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Wilson Daily Times Newspaper Archives Mar 31 1990, Page 1

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Wilson Daily Times (Newspaper) - March 31, 1990, Wilson, North Carolina Telephone 243-5151 classified 237-sell circulation 243-5972 weekend edition All area basketball i 12a i hew Ilson daily t Imes vol. 94, no. 36 established 1896 Wilson ., saturday morning March 31, 1990 64 pages 4 sections 50 Hospital receives a setback Brit Haven officials Appeal certificate of need decision and azaleas to provide a colourful backdrop for today a festivities. I photo a loom lion met ror t Fremont daffodils \ few daffodils linger to Herald the Daffodil fes linger for festival rival in Fremont. There Are plenty of dogwoods Wicker supports gubernatorial veto Raleigh apr the majority Leader of the state House of representatives announced Friday that he will propose a constitutional amendment this year that would include veto Power for the governor. Rep. Dennis Wicker a Lee who led the fight against the veto in 1989 because he said it lacked balancing provisions said Friday his package will address those concerns. A i attempted to address the areas of concerns that were expressed to me about these issues and i feel like i will be Able to obtain a consensus a he said in a Telephone interview. Wicker said he had not spoken with gov. Jim Martin an outspoken veto supporter or House speaker Joe Mavretic about his plan. But he added a i would feel like both of those would be interested in trying to work something out in a Compromise fashion. I certainly solicit their Martin the Only governor in the nation without veto Power was not immediately available for comment. But Tim Pittman a spokesman for the governor said Martin would certainly be interested in the issues raised even though he has opposed some of them. A a the veto is the leading Issue on the governor s Agenda in the 1990 Short session a he said. A a there a no question about that. In a sure hell give serious consideration to the proposal by Dennis Wicker. But i would not want to characterize his position on each part of the Wicker said the comprehensive balance of Powers constitutional amendment will contain a judicial selection and retention system for appellate judges who Are now elected. Also included in the package would be a method of general Assembly approval of executive appointments at the Cabinet level a six year term for the governor and lieutenant governor instead of two four year terms and four year terms for legislators a up from two years a to be held in non presidential years. The six year term for the governor would be a Compromise for those who do not want the governor elected in a presidential year and those who do As the system would alternate with each gubernatorial election. A we look Forward to working with the judicial and the executive Branch in obtaining a successful result on this important Endeavor a Wicker said. Wicker said chief Justice Jim Exum appellate judges and the North Carolina state bar agree with most of the provisions. Wicker one of several possible candidates for House speaker in 1991, said the new proposal is not an attempt to drum up support or to put himself in the limelight. A i just think its very much on the minds of the people and they re very important issues a he said. By Cathy Quimby daily times staff writer Wilson memorial Hospital was four Days away from receiving a certificate of need to proceed with a nursing Home project. Now it May be two years before Wilson sees any Progress on this project. Brit Haven of Wilson one of three applicants denied the certificate of need from the state division of facility services filed a petition to Appeal the decision at 4 30 . Thursday said rim Andrews Deputy clerk for the state office of administrative hearings. Thursday was the last Day of a 30-Day Appeal period in which applicants could Appeal the decision. The remaining two applicants were Quality link Wilson limited partnership of Richmond va., and health care centers of North Carolina of Kernersville. Neither has appealed the certificate of need decision. Wilson memorial Hospital would operate its proposed 80-bed nursing Home through a non profit corporation Triangle East healthcare services. According to James a. Wellons assistant attorney general the Appeal process a could Well take two the bulk of the first year of appeals is taken up with the state office of administrative hearings which has 270 Days to make an initial recommendation Wellons said. Is. Andrews said attorney Nancy Mason filed the petition on behalf of Brit Haven. Is. Mason could not be reached for comment Friday. According to the petition Brit Haven stated the certificate of need Section a erroneously applied the facts presented in the certificate of need application. And in particular by finding the Petitioner non conforming for not being the less costly and More effective four pages of fact sheets accompanied the petition is. Andrews said. An administrative Law judge will be assigned to the Case wednesday is. Andrews said and a request for rehearing statements from Brit Haven and the certificate of need Section will be made at that time. Both parties have 30 Days to present their statements. The judge May then schedule a hearing she said. After the office of administrative hearings makes its recommendation the state department of human resources makes a final decision based on the record of the hearing transcript and its recommendation Wellons said. The department of human resources has 60 Days to make a recommendation. The next step in the Appeal process is the Court of appeals. It receives the court record reviews it for errors and renders a judgment Wellons said. If there is a split vote among the three court of appeals judges the Case automatically goes to the state supreme court he said. If it is unanimous and the appealing party wants to Appeal further it see Hospital Page 2a time Short for county to meet solid waste goals saturday by Rosellen Mccrory daily times staff writer for Wilson county solid waste problems Are two sides of the same Coin meeting waste disposal needs with a diminishing Landfill capacity and developing a state mandated recycling program to reduce waste volume by 25 percent. Time is critical since the county faces imminent deadlines in addressing both problems. Environmental awareness in the form of solid waste management dawned on the state legislators last year resulting in passage of Senate Bill 111. Recycling is now the name of the game. With the ratification of the solid waste disposal improvements act of 1989, the general Assembly mandated sweeping lifestyle changes for the people of North Carolina and for their governmental agencies. Wilson and other North Carolina cities