she finds one Man who she believes is a different from All the for either he will be no real Man in which Case the woman in her will eventually suffer copyright. 1950, King f cat area Syndicate inc that excess profits tax some of us who can to see Eye to Eye with the Cio take umbrage at its temerity. Why should its leaders Tell those who Are making our tax Laws How much they should take from the corporations of America have they a larger interest in the affairs of the nation than some of our big corporations and Why we resent their interference when we know on the one hand that they re gouging for More wages and on the other begging for legislation which would almost take the rest that the companies earned president Truman has called for an excess profits tax that will yield $4 billions. The Cio says it Isnit enough. It would exact $7 billions instead. Now no one wants to profit from wars. Nor do Many of the honest larger taxpayers want to shirk their responsibilities. What they re trying to avoid is the unnecessary bookkeeping that an excess profits tax compels. For when does a Normal profit reach the excess brackets if the Cio had to pay taxes like other people it would oppose the plan too. But the Cio like All labor groups is exempt. The Cio to our Way of thinking is an organization of workers banded together for their improvement. It Isnit and be a political organization. But its leaders look on themselves As one. They done to hesitate to Tell the men we Send to Congress How to run the nation. That they done to always take the advice was demonstrated by the Ohio election. It will be demonstrated again and again if the leaders keep telling Congress what to do. For there Are a lot of people Iii the nation who done to belong to the Cio. And they resent that interference As much As the times does. Barclay on Bridge by Shepard Barclay the authority on authorities around Capitol Square the 8 forcing the a. Now the Spade 2 brought the 8, 9 and a and the heart 3 was led. North if he realized the awkwardness of the situation should have come in with the q. Laid Down the a and then led the 2 to destroy the Dummy a ruffing ability. But he put on the 2, and West finessed the 7 Success. By a pretty Low for a first fund trick. The club k and a were scored and the 3 ruffed by the heart 5 the closed hand was re entered by ruffing the Diamond 4 with the heart 4 and the club 5 ruffed by the heart j. That made three tricks won by Dummy a three Trumps. Now with North having nothing but four Trumps and West already owning eight tricks the Spade to was led the club j being put on it. North had to Ruff which he did with the heart 6. But nothing could now prevent him from giving West the contract trick with the heart k. He scored the a then led the to to the a and the q took the final trick. Association afternoon dailies by Lynn Nisbet daily times Bureau trials the governor said the idea was to save these deposits for development outside the a a Trust groups. He added that the state has been talking about a Cement i Plant for thirty years and always before the monopolistic group had come in and bought up land options to smother the plans for development. In answer to a i i l act question if he could cite i times and places where this smothering process had been Fol slowed he said he could not. Age to get away from political controversy Fen a moment the leases now being obtained on Marl Beds in the Southeastern sections of the state recalls the question of How old these deposits May be. A Workman at the Superior Stone company a Marl pit at Belgrade gave the answer to that i question. That particular bed is now two million and Twenty one years old according to the Workman. He told a group of visitors in 1943 that it was 2,000,014 years old. He knew because in 1929 the state geologist said it was two million years old then. That makes it 2,000,021 now speaker ship Back to straight out politics and the contest for speaker ship of the 1951 House of representatives Between Frank Taylor of Wayne Aid Fred Royster of Vance. The governor said he has not and will not take any a a Active part in that race leaving the impression he is not entirely disinterested in outcome preference the governor left no doubt of his preference despite his Lack of Active participation in the contest. He said it tomorrows problem 4k86 a 74 a k j 10 5 q73 4 a j to 4 95 3 742 n f kj9 32 we 65 a 82 q a q 7 a 5 4 2 a a ail. A q a a 10 8 a 964 3 a k j 9 6 dealer North. North s. A. Vulnerable what bidding would you favor on this rubber Bridge Deal distributed by King feature syndic

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