Williamsport Warren Review in Williamsport, Indiana
22 Sep 1898

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Williamsport Warren Review in Williamsport, Indiana
22 Sep 1898

Read an issue on 22 Sep 1898 in Williamsport, Indiana and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Williamsport Warren Review.

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Williamsport Warren Review (Newspaper) - September 22, 1898, Williamsport, Indiana V the Retief Williams poet ind., september 22, 1898.hemphill s dry goods and carpet house2,000 new and Nobby capes jackets and Collar ettes received and will be on Sale september st not one last year s cloak or Collaretti in the House. Owr new in military jacket is one of the Nob Biest garments that has Ever been shown in Attica and Yon can Only appreciate it by calling and looking Over the line. Here Are some prices to give Yoti an Good double Cape a quot double Cape fur trimmed a quot heavy Jack tour capes and jackets Range in Price from 48c to $20. A Fine fur Collaretti a Fine fur Collaretti f a Iff our very finest Collar ettes that others ask $25.00 for we sell for and us $15.00come and see on line of ladies skirts. As you know we Are of skirts and no one can sell As cheap As we can for they have to buy of dealers. You can buy of Hemphill s just As cheap As the merchants can buy them. You Are cordially invited to inspect our skirt factory. To make september a Busy month we will make the following prices All month Good Cali Coes at Only.3c our Best evil sign Only 6c our Best Outing Only 7c you c in get these goods when you come quot very wrap in tie House Hist year you Are sure of our Best and heaviest full sized Cotton b our very Best Liea Viest Calico 5c. Read the above prices Over carefully getting an up to Date garment. Some firms buy of Only one our Best Gingham Only. 5c loo double capes Only. 48c 100 double capes fur trimmed 98c irom All lines Wlinich gives us quot the Best selection. Don t fail to see our line. Look at All lines carefully then come of 3. Raniets Only and see ours bet re purchasing. Quot quot Mamchi. Ini Attica itty. Sold things Attica s reasonable Price dry a new Geneva bulletin. Borne positive results announced in by Gard to Cucumber planting. Quot experiments and observations on some diseases of plants quot is the title of a bulletin issued by the station at Geneva. Most of tie results obtained in the experiments Are negative but they Are none the less valuable As they How that certain popular beliefs Are without foundation. Ploughing under Green Rye by some thought to be a preventive of potato Scab was found to be useless if indeed it did not increase the amount of Scab and decrease the yield. Potato Stem blight was not communicated to the growing crop when diseased tubers were planted thus confirming the opinion that the affection is physiological in character and not due to fungi or bacteria. It solution either As a Spray or applied directly to the soil in which carnations were Grovv Irig proved utterly powerless to prevent or cure Carnation rust and in Strong solutions at least a was injurious to the plants instead of promoting their growth As Many car a zionists believe it will do. The positive results announced in the bulletin Are in connection with Cucumber culture and relate to the exceedingly beneficial results obtained by spraying the vines with Bordeaux mixture. Last season Vas a most unfavourable one for cucumbers As All the enemies seemed to Combine for the destruction of the crop yet by thorough praying Good yields of both Early salad cucumbers and late quot pickles quot a were secured on the station expert mental plats on Long Island. With decay. It is the great equalizer Ana Harmonizer. It increases the water holding Power of Sandy or porous soils by occupying the spaces Between the soil particles. It separates the Fine particles in Silt and Clay soils that tend to a Range themselves too closely separate Grain Structure giving a sponge like character to the soil so that water moves through it with More Freedom. It equalizes the temperatures of the soil making it warmer in the Winter and Early Spring and cooler in the summer. A soil deficient in humus has a higher summer temperature holds less water and yields it to the air much More rapidly than a soil Rich in humus. The farms of Nebraska and Kansas that have been robbed of humus longest by continual cropping without returning any organic matter to the soil Are beginning to show unmistakable sings of fatigue. Crops succumb More readily when the periods Between showers Are prolonged. The soil must be better fed and made More drouth resistant and less liable to blow by applying stable manure ploughing under Green crops and growing crops in rotation in which Clover the great soil renovator should have a prominent place. It is Only necessary to Call attention to the greater resistance to Adverse conditions in soils under cultivation less than ten years than in those of name formation that have been cropped Jon tenuously for Twenty five or More rears to appreciate the great value of humus to the soil. Humus promotes a higher moisture Content a better movement of the water in the soil a lower temperature in Midsummer Days a better air circus petion promotes also that Harmony Between the three soil workmen water heat and air which it is so important to secure that All things May work together for a plenteous Harvest. Could t afford it Salt As a fertilizer. _ sodium Chloride or common Salt Early cucumbers spraying increased the supplies no special ingredients of Plant yield at the rate of 30,450 fruits or 12,405 pounds per acre a gain of 75 per cent in number of fruits or