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Wilson Daily Times Newspaper Archives Apr 21 1990, Page 4

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Wilson Daily Times (Newspaper) - April 21, 1990, Wilson, North Carolina The Wilson daily times More than a newspaper a a Community institution Wilson ., saturday morning april 21, 1990 opinion Morgan p Dick Ermanell Hal Tarleton Russell Rawlings Chris tay Lor Joy Perry Royce Goff u Dean Foster Delores Driver publisher editor managing editor advertising director classified manager production director circulation director controller 4a commit to Recycle this Earth Day on the first Earth Day 20 years ago the environmental problem seemed monumental but it seemed tangible. The Earth Day to be celebrated sunday has grown from National to global in scope just As our perception of environmental problems has grown to see them in a global concept. Since Earth Day 1970, the United states has taken a bold Lead in environmental Protection. The environmental Protection Agency has been established the clean air act has been passed dead polluted Waterways have been cleaned and some Are thriving again scrubbers have been installed on smokestacks cars Are More fuel efficient and hazardous waste dumps have been cleaned up. Nevertheless this second Earth Day is recognition that much remains to be done. Forests Are being depleted at an alarming rate. The handling of Industrial waste remains an unsolved problem. The opening up of Eastern Europe has revealed truly frightening environmental abuses behind the former Iron curtain a towns covered in today. In history by the associated press today is saturday april 21, the tilth Day of 1990. There Are 254 Days left in the year. Today a highlight in history on april 21, 1910, author Samuel Langhorne Clemens better known As Mark Twain died in Redding Conn. On this Date in 753 b.c., according to legend Rome was founded. In 1649, the Maryland toleration act which provided for Freedom of worship for All christians was passed by the Maryland Assembly. In 1789, John Adams was sworn in As the first vice president of the United states. In 1816, author Charlotte Bronte who wrote Jane Eyre was born in Thornton England. In 1836, an army of texans led by Sam Houston Defeated the mexicans at san Jacinto assuring the Independence of Texas. In 1918, Baron Manfred von Richthofen the German Ace known As the a red Baron a was killed in action during world War i. In 1940, 50 years ago the quiz show that asked the $64,000 question a take it or leave it a premiered on lbs radio. In 1960, Brazil inaugurated its new capital Brasilia transferring the seat of National government from Rio de Janeiro. In 1967, Svetlana Allilu Yeva daughter of soviet Leader Josef Stalin arrived in new York. In 1972, Apollo 16 astronauts John Young and Charles Duke explored the surface of the Moon. Today a birthdays former California gov. Edmund g. A a path Brown is 85. Actor Anthony Quinn is 75. Britain a Queen Elizabeth is 64. Actress comedian writer Elaine May is 58. Actor Charles Grodin is 55. Former new Jersey gov. Thomas Kean is 55. Singer musician Iggy pop is 43. Actor Tony Danza is 39. Thought for today who is my Neighbour Luke 10 29 prayer father god let your love be seen in me by my neighbors and let them see what you can make of me amen. Soot Rivers that Are More sewers than Waterways and dangerous chemicals haphazardly handled. Forests and Meadows Are being turned into desert by ignorant or misdirected third world agricultural policies. The oceans Are beginning to belch up the tons of wastes Mankind has dumped into them Over hundreds of years. Airborne chemicals Are creating a Hole in the Earth a protective Ozone layer and Carbon dioxide from burning of Fossil fuels threatens to turn the Earth into a venusian hell. Worldwide action is needed. Other countries must follow the Lead of the United states in reducing emissions into the atmosphere Waterways and oceans. Ways must be found to Stop the cutting of rain forests which Are essential for a healthy worldwide atmosphere. Although the a greenhouse effects of global warming remains an unproven theory nations would be Wise to reduce Carbon dioxide production now in order to prevent the future catastrophic effects that would result should the theory prove accurate. These actions will require International diplomacy and cooperation but Earth Day can be celebrated in each Home and Community. Wilson county has a Landfill that is near overflowing but neither City nor county government seems interested in adopting a recycling program that could dramatically extend the landfills life. Other towns no larger than Wilson have recycling programs. We should have one As Well. Instead of the City and county each waiting for the other to take the first step both should resolve now to initiate a recycling program in the next budget year. Surveys and actual practice have shown that people care enough about the environment to take the time to separate trash into recyclable units. Recycling drop boxes could be established for a minimal investment. Curbside recycling would be feasible for a slightly greater investment. Our Best Celebration of Earth Day would be a firm commitment to establish a