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Wilson Daily Times Newspaper Archives Apr 21 1990, Page 5

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Wilson Daily Times (Newspaper) - April 21, 1990, Wilson, North Carolina Added opinion 5a saturday april 21,1990 the 1950s it was the Best of times and the Best of times 1990 Earth Day will be from the original one 20 Washington a somehow the sequel Seldom measures up to the original. And Earth Day plus 20 fits that pattern. Two decades later the Earth Day replay dwarfs the 1970 version. Sundays demonstrations Are on an International stage and scale organizers Hope that 200 million people will be involved to times As Many As in the first Earth Day. But for political environmental Impact that first one wont be matched. It was a demonstration of Youthful Fervour with a counterculture flavor and it dramatized the Rise of environmental concerns toward the top of the . Political Agenda. Politicians who Hadnot seen the Issue coming grabbed on As it went by and the Federal framework of environmental agencies and Laws quickly took shape a under a Republican administration. It was a classic exercise in movement politics one that became a Case study for years afterwards at the Harvard business school. The replay has something in common with the Brief photogenic events that have become Central in american election campaigning. It will feature celebrities stunts and gimmicks along with the heavier fare of advancing an environmental Agenda of changing moving targets. The environmental movement has matured while it still poses challenges to the establishment still counts radicals along its fringes it has become part of the establishment. That guarantees environmentalists their place at the table. It also makes them subject to the priority debates and bargaining rules of a deficit plagued Federal government. Two of the leaders of the new Earth Day Are men who led the first one they Are looking for massive grassroots involvement to Send a message of Public commitment to world political leaders. Gaylord Nelson former Wisconsin senator now with the wilderness society ignited the first Earth Day movement by suggesting an environmental teach in in a 1969 speech. The idea took off. Denis Hayes then 24, Walter Mears the associated press became the National coordinator of the first one now an environmental lawyer he is chairman of Earth Day 1990. The budget for the original was about $125,000. Earth Day 1990 has a staff of about 30, and will spend Between $2.5 and $3 million. That financing includes some corporate contributions although More Money has been spurned because it was offered by companies the organizers considered to be polluters. Some of those same corporate interests now say that environmental measures Are not a threat to economic Progress As they once claimed. The Petroleum Industry has adopted a set of environmental principles. In the buildup to Earth Day More than too companies showed their wares in tents on the mall in front of the Capitol at an environmental Trade show called Earth tech. Protesters called it Industry Green Wash. A Twenty years ago environmentalists believed that the economics would always be against us a William k. Reilly administrator of the environmental Protection Agency said last week. A environmental regulators believed that too. A Over the last 20 years have Learned that need to arrange a marriage Between environmental and economic considerations a he said. That Wasny to the atmosphere surrounding Earth Day 1970, which had the tone and some of the tactics of the student demonstrations of the time. It was the Era of teach ins and mass marches protesting the War in Vietnam. Both were adapted into that event with its March and rally in Washington mass meetings in other major cities plus cleanups tree plantings and countless other events around the country. The timing was right. It was David Pearce Home repair a custom built Book cases a entertainment centers a cabinets chests Etc. A most types of Home repair amp appliance service Call 291-2890 april 23, Al single again a workshop for men and women to explore their concerns with living As a single in a couples world. A new beginnings Brenda Rhodes a children of single parents or. Eddie Tessnear licensed and practising psychologist a you and your Money Wyndham Barnes personal investment officer by amp to 1990 Westview Christian Church Raleigh Road free and open to the Public sponsored by the mental health association a United Way Agency 7 30 . In lbs a Wipff far different years ago channelled spontaneity aimed at a receptive government. Washington and the state governments already were at work on environmental legislation the big demonstration of Public sentiment gave it a push. Democrats organized the first Earth Day the event got a guarded endorsement from Richard m. Nixon a White House. But he knew an Issue when he saw one coming. By Earth Day Nixon had sent messages to Congress that put his name behind environmental programs the democrats had been pushing. And his administration created the environmental Protection Agency later that year. In the sessions that followed Congress passed a water cleanup Law and tougher clean air legislation. But it All Cost Money and the environmental burst yielded to the drive against rising inflation and deficits then to a Reagan administration which worked to reverse it. President Bush campaigned As an environmentalist but his administration has had periodic run ins with the movement most recently when he called for More research on global warming and was accused