and counties must soon make some changes if North Carolina is to achieve its goal of recycling 25 percent of the total solid waste Stream by 1993. The Bill set deadlines for these changes see accompanying table. Meanwhile the countdown has already begun on the current Wilson county Landfill. Garry solid waste implementation table Jan 1,1990 i percent disposal tax on tires no detachable rings on containers Marl 1990 local scrap tire disposal site jul 1,1990 no nuisance scrap tire dumps aug 1,1990 medical waste disposal compliance oct 1,1990 no waste Oil in Landfill local recycling plan due Jan 1,1991 no Lead batteries in Landfill no appliances in Landfill plastic bags must be recyclable retailers take batteries on Trade Marl 1991 state solid waste plan due state recycling markets report due jul 1.1991 local recycling implementation solid waste weighed before disposal plastic containers must be labelled Yeti 1991 no chlorofluorocarbon packaging polystyrene must be recyclable Jan 1,1992 certified waste Oil haulers Jan 1,1993 no Yard trash in landfills jul 1.1993 25 percent recycling goal deadline Mercer the county manager estimates that the 150-acre facility will probably be filled within six to 12 months if use continues at the present rate. As a Short term solution the county is seeking state permission to expand the Landfill vertically. The county is also seeking additional sources of cover soil another commodity in Short Supply. If vertical expansion is permitted use of the current Landfill May stretch to As Long As four or five years Mercer said. The Long term solution to the Landfill problem will be More difficult and More costly. The Wilson county Landfill study committee has worked for More than a year to address the problem. For several months officials of Edgecombe Nash and Wilson counties have been discussing the possibility of a Tri county High tech Landfill. A shared facility might reduce personnel and equipment costs. However Mercer acknowledged that an increase in transportation costs somewhat tempers the Prospect of big savings. The three counties Are negotiating with a firm for a Long Range study. The study will consider each of the three counties individually and project Long Range options and costs then look at the feasibility of a combined cooperative Effort. State and Federal requirements for a High tech Landfill Are Likely to include liners Caps and Leach ate collection systems to prevent pollution of ground and surface Waters. Such a Landfill is expected to Cost More than $100,000 per acre. Mercer said a $300,000 Reserve fund has been established for future Landfill needs. In addition the county has about $200,000 set aside for equipment needs and capital improvements. It is unlikely that the county will have enough Money on hand to finance a High tech Landfill Mercer said adding that a Bond referendum would be one possible option for funding the project. Residents of Wilson county municipalities pay their portion of Landfill costs through property taxes and incorporated areas pay a pro rata share of Landfill expenses based on use. Residents of unincorporated areas pay a special solid waste District tax based on property values. In 1989, it Cost taxpayers $5.57 per ton to Bury solid waste. Unlike Many Landfill operators Wilson county does not charge a tipping fee. When a mandated High tech Landfill becomes a reality for Wilson county taxpayers costs could jump to $30-$50 per ton Mercer said. Recycling pressures continue to mount As local officials Are squeezed Between the new state requirements and a grassroots consumer movement toward recycling. County commissioner Robert Vick noted at the february Board meeting that a people feel like we Are dragging our feet on by March i 1991, the state will report on the capacity of the recycling Industry and the potential Domestic and foreign markets for recyclable materials. This report will help local governments determine what materials must be included in local recycling pro see time Page 2aabortion veto Boise Idaho apr gov. Cecil Andrus confronted with Calls letters and petitions from thousands opposed to Idaho a abortion Bill on Friday vetoed what would have been the nations most restrictive state abortion Law. The veto ended the Hopes of anti abortion groups who wanted to use an Idaho Law to Challenge the . Supreme courts commitment to legalized abortion embodied in its 1973 Roe v. Wade Abby. .2c business. .3 a Church. .8-1 of classified. .3-uc comics. Do deaths. .2 a editorial. .4a entertainment. .12b feature. .12a lifestyle. .1-3c local news. .i-3 a medical column. Iga school menus. A sports. .1-7b Daylight savings remember to set your clocks ahead one hour Al 200 a in. Sunday. Part isl humor takes a deadly turn in Macclesfield by Sherry Matthews daily times staff writer Macclesfield a humor turned deadly Early wednesday night when a local convenience store operator shot and killed a customer with a gun he thought was unloaded. The incident occurred around 6 . Wednesday when Willie Nettles 64, route i Macclesfield went into bakery a mini Mart on Green Street to Purchase a bottle of wine. Edgecombe county sheriffs capt. Donald Taylor said Nettles a regular at the store was a joking around with another customer about not having enough Money to buy the wine and then turned to the store s co owner Andy Avon Baker 27, route i Macclesfield and told him he needed some Money to Purchase the wine. A a it was pretty much a standing joke a Taylor said. A emr. Nettles came in the store frequently and generally joked about not having any Taylor said Baker knew Nettles and often joked around with him. A a that is what happened wednesday night. Or. Nettles was joking about not having any Money to buy the wine and or. Baker pulled a gun out from under the counter and made some sort of joke Back at or. Nettles about the gun. A emr. Baker told us he wanted to make the gun Click to get or. Nettles attention. He also told us that he thought the guns Cylinder was empty a Taylor said. Taylor said when Baker pulled the trigger the gun fired striking Nettles in the Abdomen. A witnesses in the store said As soon As or. Baker realized what had happened he ran around the counter and caught or. Nettles As he was falling to the ground. A emr. Baker was getting ready to take or. Nettles to a local doctor when the Rescue people arrived Quot Taylor said. Nettles was pronounced dead at heritage Hospital in Tarboro. Baker was arrested and charged with manslaughter. He was released under a $30,000 secured Bond. Taylor said he believed the incident was nothing More than a tragic Accident. A the witnesses we talked to All verify that there was no argument Between or. Nettles and or. Baker. It was just a very sad very see shooting Page 2a

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