local recycling program this year. A Berry s world a 1990 by Nea inc a wok ill Tell you where it was built. But first you Tell me if you want to a buy american a or if you want japanese Quality. A but this time its Snake Oil conservatives Hurt When governor Martin ran for his first term As governor his main Campaign Promise was to Cut taxes. Once elected Martin pushed the general Assembly to Cut taxes but not for the average North carolinians. The tax cuts benefited business and the wealthy. Martin and the majority of the democrats and republicans in the general Assembly Are conservatives. Being conservative lawmakers their interest is in the wealthy. For the three fiscal years from 1986 to 1989 the general Assembly Cut taxes for business and the wealthy by $459.3 million. Gift tax intangibles inventory and other taxes were Cut a the biggest tax Cut in North Carolinas history. Martin asked for even More tax cuts than those. The state gave All savings and loan institutions in North Carolina a $2 million a year open forum letters to the editor Hilary a videotape pits press Freedom is. Privacy Washington come along if you have a few minutes and contemplate a Story that has More sides than a rotating rubik cube. It is the Story of Hilary Foretich and the British broadcasting co. By this time we May fairly assume almost everyone in the More or less civilized world has heard of Hilary and her combative parents but just in Case Hilary now 7 years old is the daughter of or. Elizabeth Morgan and or. Erie a. Foretich. Their marriage disintegrated four years ago on her charge that Foretich had sexually abused the child. He has steadfastly denied the charge. Morgan gained a measure of Fame if so it May be described by refusing to produce Hilary in Defiance of a court order. After 25 months in jail for contempt of court Morgan was freed by act of Congress. Three months ago the child turned up in new zealand in the custody of her grandparents. Stay tuned for the next instalment. Toward the end of last year the bbl seeing an enthralling human interest Story made an hour Long video documentary on the Case. Bbl sold the american distribution rights to lifetime Cable for broadcast this month Nathan Lewin Hilary a court appointed lawyer Learned of the pending James j. Kilpatrick broadcasts. He sued for an injunction to prohibit the showing of the film so Long As it included a four minute segment of Hilary and her Mother. The four minute tape was made when Hilary was 4. In an Effort to prove her charges against Foretich Elizabeth Morgan had taken the child in december 1986 to or. Mary l. Froning a child psychologist who qualifies As an expert in cases of child abuse. Or. Froning provided anatomically explicit dolls of an adult male and a girl child turned on a video camera and retired to an adjacent room. Morgan then questioned her daughter about what Foretich had done. The ensuing film was graphic. Using the dolls the child vividly described acts of Oral sodomy and vaginal abuse. I have not seen the tape but i have read the transcript. It is not what you would Call family entertainment attorney Lewin seeking an injunction argued that the four minute segment is a a Gross invasion of the privacy of a 4-year-old girl and a Public exhibition of a highly personal and confidential discussion that can traumatize and Embarrass this child Well into he contended there was no urgency and no legitimate free press interest in exhibiting the film. Any to viewer with Access to recording equipment could duplicate the segment and thus admit total strangers to Hilary a private life. A . District judge agreed and granted a temporary restraining order. The . Circuit court for the District of Columbia reversed and permitted the broadcast. Lewin appealed to chief Justice William Rehnquist. Without comment he refused last week to Block the showing. The entire film has since been broadcast. Now for the hard part. The producer of the bbl film said his purpose in including the segment was to raise a pertinent question did Hilary respond spontaneously or was Hilary coached by her Mother Good question. Consider this colloquy or. Morgan a wok now you Tell me a you want me to take the pants off or do you want to take the pants off a Hilary a the daddy took the pants off so he could poke the Little child in spin the rubik cube did bbl have a right to obtain the tape from or. Froning with permission from Hilary smother was this an ethical act on the producers part thus to invade a child a privacy spin the cube again the essence of the four minute tape already had been broadcast on Jan. 20 on a saturday night with Connie parts of the Mother daughter conversation had been printed in a Magazine. An injunction to prohibit publication or broadcast is an act of prior restraint forbidden by the courts since the landmark Case of near v. Minnesota in 1931. Of More recent Vintage the courts refused to prevent the Washington Post and the new York times from publishing the a Pentagon in 1986 the courts refused to interfere with a broadcast depicting inmates of a Federal prison in Ohio. To those of us in the news business a prior restraint is intolerable. Think it Over Hilary a privacy. By cd a right to publish. The Public a right to