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Wilson Daily Times (Newspaper) - December 4, 1989, Wilson, North Carolina The Wilson daily times More than a newspaper a a Community institution Wilson n.c., monday afternoon december 4,1989 opinion Morgan p Dickerman 111 publisher hat Tarleton editor Russell Rawlings managing editor Chris Taylor advertising director Joy Perry classified manager Royce Goff production director u. Dean Foster circulation director Delores Driver controller 4atechnology making roads safer with a month left in the year it appears that North Carolina will record the lowest traffic fatality rate deaths per vehicle mile on record. This Means dozens even hundreds More North Carolina motorists will live to see the 1990s, and that is something to celebrate. Many reasons Are behind the reduced traffic fatality rate but much of the credit has to go to modern technological advances. Both cars and highways Are safer today than Ever before and highways should become even safer As older cars Are replaced and new highways Are designed and built. Much of today a inter City travelling is done on four Lane highways which Are not Only faster but also safer. Head on collisions the most fatal Type of Accident Are extremely rare on four lanes. A Driver has to make an egregious error to end up going the wrong Way on a four Lane Highway and interchange designs and signs make such errors next to impossible. Good Highway designs combined with easy to follow signs Well marked intersections Good lighting and traffic signals help make North Carolina highways safer. Fewer people today travel on the winding country roads that were familiar a generation ago and this is reflected in the states safety record. North carolinians Are taking safety into their own hands by buckling their seat belts whenever they drive. Buckling up is required by Law now but the even better reason to buckle seat belts is the final measure of safety they provide. A seat Belt can prevent a serious Accident from becoming a fatality. The states crackdown on Drunken Drivers also helps make roadways safer. A Drunken Driver is probably the most dangerous element on the Highway and North Carolina is working to keep drunks off the Highway. This is effective with most people but More needs to be done to control unrepentant scofflaws to whom License revocation Means nothing. Daily monitoring or Long term imprisonment May be necessary for these habitual offenders. The state also keeps track of the frequency of accidents at locations throughout the state. Once statistics pinpoint these dangerous stretches of Road engineers Are brought in to eliminate the hazardous elements of the Road design. As North Carolina progresses on its ambitious $9.1 billion Highway construction project Over the next 13 years roads will become even safer As two Lane roads Are replaced or supplemented by four Lane limited Access highways. North Carolina has Long prided itself on being the Good roads state. Ifs reassuring to know it is also a Safe roads state. A Berry s world a 19b9 by Nea my Quot please a level with me do you love me or my Miata a today own Quot j30nvt a if Tew. In history by the associated press today is monday december 4, the 338th Day of 1989. There Are 27 Days left in the year. Today a highlight in history on december 4, 1783, general George Washington bade Farewell to his officers at Fraunces tavern in new York. In a choked voice the departing chief commander of the Continental army said a with a heart full of love and gratitude i now take leave of on this Date in 1816, James Monroe of Virginia was elected the fifth president of the United states defeating federalist Rufus King. In 1839, the whig party opened a National convention in Harrisburg pa., during which they nominated William Henry Harrison for president. In 1875. William Marcy Tweed the a a Bossy of new York City a tammany Hall political organization escaped from jail and fled the country. In 1918, president Wilson set sail for France to attend the Versailles peace conference becoming the first chief executive to travel outside the United states while in office. In 1942. President Franklin d. Roosevelt ordered the dismantling of the works Progress administration which had been created in 1935 to provide work during the depression. In 1942, . Bombers struck the italian Mainland for the first time in world War ii. In 1945, the Senate approved . Participation in the United nations. Today a birthdays actress Singer Deanna Durbin is 68. The president of South Korea Roh Tae woo is 57. Actor producer Max Baer Junior is 52. Actor Jeff Bridges is 40. Thought for today the King will reply a i Tell you the truth whatever you did for one of the least of these Brothers of mine you did for Matthew 25 40 prayer dear lord of All creation help us to spread your love to All people and creatures regardless of caste color Creed or status. Bring All people to awareness of your love and care. Amen. Diuretics Safe effective when your body starts talking listen my body and i had a Long talk