of stalling. Environmental activists spent much of the week parading in the Park across the Street from the White House protesting what they say is rhetoric in place of action. Bush issued a proclamation designating this As Earth Day and saying it should bring rededication to environmental Protection. The first Earth Day Wasny to proclaimed by anybody except the people who staged it. Most people like to think their own generation holds a special place in the time line of history. In a no exception. Growing up in the 1950s was special. Our generation was at the forefront of the baby Boom one step ahead of the pressing masses. Unlike our parents and grandparents did not feel the Pinch of a depression Era austerity. Few of us came from affluent families but our needs were simpler then. Hula hoops and Coonskin Caps when were kids crinoline or Chino pants for our teen years. Neither did feel the Shadow of War upon our Carefree Days. As Young children were mostly unaware of the korean not until the Early 1960s would War reach into our midst and steal our Young men. For mainstream America life in the 1950s was Good. Before the decade ended though Young people who were insulated within the mainstream would begin to realize that life was not so Good for americans who were living outside the mainstream and making do with minimal civil rights. Ours was the last generation to grow up with the expectation that the girls would eventually marry have kids in that order and work Only at Home. The Guys would ultimately Settle Down to be Dutiful breadwinners. Looking Back it seems our generation had More Freedom As children. Even in the suburbs of Ohio a capital City a kid could pack a Sandwich and trudge across Meadows and through Woodlands to spend the Day catching Cra daddies from the Brook or climbing Trees to savor a Birds Eye View of the neighbourhood. The world seemed a safer place then. On hot Days could put on roller skates and catch a ride by holding on to the Back of a slow moving vendors truck. In those Days bread milk ice and vegetables were delivered to the door and kids knew which Drivers were Friendly. However the Freedom was tempered by codified standards of behaviour. We addressed adults capital moved in 1861, the capital of the confederacy was moved from Montgomery ala., to Richmond a. With Courtesy titles a ., mr., aunt Uncle. We were compelled to write thank you notes for every attention bestowed upon us. Even Little girls wore gloves to Church and to the City. Polio epidemics were the Down Side of Summers in the Early 1950s, when swimming pools periodically shut Down to prevent spreading the virus. Most of us knew neighbors and classmates who had been struck with the dread paralysis. Despite our Youthful convictions of immortality knew were subject to the whims of the crippling virus. We remember life without television. Before television took Over american family life kids played outside until dark building and defending forts playing tag or hide and seek or baseball. Books a More integral part of life then expanded our horizons. We could with safety and ease bravely explore the world and vicariously experience the Range of human emotions. We grew up with the dependable old friends met in books Laura Ingalls Wilder and her Stalwart Pioneer family Albert Payson Terhune a wonderful collies Nancy Drew and the Hardy boys and their exciting adventures and the resourceful Robinson Crusoe. It seems incredible now but families actually listened to the radio together in the Early 1950s, with ears riveted to action packed programs such As a a gangbusters and a the sgt. Preston of the Yukon and his dog King were at the top of my list. When to pushed radio to the fringes of Leisure time gathered around to see what our radio heroes looked like and larger than life figures like the Lone Ranger filled the tiny screen laughed through the antics of Lucy wept with the a Queen for a Day Aind did t really understand the dramas of a playhouse 90. When grew into teen agers. We took our fashion and dance cues from the South Philly kids on a american de Sullivan shocked our parents when he featured Elvis As a guest even when the singers gyrations were limited to above the Waist camera shots. We were eyewitnesses to history when Rock in Roll burst onto the scene. Social life revolved around the weekly Platter parties at the y and the occasional sock hops in the school gym. Back then the careful teen consumer never bought a record without first playing it in a sound proof Booth at the music shop. In the late 1950s. Few teens had cars but those who did enjoyed immense popularity. The spacious cars of the Era could accommodate up to six teens on cruises around the drive in restaurants the places Here kids went to see and be seen. The 1950s have been lionized by subsequent generations. Bereft of their own Quality Rock music they appropriate ours. Young film directors depict our decade through Rose coloured lenses with a nostalgia they never experienced firsthand. And agencies develop Black and White to commercials in an attempt to turn Back the clock and woo us with Wistful memories. The 1950s were special and were there. Buy the Best buy la a boy from. 199 up Stone factory outlet furniture Hwy. 264 w., Wilson . Pm. 291-8964 re elect Robert l. Vick Wilson county commissioner District 7 a commissioner who is willing to take a stand on issues affecting the future of Wilson county. A you can count on me a experience a leadership a dedication vote May 8 paid for by committee to re elect Robert l. 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