almost 100 per cent in weight. To Chow what results might be expected if entire Fields were sprayed an exact acre in a Meadow was ploughed up and planted to late Cucumber and the entire plat sprayed thoroughly eight times Between july 22 and september 20. The acre yielded 57,110 Large quot pickles quot and 44,850 quot gherkins quot a total of 101,960 fruits which bold for 126.25. As the aver ago yield of cucumbers on Long Island during 1896 Vas less than 20,000 fruits and decidedly less during 1897, the great Benefit from spraying can be easily seen. This thorough spraying of an entire Field wholly prevented both of downy mildew and Anthracnose. From the experiments of the season it seems certain that spraying of cucumbers for prevention of these diseases need not be begun before july 15. one sufficiently interested May write to the Stattin and obtain free a copy of this bulletin and be placed upon the mailing list for others issued by the station. Food yet it May at times help to set tree some important ingredients. On plants of the cabbage tribe it seems to have a very beneficial effect while on potatoes it has been found to be deleterious lessening the percentage of starch and thereby decreasing the Cash Orchards. 1 grass less Orchards Are too common. The Best trap with which to obtain a catch is a Liberal mulching of Well rotted Strong manure. Apply it now and seed next Spring. Tue plow in tie Garden the plow is the Best instrument for putting the soil of the Garden into condition to receive and hold rainfall. Sub soiled ground receives More moisture than that not to treated. Hii inns. Humus is a product of decomposition. It is the organic matter animal or vegetable of the soil in process of five gent gig a a is Banola it always bums with a clinging whitish Gray Ash never is bitter and is Good from Start to finish. Gtd Clear let on Havana filler a. Kiefer drug company Indianapolis at two dollars a Inch Joe s return would Cost ��150, Slie Alec toned. Quot i was running a paper Down in Tennessee then quot prefaced the sex newspaper Man whose Only work now is to collect what other people Ove him in the Way of rents and interest. Quot one of the few Fine looking women you find in the mountains of that Region walked into the office one afternoon and said be Youins the editor quot upon being informed that i enjoyed that distinction she looked me Over As though greatly disappointed and then told a Long Story of Petty Domestic difficulties that had led to the disappearance of her husband about two weeks before. Now she wanted to put in a Nice advertisement telling that he was forgiven and that she longed to have him at Home. How much would i charge her. Quot two dollars an Inch i answered. Quot taking a Pencil and a Sheet of copy paper she figured laboriously for pretty nearly an hour. At length she Tore the paper into shreds and was deliberately walking out of the of tire when i asked her if she thought the charge was too High. Quot i Don t reckon i know anything bout your bus Ziess Suh. But i never see that much Money let Ion Handlin of it. Joe s Wuth it but i could t never buy him Back at them Aggers. He s six foot three in his Bare feet Suh Joe is. At ?2 a Inch j make it $150. I la jest have to go out an git his Trail an Foller quot i did t even smile gentlemen. There was something Noble in her resignation. I advertised Joe got other papers to copy and we rounded him up. One morning there was a ten gallon Keg of Moonshine whisky at my Kitchen door and i did not advertise for an promotion by Purchase a famous Orchard an Orchard of seventy five Tresaa which have been bearing for More than sixty years on the farm of Henry Davidson near quot Whitesville ind., has for the last five years yielded a better Quality of fruit and More of it Thau it did a score of years ago. Palestine grown oranges vere exported last year from the Jerusalem consular District to the extent of 290,-000 boxes mostly to the United states. The Peerless Prince a new occupation for tail men. Any very tall thin Man with an angular cast of countenance now acting As a Volunteer in the army of the unemployed can get a More lucrative Job in any one of a Hundred places in new York provided he is Well Over six feet in height. Almost any of the Small clothing firms will take him dress him up As Uncle Sam affix a Beard to his lower jaw and Start him out in business As a walking advertisement. According to his natural physical adaptability to the part he can make from $1 to ?3 per Day and there is one personification of the National Type now parading the streets who is said to get $5 per Day and he certainly earns it if suitability for the part is the criterion. Although clothing firms chiefly affect this style of advertising other lines of business have adopted it and one nationally resplendent Yankee carries a fireworks advertising Banner another bears aloft the announcement of a bargain Sale in flags while others Parade for soap Patent foods and sporting goods. It is even said that one firm has runners out along the bowery and eighth Avenue in the lodging House districts with orders to capture and convey to port any and All persons of the proper build holding them up with broadsides of inducements if necessary. In the course of time it May be that there May be Battles Over the prizes in the streets and the police courts May adjudicate upon rival captors of the eagerly sought models of Uncle Sam. Juist among tho so visors in Coli Elict with Trio spirit of tiie Mijc. Last among the survivors in conflict with the spirit of the age May be noted promotion by Purchase in the English army which retarded indefinitely the advancement of efficient officers