the other morning. First my heart asked a a what a that you re drinking a a Coffee a i said adding with some degree of Pride a but ifs decaffeinated. Caffeine is bad for me so in be Cut it a huh of a said my heart. A what do you mean a i asked. A you Haven to heard a replied my heart. A a new study has indicated decaffeinated Coffee is made from Beans that can cause bad cholesterol. You keep drinking that stuff and my arteries will clog up and Well buy the i already had Cut Down on eggs to help reduce my cholesterol count. Now in a told decaffeinated Coffee which i thought was Good for me picks up where the eggs leave off. A one other thing a said my heart a you know How you often get up in the Middle of the night and go downstairs and eat some raw Zucchini a a raw vegetables Are Good for me a i said. A that May very Well be a said my heart a but another new study says getting up suddenly in the Middle of the night can cause a heart a so no More Midnight raw Zucchini a a no More a said my heart. My Colon piped up. Paul t. Of Connor association of afternoon newspapers a a what a that you re eating a it asked. A Cereal a i said a a in a doing it for a a what a that Cereal made from a a healthy grains of Corn i suppose a i answered. A huh of a said my Colon. A a what a the problem a a you should be eating Cereal made from oat bran. Its better for me than what you re eating now. A a a who says a i asked my Colon. A the people who sell oat i was getting discouraged. My blood joined in. A a you re not actually going to eat that cinnamon Roll Are you a a i love cinnamon Rolls a i answered. A a what a wrong with a cinnamon a sugar a said my blood. A heat too much sugar and Well have to Deal with hypoglycemia. A a a Dang right a said my crease. A but i drink diet soft drinks to Cut Down on my sugar intake a i said. A yeah a my blood said a you and All those dead Laboratory a since eating fish can prevent cancer when am i going to get some More fish a asked my stomach. A a in a afraid to eat anymore fish a i said a i saw a report on television saying to be careful about eating fish because the government Wasny to doing a very Good Job inspecting it and i could get a big Deal. You want me to get cancer a my stomach asked. After that i made a few decisions. I decided i drink any sort of Coffee anymore id Cut out All sugars a both real and artificial a id Call in 12 government inspectors to look Over any fish i was about to eat and i would never under any circumstances get up at Midnight which could cause me to have a heart attack. If my House catches on fire at Midnight ill Cross that Bridge when i come to it then i thought what if i do All that and radon Gas seeps into my House and kills me i went to the refrigerator pulled out a non alcoholic Beer and had myself a Good cry. The response to your article sept. 29,1989and those in other leading newspapers linking use of diuretics to heart attack risks has been predictable. Patients whose blood pressures have been Well controlled on diuretics for Many years without difficulty Are now urging physicians to change their therapy. The debate about diuretics is not an academic one about 15 million individuals Are now being treated with these medications. The study by a team at the University of Uppsala in Sweden and reported in the new England journal of Medicine noted that cholesterol Levels were increased Over a four month period of time with diuretics compared with no change with another blood pressure lowering drug Cap Opril. These findings Are not new. The october 1989 Issue of american family physician has reviewed All of the cholesterol diuretic studies while a Short term Adverse effect May occur there Are no Long term studies demonstrating an increase in cholesterol Levels after one year. It is highly improbable that a Short term increase in serum cholesterol would produce an increase in heart attacks or a a blunts the beneficial effects of lowering blood pressure with a diuretic medication. The major hypertension treatment clinical trials which used diuretics As initial therapy in most instances reported a reduction in strokes and stroke deaths prevention of progression to open forum letters to the editor severe hypertension and kidney disease and a Sharp decrease in heart failure As a result of treatment. Based upon available scientific data i believe that it would be a mistake for patients who have done Well on diuretics Over the Long term to change to other medications. Diuretics Are Well tolerated by the majority of patients they lower blood pressure As or More effectively than any other available drug dosing is easy and they Are relatively inexpensive. Long term experience has demonstrated that they Are an important ingredient in successful treatment programs. On balance the benefits derived from diuretic use far outweigh the risk. While Cap Opril and other newer drugs Are also effective and generally Safe they May not offer significant advantage Over other drugs that have been used Over the last 30 years. Marvin Moser . Clinical professor