know. Public interest. Private wrongs. Prior publication. For the record motivated simply by compassion for the child i would not have used the offending segment. Even so i would defend absolutely by cd a right to put it on the air. Copyright 1990 tax exemption. Now the state has a $419 million tax shortfall and it is growing. As a result state agencies Are now being underfunded. State lawmakers should reinstate the taxes they Cut for the wealthy from 1986 to 1989, but they will not. They will make up for the tax shortfall by using the Highway Gas tax or increase sales tax or increase state income tax. Regardless of what tax is used or increased the end result will mean conservative politicians will have shifted a Large tax responsibility from the wealthy to the Middle and Low income taxpayers. When will Middle and Low income North carolinians Wake up and realize that conservative politicians Are not working for their Best interest look at the record of conservative politicians who have controlled North Carolina for years North Carolina has the highest Gas tax in the nation. Wages for workers in manufacturing Are next to the lowest in the nation. Forty percent of the children in the state live in poverty while Martin is paid the highest salary of any governor in the nation. The state has the worst infant survival record in the nation. The statewide per capita income is Only $14,000 a year $4,000 a year below the . Average. North Carolinas school children a sat scores Are the lowest in the nation. The states crime rate has jumped 40 percent in the last four years. Lawmakers want to make the state a hazardous waste dump. Now conservative lawmakers will tax Middle and Low income taxpayers to make up for the tax cuts they gave to the wealthy from 1986 to 1989. We need lawmakers who will look out for the interest of the Middle and Low income taxpayers. Wake up North carolinians. James Hardy route 6, Hillsborough when kids kill kids for their clothes done to blame self esteem a recent newspaper article told of Detroit schools decision to impose a dress code on students. It was a simple dress code not a regimental Necktie and Blue Blazer Rule. The dress code would simply ban High priced clothing shoes and jewelry Why to avoid assaults and murders. One Detroit student was found dead stripped of his coat and shoes. Ten More Detroit students were wounded by assailants robbing them of their clothing. A new York High school student was murdered by someone who wanted his bomber jacket. By imposing dress codes school officials think they might eliminate the temptation to steal assault and murder the Wall Street journal article quoted the head of psychological services for the Detroit school system seemingly excusing these robberies and assaults. A students Are committing these crimes because they done to have a sense of Power and self esteem a she said a they steal from their Peers to gain control Over another Poppycock if that is what people in Detroit think its no wonder assaults and robberies Are common in their schools. Students done to Rob and murder to gain self esteem they Rob because they have no respect for other people and for the concept of private property. They murder because they have no respect for human life. Students who done to have the latest clothes have always envied those who wore the trendiest styles. That has not changed. When i was in High school some �?361l Hal Tarleton delinquent students would Cut the labels from $50 London fog topcoats and sew them into $20 topcoats they bought at the dime store. Some expensive Coats were stolen from lockers but no one was robbed at knife Point for their London fog or their we Juns. What has changed is students willingness to go to any extreme to take what they want. Murder for them becomes a justifiable Means to the end of getting the leather jacket they want. A leather jacket to them is Worth More than a human life. The one thing that separates Detroit students who Are willing to kill for clothes from students i knew 25 years ago who weren to is simple respect for human life and property. Without that respect civilized society teeters on the Brink of anarchy. No amount of Hall monitors or police Force on Earth can maintain order if individuals do not respect the rights of others. In Homes in churches and in schools we have lost sight of the guiding Star of moral values respect for others non violence honesty compassion and responsibility. We Are reaping the Harvest of children reared without the essential nutrient of values. Another newspaper article told of an overwhelming 84 percent proportion of parents who favor teaching moral values in schools. But teachers and administrators Are often reluctant to venture into this Legal minefield. It is difficult to espouse moral values without stepping on theological or constitutional toes. Obviously however students who Are willing to kill for a pair of Gucci shoes Are not getting moral training elsewhere the school May be the Only Opportunity they have to learn values and avoid a tailspin into prison or violent death. Teaching values in Public school May be the Only Opportunity civilized society has to avoid being dragged Down with

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