and conspired to drop All the honors of the service into the laps of wealthy individuals of no special Talent who could afford to pay for them which Only came to an end in 1871. Under the system Merit and fitness went for nothing and so difficult was it for a Man without Money to get on in the British army that a Good officer without the wherewithal to Purchase a company might remain a lieutenant for Twenty years to be soured in All probability by seeing brother officers of less standing raised above him by the Power of Money again and again and even then Only obtain his captaincy by some unlocked for augmentation in the establishment. Strangely enough in the Navy brains and hard work were Given scope to carve out advancement at the same time that in the sister service promotion had to be bought and that at a Price frequently double the official value of the Post. While traffic in commissions was largely affected by the District in which the particular regiment was Likely to be quartered for some years ensuing the Price was almost invariably 60 per cent., or More above the Normal value of commissions As Given in the quot army list quot which Tariff in 1864 gave the i ice of commission As lieutenant colonel in the life guards or horse guards at �7,250, in the foot guards and in cavalry �4,800, while a major in the two former corps had to Fork out �5,350 for his commission in comparison Vith �3,200 exacted for the same position in the line regiments. Captain cies Cost �3,500 in the life guards and horse guards �2,050 in the foot guards and �1,800 in the cavalry and infantry of the line and lie tenancies might be purchased for �1,785 in the life guards �1,g00 in the horse guards �1,200 in the foot guards and the trifle of �700 in the less considered cavalry and infantry of the line. It is a fai icon Niy is a it is a fact. It is a fact it is a fact it is a fact. That to buy our goods is True oco Toiny. Liat our Stock is better selected and bettor United to the Trade of warn it ii and adjoin ii Clivi ties than any other Stock hereabouts. That our oods Ivo perfect satisfaction to everyone Butiu quot a if you want the Best furniture at tho Joist Liea Snakle prices you can get it of leading dealers in furniture and �5@telephone 11 a Alghi Calls 7 7. N new Stock new ii we have the most Complete Stock and one a of the largest show rooms in this quot part of the state. Our Stock is new land styles the latest. Is the cat As a led �18.31. An amusing mining Story comes from the mocking Bird mine in the warm Springs District. L. J. Rowen who owns and works the mine also owns a pet cat. This cat climbs up and Down the Shaft through drifts crosscuts Stopes and Levels and lives Down there most of the time being fed by the miners from the contents of their dinner pails. A Brilliant idea struck Rowen the other Day. He took the cat into the Ore House and washed the hair As clean to the skin As it could possibly be washed. Then he panned the dirty water to the highest percentage and the entire cat assayed $18.31 on an assayer s Scales. It is doubtful if any mine in the Rocky mountains can assay better than 118.3?. To the cat. Foil cures in Kansas. Some of these cures which were collected in Coffey county were obtained from coloured people. The majority of the superstitions however which were collected in Douglas county were obtained from people who declared they knew no superstitions and believed none namely students in attendance at the University of Kansas. These students came from nearly every county in the state. Warts can be transferred from one to another by the follow ing methods among others put into a red Calico bag quot hearts quot from grains of Corn quot run Down the Road quot throw away the bag not looking where it Falls run Home again and if any one picks up the bag your warts will go away. Rub the wart with seven pebbles wrap the pebbles in a paper and throw them away if the parcel is picked up the wart will go away. If you see any one asleep in Church say to yourself quot when you awake take these if you have a wart and see a Many Riding on horseback in the rain or As another version runs Riding on a Gray horse say quot take these along quot rub the wart and it will leave you. At Delphos kan., lives a Young Man who gallantly procure his sweethearts warts by punch e. Steal a dishcloth rub the wart with it and then Bury the cloth under the eaves of the House if you Tell no one and no one finds out your theft your wart will go away. Write on the stove with a piece of Chalk the number of your warts. When the number has burned off the stove your warts will be gone. In order to cure the Toothache Cut your Finger nails on Friday. Another sure cure is to Wash behind your ears every morning. The skin of an eel if worn about the leg will cure rheumatism. Hen you visit our want Yon to Call and look Over on immense Stock. We to link we can prove to Yon that Williamsport is the place to Purchase your supplies. Big Stock of carriages wagons harness Robes whips Etc. Aud Williamsport ind. Well let Yoti be judge let some folks Tell it All the shoes fit to Wear Are in their stores. We claim much but vie can t claim that much. We re very a Ell satisfied that some other stores have As Fine shoes As we car but a it e Are equally certain they charge More for them. It s in knowing How to buy and being satisfied with Little bits of bargains that makes us Able to undersell any store in town. We be put prices Down so far that it makes it very unsafe for others to follow without cutting Quality. Give us a Call and see for e. Ray amp co., i Attica s leaders in tie shoe the Warren review

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