of Medicine Yale medical school author a lower your blood pressure and live longer hospice help a real Blessing As my family celebrated thanksgiving it was quite evident that we had Many blessings for which we were thankful. The most important one was the great lady that we had had As a Mother wife sister and Friend for Many years. She was not Only special to her family but also to her town of Stantonsburg and her county of Wilson. My Mother was diagnosed As having cancer in Early april. We were told she had from three to 20 weeks to live without treatment. With treatment Mother lived seven months from the Day she was first diagnosed. During the last two months of her life my family discovered an other very special Blessing for which we have Given thanks every Day that it has been a part of our lives. The Blessing is hospice. Hospice a United Way Agency has four paid employees and several volunteers. The staff is Small in number yet the work the group does equals to that of the most powerful organization around. Once my mom was accepted As a hospice patient she was assigned a nurse a Counselor a Volunteer and later an aide. They were there for her any time of the night and Day she needed them. They were also there for other members of the family As Well. Faye. Boykin St. Andrews drive someone somewhere knows answers to 1981 murder mystery while columnist Paul of Connor is on vacation his space is being filled by tar Heel editors by ted Hall the Shelby Star the Bullet that killed Rhonda Hinson ripped the december night air Tore a Hole in the trunk of her compact car and split the Back and front seats before striking the teen Ager. Sixty seconds More and she would have been safely Home with her parents. Instead she died almost instantly on the Roadside in the dark. It was just after Midnight on dec. 22, 1981, and the 19-year-old Valdese resident was driving Home from her first office Christmas party in Hickory. She had graduated from East Burke High school that Spring and was excited about her first Job. She took the Mineral Springs Mountain exit off interstate 40, As she had done Many times before and drove toward Home where her parents Bobby and Judy Hinson waited for their daughter. What happened then has mystified police and tormented Rhonda a family for the past eight years. There was a shot from a powerful gun that hurled a Bullet through the car striking Rhonda in the Back. She died before anyone reached her to ask what happened. Years of investigation have turned up nothing in Rhonda a life that would have caused anyone to want her dead. She was popular pretty and on her Way to a Happy life until it was Cut Short by a Bullet from the dark. I was living in Burke county at the time of the shooting and knew Well the Valdese neighbourhood where Rhonda was killed. When i went there to talk to people about the crime i could see fear in the eyes of folks who thought they lived in a town immune from the kind of violence. Nothing like the Rhonda Hinson murder had occurred there before. Murders in Valdese like murders in Shelby usually involve family disputes. The thought that a random sniper might be stalking the night in their Community terrified people. After visiting a few Homes. I realized that it was not an appropriate time for a stranger to be knocking on doors in Valdese. The rest of my interviews were conducted by phone. Eight years later i still can see Rhonda a White Dat Sun and the ugly holes the Bullet left in the Metal. I can still taste the disgust and anger that welled up because someone ended her Young life so brutally. Imagine How her parents and brother feel. They be been haunted by the crime All these years. Why who was it a random senseless shooting by a maniac who followed Rhonda a car off the interstate that night was it an Accident or some careless drunk shooting at Tail lights or was there something happening in Rhonda a life that her parents and friends did no to know about and years of police investigations have failed to uncover and perhaps the most terrible question is their daughters killer still living Down the Street or across town hiding his secret the Hin sons can to let go of their daughter without some answers. They be hired private investigators and even psychics in an Effort to learn the truth. And now they re turning to televisions latest craze As perhaps the last Hope. Earlier this year 9,900 people signed petitions urging the to show a unsolved mysteries to feature the Rhonda Hinson Story. In september producers came to Valdese and used local people to re enact the crime. A unsolved mysteries is viewed in More than 16 million Homes and the show has had some Success in solving crimes. The Hin sons Are praying that someone who sees their daughters Story will come Forward with the information that might finally allow them to go on with their lives in peace. The show aired nov. 15. Someone knows Why Rhonda Hinson died. Can they carry that secret forever for the Sake of the Hinson family i Hope not

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